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May 2018

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PostSubject: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:02 am

The corridor was dark, moonlight streaming through the skylights in the roof, and Kuroi and Ryoko moved through the shadows with ease. "Are you sure we should me doing this?" Ryo asked softly, "We haven't tackled such a high-risk area before..."

"It's fine~" Kuroi promised, bat wings fluttering, "My dad's birthday's coming up, and he's been eyeing this place for ages but mom doesn't like him thieving."

Ryo snorted, "Of course she doesn't know he taught you the trade."

"Hell~ no," Kuroi grinned, then tilted her head, "Shh, someone's coming." She and Ryo cloaked themselves and moved quietly and quickly to the other side of the hall while a guard rounded the one they were just at. Slowly they made their way around them and down the next path.

It wasn't until they got to the vault where everything went wrong. They were ambushed with lights dispersing their shadows and Kuroi sent streams of fire at the guards after her, but she heard Ryoko cry out, "Let her go!" she snapped, trying to jump after her.

"Go! Just get out of here!" Ryo shouted at the bat girl.

Kuroi knew the story of what happened to her dad and Youko by heart, and felt like history was repeating itself. Only this time, there was no one to save Ryo from certain death like her mom saved Kuronue. The pleading look in Ryo's blue eyes made Kuroi's stomach drop to her feet, and she gritted her teeth before spreading her wings wide and zoomed up like a bolt, weaving to miss chains and the like trying to catch her. She broke through a window, and flew off.

She'd save Ryo. She had to, or she'd never forgive herself like Youko didn't until he found out the truth several years ago after the Makai Tournament.


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PostSubject: Re: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Sun Apr 12, 2015 3:53 pm

Botan sighed as she listened to Koenma and Yusuke argue over what the demon population was or wasn't doing. Things had been going terribly wrong lately, where they were eating live humans instead of the already deceased. Up until a few months ago, once Yusuke became King, they had only had a few rogues who didn't want to conform to deal with here and there. It was becoming a pandemic now, with more and more reports coming in every day.
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PostSubject: Re: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:33 pm

Yusuke was gritting his teeth as he stared Koenma down. He knew the toddler-bitch wouldn't back down from his stance. It was pretty obvious that there was a rebellion going on in protest about the human-flesh ban. Right when everything's going smooth, someone fucks it up. Surprisingly it wasn't because of a stupid mistake he made.

Koenma was a little calmer, but anger was still evident over his face. He wasn't about to back down from this. Yusuke needed to take responsibility for it.

"I already told you that this is probably some stupid rebellion that the demons are up against and that I was going to check it out anyway." Yusuke finally backed away, glaring at him. "I don't like being told what to do. I don't need the damn lecture about how to run things!"

"It seems to me that you do, Yusuke. You bit off more than you can chew in a literal sense. Agreeing to mesh the demons and the human population has always been a plan of mine, but we both overlooked that there were going to be problems. The occasional ringer we can handle, but this is becoming a world-wide panic. I can't keep people calm." Koenma snapped at him. "Lady Hanako was kind enough to send me a carrier pigoen telling me that even /demons/ are starting to die off now."

Demons were starting to die off? "Are their flesh being eaten?" Yusuke questioned.

"No, not that I'm aware off. But there's more deaths than we can keep up with and all of them ahead of schedule and worst." Koenma told him. "It's not like a once in every few thousand years, this is happening frequently."

"So you can't give them the test."

"Not when their corpse is already done with no, and even if I wanted to I couldn't." Koenma sighed. "There's too many innocent lives at stake here, Yusuke. The human populace are already begging for a war to be brought out. Demons are no longer safe either. Humans are starting to group themselves up to be Demon Hunters."

Even more trouble. "So we find the guy whose running the rebellion."

"If you can find them in time. I fear that the humans and the spirits may take matters into their own hands and try to rally for war. At least, that's what the letter is cautioning me about." The Prince sighed, falling backwards into his seat.

The orges and the ferry girls were yelling behind the door, trying to gather up papers and files of the spirits that were arriving faster and faster than they could keep up with. Yusuke clicked his tongue. "This is worse than when I was a Spirit Detective."

"Yes, well..." Koenma chuckled dryly. "You managed to come up with a tournament to keep the demon's heads on for a while until it was time for you to really take matters into your own hands."

He didn't want to think of that. "So any advice on what I'm looking for? A ring-leader?"

"Kurama and Hiei probably have their ears to the ground much closer than do you, Yusuke." Koenma tutted. "I'd ask them about what they think the pathway is. My advice is to start rallying people to prepare for their own war against their own kind. That shouldn't be too hard. I'd also suggest you find Princess Kokoro."

"Princess...Kokoro? Who names their kid Kokoro?"

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PostSubject: Re: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Thu Apr 16, 2015 11:17 pm

"The King and Queen of the Underworld," Botan responded, "She's literally the Princess of Hell. Her father's Lucifer, and her mother is Persephone. She has red hair with white streaks and green eyes." She pulled out the remote for the drop-down TV and put in the info for Kokoro, "She has water abilities even though she looks like a fire demon."

"She's also very outgoing and adventurous, always disappearing here and there, sometimes for years, sometimes for a few days," Kurama's voice filled the room as he entered it, looking troubled, "Yusuke, there's a human auction being held in the black market. While it isn't uncommon, this time I don't like what I am hearing."

Yusuke's seen that kind of look on Kurama's face a few times, and during those few times were never good. He turned to Koenma. "We'll talk again later." He told him before turning on the balls of his feet and headed towards where Kurama was. "Thanks for bailing me out." He told him sincerely as he walked out the door. "But what's going on?"

"It wasn't to bail you out, but you're welcome non-the-less," Kurama nodded, "They are having a 'special sale' which caught my attention. All the regular people being sold are half price because the big catch is a special case. She's a half-breed," he didn't even relax as they left Koenma's palace, "It's being held at one o'clock, so we better hurry, we only half an hour to get there."

"I'm with you." Yusuke said quickly, not at all liking where this was going either. What could be so special about a half-breed? Demons normally didn't touch hanyous, unless they were rare or valuable in some fashion. This was definitely something worrisome.


Kuroi couldn't believe she hadn't been able to get Ryoko out of this situation before now. It had been three days. Three days! Her vampire friend must be many days had it'd been since she had eaten? Five? Kami, she hoped the auction hadn't started! Checking her watch, she saw she had ten minutes. Shit, shit, shit!

Where was she? Biting her lip, she moved through the cages full of people, hating that she was so single-minded right now. But if she came and busted every human auction then she'd have a weekly job. Ryo would be at the front...damn it! She had to duck behind a pillar as they started unlocking gates for the people. There was her friend, curled up into a stiff ball in the corner of a cage. It took three people to life up her dead stone weight and Kuroi heard crunching as one demon punched her and broke his /own/ hand. Another scoffed at the man and told him to go handle the other gates, and formed a light-based whip in his hand, slashing it across Ryoko's back which caused the vampire to scream in agony and she stood reluctantly.

Kuroi hated how ripped and burned her friend's clothes and skin looked, and she had to carefully move around. There were rows and rows of people on boxes, and she knew there was no way she was going to reach Ryo now, at least with her corporal body.

The building was overflooded with demons. There wasn't enough seats for everyone and a lot of them had to stand by the wall. The chatter was insane and loud. Yusuke frowned deeply, but kept himself in the back and trying to keep a low-profile, which didn't seem to matter. All attention was on the excitement and the atmosphere that surrounded it. With a rebellion on the rise, Yusuke knew that he'd have to shut this place down and with a snap if he could. Human auctioning was bad enough, but he was pretty damn sure that most of these demons were using them as a food source. Demon auctioning was just as bad as humans sold demons as slaves to many different kinds of trades. A hanyou though. What good would that do? A weapon, slave or food? He'd find out soon enough.

"I think I see her," Kurama whispered to his friend, "The auction hasn't started quite yet, there's still five minutes. Their prize is up on that front box," he pointed at the girl with black hair in a genie ponytail that was so long it went passed her buttox. She barely looked twenty-five, probably younger...twenty-three? Her eyes were partially hidden by her bangs, too, and he saw a sort of off underneath was blue but there was a red sheen over it. It was faint, but there.

Her clothes were torn to shreds here and there, her abdomen pretty much completely bare. Along with bruises and gashes, there were also...burns? She must've fought really hard before shutting herself off in her shell, as she could be mistaken for a statue she was so still. Not even the barest movement to show she was breathing. Kurama saw how she was stationed right in the direct sunlight coming through the windows of the building, and the skin exposed was slowly becoming red, like a sunburn on a human.

"She's a vampire hanyou." Yusuke noted after seeing the sunburn. No one burns that quickly. That explained why there was a big crowd. Vampires were rare enough, hanyous were going to be pricy. He gritted his teeth. "I have half of the mind to just say that I want to buy her right now and get her out of this." He kept his voice low, just so that no one else would hear him.

"You can out-bid any of these people, so we'll wait," Kurama assured, "We can even shut this place down once they know you own her." He was so glad he was Yusuke's adviser, the voice of reason, "Kuronue knows about this, too, so he should be here eventually."

Kuronue's daughter was using her shadow form to flit between one person's shadow to the next, but she had a long way to go to get to Ryo and the auctioneer stepped out to start giving announcements and rules.

"Ladies! Gentlemen! Demons from all around, thank you for coming out this afternoon!" The emcee grinned around a microphone. His fangs were protruding down his lip though subtly. "Of course we have some lovely humans for you to chew upon, but we also have a /lovely/ gift that was given to us so graciously....we felt like we had to share with you all. Now! Let's not keep you waiting!" He grinned. "For those of who are new to this auction, here's how we throw it down. I will call out the Lot Number and they will appear on the stage. Mind you they aren't naked, they are dressed tastefully, so you have no right to drool young sir in front." There was a chitter of laughter and the demon that was reprimanded pretended to duck his head. "You raise your hand and call out your bid. I repeat it back and I up the number! I continue until no one more hands are raised and no bids are made! I will call you out and you will claim your prize! Of course, please do take your dinner or your afternoon snack /outside/ the building, as we did refurnish this from the /last/ time. Those who were there will understand." There was a round of nodding. "Any questions before I begin the bid? No? THEN LET'S GET DOWN IT TO IT! Lot number 321!"

Kuroi froze, stomach getting sick. Oh Kami, so is THAT what this place was?! She thought this was just some slave market! Immediately regretting not releasing the other humans, she knew she couldn't go back. To make up for it, she used her shadows to secretly release the locks of the chains from the inside on the rest, but they wouldn't come off unless they moved, and the humans were too scared. She had to be faster!

Kurama also felt a bit ill at the idea, and his eyes narrowed, "I think we found our first clue to what's really going on. Do you want me to contact Koenma and Botan so they can send people here?"
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PostSubject: Re: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Fri Apr 17, 2015 6:17 pm

"I think so." He muttered back, his stomach twisting. "I'm thinking of finding out who runs this place and see if they know what's going on. There's been a lot of human deaths lately, as well as demon, from what Koenma told me. I got a bad feeling that this is just /one/ method of doing so."

"Exactly," Kurama sighed and moved through the crowd to find a secluded area where he could contact Botan. She answered right away, "Special Forces are needed at my location, and quickly before Yusuke flips out. There's a vampire girl here, and she's a hanyou like he is."

Botan gasped, "A /vampire/?! Those are rare! We'll send a team down immediately."

"How long do you give me?" Kurama asked.

"Ten minutes at the least, maybe a little longer," Botan assured.

"That's plenty. Arigato," Kurama shut the communicator off and placed it back in his pocket before he went inside to return to Yusuke's side. That was when he noticed the black streaking between the humans. It...wasn't, was it? Internally, the redhead groaned. His best friend was going to kill his offspring.

"How long do we got?" Yusuke asked, tapping his finger as he watched a human being sold to a demon in the second row. He had half of the mind to shoot them right then and there, but was patient. Instead of dragging the poor human out, the demon forced the girl to sit on his lap. It was evident he was going to try to bid for more, or was going to wait till the vampire was out.

"Ten, fifteen minutes tops. I'm sure Botan's teleporting them as close to the location as possible," Kurama let out a long breath, "We're not going to be able to save everyone..." he hated saying that, especially as another human got sold right at that moment.

Yusuke hated hearing it as well. "No, but we'll try anyway."

It went on for quite some time, but when the sixth human was sold, the emcee stepped back into the middle of the stage. "Ladies! Gentlemen! I hope you're having a good time!" He laughed as Yusuke muttered something like "good time bashing your face in". "Now, I know how antsy you all are. Why we haven't even begin to show you our amazing piece yet! Well don't you fear becuase here is...." there was a drum roll and the emecee shouted. "Lot 450!"

Ryo's head snapped up, and that was the first time she'd moved this whole time. Kuroi had just reached her when she was jerked forward out of her reach. Damn it! Kuroi faded back among the other humans She couldn't save her this way. Perhaps a more dramatic, surprise attack would suffice, but not in such a crowded place. She'd have to ambush whoever bought her.

Ryo wasn't shaking, or showing any signs of emotion as the auctioneer listed the benefits the buyer would have if they got her - all the way from her being a vampire, to power from eating her, to even a unique notch on someone's bedpost. All of it made her want to throw up, but there was nothing in her stomach. She hadn't eaten either human food or blood, and also hadn't had any water. She was dehydrated, weak, and it was all she could do to stand here looking lifeless.
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PostSubject: Re: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Fri Apr 17, 2015 8:14 pm

The listing made Yusuke sick, even sicker that her eyes looked deader than a corpse. She was lifeless. What good would she be to anyone? Even if they did know that she was a vampire, they'd just starve her anyway. The minute the bidding was going on, Yusuke finally snapped. "I don't care who you think you are." He said loudly, causing the auction house to go dead silent. "She's not up for sale. I claim her and none of you can do a single fucking thing about it!"

Kuroi had had every intention of killing whoever ended up getting Ryoko, even had her scythe out as she hid up in the rafters, but when she saw exactly who it was, she grinned widely. If anyone could protect Ryo it was this man! She also saw Kurama next to him, looking half exasperated, half amused.

Ryo's eyes zeroed in on Yusuke and she didn't know how to feel. She had seen this man around before, knew who he was, but to meet him embarrassing. She probably appeared really weak to him, and stupid for getting caught in a situation like this. She looked down and away, but still kept her body still.

The emcee just stared blankly, his microphone hanging dangerously from his fingertips as he watched Yusuke approach the stage. The tension in the air was thick, so much so that even a knife probably wouldn't work. Yusuke didn't like what this entailed, but he continued his way up and grabbed Ryoko and dragged her out of the sunlight. Her poor skin looked as if it was starting to blister off and her eyes were starting to hold a spark but...still emotionless. However, just as he did that he could hear a sound of thunder and he looked to see that all of the demons who had been sitting previously were up and deadly. The emcee just started laughing, "Well! Now. I had my doubts that this would've worked, but it did and it did with a charm!"

