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May 2019


 Finding a Way - Maleficent RP

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Finding a Way - Maleficent RP Empty
PostSubject: Finding a Way - Maleficent RP   Finding a Way - Maleficent RP EmptyTue Nov 25, 2014 1:59 am

A year had passed and it was spring again. Aurora as seventeen and was engaged to Prince Philip to pacify the locals, but she had promised not to marry until she was confident in her ability to rule and knew her people. She was a quick learning, however, and at the current rate of things she would be crowned in the Autumn.

Mating season was also upon the Moors and wild life. For the first time Maleficent and Diaval were at a loss for what to do. Before, they had been busy with Beastie, and were able to push it out of their minds. Not this time. Their bodies on fire, they had…attempted to quell it with each other, believing their feelings were strong enough. Unfortunately, something in them made them stop and fly away from the nest, spilling profuse apologies. It was not meant to be, and they agreed their relationship was more platonic than romantic.

The following day, Maleficent stared out the crumbled window of her palace…her home even though she was no longer Queen. With her parents dead, she truly believed she was the last of her kind…and there was no one for her. Childhood innocence had blinded her to Stefan, but with her wings back there was no reason to despair. It was time to move on…to accept the facts. Diaval’s feathers ruffled behind her and she tilted her head in his direction, “I have given you the power to morph on your own. Come, speak with me.”

Doing as she said, Diaval steadied himself before addressing her, “Is there something on your mind, mistress? You seem distressed.”

“Do I?” She hadn’t realized her feelings would be etched on her face, so lost in thought she had become. “I was thinking…I freed you from your vow a year ago. I am…happy you stayed with me and before you say anything, I am not sending you away,” she waved her hand dismissively when he opened his mouth to utter something. Promptly closing it, she knew she had been right. “What I was going to say…was why don’t you use your freedom to find a mate?”

“What makes you think I have one?” Diaval arched a brow.

“Your body burns, does it not? She must be out there, waiting for you to find her, but you’re too busy doting on me,” she shook her head.

“So does yours!” Diaval pointed out, “By your logic, then your mate must be out there, too! But you’re too busy feeling sorry for yourself!” The words were out and he gasped, sucking his lips in while his eyes widened. A year with docile mistress did not mean he still didn’t fear her wrath.

Both eyebrows merely rose and she blinked at him a moment before she chuckle. He let out a sigh of relief and she was quite amused, “Yes…I suppose it does, but I also think I was acting upon your needs rather than my own. Even now, you’re extremely testy while I am calm. Of course, you always have a sharp comment, but you are twitchy as well.” Turning back to the window, she waved at him, “Go for a stroll around the Moors, Diaval. Perhaps there is a poor Nymph you have ignored.”

“I doubt it,” he muttered as he half turned, but then hesitated.

“Diaval…if nothing else, you deserve some time to yourself for once,” Maleficent coaxed, “Go on. I will be fine on my own.” At that, she fluttered her own large brown feathers.

She was right. She could fly these days, and did so often. “Old habits die hard,” he smiled before morphing into his raven form and flew off.

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PostSubject: Re: Finding a Way - Maleficent RP   Finding a Way - Maleficent RP EmptyTue Nov 25, 2014 2:00 am

The Moors were huge. He had noticed, yes, but had he ever taken it all in before? If he was honest, which he usually was, he was starting to feel anxious. Diaval had half the mind to turn back around and try again during mating season in the Autumn…but that was the point, wasn’t it? He would keep putting it off and keep making himself miserable. Then it donned on him. He was making his mistress miserable by having her watch him suffer, wasn’t he? Had he been in his human shape, he would have frowned. As it was, he simply squawked softly. Fine, then…he would try to find his mate this year, if it would please Maleficent.

Because the Moors were so large, Diaval suspected she did not expect him back for several days while he searched. How was one supposed to find their mate, anyway? That was usually Fate’s job, like Aurora and Philip. They just happened by one another one day and had been inseparable since. Maybe he should…do something similar? Just let the wind carry him, without knowing where he was going, or something romantic like that? How far away would that take him? He had never fully explored the Moors before…he had always been on some sort of mission, going one way or another specifically.

So…he should just do that. Closing his eyes he followed the current of the wind. Time passed, and he spun and dove to avoid other flocks as they went this way or that, but never felt drawn to follow any of them. Getting hungry and thirsty, Diaval decided a rest would do him fine. Diving down towards the trees where he saw a small river flowing, he found a patch to transform safely on. Kneeling and cupping the water, he drank his fill without worry. The creatures of the Moors knew who he was and wouldn’t harm him.

Only…it wasn’t until he looked up did he realize exactly where he’d been carried to. The Ancient part of the Moors wasn’t exactly…forbidden, but it was feared among many. He never really knew why…there was simply this foreboding feeling whenever he looked at the dark, dense trees. It certainly wasn’t a place to be at night, and Diaval hadn’t noticed the sun was setting. Had he really been out that long? Maleficent would be worried…

No, he realized, she wouldn’t. She had sent him out here on purpose, and he had even confirmed this in his thoughts earlier. Sighing, he stood back up and brushed off the dirt. If there was danger, he could fly away. Turning around, he began to take care of his next big concern – food. As long as he could hear the river, he was alright. Berry bushes or fruit trees, that was all he was really after. Though, he could always fish, couldn’t he? Yes…as Diaval stared further into the dark forest he decided to promptly turn around. There was no way he was going to stay here much longer.

