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March 2018

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 More Than Human

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PostSubject: More Than Human   Sun Dec 29, 2013 5:28 am

"Stop it." Sarrina spoke up, not looking anyone directly in the eye, "Look....I've been preparing myself for the worst for over two years now. First the Cancer, and now...this. Ayano I know you, Mom, and Dad tried really hard to save me from the cancer, and you did...But I should have died along with Mom a long time ago. If I have to be...deactivated, then so be it. I lived a wonderful life, Ayano. I suffered through most of high school, had my first date, made wonderful friends, learned how to paint, and even joined a band for a bit. I've made it to eighteen. That makes me an adult, which means I have a say in what happens to me." Taking a deep breath she looked at her godmother, her eyes softening, "If they say that I have to be deactivated, Ayano I don't want to you to do anything life threatening to try and stop it."

"Kid, do you know what you’re saying?" John frowned, glancing between the two women, "Your parents gave up a whole lot to save you, Ayano too from the sound of it. Why are you just giving up now?"

"Because I was supposed to die a long time ago...I-I don't want to be...shut down, but I'm not about to risk anyone else for my sake, okay? My mom might have had a few more months if she hadn't...worked on me just as tirelessly as my dad and Ayano. I caused her to die early...I caused her to die altogether...I had wanted that stupid dream recorder. I begged and begged for it....It was all my fault that my parents are dead."

"Hey, no one's being shut down." the officer stated firmly, noticing the raising emotions from the other two in the room. "We're going to take you to Sandra, and we're going to...put you under protective custody, both of you. After all that gang is still after you."

“Sarrina, I think you should activate your memory chip before you depress yourself further,” Dorian said softly, “It’s going to be alright. Like John said, we’ll protect you both. I promise. Just…take deep breaths,” he took one too as a demonstration.

Ayano coaxed her to sit down and grabbed the tools to open the paneling on her head to access the part where the memory chip went. “This will hopefully also answer some of your questions, officers. Then we can go to the precinct?”
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More Than Human
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