Ambush. Yusuke knew that it was flight or die here and he hated fleeing. However, he was holding a half-dead vampire and that was kind of what they were here for. He hated that he was going to leave the humans trapped here behind...he had hoped to save at least a few before the whole thing crumbled. He would have to get off the stage and start running. "Damn it." He hissed as he moved Ryoko quickly to carry her. She felt like stone, she was a little on the heavy side, but he wasn't about to say anything. "Kurama can you handle these idiots while I take off?" He shouted over to the redhead who was behind the scenes. Oh. Good. Some of the crowd stilled at that name. Guess they didn't think he'd bring someone with.

Kuroi snapped her fingers, and the chains that were on all the humans fell off. They immediately started running and scrambling creating an uproar. The pack mentality took over, some going back to free the other humans in the cages, the rest bolting out the doors in droves. The demons were too concerned about their opponents than going after their food and prey.

Kurama knew what happened, but he didn't draw attention to his bat companion. He pulled his whip from his hair and struck down a few who tried to grab their property, "Go, Yusuke! I got it covered. Don't let her bite you until your safe!" Vampire bites could be deadly when starved, at most distracting, but ultimately sexual even if the person wasn't interested.

Yusuke knew that there was a backdoor, there was always a back door, and ran off towards it and what do you know, humans were escaping. There was another black streak that went by him, but he was too busy trying to weave his way through the humans and out the door. He also had to be aware of whether or not Ryoko was anywhere near his neck. He was pretty certain that he smelled /good/ to her and while he didn't mind giving her a bite...he'd rather not do it when his life was in danger.

"AaaaaHA!" Kuroi shouted as she dropped down from the ceiling, landing on the announcer dude and she used her shadows to quickly tie him up while she ripped off pieces of his clothes so se could /actually/ tie him. She knew this guy needed to be interrogated about the whole selling demons humans to eat. Once that was done she released him from the shadows and jumped into the fray, "Hello Kurama!" she called cheerfully, snapping her fingers and sending fire at a demon who attacked her, then shot her scythe out and cut up several demons across the throat.
Kurama chuckled softly and shook his head, "Hello, Kuroi. I haven't seen you in a while. Is there a particular reason you're here?" he spun his whip, "Rose Whip, Thorn Wheel!"

Kuroi ducked to avoid the slices and then kicked up into a demon's stomach, "Um...actually...funny know how Youko and my dad went through that whole bamboo thing?"

Kurama arched a brow and Youko's ears were alert as he snapped his wrist and turned a demon at Kuroi's back into ribbons, "Go on?"

"That...kind of happened with Ryoko...the vampire Yusuke took. She's my friend, and I took her on a raid...and it went sour. She told me to run away," Kuroi bit her lip, cutting a demon Kurama kicked her way in half.

Well, wasn't that a turn of events, "So Kuronue knows who Ryoko is?"

"Yeah..." Kuroi nodded.

"He's going to be here soon," Kurama put his hands on his hips and watched Kuroi pale. Fun times.

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PostSubject: Re: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Fri Apr 17, 2015 10:29 pm

It sounded like Kurama had things covered. The humans that escaped were fleeing as far as they could and once that had been emptied, he waited to see if any of the demons tried to flee...which they didn't. Yusuke was kind of thankful for that. He looked over at the woman who he was helping. Her eyes were still dead looking, but she still looked beautiful. She had a nice face to look at and she didn't look too corpse like, like some vampires.

Her eyes were very red now, though, after being held close to his body for so long, listening to his blood rushing through his veins with adrenaline, his scent filling her nose. Her fangs were long, and she had her mouth open in a soft 'o' so they wouldn't pierce her bottom lip. Most vampires would be raging lunatics by now with the bloodlust, but all she could do was grip him tightly, expression tortured, sad and pleading.

Yusuke hated that look on her face. He knew that they weren't safe yet and she was clearly hungry and needy. He wanted to...and he didn't realize that he was bringing his wrist up to her when he heard someone call out to him. "Wait a minute, kid! Don't do it!"

Yusuke looked over to see Kuronue running towards him. His black ponytail whipping side to side and his wings were fluttering a little bit as well. He came up to him and smiled, his fangs showing. "Hey. If you're here that means Youko's off in that building right?" Before Yusuke could say anything he looked over at Ryo. "Poor girl, half-starved. Don't do anything yet. You're not out of the woods and this isn't a good place. Where's my devil of a daughter anyway? In the building too?" He shook his head from side to side. "Better go in before they finish without me."

"K-Kuro-san..." Ryo sniffed, the red of her eyes fading back to that off-purple as tears welled into her eyes. She waved and Kuronue smiled and waved back and then ran off. She swallowed thickly, then turned to Yusuke, "C-Can we find...water at...least?" she needed...something to wet her scratchy throat, "I don't like...hurting people...I...I'll wait's okay."

"Hold on," Yusuke said to her as he unattached a flask from his hip. Long time in the desert meant he knew how valuable water was and he never knew when he needed it. God her eyes were gorgeous, but her voice was breaking in places. He was sure that if she had a clearer voice, it'd sound beautiful. "Here." He murmured. "You do sound like you could use it."

Ryoko drank greedily, and when she pulled it away it was half empty. There was still an itch, but she felt a lot better and refreshed, "I haven't had...anything, in three days. I do need...both human food...and blood to survive. I feel hungry...and thirsty in so many ways." She handed it back to him, blushing softly, "Ryoko...that's my name."

"It's a pretty name. I'm Yusuke." Yusuke smiled warmly at her. "Kuronue knows you? How long have you two known each other?"

"A few years...I'm Kuroi's friend, I met her first, I was eighteen and I'd just left home. I'd learned a lot from her and her family," Ryo bit her lip, "I'm twenty-three now."

"Twenty-four. That's not bad." Yusuke frowned a little at the leaving home part. What would drive her out? He could imagine all sorts of scenarios, was probably best not to bring that up here. "How did you get into this mess? Kuroi dragged you into something?"

"Something along those lines," Ryo nodded, but instead of talking anymore she sat down against the tree they were by, eyes droopy and she felt exhausted. The shade was nice and cool on her skin, and she leaned her head against the bark.


Kuronue got into the building only to see the last demon fall to a well placed rose-whip attack. Everyone was dead besides that one man that was on the stage and tied up. He pouted, visibly. "I get here and already not only do you people start the party without me, you /ended/ it too."

"Haha, I'm sorry Kuro," Kurama smiled as he let his whip transform back into a rose and he placed it into his hair, "Your daughter has an interesting story to tell you."

Kuroi held her hands up, wincing, before placing her scythe back on her hips. She explained the situation and then hung her head, "I didn't mean to get her into this mess. I'll feed her, too, it's my responsibility."

"Damn right it's your responsibility." Kuronue reached out and grabbed his daughter cheek and pulled before letting go. "That was dangerous and reckless all at once. Did you even plan before you went in and checked all securities?! Ryo could've died. This could've been much worse than what just happened here." He folded his arms at her and watched as she seemed to sink in the shadows. "I have half of the mind to keep you from going to Hell for a few days...but I know Kokoro would be beside herself if she found her best friend missing and she wasn't able to come through either."

"I am sure she'd understand if you grounded me, Otou-san," Kuroi said meekly, "I did look at the security and plan, like you taught me. I obviously overlooked something. I was trying to get you that antique, prized katana you wanted for your birthday. We made it all the way to the vault when we got overwhelmed, and we went at night when our shadows would work the best."

Kuronue blinked in surprise and then started laughing. "Well, I can't say you didn't have a good intention in stealing." He shook his head fondly and looked at her. "I don't know Kurama, now I'm turn. What does the Uncle think about this mess?"

"Aw, that's sweet. She didn't tell me that part," Kurama cooed teasingly, watching the young bat girl blush and her wings flutter, "Just ground her for the weekend instead. Of course, don't let Naia know or it'd be for a month. As it is, right now I'm going to contact Botan, and stay until the Special Forces arrive to make sure that one stays where he is," he nodded to their captive, "Take Kuroi and go get Ryo and Yusuke to safety. She needs food."

"Mind if I take them to Naia's? It's faster." Kuronue got the nod and he smiled. "Come on Kuroi. Three days sounds fitting and feeding Ryo." He gestured for her to follow him.

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PostSubject: Re: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Sat Apr 18, 2015 12:29 am

Everything was murky, and red-tinged, like she was in some sort of bloody lake. Where was she? All she could hear clearly was rushing...and turning her head she saw a figure, but couldn't make out the details. It moved, and she launched herself at it, remembering the pain over the several days she was imprisoned. There was crashing as a chair hit the wood floor and she bared her fangs at the figure. If it was speaking, she couldn't hear it. Rushing, rushing...her eyes found it's neck and saw the veins pulsing.

She was completely lost in the haze. Yusuke knew that he was supposed to call Kuroi...that she was the one that had to deal with this...but at the same time he couldn't bear to make her wait. She was starving, she was wild...and the red and purple mix in her eyes was gorgeously heartbreaking. Such a beautiful but terrible mix. He swallowed, watching her eyes watch the bob of his throat and closed his eyes, letting himself relax.

Watching the murky person tilt his head and allow her access tripped something in her brain and she struck, her painfully long fangs sinking into his veins like a hot knife through butter. The burst of blood across her tongue made her moan and she gripped the person's shoulders. Each swallow tasted so very good, and her previously frozen body flushed with warmth. Pressing closer against him, her hands moved from the shoulders to his hair, holding his head in place. So hot...she'd never tasted anything like it before. Purely male, purely dominant and it sparked across her senses, drawing another moan forth.

He remembered vaguely Kurama telling him that Vampire venom could bring immense pain as well as sexual arousal, but...holy hell was this hot. He never thought that he'd enjoy being bitten till blood, but this was...this was fantastic. His senses were a little sharper and a little duller and he could hear her breathing and her moans, which really got him hard in a heartbeat and his surroundings kind of melted into the background with no idea of time or place. He had to keep a stable mind though. He had to. At least now she was getting warmer...but he had to be careful. She could accidentally drain him dry...but shit this felt good. So damn good.

After a moment, which felt like an hour, Ryo felt like she was coming back to herself. 'Person' turned into 'Yusuke' as her memory returned to her along with the flashes via his memory in his blood. It...embarrassed her, but at the same time her body responded to his sexual desire. With her sister growing up it'd never evolved into sexuality, and with Kuroi it was more...relief because she needed her blood drained every so often anyway like her father. This was much, much different...and she'd never drank from the neck before, always too scared to hurt. Yusuke could take it, though...Yusuke as strong, and her body rocked against him as she tasted the sweet arousal. One last draw, and she removed her lips, though licked the wound so her saliva would seal over it and heal it. It continued from there, her tongue tracing up until she met his ear and she nibbled on it, "You taste so yummy..." she cooed sweetly, voice like honey and without any of the rasp.

"Never thought I'd hear a girl say that about my blood." Yusuke commented as he opened his eyes and tilted his head a little further so that she could play with his ear more. "Damn that feels good."

Her fingers toyed with his hair as she sucked his earlobe and traced along the shell of it, then she pulled back, her hands going to his chest to support herself. The red was gone completely, leaving a vivid, bright ocean blue. Moving her body like this put their crotches closer together and she felt the bulge under her, the nightgown she'd been put into making it very easy. She was busty, and the nightgown clung to her body, "A-Arigato...for saving me."

"Not a problem." Yusuke titled his head back to look at her and whoa...she had some nice hooters. He had the thought to try and grab them, but at the same time this wasn't the time nor the place. "It was right timing and being at the right place."

"I still appreciate it," Ryo blushed and moved to get off, but she accidentally rubbed against him, causing her to gasp and bit her lip, "Ah...I'm...I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." She shuddered, "I'll get off..." but she didn't...the thought of getting off of him made her whimper. He was so hot under her, so hard and perfect...

Yusuke wasn't sure on what he was supposed to do here. She was hot, so very hot and was a bit wet underneath him. Her scent was driving him crazy. He reached and gently gripped her hips, but ddin't do anything with them. Just...held them there. Eyes locked and breathing heavy, Yusuke had the thought of having her. At the same time, that was a bit stupid since they just /met/ and he wasn't the type to just sleep around. He was a prevert not a manwhore.
Arjei • 23 mins
Just as Ryoko instinctively rolled her hips to tease him, chest heaving, her head snapped over to the door and she froze in place as the door knob twisted and suddenly there was Kuroi. Her friend with black-purple hair blinked at them.

Kuroi suddenly burned with fire, "Yusuke! Anata wa baka o hentai!" You pervert idiot! She grabbed a vase off the dresser nearby and threw it at him, aiming for his face.

Ryo fell off of him as Yusuke scrambled to get to his feet, squealing in surprise, but she leaned forward and caught the vase before it shattered, "Kuroi-san! Calm down! I was the pervert!" she called and stood up, placing the vase on the nightstand, "I am sorry, I was...crazy and tackled him and it just...ended up like that."

"Why didn't you call me? I'm supposed to feed you...and you're awfully perky," Kuroi frowned, "You've never acted this way after a feeding before, no mater how long it's been."

"Maybe she's perky becuase she wasn't the one getting threatened with a vase?" Yusuke grumbled but didn't answer her question. "I should leave you two to talk. Everyone was pretty worried about you," he explained to Ryoko. "I'll go see what's new with the Double Ks."

The thought of him leaving made her heart start hammering in her chest, but she clenched her hands and nodded anyway, "I'll...I'll see you when I go down?" she asked softly, watching Kuroi move from the doorway to allow Yusuke passage.

"Yeah." Yusuke gave her a reassuring smile before he left the room for the girls to talk. Damn that had been..that was so weird and yet it felt so right. But he didn't know her and...what if it was the venom and the hunger talking? Agh! Girls were so freaking complicated. Why couldn't they be simple?

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Kurama watched as Yusuke finally came downstairs, face flustered, looking sexually frustrated and stressed, "I had a feeling you wouldn't be able to call Kuroi, which is why I kept them busy for as long as I could." He smirked slyly at Yusuke, "You're welcome, by the way."

"Hai, hai thanks." Yusuke waved it off and then folded his arms a little. Goddamn it, he needed a change of topics and...damn this was depressing. "I hate to break the fun, but that human auction thing was probably only the start. Koenma was telling me that there's more humans dying than /just/ in those auctions. Demons are seriously starting to rebel. Not that it's surprising...but that it's happened practically over-night is."

