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May 2019


 The Marauders and the Rouges: The Year of Goodbyes (HP RP)

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The Marauders and the Rouges: The Year of Goodbyes (HP RP) Empty
PostSubject: The Marauders and the Rouges: The Year of Goodbyes (HP RP)   The Marauders and the Rouges: The Year of Goodbyes (HP RP) EmptyMon May 11, 2015 12:16 am

"It'd be funny if Raiden did that when he was a cat." James laughed. "I could see his fur sticking up all over the place! And a bushy tail!"

"He'd hiss and spit at me so hard," Sirius cracked up, "None of you better say a word, this is going to be great. Are we going to do the mixed bowl again? Though I suppose that was Yoko's idea, wasn't it Prongs?"

"It was, but she told Clara about it because of the nuts." James agreed. "She told me afterwards that she didn't want to put anyone in on it, but after learning that Clara was allergic, she didn't want her to go into shock." He grinned. "What candies should we mix up this time though? Wizarding candies? Muggle?"

"Both?" Sirius laughed and shook his head, "We can sans the peanut butter pieces for some wizarding candies instead." That way Clara can still eat it."

"Sounds like a good idea to me," Remus agreed. "Any other pranks in mind, James? Or are they secrets we should be worried about?"

"Saving them until we can talk safely in the common room and we don't have to worry about Clara overhearing them." James grinned.

"Becuase last year Eri was the one that managed to outprank you lot?" Clara raised and eyebrow at them. "That had nothing to do with me. She thought of that all on her own. You know you're a bad influence. I wonder if your kid would be a prankster too."

"I'd be proud if he was." James said with a big grin. "But that's waaaay down in the future."

"Yeah, especially considering you haven't made anything official with Lily yet," Sirius agreed, nudging James playfully, "I'm sure once you do, though, you guys will just click and everything will fall into place."

"Speaking of couples, I'm kind of...debating doing a mutual breakup with Marlene," Remus murmured.

Sirius' eyes widened, "What? Really? Is everything alright?" he asked their werewolf friend.

"Yes, it is. Nothing happened, it's just...there's no spark. We're more like good friends, you know? Not to say we haven't tried, but it's really platonic," Remus shook his head.

Clara looked at Remus sadly before leaning her head against his shoulder. It wasn't that she was sad that they were breaking up. It was sad that this was twice in such a short span. She knew that Remus wanted more of a part in romance, longed for it even since he believed that since he was a werewolf he'd be too dangerous around people who didn't know how to handle him. Marlene definitely wouldn't be able to handle it. "I'm sorry." She said sincerely. "But I understand."

James also felt a little twinge of sadness. "Next time might be the right one. Don't give up yet, Moony." He tried to cheer his friend on.

"Look!" Leo pointed over at a couple of stones that were oddly offset against a wall of rock. "Isn't it weird that their color doesn't match the surrounding rocks? I think this is the sign that the nomads used to say that the place was safe." He grinned happily, and looked at the rock wall. "So, we have to wait for a full moon at midnight to get in...and you have to be an animal. That's what legends say about it."

Clara hummed. There was something interesting about that wall of rock alright. She didn't know what though. Was it the way that it was shaped or was it because there was actually a story coming true right before their eyes? She wasn't a skeptic, she seen plenty of them bloom. Still though, the power behind the wall. It was like a tug and she was pretty certain all of them could feel it with varying degrees.

Remus noticed that the sunlight is very intense in one spot. Going over to it he took a good look and tilted his head up to see through the trees, "Surely, the moon would shine through roughly the same area here at it's highest, which is midnight," he agreed with Leo, then looked back at the right. "A strong force could probably move the rock, either that or you could from the other side but only a small creature could burrow through, transform and push. Or a spirit fading through and then manifesting to cause it to shift."

"That sounds very detailed and specific," Sirius watched Remus curiously and how he ran his hands over the sunlit spot on the rock face.

"Have you heard of the nomad story before?" Clara asked, tilting her head at Remus as she watched him investigate the rock wall.

James looked over at Clara. "You and Raiden should just study folkwore and wizarding legends." He told her seriously. "Drag Moony with if you have to."

"Ah, no, I haven't actually heard the story," Remus rubbed his neck, "It's just intuition and feeling, I guess."

"We'll have to come back here tonight then, huh? Tell you all about it, Leo," Sirius grinned.

"Huh?!" Leo turned around to Sirius, his eyes wide in confusion. "What do you mean? Why am I not coming?!"

"Too dangerous for you little lion," James gently tried to calm the kid. "You and Clara are both so small-"

"-Gee...thanks." Clara broke in dryly.

"-We'd lose you and then we'd have to find you and then it's all over for the adventure." He continued. "Best to let us find it and make sure that it's not dangerous and maybe next time you can come with us and see it for yourself." He promised.