That was until…he felt a cold breath down his spine and froze. Hyper-aware of everything around him, he swallowed thickly, “Who goes?” He asked the body he heard behind him, but only barely. Whoever it was, they were as silent as the night.

“Hmm…” a female voice blew across his ear. Diaval’s knees felt weak and he hid a gasp as he swallowed again, “A stranger in these parts. You wouldn’t perhaps be able to tell me where I am?”

“What?” Diaval asked dumbly, blinking a few times in dismay. Turning around, green eyes stared back at him innocently and he stepped back a few paces, “What gives you the right to scare me half to death? That was quite cruel. I thought I was going to be dinner to some beast!”

“Only if you want to be my dinner,” she shrugged; her dark brown locks fell around her shoulders. It was a darker brown than Maleficent’s…like chocolate. It was much fuller and wavier than his mistress’ straight hair, too. “I’ve noticed I’m not the only beast in these parts, but no one will talk to me.”

“I can tell why! You scare everyone away!” Diaval huffed. Why did that statement about being her dinner make him feel hot? And the way her hair bounced and shifted with her movements… “You’re in the Ancient Moors. This isn’t a place where people trod lightly. What are you? Not a Fae, you don’t have wings.”

Tilting her head at him, she gained a thoughtful look, “If I tell you, will you run like all the rest?”

Diaval shook his head, “Not likely, no.” Not run, per se, anyway…

“I’m a vampire.” Short and to the point, and the way she gave him expecting expression made him blink at her again stupidly.

Her giggle broke him out of the spell and he ran his hands through his hair, “It’s not often someone renders me speechless. A vampire? I’ve heard stories of your kind, about how you’re a dark creature, but you don’t seem so to me. What’s your name?”

“We’re not meant to look threatening,” she smirked and a fang glinted, “Brianna, but I prefer Bria. What is yours?”

“Diaval. No one has ever given me a nickname before,” he gave her a full once-over. She was a short woman, but she had extremely long legs and a smaller torso. She wore a red blouse similar in design and lightness to his own shirt. He never felt the need to notice a woman’s bosom before, even with his mistress, but Bria had to have breasts the size of grapefruits. She also had a black leather half-corset with a halter strap, and it revealed her lean stomach and he saw abs there like a man. So she was athletic? The belt holding up her black hide pants was made of strips of black leather made into a rope, and the buckle was silver with an elegant design and single red jewel in the middle. It was dark like blood, so it had to be a garnet. Attached to her belt was a simple saber. The pants were tucked into black boots that had thick two-inch heels on them. She could clobber someone with them if she wanted to. “You look like you jumped out of a pirate book, if I do say so myself,” he added.

“Ha! I have never had anyone tell me that before,” Bria smiled, and then looked around, “How do you suggest getting out of here? I have been wandering for days.” Her flawless skin was a pale color, like new parchment and her eyes were not as intense as Maleficent’s. In fact, they were more like a lovely pale jade color rather than emeralds.

“We could follow the river. It will lead right to the main lake of the Moors, which isn’t far. We should hurry, though, else the other ancient creatures have their way with us…not that they would to much to a vampire, would they?” He arched a brow at her.

“No, not really. For your own safety, though, yes, let’s hurry,” Bria agreed and motioned him to lead her.

As they walked, Diaval noticed he didn't feel drawn to the forest anymore, to wander until he found what he was looking for. He couldn't be mated to a /vampire/...could he? How would they have found each other if he was still a bird? "Might I old are you?"

"Eighteen," Bria looked at him with a tilt of her head, "And you?"

"To be honest, I'm not entirely sure. Twenty-something, I suppose," Diaval narrowed his eyes at her, "Are you /really/ eighteen?"

That got a laugh out of her, "Yes, actually. I've not had a chance to live hundreds of years like the rest of my kind. I'm still a baby in their eyes, inexperienced."

"You left your world to come here. Why?" Diaval began rethinking his earlier assumptions. Perhaps after he became a shapeshifter in Maleficent's care, she was born. So she was meant for this human shape of his? Or was he getting ahead of himself here, eager and yearning more than he had first believed before Maleficent sent him off?

"In all honesty, I'm a half-blood. I don't need blood for at least a week at a time, two at the /most/ and by then I'm quite terrifying," Bria sighed, "I need regular human food just as much. It's difficult to describe two different types of hunger."

This was definitely news, "So you're half-human?"

“Nope! Guess again!” Bria’s eyes shimmered mischievously.

“May I at least have a hint?” Diaval cracked a smile.

Tapping her chin, she looked up through the thick trees, “Think water.”

Water? Okay…hmm. “I would say water Fae, but you don’t have any wings. You don’t have the features or personality of the water nymphs either.” She kept her face level, but she would have said if he was right or wrong. “By process of elimination, are you perhaps half-mermaid?”