"I know things are difficult right now, but we'll figure it all out soon," Kurama tried to assure, "I called Botan who can contact Hiei, and you know him. He'll be here whenever he feels like. I don't mind filling him in with whatever we discuss, so let's find Kuronue."

Yusuke nodded and they both walked out towards the kitchen and through the sliding doors that lead to a gorgeous garden. It was sad to say that it could put Yukina's to shame. The grass was green and the flowers that bloomed from their beds were rich in dark colors and in their pastels. There were so many scents that lingered in the air it was possible to get a headache, but..they were so soft that they couldn't. There was a couple of tables and chairs that were outside, obviously for the entertainment of their guests if they wanted to be outside. Kuronue and Naia weren't hard to find as they were sitting down, relaxing with a cup of tea. Two other cups were also placed. "Hey! Was wondering when you'd come out." Kuronue grinned.

"I will never get over how docile and domestic you look," Kurama teased, nudging Kuronue's arm and he sat down.

"He's looked downright royal during my parties," Naia grinned, poking Kuronue's leg with her foot under the table.

"You've shown me the wedding pictures," Kurama grinned, nodding as he sipped his tea.

"It's the charm and good looks for the royal looking part." Kuronue grinned while Yusuke sat down next to Kurama and took his tea with a nod of thanks towards Naia. He gently nudged her ankle with his in response but teasingly looked at Kurama. "You can tease me all you want. You know I'll only repay it forward if you ever find a mate to call your own. Then we'll see whose "docile and domestic"."

"You'd have to do better than that if you're going to tease me in the future, my friend. I'm already that way because of my human mother," Kurama sipped his tea again in an overly exaggerated dignified manner.

"Oh, that's right, love, you'd have to tease him instead on how he fumbles over himself because he's always so collected," Tsunaia offered.

Kuronue actually tossed his head back and laughed. Yusuke also started snickering at the very idea that Kurama would /fumble/ over a woman. "Usually it's the women that fall down on their faces." Yusuke snorted. "I'd pay money to see a woman that can make Kurama falter."

"Oh god." Kuronue grinned at his wife. "That's beyond excellent sweetheart." He turned back to Kurama, his eyes glinting with mischief. "Fumbling, stuttering like you used to when Strawberry would give you that look. You being nervous and shaky. I can just /picture/ it. Kami I hope you find your mate. This is too amazing to let go."

Kurama chuckled, glad the mood had been lightened up and Yusuke was more relaxed, which meant he could think clearly, "Yes, well, when that day comes I can't say I didn't deserve it and I hope you have lots of fun in the process." He shook his head and leaned back in his chair, "Anyway, Hiei's hopefully on his way. This whole situation with the demons eating humans is just getting worse. Do you think Kuroi's friend Kokoro would have any idea on how to help us, or at least Lucifer?" He hadn't met either personally, but had heard about them a lot from his brother-in-arms and his family.

"Koenma did say that he wanted us to meet with Kokoro and get in touch with Luc." Yusuke agreed with a frown. "Though what they're able to do I don't know."

Kuronue on the other hand looked a little thoughtful. "Kokoro probably knows more about what's going on than anyone if I'm honest. She has a good ear to the ground and she'll be reliable. Get on her good side and you won't even have to bribe her with seeing Lucifer. Of course, she'd probably take you the moment she knows that you're a King of the Demons."

"I think it'd be a good idea to wait until we have Hiei, but how do we get to Hell anyway?" Kurama arched a brow.

"Oh, I can help with that," Tsunaia assured, "Persephone and I set up a portal between their home and ours, so I can activate that whenever you're ready."

Yusuke looked at Kurama and shrugged. "Think he'll show up and be impressed that we're actually going to hell?"

"I expect him to say something snarky, yes," Kurama rolled his eyes, "So, do you have any idea of what's going on?" he asked the two across from him.

Naia looked at Kuro, "I don't know...if it's connected, but I think there's an evil about that you lot should look out for. There's been reports of him lurking, and...he's really dangerous."

Kuronue also frowned as Naia mentioned this. He had almost forgot about that. Yusuke watched the husband and wife exchange a look that he couldn't quite place and asked, "Who?"

" sort of came up in conversation when Sakrira came for a check-up, and she said Jin was awfully disturbed about a mission he went on. I just...coaxed her to tell me, because if it bothered him, it bothered her, and stress isn't good for a baby. Anyway...she told me everything, and," Naia swallowed thickly, visibly getting a bit pale, and she stopped drinking her tea. "I recognized the MO, and asked her to have Jin contact me with more information. Apparently this guy has been tearing up villages here and there. There's no pattern or reason, but I know how he kills. I don't know what his name is, but I know what he looks like and his weapon."

Kurama watched Kuro's wings flutter just a little, and how he put his hand on Naia's shoulder to try and calm her, "So, tell us. What's his weapon? How does he kill?"

"A serrated zanbato...which rips apart his prey. He killed my parents," Naia murmured.

Yusuke didn't like the sound of that. If he was apart of the rebellion as well, then it would be a difficult fight. "We'll figure it out. You don't have to do anything." He assured Naia. "I'm sure that once we talk to Lucifer and Kokoro a lot of the puzzle will come together and we'll be able to figure out more about how to deal with this. Who knows? We might be able to kill two birds with one stone so to speak."

Naia nodded. At age 265 now, that happened fourty-five years ago, but she had been mentally 15 so she had looked fifteen. It had been after she first met Kuro by the river fifteen minutes away. She'd come home to find half of her home burning, her mother bleeding on the patio and servants dead or dying in the yard. After watching her mom die in her arms, she'd gone to find her father...who'd been fighting the man she spoke of in the back. Just as he got cut down, her grandmother caught her and dragged her back to safety. This person had haunted her nightmares ever since, and drove her to be a healer in spite of being physically sickened and terrified by the sight of blood, "If you do find him, say hello from the Fundir family before you send him to the Inferno where he belongs."
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After talking for a little bit about other random things, Kuroi and Ryoko came walking towards them from the house, "Ka-san! You're going to have to coax Eri-chan back to bed. Raiden-nii is having a horrible time."

Tsunaia laughed, "She in the kitchen again? Alright, I'll go do that quick. Your friends here want to go to Hell. Do you want to accompany them? You could find Kokoro better than anyone, even Natsuki."

Kuroi opened her mouth to immediately agree and then she looked at her father. She was technically supposed to be grounded, but no one'd told her mom about her role in Ryo getting captured. Ryo watched the exchange before she smiled and walked over to Yusuke, a small blush gracing her cheeks, "I'm feeling a lot better." She was dressed in a simple outfit consisting of a white tanktop and blue capri pants, white sandals on her feet, her hair tied up with a simple green ribbon.

Kuronue shrugged at Kuroi and said lightly. "You might as well go. Naia's right and since you have to guide Kurama and Yusuke around....I think it's fair." He was ninety-nine percent sure that Kokoro was probably in a brothel right now. Either that or she was at the orphanage. But the brothel was much more likely. At least, that's what he'd put a bet on.

"That's good." Yusuke thought that the green ribbon was an interesting touch to her hair. She looked healthier and her cheeks held a nice rose color as well. At least she wasn't looking half-dead and worse. "Are you going to come with us to hell? We might have an angry little guy come along with us, but he's alright."

Ryo nodded happily, "Yes, I am." She tilted her head, "A short angry friend?"

"What's this about going to Hell?" a red-eyed demon appeared, his black hair wild and spiked up with white bangs in the front, "You mean I don't get to send you there myself?"

Naia snorted, "I'm sending all of you there in a few minutes. Kuro-kun, take them out back to the pond?" She patted Kuroi's shoulder and hurried into the large mansion.

"That sounds awfully morbid," Hiei mused, "Will it at least be a quick death?"

"Hiei! No one's going to die," Kurama said as he stood up from his chair.

"So quick to want to kill us. I thought we were cool and had a thing going." Yusuke pretended to pout but only started laughing. "Kurama can fill you in on details, but in short: we're meeting Lucifer and his princess if we can find her."

"Pop, did she just sweet-talk you?" Kuroi was looking at her father in amusement.

Kuronue shrugged. "She might of. She might not have." He arched an eyebrow. "Why? Are you saying you don't want to go?" The tone had a hint of a tease, but he knew that it would send Kuroi into a tither.

"Of course I want to go! Pfft, I don't need to know if Ka-san's going to bone you anyway," Kuroi headed off to the backyard.

Kurama cracked up, "Well then, your daughter is just as blunt as you are."

Hiei snorted, deciding to ignore the fox and the bat, looking at Yusuke as he also stood. Kuronue was obviously the tallest, and before Naia left she'd been as tall as Kurama. Ryoko was the shortest, probably only 5ft 5 to Yusuke's six. He stood between them in height, at 5ft 8. Kuroi had been just an inch shorter. "Lucifer and his princess? I get why he would be important, but what do we need his daughter for?"

"She has more freedom than Lucifer does, therefore knows more and can probably tell us what we need to know," Kurama responded easily, saving Yusuke the trouble.

"What Kurama said," Yusuke shrugged. "So towards the pond we go and that's how we're getting through?"

"Naia's abilities are water so it's easier for her to make a portal in the water." Kuronue replied. "Also it helps that the daughter of said important figure is water too so that means that it's faster for her to get here if she has a simple two way water portal. A mirror if you think of it like that."
"I thought Lucifer was made of fire. How the fuck did a fire dude get a water chick?" Yusuke blinked in surprise.

"I'm pretty sure Lucifer had that same reaction when Persphone gave birth." Kuronue snickered.

"Persephone is Earth," Kurama shrugged, "So it might be related to something like that."

"Or a reincarnation. Doesn't he deal with that stuff, too?" Hiei pointed out as they got closer to the back of the estate.

"Sounds like we'll have to ask them ourselves," Kurama chuckled.

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Yusuke got out of the lake that they had landed in, sopping wet from the expirence. At first it felt like water slide that was super fast and fun, and then when the water hit, he forgot to hold his breath and had swallowed a good amount of it. He coughed harshly and shook his head from side to side, his hair falling into his face. "Fucking...and we're going to have to do that again once we find the Royalty! I am /not/ looking forward to it. That water was like ice! Ice in Hell! I'm starting to think that this Kokoro lady has a weird sense of humor!"

"That's Kokoro for you," Kuroi laughed, not wet at all except from where she was standing in the water, "C'mon, I'll dry you off once we get to shore."

Ryo was in a similar state to Kuroi. She grabbed Yusuke's arm, helping him stand, "There's a trick to it. I got really wet, too, when I first did this. You have to use your energy to create a sort of bubble."

Kurama was only slightly damp, thankfully, and he shook his hair before following Kuroi to the edge of the shallow lake, Hiei beside him. Kuroi dried off much of the same way as Hiei did, and he smiled, "So, let me guess, the running joke is you two were born in the wrong household, as you're fire when Naia is water, and Kokoro is water where her father is fire?"

Kuroi grinned, "That's pretty much how it goes, but we wouldn't trade spots for the world."

"You've been here too?" Yusuke asked, a bit surprised and then nodded his head. "I guess that'd make sense after being Kuroi's friend for years. A bubble..." He'd have to remember that if he could. Damn though. Now that they were a bit dried off, they were able to take in their surroundings was beautiful. The mountainous walls that surrounded them looked like molten lava that was flowing downwards, only to not touch the bottom at all. There was dark grass that looked as if it was soft to the touch. The village ahead of them seemed like it was the cleanest place in the universe. It wasn't trashy or dingy like he would've assumed. There were different kinds of trees that were randomly planted here as well. It really looked as if a Goddess of Spring had lived here.

He could imagine how beautiful this place would be at night. How the lava would reflect and how the moon would shine on the flowers and the trees that grew here. How anything could live in Hell...he wasn't expecting this at all. "Whoa." He muttered breathlessly. "This isn't what I was thinking when I thought of hell."

"Oh, this place does have it's dark places, it /is/ hell after all. This is just a safe haven for peaceful souls. Demons aren't allowed in Heaven even if they were good," Kuroi explained and once everyone was dry, she started leading the way.

The village was peaceful. The few demons that they did see didn't look all that menacing or scary. But they had an energy that Yusuke never felt before. He could hear Kurama whisper to Hiei about what was happening and why they were down here when suddenly, a blue haired man rounded the corner and saw them. "Kuroi! Is Lady Kokoro not with you?!" He was dressed in a formal shirt and slacks, looking very close to a butler, but not quite. His eyes were a bright hazel, something Yusuke noticed was a common trait here. Almost all of them had hazel eyes.

"Whose that?" Yusuke muttered to Ryoko since he was pretty sure she knew.

"Natsuki, but only his wife calls him that. Everyone else either calls him Nat or Suki," Ryo beamed in reply, "He's Kokoro's bodyguard slash childhood friend."

Kuroi snickered and shook her head, "I only just got here from trying to find Ryoko. It's been busy the last four days up top at home."

"It's been a wild ride for me as well," Natsuki agreed as he ran his fingers through his hair. "Ever since Kazuki had our child, Lady Kokoro's been acting like a hyperactive child and then she disappeared right when I thought I knew how her routine. Kazuki hasn't seen her all day. I had hoped that she was with you."

"Kazuki burst?!" Kuroi gasped, eyes widening, and then she pouted, "I'm so, so sorry I missed it. I'll explain things to you once we find Kokoro. You checked the brothel?" she asked, which earned a few snorts behind her, "The orphanage?"

Ryo nodded, "He's been this way since I've known him. Apparently it's his way to show his gratitude for Kokoro not casting him away. I don't know the full story, you'd have to ask her."

Yusuke had to hold back his laughter while Natsuki scrunched up his nose. "I did check the brothel but she hasn't been there." Wait..that hadn't been a joke? "I forgot about the orphanage however. It didn't cross my mind."

"Well, if this Kazuki just had a baby, then she must be feeling baby fever," Hiei grunted, "It'd make sense."

Kuroi was startled by Hiei speaking up about it, "I...was just about to say that, actually. Not to mention Eri's only a month out from having her baby, and Sakrira's also two months away from her due date, she'd want the innocence of other children to brush up on her motherly instincts."

"Lady Kokoro doesn't have a mate, but I can see that she may be feeling the effects of loneliness." Natsuki conceded, now looking troubled. "Lady Kokoro's been alone for a very long time. However, I fear her adopting. I do not think she'll be a bad mother, she'll do her best....but she'll be biting off more than she can chew...and run off many potential candidates."

"If someone can't handle that she adopted a child who needed a home, they don't deserve her anyway," Hiei stated matter-of-factly.

Kurama glanced behind him at Yusuke in shock. Ever since the princess had been mentioned Hiei'd been acting odd. He didn't know if it was because she was supposed to be useful or what, but he was just surprised. He looked back at Natsuki, "Would you take us to the orphanage?"