She wondered how long that was going to work since Remus was going to transform in the full moon and that Leo was probably going to see it. She didn't say anything though, pursing her lips together as she looked at the rock again.

Leo pouted, "I'm not all that short." He protested. "And I can bring a flashlight or even a camping lantern if Miss Cuwlien could find one. I definitely can keep up with you guys. You wouldn't have found it if it wasn't for me."

Here we go. She was wondering when Leo would say something like that. Clara had to admit, even though she was saddened that the war took so much away from them, and she was sad to see that his innocence of a little kid was fading and fading every single day, she couldn't help that she was filled with pride at him. She was kind of proud that he was standing up to James, even if he didn't techincally know what the "real" danger was. She wondered about the kid's reaction to it, and how he'd treat Remus from then on. She didn't want to jinx it though.

James frowned deeply at Leo. He understood the stubborn streak, but hell. "You just gotta believe me, Lion. It's way to dangerous for you right now."

"Is it because I don't know magic?" Leo frowned.

"It's not because you don't know magic, Leo," Remus said gently, "You'll understand tonight. For now, let's not let this ruin our fun, alright? It'll just be easier for us if you don't come with us tonight. Tomorrow we can, though, okay? We are here for a week," he pointed out, "Don't get so upset before thinking things through."

Sirius was sort of shocked how well Remus was handling this situation. None of them had really talked Leo down like that before, and he wondered if it was going to work.

Leo looked a little defeated, but he nodded his head. "Okay." He said, easily enough. "I don't really get it, but...alright."

"Damn." James muttered. "You handled that like a charm Moony." He was kind of thankful that his voice didn't reach Leo's but Remus could definitely hear that.

"We'll talk about it later, Prongs," Remus shrugged, "For now, since we found it and know where it is, let's make our way back. Eri might've taken advantage of our poor Tiger by now," he grinned a bit playfully.

"Haha, yeah, you're right. She's turned into quite a fiend," Sirius agreed.

"Huu, I wonder which one of her adoptive family members was the cause of that. Certainly not James," Moony cooed.

Sirius just stuck his tongue out, "I'm not the only one here who's a tease." He looked at Clara meaningfully.

"Can't look at me, you're the one that turned me into a "tease"." She pointed out to him, her eyes glinting in mischief as she brought herself back to Moony's side. "Raiden probably did the same to Eri. His skills are probably that good."

"I don't want to think about Raiden corrupting Princess." James whined immediately. "Eri was supposed to stay innocent that damn Tiger."

"Should have came to France with us and let the tension build." She teased him.

"Nooo, we wouldn't have gotten any peace!" Sirius laughed, "He would've just whined and complained and by the end of it, /begged/ us to get on with it already!"

"He's right, James," Remus smiled, "Even if i had gone with you, nothing would've gotten done and out of their systems."

James just sighed loudly and exaggerated. "Fine."

Clara giggled as they headed back to the house. Maybe after the full moon, she could somehow get Remus alone and talk to him.
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The Marauders and the Rouges: The Year of Goodbyes (HP RP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Marauders and the Rouges: The Year of Goodbyes (HP RP)   The Marauders and the Rouges: The Year of Goodbyes (HP RP) EmptyMon May 11, 2015 12:24 am


"James," Remus called to their pack leader. It was much later at night, around nine and the sun was just starting to set but it wouldn't be completely dark until ten. "Why don't you show Leo why it's easier if we go alone?" he smiled, "It'll be easier if he sees you. I'm going to walk out first, okay? He'll put two and two together, he's a smart kid."

Sirius stared at Remus, "Are you sure? You're unusually calm about someone finding out..."

"Leo's family. I don't like it, but he'll learn anyway, whether it's in my control or not," Remus shrugged, "See you guys in an hour," he said as he left through the front door.

James was thoughtful as Remus left. He would have to wait for that hour so that everyone could transform and be with Remus. He was pretty sure that Leo wouldn't freak out at all, he looked over at the blonde who was playing with Sunny and Cedar. Sheba happily batting the toy away from her children to make them go after it themselves. "We'll give thirty minutes before we also do it." He said after a while. "That way we're not all standing out there when Moony comes back."

Leo perked his head up a little, but then went back to playing with the cats. Thirty minutes went by and James gently tapped Leo on the shoulder. "Come on, there's something we're going to show you."

Leo didn't respond, but tilted his head as he got up and followed James. "Stand at the window." James commanded. "It's safer there." Leo was about ot protest but quickly shut his mouth. James nodded his head and went out the door and stretched before he lept off of the porch. In midleap he had transformed into Prongs, though his landing wasn't as graceful as it could have been.

The little lion stared out the window in shock. "He became an animal!" He shouted. "Since when could you do that Jamie?!"

"It's not like he's going to hear you through those walls..." Clara winced as she watched Sirius go next out the door as well, and then Peter. "See you guys."