“Aren’t you logical, Diaval?” Bria snickered, “I’m part mermaid, yes. I can actually transform my legs to be a fin by will. If I’m dry too long they will turn into legs anyway.”

There were new things about this woman every moment. The way she said his name was also wonderful on his ears, “You did not answer my earlier question.”

“You are right, I did not,” Bria hummed and shook her head. The forest was starting to thin and lighten, “I wanted a new start…to live somewhere no one knows who or what I am.”

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PostSubject: Re: Finding a Way - Maleficent RP   Finding a Way - Maleficent RP EmptySun Nov 30, 2014 1:54 am


Meanwhile, at Aurora’s castle, she and Philip were in the throne room. It was quiet for once, save for the occasional servant or guard, but that was because of the spring festival that was being prepared. There was a meeting to be had so Aurora was excused from helping with preparations. Watching Philip carefully, she finally had to speak up, “You have been acting rather odd all day. Do you know whom we will be meeting?”

“I….uh…yes, I do. I did not send for him, though. So I wonder why he sent such an urgent message,” Philip frowned.

“Don’t I get a name?” Aurora put her hands on her hips. Philip didn’t get a chance to answer, as there was a loud beating of wings in the distance. At first she thought it was Maleficent come for a visit, but as they drew closer, they became thunderous. Thrum, thrum, thrum…In through the open window dived a large being, spinning once and he landed on the ball of one food, his reddish brown wing whipping out and she stumbled back with the force of wind into Philip who had braced and caught her with ease.

“Theodore! It has been such a long time!” Philip smiled up at the large man as he settled on both feet and his wings folded in, “What brings you all the way out here?”

Aurora was absolutely stunned by Theodore. If he and Maleficent were side by side, the top of her head /might/ reach his chin. He had horns like she did, but they curved beside his head and then up making a sort of crown, and they were an ivory color. His hair was long and black as night, but his skin was a dark tan like coffee lightened with a lot of cream. His features were well defined but his cheekbones were not as sharp, instead they were softer and a bit rounded.

“There is trouble in the Marshes, but I have…other reasons,” Theodore reached up and rubbed his shoulder, then cracked his neck. He had a double strap across his bare torso where two swords rested on his back. A thick belt held up hide pants but he wore no shoes. Draped over his hips were black pieces of fabric with a gold outline of a Celtic knot, and resting over them were not only pouches but two daggers. He was obviously a fighter, and it wasn’t just the weapons he adorned but the scars that littered his body – mostly bite marks or groups of three claw marks, “This must be Princess Aurora, your betrothed.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Theodore. Philip never told me he knew other creatures like the ones from the Moors,” she gave the Prince a critical eye. Then she smiled at the winged man and held her hand out to him.

“Ah…best not, Princess, lest I do something you would not approve of,” Theodore’s wings shifted and his cheeks darkened just a tiny bit as he looked away.

“What do you mean?” Philip asked, taking a step in front of Aurora protectively.

Theodore rolled his eyes, which were a vivid amber, “You always were a bit daft, boy.”

“Mating season,” Aurora said suddenly, “It’s mating season for animals. Maleficent warned me not to come around the Moors during these times of the year.”

“It seems your to-be-mate has a bit more sense than you do, Philip,” Theodore snorted.

Aurora watched Philip blush, “I grew up out in a cottage in the middle of nowhere, around nature. I recognize the signs of the seasons and weather much easier than most.” Glancing at Philip, she shook her head and turned her attention back to their guest, “I do not think I will be getting any answers out of him. Why are you here? What trouble is there?”

“I think the reason why he hasn’t told you more about his home is because the Marshes don’t contain the pretty creatures from the Moors, besides Nymphs and Mermaids. The Marshes are like your Ancient Forests…for of dark creatures. Vampires and Werewolves. There is plenty of my kind, the Winged Elves, but we are all fighters,” Theodore sighed, “The Werewolf Princess and her best friend has gone missing. They had a two-day head start and probably arrived yesterday. The werewolves believe she was kidnapped.”

Aurora bit her lip and watched his face, “Yet you believes otherwise.” It was a statement, not a question.

“I watched them grow up, just as I watched Philip grow into a young man. They’re attached at the hip. If one decided to leave the Marshes, then the other more than likely followed,” he nodded.

Philip still shook his head, “I don’t understand. That still doesn’t explain why you are /here/. They could have gone anywhere.”

“I’m a tracker, or have you forgotten?” Theodore was amused, “If your father can commission me to find a fledgling like yourself, then I can follow two grown women.”

“Come to the balcony with me,” Aurora motioned to him and moved around the giant. Leaving the throne room she wandered through the halls and reached the large balcony she could see most of the kingdom over. Pointing while she leaned on it, she smiled, “Maleficent lives in the Forbidden Castle out yonder. If you ask her, she will hopefully agree to help look for your missing ladies.”

Theodore nodded, “I appreciate your help, Princess. I will most certainly be back.” Hopping up on the railing he spread his wings and jumped off. Diving down the wind caught him and he swooped upwards and flew towards the Forbidden Castle.
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Finding a Way - Maleficent RP
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