Even Yusuke was a bit shocked to hear Hiei stand up for Kokoro. Like...did he know her and he didn't tell them or...was there something else going on? Natsuki seemed to like Hiei's answers. "Certainly. It's a bit of a walk I'm afraid."

"Nothing we can't handle." Yusuke shrugged helplessly towards Kurama unsure of what he was supposed to say otherwise.

"Walking's no trouble at all," the redhead reaffirmed, "Just lead the way. I'm Kurama Minamino, this is Hiei Jaganshi, and behind us is Yusuke Urameshi. I figure knowing who we are would make for easier conversation."
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PostSubject: Re: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:06 am

"Pleasure to make your aquaintance. I am Natsuki Kitani." Natsuki did a short bow and stood up straight. "Come along." He smiled and lead them towards the depths of the village. "I apologize for holding you up and for making you search for her alongside me. I realize that you have business here which must be urgent. Otherwise Lady Naia wouldn't have let you use her water portal." He glanced at Kurama. "I daresay that you are Kuronue's friend? He talks about you often."

"Yes, actually," Kurama chuckled, "I only just discovered he was alive after the Makai Tournament a couple years ago before Yusuke became our King, throwing off the evil demon who tried to take control. I don't tend to go to Kuro's home very often, either too busy or it's just...difficult. Memories. So he comes to me instead most of the time. So Kuroi and Naia and I are fair friends, but I was unaware of Ryoko being a part of their family or even Kokoro being a friend."

"Believe me, it's a new thing for us as well to accept Ryo. Not quite too new. We've had five years or so to get used to it." Natsuki said slowly. It was obviously a topic that made him uneasy...but why? Yusuke looked over at Ryo to see what her reaction was to this.

Ryo looked...sad, but not ashamed. Whatever happened to bring her into the Fundir house she didn't regret. She shrugged and Kuroi jumped in, "My family was more than happy to let Ryo in. She had nowhere else to go, anyhow. She and I have been training our shadow powers together, though once Jin came by a couple months ago with Rira and saw Ryoko flying around, he started training her wind abilities."

Natsuki didn't say anything. There was something going on here. Yusuke didn't know what...but it sure seemed like Hell had something to hide. "I know." He assured after a moment to Kuroi. "It's a good thing that your family was willing." His words didn't match...or they matched horribly. Yusuke didn't know. "We're almost to the orphanage. We keep them on the outskirts of the village so that they have a lot more room to build and run around in rather than in the village itself." He sighed. "Please let her be there..." He muttered to himself.


The orphanage was indeed on the far side of the village and they could see that the children were out in front running around to and fro wildly. It took Yusuke a moment to realize that the children were playing tag along with a woman with bright red hair that looked like flames. The closer that they got, the more details. The children seemed to range between 4-12. The littlest ones were probably inside or were busy doing something else. The woman with the red hair had a halter-crop top on that showed her stomach flawlessly and she wore a pair of jeans that had holes in them. She obviously had prepared herself to be dirty and wore clothes that wouldn't matter if they did.

Natsuki seemed to breathe with relief. "So she is here." He watched as Kokoro let out a playful scream as she tried to avoid getting tagged, only to stumble and the child catching her anyway. "Nooo!" She cried dramatically.

"Koro-nii's it!" The child chanted with glee. "Koro-nii's it!"

"Aww," Ryo cooed, "That's so cute! I love it when she's playing with the kids."

"Kokoro!" Kuroi called with a laugh, "We have guests for you to entertain!"

"Later!" Kokoro shouted, not even looking towards them as she started zig-zagging, attempting to pick a child to be hit. The kids were much faster and since they were smaller also had an easier time dodging her and getting away. "Agh!"

Yusuke wasn't all that surprised that they were being ignored. Natsuki on the other hand already looked exasperated. "Lady Kokoro please." He nimbly dodged the little children who were running and only had to run a little in order to grab the princess by the back of her shirt. It was obvious that he had too much practice in this. "You must."

"Eeeek!" Kokoro whipped her head around to try to face Natsuki while he had a firm grab on her. "Let me go Nat!"

The children on the other hand seemed to understand that Natsuki and Kokoro were ending their fun. "Can she come back to play later?!" The children instantly asked. It had to be routine.
"Certainly if time permits such." Natsuki said sweetly to the children. "I'm sorry to end your fun like this, but Lady Kokoro must return home now."

Kokoro only pouted as he let her go and she waved helplessly towards the children as he gently grabbed her free hand that wasn't waving and dragged her towards the people. "Fun sucker."

"Yes, yes." Natsuki replied without much emotion as they approached the group.

"She reminds me of someone." Yusuke snapped his fingers. "Who does she remind me of?"

"Botan?" Kurama supplied, "Kokoro, it's a pleasure to meet you," he bowed politely.

Kuroi giggled as Nat dealt with their best friend, "I don't know about you, but I don't think having important conversations around here would be a good idea. Where do you suggest?"

"Walk and talk and we'll head to the castle I guess." Kokoro smiled towards Kurama and nodded her her head towards him. Yusuke wasn't shy, but he wasn't coming forward, probably waiting to see what her friends would do first before jumping on the bandwagon. But who /really/ caught her eyes was a man who dressed in black. Hiei...right? Wasn't it? His eyes reminded her of fire and of passion and the dark brooding look...ugh. "You know..." She purred, looking towards Hiei. "I'm surprised you don't have more girls flocking in your direction. You're really handsome."

"Oh dear..." Natsuki wanted to groan. "Lady Kokoro may I advise at least wait until you get to the castle before you manhandle him or attempt to?"

"A bed is easier." She agreed. "Let's go then." She flipped her hair over her shoulder and tossed Hiei a wink and a flirtatious smile as she started walking ahead. Yusuke was dying of trying to hold in his laughter.

"I'm not..." Hiei glanced at the orphanage and knew little demon children hearing could pick up things quite easily, "I am not someone who sleeps around and don't touch me unless you want me to hurt you."

Kurama was biting his lip, "I think he made a friend," he said teasingly to Yusuke. He didn't have to worry about being cut to ribbons, so was at liberal to say such things.

"How in the world did that happen within five seconds of meeting her I don't know, but she's magic." Yusuke snorted.

Kokoro didn't hear any of this besides Hiei and she just laughed merrily. "Oooh I see." She grinned brighter. "You're still hot though and I'm not taking that back. Let's start walking so you can catch me up."

As they walked, it seemed that Kuroi and Ryo took over most of the catching up with Yusuke and Kurama only adding a few details here and there. Natsuki's face only seemed to get more grim, and Kokoro's smile was slipping more and more. Once the story wound to it's end, both of the Royalty looked like they've been told a disaster was coming. In actuality, there was a possibly.

"I'm a little shocked that Koenma would refer you to me first and then refer you to my father rather than the other way around." Kokoro said slowly, her voice gaining a mature sound rather than the playful one they were getting used to. Like a princess who was readying herself for the worst. "I'm not that highly thought of."

"To Lord Koenma he probably sees you as your father's informant." Natsuki replied, straightening himself up. "You aren't chained here like your father is or your mother for that matter. It's most surprising that no one's tried their hand at it either. Ah then again, they probably know you'd get out of it somehow." The joke was a little dry and only a flicker of a smile appeared on her face. "But it makes sense now doesn't it?"

"Too much sense." Kokoro looked at Natsuki before her eyes flicked to Ryo and then back to Natsuki. "The faster we get to the castle, the better. I think this conversation deserves a good, long pounding before we do anything."

"Good thing we're almost there." Natsuki smiled as he pointed over at the towering Castle that was ahead of them. It looked like something that would come out of a gothic novel. The roofs were pointed and the brick looked like black marble. The gates that surrounded the castle were black and had sharp spikes at the end in a decorative sort of way.

"It looks like Dracula's castle." Yusuke commented aloud.

Kokoro burst out laughing. "Hahaaha! Dracula's....castle! That's a great one. Do you think my father's a vampire too?"

"To be honest, I'm not sure." Yusuke said, looking at Kokoro weirdly. It hadn't been that funny. However, even Natsuki looked like he was about to break his facade. "Wouldn't surprise me."

"How you're the King of the Demons I don't know, but I'm incredibly glad that you are." Kokoro giggled. "Oooh my father's a vampire. That's hysterical."

Ryo and Kuroi giggled a bit, too, "Do you think Lucifer is in his study?" Kuroi asked.

"Will we see Perseph?" Ryo piped up as well.

Kurama felt a little more at ease as the girls talked informally about the rulers of Hell, which meant they were well liked, "Meeting one, if not both of your parents would be a great honor, Kokoro."
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PostSubject: Re: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:07 am

Natsuki quite literally burst out laughing as Kokoro looked at Kurama, looking highly torn about what she was supposed to say or feel about this and then said after a moment. "I should take wins where I can get them. I was actually a little scared you were going to end that sentence with a "lady" or a "princess" or my god the worst one "sama"."

Yusuke held in a smirk. "Formal talk puts you in a tizzy doesn't it? Don't worry. It's just Kurama-speak."

"If you're like this with all the ladies, I'm not surprised so many would fall at your feet then." Kokoro said to Kurama half-seriously before grinning at him widely and turning away.

"I kind of like her wit." Yusuke commented as they walked right inside the castle. It may look gothic outside, but inside it was like stepping into another world. There was white and black checkered marble that lead into a large foryer, you could probably put in an entire house in the middle of it. There were two sets of double doors on either side of the building and a set of long stairs that had red carpeting. Kokoro started walking up towards the stairs while Natsuki bowed and went towards the doors on the left. "He's getting tea." She said needlessly as she waved them onwards. "I'm pretty sure my dad's in his study. I think mom's in her garden..or is also in the study. I don't know."

"Well, let's all get settled somewhere and then I don't mind going to get them," Kuroi said as she skipped up the stairs next to Kokoro, linking their arms together, "The others are mostly here for you," she leaned in close to whisper, "Not to mention Ryoko's kind of attached to Yusuke. I'm feeling like the odd one out."

"Third wheel much?" Kokoro murmured softly but in understanding. "I don't know why they'd be here for me. I just said I wasn't all that great." She shook her head from side to side. "Honestly. I think people need to get their head's checked." They only walked a little ways before they came to a door. Kokoro only knocked on it once before walking in.What greeted them was rows of bookcases and a deep wine colored carpet. There were lights that were hanging from the ceiling in pretty chandeliers. She lead them to the back where a fire place stood as well as a coffee table, two large couches and two single chairs. Kokoro draped herself over one of the chairs and sighed dramatically. "Looks like you'll have to play fetch Kuroi."

"Alright, I will be right back," Kuroi waved and hopped out of the room.

Hiei watched how the others took a seat and he simply stood next to the fireplace, "What do you think you know about what is going on? We were told you have more freedom which is why you can help us. Don't sell yourself short before you give yourself a chance."

Ryo was sitting close to Yusuke, and she tilted her head, wondering if Kuroi was OK. She always got awkward around romantic stuff. Returning her attention to Kokoro, she watched as even Natsuki looked happy about what Hiei said.

Kokoro hadn't been expecting something encouraging come from Hiei's mouth. However, she couldn't deny that it was kind for him to say something. "Well..." she said slowly before turning her attention to Ryo. "You're not exactly going to like what I have to say."

"Why is that? What is it?" Ryo frowned, looking confused.

"Any information is appreciated, whether we like it or not," Kurama said firmly.

"The person whose behind the rebellion is probably Azazel." Kokoro sighed. "I shouldn't even say probably. I know it's him. The Inferno's barrier that keeps them sealed in was broken and ever since then, I know Azazel's been working towards his goal. Wanting to make Hell his kingdom..and the upper world his territory."

Azazel? Yusuke blinked a little. "I'm confused who is this person again?"

"He's my Uncle and the Ruler of the Inferno. In short, he belongs in the lowest layer of Hell making him the strongest and the most powerful being seconded to Lilith." Kokoro replied. "He has a honeyed tongue and can get anyone on his side." She gritted her teeth. "Which means that we might have to talk to the Guardian Twins...which will suck tremendously."

"He's my Uncle and the Ruler of the Inferno. In short, he belongs in the lowest layer of Hell making him the strongest and the most powerful being seconded to Lilith." Kokoro replied. "He has a honeyed tongue and can get anyone on his side." She gritted her teeth. "Which means that we might have to talk to the Guardian Twins...which will suck tremendously."

This is where Ryo frowned, "Which is why you said I wouldn't like it. But, if it helps then we will have to. I have changed a lot since then. Not that he would forgive me, but she might. I could be wrong."

"Who are you two talking about?" Yusuke looked at Ryo with a frown. "Whose the Guardian Twins?"
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PostSubject: Re: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:49 pm

"I...grew up with them. I also ran away from their home when I was eighteen because I found out I was lied to," Ryoko sighed, "Kuroi found me in the forest with Kuronue...and I was starved pretty bad. They took me in to feed me and I just...stayed."

The conversation went quiet after that and Kuroi ended up breaking the silence. Her face was flushed and she tucked a strand of her spiked hair behind her ear, "Um, they'll be here in a moment, Koko." Glancing around she noticed Ryo's grim face, "So you told them?" She heard Natsuki behind her and moved aside so he could set the tea on the coffee table.

"Yep." Kokoro sighed as she sat herself up straight as Natsuki handed her a cup. "Told them everything that I know of so far...and we got into deep black waters about the Guardian Twins."

"You wanted to say something earlier, but you stopped," Hiei looked at Nat, "What was it?"

Natsuki bit his lip harshly as he stood up straight. "I'm afraid that I don't want to talk about it without Lord Lucifer's permission. However, it's been a concern of mine for a long time." He admitted to Hiei. "What I can say is that...I feel uneasy not having Ryoko at the shrine."

"Because of this Azazel guy?" Yusuke asked, leaning forward as he sipped his tea. He noticed that Kokoro was also looking a little troubled as well. Huh..."You didn't think that he wouldn't go after them sooner or later right?"

Natsuki only pursed his lips together. "I don't know what I would think if the situation was different."

"Is it more for their protection or mine?" Ryo asked.

"Yours." was a deep baritone voice that sounded like it was dripped in sugar. Everyone's head's snapped towards the man who came striding in towards them, fixing his long kimono that trailed down onto the floor. It was like an emperor's outfit. Yusuke stared at Kokoro moved away from the chair and sat down on one of the couches, smiling a little towards him. "I see that you have been treated well. Welcome to my Kingdom." He greeted. "I apologize for making you wait."

"They already interrogated me about the Guardian Twins and they know a little about Azazel." Kokoro offered her dad. "They're hounding on the Guardian Twins since I brought up a deep murky past here."