"Wait you too?!" Leo looked over at Clara but didn't get an answer as Clara got on top of the porch's railing before taking a leap like everyone else did, but only instead of landing she /flew/. "Can you do that too?" He looked over at Raiden and Eri.

"I can, I become a cat. Eri can't." Raiden replied.

"What about..." Leo trailed off. "Moony can too can't he?"

"You'll see.""They all learned how a couple years ago," Eri smiled at Leo, "They've had lots of practice. This is why you're staying with Raiden and I tonight. I'm the only one who can't change. You can't tell anyone, though, even Liam," she said firmly. "Anything that happens tonight stays here. Do you understand?"

Cuilwen came out with steaming cups of tea and handed them to the three, "How long can he usually hold it before he transforms?" she asked Eri.

"I think...he can hold it until ten thirty, somewhere around that area...the moment it comes up he's gone, so it really depends on that," she shook her head.

"I think this was a great plan of Remus'," Padfoot piped up and twisted his head to try and lick at Gryff's beak, getting her to trill in her own way of giggling, "Do you think I should howl to make him come back to us instead of waiting another half-hour?"

Gryff kakked twice in her way of saying yes, getting off of his head so that she could land on his back instead. She was mindful of her talons against his fur, knowing too well on how sharp they were.

"Leo's probably already figured it out by now anyway." Prongs pointed out. "No need to drag out the torture and we got places to explore!"

"Too bad Tiger can't here this time," Wormtail lamented.

"He can join us tomorrow along with Eri," Sirius assured and he stood up, going a little closer to the edge before he threw his head back and began howling.

It didn't take long before there was an answering howl, deeper, more controlled and unbreaking - practiced. Then it waned off and it took another moment before the lumbering werewolf was walking out and Sirius barked at him, bouncing around.

Leo started bouncing up and down, "Moony is a wolf!" He shouted. "It's a full moon..." The pieces clicked and then he stopped bouncing. "How come Moony didn't say anything about being a werewolf?"

"He didn't want to frighten you." Raiden gently told him as he watched his friends gather around the wolf in greeting. "He didn't want you to think of him any different."

"But..." Leo was frowning.

"Werewolves are dangerous creatures," he gently pointed out to him. "Clara might glorify them in her stories, might tell us that there was a time were being a werewolf wasn't dangerous, but in these times they are. When they smell human, they go after it. They want to pass on the lycanthropy infection to others so that they too will pass on the virus." He shook his head. "We don't know how you'd take it. That's why we wanted you to wait till you were older to come with. So that you'd know the risks."

Leo looked back at the window, shoulders slumped as he watched them. "That's why their animals. They can't get hurt."

"Right." Raiden nodded.

"Is it because of Moony that Remus has all those scars?" He asked quietly.



Gryff trilled as she leaned against Moony, having flown off of Padfoot's back and giving him the affection she normally reserved for Pads. Nipping his ear, preening his fur, pretty much doting on him. Prongs found it a little amusing. "I would have thought that Gryff would be more all over Pads than usual. What's up with the change of heart?"

Wormtail only squeaked and his nose twitched. "Maybe she got bored."

"Uh oh. A bored girlfriend is never good. She might do the muffin trick again." Prongs shuddered a little.

"I have a few board games," Eri nodded and smiled, standing to go retrieve them. Playing a board game would also be beneficial to her and Raiden because sometimes it sparks conversation they wouldn't have thought of before.


"Probably all of the above, and if Gryff could talk that would mean my girlfriend would be mute again and I'll be honest, guys, I don't want that," Sirius riffed at them and then he bounced over to the forest edge, "Let's head for that rock we found earlier! Wormtail you could burrow through to the other side if Moony can't move it."

Gryff let out a coo as they bounded off for a run. It was easier for her to fly, so she took off the moment she gathered wind under her wings. She did her usual bouts of acrobatics and happily kept herself close to Moony or Padfoot depending on who was closer. Prongs had a wider gait and since Wormtail couldn't keep up with them, he remained on Prong's shoulder, bouncing and finding a way to balance himself.

It didn't take long at all for them to come back to where Leo had discovered the two white stones that marked an X. She came down from her flight and landed back on Moony's fur, clacking her beak as she they looked at it. She gently nipped at Moony's ear, probably as an encouragement.

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The Marauders and the Rouges: The Year of Goodbyes (HP RP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Marauders and the Rouges: The Year of Goodbyes (HP RP)   The Marauders and the Rouges: The Year of Goodbyes (HP RP) EmptyFri May 22, 2015 6:50 pm

"Wormtail, can you look for a way to get inside?" Padfoot asked their little friend on Prongs' back.