"No surprises that you would." Lucifer agreed, causing his daughter to pout and Yusuke to laugh. He took a seat and turned to Natsuki. "Why don't you go ahead and see to your daughter and your wife?" He said kindly to Natsuki. "Kazuki may have recovered quickly from giving birth, but I'm sure she misses you terribly."

"Oooh! Tell Kazu that I said hello and let little Chi-chi know I love her." Kokoro cooed immediately, grinning at how red Natsuki's cheeks turned.

"I'll take my leave then." Natsuki bowed before leaving the study with measured strides, obviously not liking being away from Kokoro's side even for a moment.

Kuroi shouted just as he disappeared, "Give her my love, too, and tell her I am sorry!"

Hiei huffed, "I think the full truth needs to be revealed here so we understand the extent of the situation."

Yusuke watched as Lucifer glanced at Hiei. How he was able to be straight-laced, he wasn't sure. Lucifer's power was overwhelming but it didn't cause him to tense up like he usually would be during battle. However, he knew that Lucifer was holding back..and holding back a lot of power. If Azazel was Lucifer's brother...he shuddered. This was like fighting Togoro.

"I agree." He turned to Ryoko and said gently. "I will talk to you primarily as this is something that I've been keeping from you for a long time. Yes, Azazel is the Leader of the Inferno. He's the Prince of Darkness of the absolute. Yes, his wife is named Lilith, the cursed immortal who was cursed to drink blood since she caused a righteous man to fall. However, what isn't known is the very fact that Azazel and Lilith are your parents and you are the Princess of the Inferno."

Kokoro looked away and towards her knees. Her fingers curled around the cup as Lucifer bluntly told Ryoko the truth.

Ryo didn't react right away. Kurama realized the stun factor would take a while, and he looked at Kuroi who also seemed guilty, "Did you know?"

"Yes and no...I mean, I have been Koko's friend since I was five. I kind of took history lessons with her and training and I know what both Lilith and Azazel look like. I also know Hell dweller energies have a different consistency of sorts than say you or I. I felt it in Ryo when I first met her, and was...a little scared because she looks a /lot/ like Lilith. I contacted Kokoro right away once she was fed and it...became our duty of sorts to protect her since she didn't want to go home, and not only is my mom a Priestess, the land is protected. Azazel couldn't step foot on the property even if he wanted to."
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PostSubject: Re: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:52 pm

"Which is mostly why I allowed her to stay there with you." Lucifer agreed with a loud sigh. "Not that I could command her to return to her family when she's of age to do whatever she wanted."

"Why not leave her at Naia's to begin with?" Yusuke asked slowly. "You could've kept a closer eye on her..."

"Did that not cross anyone's mind?" Ryo finally picked an emotion and it was anger, "I could have stayed close to you, close to Koko-nee!"

"It would have been expected," a soft voice like songbirds came in, and an elegant lady in a flowing white and green Greek dress appeared, hair a soft orange-red like roses instead of fire, "We would have kept you, dear, but the whole reason we moved you was because Azazel's henchmen were seen lurking. They would have found the portal, found you, and everything would be over before it began." She seemed to glide to stand behind Lucifer, placing her hands on his shoulders.

"Ka-san's right." Kokoro agreed before Lucifer could say anything. "It's not just that, but if we kept you near hell, you'd be kept close to Azazel and Lilith and if you think for a moment that they wouldn't have an idea on how to get you back from Naia's own backyard, you're dead wrong."

Hiei watched as Ryo's emotions rapidly changed from livid to sad and about to cry, "There is residual resentment from being separated from her family. That is to be expected, especially if she was just a babe, but we have bigger issues at hand."

"Hiei, always to the point," Kurama sighed, and he looked at Yusuke, giving him a look to comfort Ryo.

Yusuke didn't need Kurama to give him a look as he was already putting an arm around her shoulders and bringing her close. Lucifer nodded, "You'd be right." He sighed. "I already know that my brother is corrupting the demons onto his side. He knows that they're restless about being unable to have the reign that they had before. Feeding them humans is only the first step. I'm sure he'll offer them stronger opponents and promises of glory should they fight against the two Kingdoms. Meaning you and Koenma's." He took a large breath. "But he's ambitious. Having a living army is fanastic. Having control of Hell or any of the Upper Kingdoms? Bonus. Now...imagine what you could do should you be able to control the dead as well. Now you're in trouble."

"It sounds like world domination to me." Yusuke frowned as he gently smoothed Ryoko's hair back and gently rubbed his hand up and down her shoulder as he watched Lucifer.

"It's exactly what it is. It's not his first go-around either." Lucifer agreed.

"It's not?" Kuroi blinked.

Ryoko sniffed and nuzzled Yusuke's shoulder, but was listening in. Hiei narrowed his eyes at Lucifer, "Not everyone remembers...but that can be a discussion for another time."

"On this I do wholely agree," Kurama frowned, "Didn't he almost succeed and that is what destroyed your world you worked so hard to create?"

"He did." Lucifer agreed, feeling Persphone's hands grip his shoulders tighter. "He was so close to destroying everything. The worlds split in order to keep everyone keep those who weren't infected with the miasma safe. Demons are humans transformed, but it's been so's no longer in their bloodstrem and the DNA dormant unless awoken somehow."

Yusuke's blood chilled at that. Demons were once humans? There were much more than that, he was sure. Lucifer was only simplifying it, in order to give them the idea of how bad the disaster was. If that was just the snapshot...the bigger picture must be horrific.

"It could be a world ender this time, then," Kurama sighed, "That might be /one/ of the reasons you are so strong, Yusuke. Yes, you have pure demon blood in you from Raizen, but you were strong - at the time, before we knew - as a human."

"Where do you think is the best place for them to stay, love? Naia's or Genkai's?" Persephone asked her husband curiously.

"Naia's would have to work." Lucifer shook his head. "If Genkai was still alive, it wouldn't matter where they stayed, but...she's not."

"Are we going to have to talk to the twins?" Kokoro asked as she looked at Lucifer. "Because if we are, then we'll have to see if Naia won't mind letting them stay."

"...." Lucifer actually fell silent at that and he leaned back a little more into his wife's hands. She seemed to understand and started rubbing his shoulders soothingly. Yusuke bit his lip as his grip around Ryoko's shoulders tightened.

Persephone tilted her head and hummed, "You will need to eventually. Talk with your mother, though, Kuroi, and once she says yes, Kokoro can take you. I know the mansion is plenty big enough..." She smiled at her daughter, "This will give you a chance to find it, and it will help a lot I am sure."

Hiei frowned, "If these twins end up staying and we aren't going to the Temple, then I won't stay if my sister and her mate are not also invited. She is otherwise alone there and I don't like it as it is."

Lucifer looked at Hiei and smiled gently. "I wouldn't split up a family if I could help it." He knew his words would hurt Ryoko since he didn't do that for her, wasn't the time to feel guilty. He did what he could do and that was all he had. "Bring her and her mate and her family if there's room. If not, then keep yourself as closely connected to the Mansion as you possibly can."

Perseph leaned down and crossed her arms over Lucifer's chest, whispering in his ear, "This is the first time in a very long time that they will all be together. The mansion will feel it and be even more powerful. Azazel is going to have a very difficult time busting in."

Lucifer nodded his agreement and gently kissed Persphone on the cheek before he looked over at his daughter who was making a funny face towards them. "When you do talk to the twins." He finally spoke after a moment. "You may have to convince them." He smiled wearily. "Be warned: their priorities are going to be much different from what ours are and they may not be alone during the confrontation. No...I know they won't be alone. Therefore, take care in how you say things. It may not matter...but...I know you Kokoro. Yusuke. You both are really brash and that's not going to work."

Kokoro winced and nodded in her agreement before she looked at Yusuke who also nodded. Lucifer saw that everyone seemed to be on the right page. "Was there more to discuss or is that everything thus far?"

"I think you covered what we need to do." Yusuke sighed. "I guess now all we got to do is see what Naia says about bringing the twins over and having that conversation." He looked at Ryoko, wondering how she was going to handle going back home.

"We'll probably adventure out in a day or two." Kokoro shrugged. "Depending on what happens. But I should definately take tonight and see if I can't tear apart Naia's library again. I know it's around there somewhere."

"There is that really burnt up part Naia told us about earlier," Kurama pointed out.

"Oh yeah..." Kokoro nodded a few times before sitting up and stretching. "Well, I think that it answers a few questions. Shall we get up and go?" She eyed Ryoko cautiously. She knew very well that she wasn't looking forward to tomorrow or the next day after that. Depending on when they went to find the twins.

Ryoko watched as the others also stood and she followed Yusuke's lead, "I'm sure you'll have stuff to move to the mansion. I'm more than willing to help you out."

"She just wants to see the Temple," Kuroi called her out, grinning at Ryo's blush.

"That's fine." Yusuke laughed at her blush. "Sure I won't mind the company."

Lucifer stood up as well and smiled at them. "Be safe." He told Kokoro who nodded and he looked at Kuroi and Ryoko. "That goes for you two as well." He turned back to Kokoro. "And please don't try to drown anyone while you use your portal to get back to Naia's."

"No promises!" Kokoro cheered. "Come on everyone out." She ushered as they started walking away.

Persephone hummed as she watched them leave and she stepped close to his side, leaning up and brushing her lips across his jaw, "Where were we? It wouldn't be summer if it wasn't hot, now would it?" she purred in his ear.

Lucifer chuckled as he turned towards his wife and kissed her deeply. "Of course not." He eyed her lustfully before he picked her up bridal style. "But I know exactly where we left off. I believe I had you pinned to a wall, my sweet, biting at your neck."

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PostSubject: Re: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Tue Apr 21, 2015 10:39 pm

Ryoko awed over the fantastic view once they arrived at the Temple with a couple of the others to get their belongings and Hiei's family. "It's so beautiful here!" she clasped her hands together, grinning. Kuroi had opted to stay behind to help set up rooms for everyone, though she knew it was because she was still grounded. They had established an easy portal to a lake right nearby. Hiei had already disappeared, Kurama and Kokoro following suit, and she looked up at Yusuke, "So you stay here when you want to get away from Palace duties?"

"Yeah." Yusuke nodded as they walked towards the temple. "Yukina's a sweetheart and soft spoken and Touya is just soft-spoken. They understand the need to get away from it all the most and so I'm always welcome here."

"It'd be the best place to just relax," she agreed, "Everyone's going to be a lot closer at the mansion. Out here you could just get lost and not bump into anyone easily." They managed to get up to the Temple fairly easily and she watched as everyone was bustling about with suitcases, trying to get them to their room to pack. Hiei, being a speed demon, looked packed already and he was lounging in what seemed to be the main room.

While Yusuke walked by he could see Kokoro happily sitting on the couch. Well, looked like Hiei was going to get stuck entertaining the Princess for a little bit. He smirked as he shook his head and lead her towards his room. His room was a little bare with few possessions and some clothes since most of his stuff was in the castle. "The isolation is always nice. I think Hiei's going to miss his secret hideout the most though. Wherever that is. Kurama knows about it, but that's because he knows how to track him."

"Doesn't Hiei work for Mukuro?" Ryo asked as she sat on his bed, her legs swinging back and forth while Yusuke opened and filled the suitcase that had been put on his bed, probably by Kurama, "I remember hearing about that, because he's her second in command." She spotted something peeking out from under the bed and she leaned down, picking it up. There was a very busty woman dressed in a skimpy white bikini on the front, "What's this?" she asked curiously, starting to flip through the pages.

"AH!" Yusuke's cheeks turned a bright red and he quickly snatched it out of her hands and dove underneath the bed to pick them up as quickly as he could. "They're nothing! They're nothing! As for Hiei working for Mukuro you could say that he goes both ways. He's her second in command, but when I need him he comes."

Ryo watched as he stuffed them all in the bottom of the suitcase, his clothes quickly covering them. She smiled in amusement, but didn't comment further, "Kurama's your adviser, too, isn't he? He does a really good job. Do you have any other friends, Yusuke?" she placed her hands on her thighs, watching him expectantly as this position pushed her breasts closer together.

His eyes lingered a bit on her breasts but he quickly snapped out of it. Goddamn she was busty. He already knew that from when she was on top of him, but whoa. Just...whoa. "Kuwabara's a good man." He said after a moment. "Jin is also a good friend of mine too. Kuwabara is human and he's married with Kerica. You already know Jin since Naia's looking after his wife and their babe. Man I can't wait till the little tyke's born." He laughed lightly. "I'm hoping they take after their dad."

"I'm sure," Ryo giggled, "I'd love to meet Kuwabara sometime. If he's human but can still run with you guys? That's impressive. I remember listening to the radio about the Dark Tournament because of Masanori - the male twin. Kuwabara was kind of infamous. Is his wife also human? I bet she's perfect for him."

"Oh man." Yusuke laughed lightly. "You'd never see a better match than those two. He doted on her for months and months, and would never shut up about her really. For a while it got kind of annoying, but...hell." He shook his head. "He cried at his wedding it was beautiful." He snickered a little though not out of spite. He finished with his packing and sat back on his heels. "What was Masanori like?" He asked after a moment, looking at Ryoko. "A fighter type I'm guessing since he was listening to the Dark Tournament."

"Yeah, he's the protector, and he helped me train in martial arts growing up," Ryo explained, "Pretty cliche, but it's true. He also took care of the bullies in school that would bother me or Hanako, his twin. He convinced me to do club activities and everything, too. I loved volleyball. Hana was more archery. Masa would do kendo with me. We were all in swimming though."

"So..what was Hana like?" Yusuke leaned in forward, intrigued to listen. This Masanori guy sounded a lot like Hiei. He wondered just vaguely if he was just as short or if he was taller and whether or not they would get along. Probably not...but hell Hiei could use more friends.

"Hana...Hana is really sweet and kind, a lot like Persephone really. She kind of tends to have her own agenda, though, which is another reason Masa looked out for us. If Hana's on a mission then it's impossible to stop her. She has the longest temper fuse in the world, too, but she does have her buttons and pet peeves," Ryo winced, "I don't like hurting people in order to feed...I told you that before. I was used to going three days without eating, but once went five because something happened in high school to put a friend in the hospital and she was upset, so I didn't want to bother her. She got really mad at me once she realized how long it had been."

"" So Hanako was just like Yukina. "Your twins sound like they'd get along with Hiei and Yukina." He said after a moment, surprised. "It kind of makes me want to meet them and see how well they'd click with Hiei and Yukina, at the same time I know that you're not looking forward to meeting them I wrong?" He glanced at Ryoko. "I mean, you were pretty upset when Lucifer told you what was going" He was pretty sure he was digging himself deep.

"I was...more upset with my adopted father than either of them," Ryo admitted, looking down at her hands, a sad expression coming over her face, "I'm sure I'm going to get yelled at and told off. I mean...why would I look forward to that? It's been five years. I am sure they hate me, or at least one of them does. I'm sure Hiei will get along with Masa, but I'm not sure who Hana will take a liking to."

"Hey," Yusuke got back on to his bed to wrap his arm around her shoulder and placed the other hand on hers as she gripped her thighs. "Getting lectured sucks, especially when it's someone close to you. I don't think any of them are going to hate you. They might say that they do...but...I think it'd be more out of hurt than out of real spite." He smiled gently. "And once the storm's over and they cool off, I'm sure you'll move on. You just gotta...let them explode. Let them take a few swings at you, get some of the agitation out. It might take a while, and the swings might be painful, but I'd bet you it's worth it."

"I hope you're right," Ryo sighed softly and leaned into him, her head on his shoulder, "As long as you're near...I think I can do it." She was sure they wouldn't explode with anyone around, but if she could go to him afterwards for a shoulder to cry on, she could stay strong.

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PostSubject: Re: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Wed Apr 22, 2015 12:32 am

Kokoro laid on the couch, her arms crossed underneath her head as she stared up at the ceiling. She could hear thumps and soft voices as they discussed what they could bring and couldn't bring. It felt like an evacuation. Hell, it might as well be one. She closed her eyes and sighed. She couldn't wait to go back to the mansion and take a nap before she hunted down that book. If she could even find it. "So..." She spoke up after a moment. "You're aware too?"

"Of a few things, but not much. Kurama and I know each other," Hiei shrugged, sipping his tea as Yukina was busying herself in the kitchen, packing perishables she didn't want to go to waste while Touya took care of their belongings. "I've technically been aware since I got my eye, but nothing became clear until I unleashed my dragon for the first time. I would get flashes before, and all it did was irritate me because I couldn't make sense of it. Still can't. A lot of it is blocked. Too painful to him to relive or something."

Kokoro looked up at the ceiling and sighed softly. "She's been awake for a long time." She admitted after a moment. "Then again, I lived for such a long time that if she wasn't awake by now, it'd be troublesome." There was a long pause and she turned her head to look at him again. "I as myself do find you attractive though. You have a nice voice."

Hiei grunted, "Are you sure that's you and not the residual feelings from whoever you're aware with? I'm sure she knows exactly who I am even though I don't know who she is."

"So pessimistic." Kokoro laughed rolling onto her side so that she could prop her head up with one of her arms. She grinned brightly at him. "You honestly think I don't know how I get crushes?"

"I hardly know anything about you, which is why I asked," Hiei countered easily, "Besides the fact you go to the brothel all the time, judging by that was the first thing Kuroi asked Natsuki when we were looking for you. You're good with kids, and you're hard on yourself, but you do have a lot of information at hand. That's all I really know."

"Okay that's true." She conceded. "I do not go to a brothel /all/ the time. Only when I'm super stressed out. Sure I used to be a regular there when I was a teenager. I was stupid!" She shook her head, grinning brightly. "Damn and the only things I know about you is that you have red eyes which remind me of garnets or rubies, you have a really nice bedroom voice, and you're a good swordsman. You know how to train a dragon and you competed...." She trailed off. "I know more about you than I thought I did."

"So it seems," Hiei shrugged, sipping more tea, "If physical appearances count for what we know of each other, you have your mothers eyes. Like gemstones in their own right, from being part of the earth."

"You noticed?!" Kokoro used both arms now to prop herself up though she kept herself lying on her side. She stared at him in shock for a moment before her cheeks turned a bright red. "I bet you look like your dad while Yukina looks like your mom." She said slowly as she brought herself down onto her side again. "You making me like you more I hope you know."

"If I'm not aware of not only my surroundings but the people I am with, then I would make a horrible bodyguard," Hiei rolled his eyes, "I don't know who I look more like. Neither of us know our father. Yukina knew our mother, though, before she died. She does look a lot like Hina."

"That's true." Kokoro agreed with a smile on her face as she closed her eyes. "Are you going to be coming with us to find the Twins or are you going to be heading back to Mukuro's place? I know you have a job to do as a bodyguard." She was teasing at the last part, but was serious for the rest.

"I'm Yusuke's bodyguard/second in command as I am Mukuro's. I will stay until I am needed by her, which means yes, I will be accompanying you," Hiei answered, looking over as Touya joined them, always the spartan being a ninja and used to not having lots of things, "Hello. Ah, I forgot that Touya is also aware and we know each other, too."

Touya arched a brow at Kokoro, "Are you...?" He looked at Hiei and then back at her, "Does he know?" If they did then they would be all over each other, but...he had to ask.

"Hello." Kokoro waved and then nodded. "Yes for the first question and no to the second."

"Oh! I'll keep my mouth shut then, but come here," Touya grinned at Kokoro and set the two bags down, then held his hand out for her to grab.

Kokoro grinned and grabbed his hand. Once he pulled her up, she wrapped him into a tight hug. "I missed you so much!" She said happily as she squeezed him. "I am so glad you're going to be staying with us. It's going to be like old times, only...I'm not in any danger of dying any time soon."

"I know! It's been way too long. I missed you, too," Touya pulled away, picking up a lock of her hair, "I wouldn't have recognized you if Hiei hadn't said you were aware!" He laughed a bit, "Do you get in more trouble now you can run around freely and you're healthy? Or is it mostly your reincarnation that stirs up dust?"

"I run around causing trouble plenty and I'm healthy as I can be." Kokoro puffed her chest up proudly. "I'm the rowdy one. She's quiet and she only pipes up when she thinks she's needed. Like when mom told me to go find her book. She's been looking for it, but I've been procrastinating on actually trying to find it."

"You had to know Addy's library and layout of her home has probably changed over time, so if you didn't find it in it's current location then you must look where it used to be. She did like to hide things," Touya told her gently.

"Hmm." Kokoro nodded. "Kurama told me that I should probably look in the burnt section of the mansion." She sighed. "My worry though is that it's the burnt section of the mansion. The book might've gotten destroyed and I know that she'd toss a fit if that's the case..or be really sad."

"Only way to find out," Touya chuckled and he heard clanging in the kitchen, lifting his head, "I'm going to go check on my mate. She's had a shorter fuse lately. I think Yusuke's done and will be in soon."

Kokoro gave him the thumbs up and backed away so that he could move towards the kitchen to check on Yukina and she grinned brightly. "Well," her eyes sparkled a little. "I think that this is going to be an interesting time at the Fundir mansion."

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PostSubject: Re: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Wed Apr 22, 2015 12:48 am

Tsunaia was rubbing Kuronue's shoulders as they sat in the living room, waiting for the others to come back. Kokoro would be making a large water bubble so their luggage wouldn't get wet, so she didn't have to worry about watching the pond. She teased the tip of his long pointed ear, enjoying his 'not fair' whine, as they had just recovered from the fun they'd had earlier, which is why they were here and not still in bed, "I'm excited for when everything settles down."

"That might take a while knowing Kokoro and Kuroi." Kuronue laughed as he leaned against his wife's hands and looked up at her adoringly. She was always so beautiful to him, no matter what she did or how she looked. An angel that fell from heaven...though that was a bit ironic he was sure.

"Don't give me that look," Tsunaia grinned, "You make me want to drag you back upstairs. Fine, I'll stop teasing you," she kissed his cheek and hopped over the couch to snuggle up to his side, "They should be back soon. Do you think Kurama is going to be okay staying here? I mean...this was where you died in his mind, which led to...Nira, dying. He gets really tense."

Kuronue had to admit, he was worried about that too. Nira had been Kurama's mate back when they were bandits together. Her dying was the last breaking point for Kurama. "I...don't know." He said softly, looking crestfallen. "A night he'll be okay..." A night wouldn't kill him. It'd make him uneasy and he'd probably wouldn't sleep, but...the Kurama he remembered wouldn't be bothered by a lack of sleep for a night. "I'm sure going to see the Twins after a night would be beneficial, but after that..." After that, then what? "I don't know."

"As long as you're with him, I'm sure he'll be okay. I don't mind if you don't come to bed tonight to keep him company," she patted his arm, and her head lifted as she heard shouting and laughter, "That'd be our guests." She called out in the direction of the kitchen, "If you're not too busy burning coffee, can you go help them, Raiden?"

"Hai." Raiden walked out of the kitchen, looking at Naia with a slight smile. "The coffee is the only /good/ thing I can make without Eri yelling at me about how I'm ruining her dish washer." He rolled his eyes teasingly at Naia. "It's the tea you have to worry about, remember?" He left the living room and walked outside.

"Oh yeah." Kuronue remembered. "His tea's awful....I forgot he overbrews it."

"Well, we are getting a new cook anyway. With Eri bedridden, it'll probably put her at ease with someone making sure we don't starve," Naia shook her head. Stretching, she sighed, "I don't want to get up, but we have to help show people their rooms. I hoped I spaced them out enough that the won't feel like they don't have any privacy."

Kuronue stood up as well and leaned over so that he could kiss her on the cheek. "You did fine." He assured her gently. "I can't tell you to stop worrying, you'll fret anyway. But take it easy. I'm sure they'll appreciate the thought."

Naia hopped to her feet and brought him into a loving kiss, "I hope so," she said as she turned around, a bounce in her step. She held the door open for the others as they came inside, "Is this what it's like to run a hotel?" she joked.

"You gotta do the "Welcome, welcome, one and all!" announcement," Kuroi played along, laughing, helping Kurama with one of his many suitcases. He actually had the most, and they were heavy. Probably books.

"You know we have a library." Kuronue teased as he walked over and helped his daughter since he /knew/ that Kurama had collected books and other trinkets. He probably brought possessions that were mementos as well. Kokoro had slipped away from the group and was heading elsewhere. "Looks like someone inspired her to search."

"/You/ know that if I were to go to the library to look for one thing I'll come out with a mountain of other books," Kurama smirked back, "I hope she finds what she's looking for."

"Ryo, you can find Yusuke's easy. It's along the opposing hallway, the green one," Naia directed.

"Okay!" Ryo took Yusuke's hand and headed for the stairs.

"Kuro, you know where Kurama's room is, so, Hiei, I'll lead you to yours. Raiden can help you, Touya and Yukina," Naia was sure that was everyone.

"I tried finding you a room close to where we were." Kuronue murmured as Yusuke and Ryo left while Raiden took Yukina and Touya to theirs. Touya's room was easy to maintain and since he's visited before it was obvious that they'd stay. Kuroi had for some reason decided to put Hiei near where Kokoro's guestroom was, so...all that was left now was putting Kurama somewhere. "So I found one that's kind of diagonal. Naia knows you hate this place...well...that it gives you..." He trailed off and nodded his head, hoping his friend understood. "So it's just easier for me if I can slip out and in rather than slip out and walk a thousand doors before finding you."

"I understand, that makes sense," Kurama nodded in reassurance. He followed the bat demon, looking around. It'd changed even since he and his friend broke in to get that mirror. Yet, it was still the same. It was weird. He'd only ever been outside or just on the first floor. Walking through the hallways made flashes of memories...from both Youko's time, and then a few from Kayden. Kayden was more of laughter and joking with his brother. He didn't know if Kuronue was aware, and didn't want to make things awkward. Maybe later down the road, because it seemed like they would all need to have their memories unlocked in order to defeat Azazel.

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PostSubject: Re: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Wed Apr 22, 2015 8:04 pm

No one had finished eating yet, which Naia was thankful for. Kuronue had forgotten she was acting odd, everyone was settled, the eating had slowed down and there was idle chatter. Taking a deep breath, stomach flipping, she tapped the glass she was drinking sparkling water out of, her alternative to having wine, "May I have everyone's attention?"

Kuroi looked up, arching her brow towards her mother and even her dad looked confused. Kokoro was just beaming, the damn Seer.

Yusuke was also a bit confused about what was happening. Hiei might know since he wasn't really paying attention. Well, he was...kind of. Kokoro probably knew what was up due to her wide smile as well. Everyone else though looked a bit blank about what was happening. Even Touya, which was rare.

Tsunaia reached for Kuronue's hand, her smile as bright as Kokoro's, even brighter, actually. "I've been wanting to tell you all day, but figured waiting until everyone else was ready would be more fun."

"What is it?" Kuronue asked, puzzled, but smiling anyway since his wife seemed happy. He grasped her hand tightly. "You're killing everyone here besides Kokoro."

Kokoro made a shushing sound, but was waiting anyway to see how much longer Naia would take to tell everyone.

"I'm pregnant!" she chirped, large, doe brown eyes shining. She took a glance around the table to see how they all reacted.

Kuroi's jaw dropped and her eyes widened. She punched Kokoro's shoulder, "YOU JERK!"

Kokoro burst out laughing hysterically while everyone else just had their mouths opened. Kurama, Ryo, and Touya were probably the ones most happy for her since they knew her well. That didn't mean though that Yusuke didn't grin like an idiot. It was good news after all. "You didn't have to hit me." She whined at her friend. "It wasn't my news to share."

"You could've had the decency to /pretend/ you didn't know instead of grinning like if was your baby news!" Kuroi whined.

Hiei snorted, actually a little amused, "I wish the child well."

"I'm really happy for you, cousin," Touya added.

Yukina clapped her hands excitedly, "How far along?"

Naia blushed just a bit, "Only two weeks, but having dealt with this before, it was easy to tell."

Kuronue laughed and tugged her towards him for a hug and a deserving kiss. "Looks like Kuroi's going to have to share us." He teased knowing his daughter could hear them since he wasn't exactly keeping his voice down.

"Oooh yeah how will you ever handle that?" Kokoro asked, looking at Kuroi with a mischievous grin.

"I'll be a great big sister! I don't mind at all!" Kuroi was beaming, "I can't wait! Due date's in November then, right?"

"Somewhere in November, yes, but babies do whatever they want. Sometimes they come early, sometimes they come late," Naia nodded, resting her head on on Kuronue's shoulder.

Kurama nodded at them, "I hope the pregnancy goes well."

"Congratulations." Yusuke grinned brightly at them, raising his wine glass towards them before taking a drink and smiling. "Man that's the best news we heard all day honestly."

"I'm sure it is," Tsunaia nodded, "I hope you are able to get through to the twins. It's going to be a roller-coaster, but in the end, everything will be okay, I'm sure of it. We're all strong, we can get through this. Keep that in mind."

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PostSubject: Re: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Wed Apr 22, 2015 10:33 pm

The portal disappeared behind them and Yusuke blinked a few times as they came to a wall of trees. Trees that looked like they couldn't decided who to be tangled with. The wood twisted themselves together like a rope. He knew Botan wouldn't be able to get them towards the temple but..."How does a portal fail to get /inside/ the forest?" He asked, staring at the forest. "Is there a barrier or something?"