Moony was staring up at the sky where the moon was still obscured by the trees, but not by much. Lumbering around the area he looked at the large rock carefully, head tilted, and he sniffed it. Just any ol' rock...only even though the scent wasn't odd, he noticed how it seemed....brighter, glowing in a soft light compared to the rest of the area. It wasn't noticeable at first glance, but he could see it now, "We should wait until midnight before we do anything. That's the legend, right, Gryff? Midnight is where the magic happens. Perhaps we should follow the rules."

"Midnight?" Prongs asked, looking over at Moony. Gryff kaked twice, agreeing with Moony and with Prongs' statement. "That gives us two hours to kill doesn't?"

"An hour and fifteen minutes....more or less," Moony nodded is big head.

"Hey! Want to go swim at the waterfall, then?!" Padfoot wagged his tail jumping forward and lowering his body while his butt was in the air.

Gryff flapped her wings excitedly at the idea of swimming. It would be kind of fun to see how everyone would swim. Prongs quickly turned himself around. "Let's go." His eyes twinkled in the moonlight mischeviously. "We should race. It'll be different than racing in the Forest."

"Right!" Pads barked and hopped around again, "Ready!"

Moony made a rumble in agreement as well and moved around so he was even with Padfoot and Prongs, "Set." He eyed Gryff and flashed her a toothy grin that would be terrifying to anyone or anything else but his friends.

"Go!" Prongs shouted and they took off, Gryff taking off from Moony's shoulder, but she didn't consider herself apart of the race. She went between Pads and Moony's speed, sometimes not being able to keep up with either of them. Prongs' long gait had him at an advantage, Moony with his speed and gait, and Pads only had speed at his side and cunning. It would either be a tie between Moony and Pads or Moony and Prongs at the rate that they were going.

"Aha!" Padfoot yipped as he slid his way around the curb of the hill that led down to the waterfall, cutting himself in front of Moony and he lept towards Prongs, snapping his teeth at his legs, "I'm going to bite your arse again!" he warned.

Prongs made a sound in the back of his throat. "I know I have a delicious arse, Pads, but shouldn't you be biting Moony's or Gryff's?! They're probably feeling left out!"

"Gryff's too feathery and Moony's got too much muscle. You're all juicy!" Padfoot wheezed as he made an attempt to laugh while running.

"Oi!" If only animals' cheeks could burn a bright red, Prong's would definitely be cherry. Gryff let out a loud screech and Wormtail made a series of squeaks that was obviously a laugh.

"So I'm too tough for you?" Moony teased as he finally caught up.

"Nah, just needs more time to chew and savor," Padfoot responded. They rounded another curve and he saw the rocks of the waterfall, "Yeah!" He ran over and jumped on top of one of the big rocks, jumping off as his forward momentum carried him over. Prongs reached the area first technically, be he was the first in the cool water.

Prongs snorted, shaking his head from left to right as he tried to figure out how a big bodied deer like himself was supposed to get in the water and was highly amused at Padfoot's doggy paddling. "It's a shame you can't stay like that forever Pads. You'd make a good dog."

Gryff landed on the ground, made a loud kaking sound, agreeing with Prongs. She looked away from the scene for a moment to nip and bite at her back, preening what feathers she could before she turned back towards the pond, watching with amusement. Wormtail climbed off of Prong's back and was tapping the water with his tiny paw. "It's as cold as I thought it was going to be at night." He commented as he carefully waddled in the "shallow end" of the water. He wasn't going to dare test if rats could swim in deep water or not.

"It's cold but it feels great," Padfoot moved to where he could stand, "Glad I amuse you, Prongs. C'mon, come in! I won't actually bite you, you know. Once was enough, I was just playin' with you."

Prongs rolled his eyes, took a few steps back before leaping into the pond, splashing water everywhere and trying to aim some of it at Padfoot for being a complete wanker. Gryff, Wormtail, and possibly a small bit of Moony definitely got splashed from his large form.

Moony nosed Gryff a bit before he ran forward and also jumped into the water, almost landing on Pads who had just came up for air.

Padfoot sputtered and clamored for the shore, sneezing and shaking his head to get the water from his sinuses, "You guys are so mean!"

Wormtail squeaked in his laughter as he watched them swim. It was probably the oddest sight anyone would ever lay eyes on. Three big animals having fun in a pond. Then you had a rat and a gryfalcon that was sitting on the sidelines. Well, she was techincally sitting on the side lines. Wormtail was in the water, just unable to go in too deep due to his small stature. "Well, look at it this way," Wormtail said helpfully. "You did suggest to bite Prong's ass instead of Moony's."
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The Marauders and the Rouges: The Year of Goodbyes (HP RP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Marauders and the Rouges: The Year of Goodbyes (HP RP)   The Marauders and the Rouges: The Year of Goodbyes (HP RP) Empty

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The Marauders and the Rouges: The Year of Goodbyes (HP RP)
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