"Had we started inside the forest it would've been impossible to get out. Starting at the beginning makes it easier. Botan comes here enough she knows that," Ryo explained with a sigh, "Let us away. This might take a while."

Kurama watched the area curiously, tilting his head. The forest buzzed with chatter and as the lot of them stepped inside he felt how it exploded with energy, excited to have so many visitors at once and he could hear how they planned to split them up to have more fun. "Everyone stay close," he said calmly and held his hand out, touching the bark of a tree.

Kokoro didn't need to be told twice. She could feel the energy buzz, but unlike Kurama she couldn't hear what they were saying or anything since she wasn't a plant elemental. What she did know was that this forest had someone behind it...someone made this forest the way it was. Was it a little piece left over much like Naia's?

"I feel like I'm being watched, it's unnerving." Yusuke muttered as he followed Ryoko into the forest. The trees twisted and unwrapped themselves to quickly wrap themselves in a different way. "Was that you controlling them Kurama?" He asked, looking over at the redhead.

"No," Kurama shook his head, "I can't control these trees. They have a mind of their own, and they're mischievous. I think we're just going to have to walk and see where they lead us. I can listen to them, though, and figure out when they're playing tricks on us."

"I would've much preferred the crystal maze," Ryo grumbled, "At least it's stationary and only turns around evil people."

"Goddamn it." Yusuke sighed. "But the Crystal Cave would have ended farther from the temple wouldn't it? Botan's portal's always drops us near the target."

"You'd be right. The Crystal Cave enters towards the town. We're practically in it's backyard." Kokoro agreed. "I never thought I'd see trees that'd twist around each other though. That's a new concept."

"Not really. I've heard and seen it before anyway. It's rather ingenious," Kurama chuckled. They walked for quite a while, twisting and turning and Kurama was enjoying outsmarting the plants. They reached a point though where they intertwined over the path right as they turned a corner and he pressed his lips together in a half scowl, "That's the path and you're blocking it," he snapped at the forest.

Ryo giggled a little and watched as the branches trembled at Kurama's voice, "Pretty sure we're almost there."

Kokoro snickered into her hand as she watched Kurama stare down the trees. For a moment it looked like a silent show-down till the trees acknowledged that they were blocking the pathway and decided to let them go. She laughed, "The trees tremble before the almighty fox-god."

"Fox god." Yusuke snorted and shook his head. "You're insane."

"The best kind of sane there is." Kokoro chirped. "I'm just really wanting to meet these Twins. I heard so much about them from Lady Reika that I'm kind of wondering what they're like. I heard that Hana-chan's a stubborn type and Masanori teddy bear that doesn't talk a lot."

"...What kind of fucked up childhood did you have? A teddy bear is a doll." Yusuke eyed Kokoro a little trying to figure out if she was kidding or if she really meant that.

"I think I used the wrong human phrase." Kokoro blushed. "I mix up my human and my demon language sometimes. I swear I'm fluent."

"You keep telling yourself that. Meanwhile don't get caught by any of the police or authority figures. They'd think you'd just escaped from an asylum." Yusuke replied, turning back to the front. He was starting to see the edge of the forest. He kind of hoped that the trees wouldn't try to block their path again. They probably would. Just to fuck around with Kurama some.

Ryoko grinned as the princess and demon king were getting along. Kuroi and Hiei were both silent so far. Though, as she saw the break in the trees she got anxious. What would happen? Who would be more mad at her? She bit her lip and stood closer to Yusuke, trying to take deep breaths and stay calm. Finally, sunlight met their eyes and she winced, blinking rapidly to get used to it.
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PostSubject: Re: YYH AU Fate's Plan - ABANDONED   Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:46 pm

Right ahead of them was a set of stairs that had a tori that stood above it with white talismans hanging from gate. The stairs weren't too long. He reached over and gently held Ryoko's hand loosely and started walking. Every step and he could hear Ryoko's breath quicken nervously and he tried his best to make sure she knew that he was there, holding her hand tighter as they walked up. When they got to the landing...he stood before the largest courtyard he had ever seen.

There was a cobblestone pathway that lead towards a shrine and a charm house where people would write down their wishes or tie their bad luck charms to the tree. Diagonally to the left was where the main temple, and sitting on the porch were two men. One of them whore the traditional white haori and blue hakama uniform while the other...looked like a rocker. His hair was a bright orange red and he wore jeans with a belt and two straps hanging from the side. They looked over at them and the man with the priest uniform stood up.

"Whoa, take a look at that." The redhead said as he stood up as well. His accent was...weird. It didn't sound Japanese at all. Was it Osaka or was it...something else entirely? He had no idea. "Five years and you finally show up again, eh Ryoko?" The redhead smiled brightly. "I thought you were missing for forever!"

Kokoro literally melted a little. "He has such a beautiful voice." She gushed. "It probably sounds /really/ good for telling horror stories." His voice was a deep tenor with a bit of a high pitch depending on how he used it.

"K-Konnichiwa, Hiroshi, it's...ah...nice to see you?" she winced, not sure what the right words were, "Keeping Masa company I see."

"Hiroshi looks like Jin," Hiei commented absently. Why did this boy strike him so oddly?

Kuroi stared at the redheaded one with a scrutinizing gaze, "A, he does, but I see Sakrira more. That's so weird."

Masanori slowly walked towards her while Hiroshi was grinning. Even Yusuke had to admit that he looked like Jin. Fuck, he sounded pretty close to him though the accent was a bit off. Once Masanori stood before Ryoko, he held his breath. He waited for him to blow up. Instead, Masanori threw his arms around Ryoko, hugging her close. "I've missed you terribly." His voice was a lot deeper than Hiroshi's. Practically unnatural and raspy sounding. Like years were added onto his life and then pulled away. "You missed a lot during your five years away. I'm glad that you made it back home safe." He paused. "You probably don't want to call this place home. Sorry."

"It's home no matter if she calls it that or not." Hiroshi replied with a grin on his face. "Well..I the three of us that is."

"Hush." Masanori turned to Hiroshi. "You're ruining a good moment."

"Your good moment. Ryoko looks like she's about to pass out from shock." He pointed at Ryoko and Masanori's attention turned back to her.

Ryo's eyes were welling up with tears and she let go of Yusuke's hand so she could hug Masa back tightly, "You don't hate me?!" she sniffed, "I missed you, too, Masa!" she pulled away and stared up at him, "You've gotten so tall! A lot of things have changed, you're right."

He was a decent height. Close to Kurama's probably, maybe a little taller than him. Yusuke watched as Masanori bowed his head, probably hiding his own tears. Hiroshi slapped him on the back and looked at Ryo. "You gotta let her know now, Masa."

Ryo sniffed again and rubbed her eyes, "If you don't hate me...then it's Hana...isn't it?"

Masanori didn't know what he was supposed to say to that. He bowed his head instead. "You left a horrible scar on her." He said softly. "You wouldn't notice it. Kai fills up the gap that you left quite nicely and more."

"Kai?" She tilted her head, frowning a little, and her heart sank to her stomach, "I'm...I can't even say I'm sorry, because that won't ever be enough. I don't know what to do, what to say. Where is she?"

"She's in back." Masanori said and he shifted. "Do you want me to take you there or do you want to go inside and wait while I fetch her?"

"Unless you rearranged, I think I can find my way there," Ryo took a deep breath, "" She looked at the man beside her, "This is Yusuke Urameshi, Kurama Minamino, and Hiei Jaganshi. You know who they are, don't you?"

"Dark Tournament champions and fighters of the Makai Tournament." Masanori grinned as Hiroshi let out a gasp. "I thought I recognized you. Though, I don't know who the redhead is. The girl I mean."

"I'm Kokoro Princess of Hell." Kokoro smiled brightly. "You look like your dad it's so weird."

"........First we had angels come and talk to us and now we got a Hellgirl talking." Hiroshi blinked. "Not to mention the King of all Demons and former Champions. Kinda rings suspicious."

"Angels...talked to you guys...?" Kokoro stared in shocked. "Wait a moment, you guys were approached by the seven Archangels /already/?! Goddamn it!"

"Was there a race we don't know about in informing us about a mass murderer and the second rapture?" Hiroshi asked curiously, though a smile didn't leave his face.

"Angels and Demons are always racing against each other." Masanori replied to Hiroshi. "But this makes it worse."

"What do you mean "this makes it worse"?" Kokoro snapped. "What did you say to the Angels when they came here?!"

"A story I'll tell when we're inside. This isn't something we should be talking about outside where anyone can hear." Masanori replied, looking at Kokoro. "I'll...warn Hana and Kara that you're here." He looked at Hiroshi. "Can you make the tea without making it bitter this time?"

"Jeez, that happened once and you're always hounding my ass about it." Hiroshi stuck his tongue out at Masanori before turning on his heel. "Honestly you're the worst."

"I can help make tea," Kuroi offered, "I don't mind." She smiled at Masa, "I don't make it bitter. If anything I kind of make it too sweet."

Her smile was infectious. He smiled back and nodded his head. "Might as well. Who knows what he'd do." He wondered a little about her, she had bat wings but she looked human. A hanyou? No, her energy signature didn't say that. A pure demon. "I'll be back." He said as he turned away as well, only instead of heading instead, he went around the building, his cheeks a healthy flush. Why was he so flustered?

Yusuke reached out and gently put a hand on Ryoko's shoulders. "Come on. You know the layout better than anyone and Hiroshi's getting away." He told her gently, hoping to pick up her mood somewhat. It was a bit nerve wracking...Angels already came here. Shit.

"Um...Just, ah, follow Hiroshi," Ryo nodded, giving Yusuke a nervous smile before she jogged after Masa.


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A young woman was sitting cross legged on the ground, surrounding her was a circle drawn in the ground with a stick. A few feet away from her was a young humaniod grey fox with deep soulful brown eyes. Both of them were wearing the same outfit, only different colors. The woman wore red and white, while the fox wore black and blue with oriental patterns on it. He too was surrounded with a circle though his was a bit wider than the woman's and was holding a red ball in his hands.

The fox tossed the ball as high as he could, pushing some of his energy into it like he was being taught to in order to make it go higher and farther. The goal was to make the person get out of the circle. Whoever got out of the circle ten times won. Also they couldn't stand up to catch the ball, they had to remain sitting. A challenge. The woman reached up and the ball barely tapped her fingertips. She tried to catch it again before it rolled out of the circle, but missed. The humanoid fox laughed, "That's five Kaa-san!"

"Hai, hai." The woman laughed as she rolled the ball towards her and looked up when she felt her brother's energy energy she hadn't felt in a long time. "Kai, sweetheart, why don't we quit for right now."

"Awww, why?" Kai pouted as he started to pat down at the ground and erase the circle mark.
She didn't answer as she stood up swiftly and walked over to Kai and gently picked him up, rubbing her nose against his cold wet one. "Because we have visitors and we shouldn't be rude and make them wait." She paused. "Isn't that right, Onii-san?"

"Masa-oji!" Kai cheered, waving his tiny paw towards him and then gasped when he saw a strange woman chase after him and hid his face a little into his mother's neck. Stranger danger and that energy he never felt before. He didn't know what it was and it was scary.

"Kaa-san?" Ryoko blinked. Was that...Kai? She had assumed.../hoped/ that Kai was a boyfriend, but no, it was a little humanoid fox that only seemed to be four years old. Of course with Masa being Hana's brother, he would be called uncle. "Hanako...konnichiwa," she said softly.

Hana ignored her. "Are the guests inside?" She asked with a small smile towards Masanori. "Takara already went in so I'm sure she's entertaining the guests. How many are there?"

"Hai." Masanori nodded. "There's six guests all together I think. Seven if I accidentally missed someone. I don't think I did."

"Big crowd. What for?" Hana asked.

"The same reason the Angels were here for, about the human murders," Ryo answered, hoping to get something in edgewise.

Masanori bit his lip harshly as Hana-chan once more ignored Ryoko. Kai on the other hand seemed to sense the distress that was coming from both sides because he waved at Ryoko. "Hi!" He said cheerfully.

"Hello," Ryo smiled, "Nice to meet you. I'm Ryoko, but you can call me Ryo if you'd like."

"I'm Kai." Kai said, hiding his face into his mom's neck. "You're really pretty. Are you Kaa-san's nee-chan? Does that mean I call you oba-san? I have Hiro-oji and I have Kara-oba." He nodded.

Masanori watched as Hana gently shift her son. He was thankful that she didn't make him be quiet or shut up. He was thankful that she was allowing Ryoko to talk to him. She probably disliked it, but...she probably knew that dragging her kid into a middle of an argument wasn't a good idea. "They're here because they know the Angels approached us and want to try their hand on getting us on to their side."

"Again..." Hana said softly defeated. "I suppose we need to go inside...and talk to them about what we told the Angels."

"Before we do that, let's hear what they have to say." Masanori pleaded. He knew that his sister might just say no in order to spite Ryoko. "Please? They traveled."

Ryo reached out and gently hugged Masa from behind, "I don't want to get her angry before they've talked to her," she whispered, then she peeked from around his shoulder, "If you'd allow me, I can stay out here and play with Kai, since I'm sure you're not comfortable with him overhearing adult conversations yet."

Masanori watched at Hana gently put Kai down. She obviously heard her and she obviously trusted Ryoko enough to play with Kai while they talked. It was just sad that it was the silent treatment. "Go ahead." he said gently to Ryoko. "I know you'd never hurt a child, regardless if it's one of ours or not. Kai'll adore you."

Hanako gently rubbed Kai's ears and murmured quietly. "Play nicely." She said as she stood up. "It's just a short talk, so I'll be out soon okay?"

"You'll come back and play?" Kai asked curiously.

"We'll see what time it is and what happens, but I will come back." Hanako promised.

Kai nodded his head and then ran over towards Masanori and Ryoko. He was still a bit shy around Ryoko so he kind of hid in front of Masanori's pant leg, peeking at her from her hiding spot behind Masanori. He grinned, his little fangs showing. "Do you want to play hide and seek Ryo-oba?"

"I think you should wait until Kaa-san gives the okay before you call me that," Ryo reached out and gently rubbed Kai's ears, "Just Ryo will be fine, but I don't mind playing hide and seek. Who should go first?"

Kurama was just coming around the corner and bumped into Hana, "Oh! Gomen, gomen. Kuroi is fast at making tea because of her fire powers and I was coming out to get you," he blinked at the small woman, how her short hair framed her face, and her grey eyes seemed like a cold winter sky. For some reason, the cold look bothered him.

Kai's tail bottle-brushed itself as he quickly moved to hide behind Ryoko since she was closer. His energy was familiar, but...he didn't understand it. Was he a fox too or did he know him? He wasn't sure. Masanori just sighed and he started walking towards the back door. "I'm going to go on ahead so Kuroi doesn't think we've died out here."

"Right..." Kurama said absently, still observing Hana. She didn't respond to Masa, either, so she must be doing the same. "The Miko outfit looks odd on you. You'd look cuter in a sundress." Oh...oh fuck. He just pulled a Yusuke. That was so /not/ smooth. That was the opposite of smooth, and he froze.

Hana blinked in surprise. She had been taken aback by how gorgeous he was. His red hair was so long and his eyes were a bright emerald green. His power leaked through, touching the nature around them in a subconscious manner. She could see that he had lived through a lot of pain, there were wounds that had yet to heal. However, she hadn't been expecting him to slip. She started giggling. "I sometimes wear a sundress or casual clothes." She smiled at him. "You caught me on a formal day. I knew we were going to have visitors. My name's Minami Hanako. I'm the priestess here."
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"My friends and I...we're a very informal bunch. We'll probably spend more time talking your ear off about random things instead of what we're here for," Kurama admitted, shifting, "Shall we go inside?" He glanced over and saw Ryo trying to sooth a grey humanoid fox. His jaw dropped and is breath hissed through his teeth. The little kit looked like...he shook his head. It couldn't be...

Hana looked towards where Kai was being calmed down by Ryoko. His fur was so brushed up, he looked like he had been messing around with the hair dryer. Kurama recognized him. "Let's go inside." She told him as she started walking towards the porch. She could see that he was a bit hesitant to take his eyes away from the kit. She would ask...when Kai wasn't around. When they were inside. "Come on." She slid the door open and waited for him to catch up to her.

Those eyes. They definitely had to be hers. Shaking his head though, he followed her and they went to the living room, "How long have you had the little tyke?" he decided to ask. He could hear the commotion of the others laughing and joking with each other, but he didn't want to join it just yet.

"He's four right now, so...I'd say three years? I found him when he was one years old." Hana replied as she watched Masanori and Hiroshi tease and laugh with the Princess, the Prince, and the Bat. The blond haired girl who as sitting next to Hiroshi was silent just as well as the red-eyed demon. Which wasn't a bad thing. She knew that they'd join in when they felt like they could get a good burn out of them. "I feel like I had him much longer than that if I'm honest."

"When you have a child, it can either feel like time flies by or each year is another lifetime," Kurama nodded, "That's how my best friend explained it, anyway, and now he's having another kid six months from now, in November. His mate's pregnancy announcement was last night. Kuroi...the bat girl, is excited to be a big sister."

"Congratulations." Hana smiled warmly at him and looked towards Kuroi. Her smile faded a little and instead of the cold heat that she had stared at her sister with, her eyes turned sad. "I'm sure she's gotten a lot of practice already, so she'll be okay."

"Before...we go in there, can I make a simple request of you?" Kurama whispered, knowing Hanako meant Ryo.

"Hm?" Hana looked over at Kurama curiously. "What is it?"

"I...understand your anger with Ryo, but can you at least act civil with her when around others? Wait until you're alone with her before you tell her how you feel. Right now, we really need your help and Ryo has a large role in this, so...ignoring her won't do any good," Kurama shrugged, "Anyway...that's all. It looks like Masanori's about to have a nosebleed, I wonder who's caught his attention?" he hummed and entered the room, going to sit by Yusuke because the young king was fidgety without Ryo in the room, "She's outside distracting Kai, a fox kit, while we discuss things in here," he told him before he could ask.

"Are you sure my tea's not too sweet?" Kuroi asked Masa, "I can always make another brew."

"No it's perfect. Thanks." Masanori smiled as he took another sip of it. It was a little sweet, but since Hiroshi had fucked around with it first, he could tell that they had balanced themselves out well. He knew that if she had made the tea all by herself, it might come off as to sweet, but he wasn't going to admit it. He eyed the red-headed fox as his sister came to the other side of the table and sat down next to him, smoothing out her hakama.

Yusuke relaxed but only slightly. He didn't like the idea of having her away from his sight. Why she was playing with a fox kit, he had no idea. He'd find out sooner or later.

Kokoro was biting her lip and taking slow, deep breaths. Her father told her to be gentle with her words to not scare them off. Angels already approached them. What the fuck was she supposed to do in convincing them to join their side? Ugh, if it was any other human she could probably do it, but these people were different. Different wasn't always good. " do we want to do this?" She finally asked. "We could tell you what you already know or you could tell us your side of the story."

"Kokoro's all freaking out about these Angels, but what were they like? What did they say? Just tell us your side, we can play confirm or deny," Kuroi smiled at Masa. She'd been feeling out of place and like she really shouldn't have come, but her father had allowed her so she could be Kokoro's support. Masa just took her mind off of everything, and kept her calm.

"She's the Princess of Hell, why wouldn't she freak out about Angels?" Hiroshi asked as Masanori reached over and tried to duck his head so that he would shut up. He missed, and Hiroshi laughed.

"There were only four of them that came here. Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael." Masanori replied as Hana took her cup and sipped at the tea. "Michael is the leader of the Heavenly Army and is the archangel of war and defense. Gabriel is the messenger and the archangel of communication. No surprises why she'd be here. Then you have Uriel who is the archangel of peace. He worries over information and reconciliation and solutions to a problem. Raphael is the archangel of healing and he's a traveler so he knows how to deal with humans a lot better than any of the archangels."

Kokoro stared at the information that Masanori just gave. Four archangels. Four. Two of the highest ranking, one of the wisest and one that knew /humanity/ like the back of his hand. God wasn't playing around. He sent down the highest of the high in order to try to convince them.

"Then you just...turned them away?" Kuroi blinked at them, "Were they assholes about it or something? Really pushy? I bet they'd be really pushy." She pressed her lips together.

"No." Hiroshi pressed his lips together. "In actuality...their offer was too good to pass up."

"An offer that is too sweet for the ears is the best kind to turn away," Hiei snorted, "What was it?"

"Eternal protection, healing when we needed it..." Masanori shook his head from side to side. "All in all, should things go down to hell literally, our town would be the only thing that was safe. Azazel wouldn't be able to touch us. We would get away scott free. The issue...was the price that was asked in turn."

"Which was what?" Yusuke asked, leaning in. That was was like honey. Eternal protection and they could protect the entire town? That was lives being saved!
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"Demons who live here in our town..." Hana spoke up softly. "Would no longer be welcomed. They would either be chased out or once the Holy barrier was rectified they would burn alive. That was one."

Kuroi actually paled a little, and she watched Kurama fidget and Yusuke's face contorted. Hiei didn't have any reaction besides his eyes narrowing. "Well...I won't say the obvious god-bashing comment, but...I will say that that doesn't surprise me."

"They also wanted Hana to use her abilities to create an army of the Undead." Masanori continued.
"They don't know about that, Masa." Hana said quietly.

Hiroshi started clapping sarcastically. "Way to /go/. You just outed your sister. You're a horrible twin."

"What do you mean "army of the undead'?" Kokoro immediately broke into the conversation, staring at the woman in front of them.

"Azazel would /slaughter/, or worse, /trap/ all those /undead/ they wanted you to make!" Kuroi's jaw dropped, "Ghosts or zombies or whatever, overwhelming Azazel by sheer force of number isn't going to work. He's a fucking Fallen Angel himself!"

"Which is why we said no." Hiroshi agreed. "Hana wasn't sacrificing anyone. They died once. She wasn't going to let them die permanently without a chance if they so desired one."

"The angels didn't understand that." Takara piped up as she set her tea cup down. "They didn't understand why she wouldn't combine their armies together. So..we were told that we were making a big mistake and they left."

"That's the stupidest thing I've heard," Kuroi scowled.

"Indeed..." Kurama frowned, "The offer for protection was good in theory, but with a price like that...then why bother? Turning them away was a good idea, but of they're going to spite you for denying them. Demons are unpredictable and the ones we trust we won't be able to hand out as a protective force for your village. We can offer healing, however. Tsunaia is a water demon, and a priestess as well. Then there is Yukina, an Ice Maiden and she has been practicing her healing powers since we were in the Dark Tournament. As long as it's not in droves, they can provide their services. I can also handle sicknesses and poisons, on top of injuries, so essentially I am a third healer."

"You can't offer protection, you offer healing." Hiroshi raised an eyebrow. "I'm going to also guess that you're /also/ wanting Hana's abilities, otherwise why else would you be here?"

"Not to the horrifying extent the Angels wanted. What we lack in numbers, we make up for with power and abilities," Kurama explained, "We all have our role to play, and we know it. There will be lots of training involved until the battle with Azazel, whenever that is. We also came for more than just Hana."

Kuroi leaned forward towards Masa, setting her teacup down, her purple gaze intense, "We came for your help, too. You're twins, and the more the merrier. We wouldn't split up family. Even if you have issues wit Ryo, she's your family, too, and there is power in bonds, rather than blind followers. We're all friends, we make up a large family of our own. Yusuke has even more friends, and so does my mom! This is big, We need people who won't run away from a fight because they don't trust those around them."

"You make it sound like I was going to hand her over." Masanori laughed lightly. "You needn't worry. The plan was that if you were only after Hana we'd throw a fit otherwise."

Hiei looked at Kokoro, "Looks like you didn't have to say anything after all."

"I'm really glad about that. Kurama's good with logic. I think I know why you have him as an advisor now, Yusuke." Kokoro sighed with relief.

"There's plenty of room in my family's mansion, and if you guys agree to stay with us, we have rooms laid out for you," Kuroi explained, "We won't be /using/ Hana, per se, we're just enlisting her help. The big thing really is if she Sees anything she can't hide it," she shot a look at Kokoro, "It's happened before and people got hurt, so it's a rule in the house put in place after it. Even if you believe it'll hurt us, if it's dangerous, you /have/ to tell us."

There was a long pause. Hanako and Masanori exchanged a look while Takara and Hiroshi were quietly looking away. Takara towards her tea, and Hiroshi towards the door. Yusuke wondered what they were thinking about. He didn't have to wonder long before Hanako replied. "That's fine with me. All I request is that none of our abilities, none of our powers, are abused in any shape or form. I also request that you allow Kai to come with us. It's our only two requirements here."

"Kai's the kid that Ryo's playing with, right?" Yusuke asked curiously, looking at Hana.

"Any use of your powers will be natural, and there's the training, where there'd be overuse and you pushing yourself to get better, but that's an obvious point," Kurama shrugged, "I seriously doubt Tsunaia will turn away a child. They can even stay with you in your room, or even the room next to yours. Right, Kuroi?"

"Hai, hai, of course!" Kuroi nodded vigorously. Then she looked between Hiroshi and Takara, "I'm not sure if it'd be a good idea for you to stay, but I don't think there'd be a problem with visiting!"

"Does the bat usually think of everyone?" Hiei asked Kokoro, "That seems to be a trait from her mother."

"Wait...what?" Kuroi gained a look of pure confusion rather than denial, "A crush?"

"So she's not even aware, that makes it better," Hiei had to admit it was amusing.
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"...I can't tell if she's being serious or if she is." Hiroshi admitted.

"Shush." Takara hissed at Hiroshi. "Leave her alone. She could be nice to Masanori."

"Yeah...tell that to the blush on Masa's cheeks and how flustered she looked when she actually talked to him." Hiroshi pointed out.

"You're confusing her, stop it." Masanori snapped, only causing his sister to laugh harder. "And're just as bad as they are. Knock it off."

"He's getting flustered and protective." Hiroshi cooed. "What a nice young man."

"I am going to smother you in your sleep if you don't shut up, Hiro." He warned.

"I am completely terrified of you." Hiroshi deadpanned. "A pillow. What a horrible way to die. That's nothing like a knife being gutted into your stomach."

"We're a lot more fun than a bunch of stiff ol' Angels, don't you agree?" Kurama asked Hana.

"Why can't you come along again?" Hiei asked Hiroshi.

Kokoro's eyes widened as she watched Hana nod her agreement, her smile not fading from her face. There was a healthy pink to her cheeks as well. Kurama even looked more relaxed, but...she could see that he was a little nervous. His hands were unsteady. "So we have /two/ crushes?"

"No! Take that back!" Hiroshi cried out.

"Wait, who has the second crush?" Takara asked, a little confused.

"I want to know too." Masanori agreed.

"So you say we have two crushes but I think you're forgetting about yourself," Kuroi arched a brow at her best friend.

"I don't count. This is crushes on humans we're talking about. Though I do have multiple crushes on a few human's voices though. Masa's voice is fucking /deep/. I envy the girl that gets into his bed." She winked over at Kuroi.

"A voice kink. That's a little creepy and flattering all at once." Masanori stared.

"It's the Princess of Hell, were you expecting anything less?" Hiroshi asked.

"I should just shove you two in a room so that you both can get rid of this sexual tension you have building up. It's driving us all crazy." Takara told them calmly as she sipped her tea.

Hana choked and Yusuke's eyes widened. "Holy..."

"Which two?" Hiei had to ask Takara, "It seems there's more than on couple that needs to be relieved."

"...Well it's kind of obvious that Kokoro's desperate, but I was mostly tossing that comment towards Masanori and Hiroshi. Any snarkier and we'll probably start planning a murder or an orgy. It goes either way."

"....Are you sure you guys are humans?" Kokoro asked hesitantly. "That was the second time I heard something demonic come from you."

"Humans can have a dark sense of humor as well," Kurama looked at Yusuke.

Yusuke laughed, "It's kind of the best humor to have honestly."

"They would know," Hiei conceded, "They were humans turned demons, though Kurama did always know he was one."

Hana looked over at Kurama again. So if this was his human form, his demonic form would probably be deathly beautiful. Human turned into demon. However, the energy was off. It wasn't like Yusuke's at all. "One of you had to awaken your energy to become a demon, while the other was demon all along. The human body is just a shell so to speak."

"More or less, but I do have a mind of my own. That's a story for another time," Kurama shrugged.

"Few people know his human name," Hiei explained. Kurama didn't give it out lightly, especially after he made the choice to live as Kurama, neither human nor demon, but himself, in the way he wanted to live.

"Hiei, Kokoro, Yusuke," Kurama stood, "I don't think you are needed here anymore and can go back if Botan can make a portal now that we're in the center of it. The rest of us can stay and help pack."

"Whoa kicking us out already?" Yusuke asked, but stood up as well. He turned as Kokoro stood up and Hiei gracefully got up too. "I'll tell Ryoko that we're going to head back to the mansion....want me to send the kid in after you?"

"Yeah, tell him he can help his Kaa-san pack," Kurama nodded.
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