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July 2018

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 YYH Fate's Plan 2.0

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PostSubject: Re: YYH Fate's Plan 2.0   Sun Dec 13, 2015 9:58 pm

"So, Kokoro, told me the slave trades have been going on for a long time, but only recently had a boon because of this guy named Hageshi who's more or less leading the rebellion," Hiei started as he flitted next to the woman by the window.

Nat glanced sidelong at Hiei, "You have no concept of foreplay, do you? Warming up the conversation before you hit the climax?"

Kokoro burst out laughing and fell onto her side. "I corrupted you!!" She said proudly, wiping away tears of joy and laughter as she got herself back up. "I corrupted the innocent I'm a horrible person, I love you Nat!"

"I'm not gay," Hiei retorted back.

"You hurt my feelings," Nat placed his hand on his chest and batted his eyes.

Kuroi made a face, "He went insane first, so I think his mind's broken."

"Either that or he is happy after flirting up a storm with my brother Masanori," Ryo beamed, "I really do think he's still reeling from that."

"I doubt Masa is interested," Nat dismissed.

"He was interested." Kokoro replied, looking at her nails. "Until you kissed me on my cheek."

"I'm enjoying the fact that even though Hiei did his best to start the conversation off, we're warming up anyway." Yusuke snickered to Ryoko.

"You're welcome," Nat frowned at his charge, " you mean to tell me that he thought we...?"

"Yep!" Kokoro smiled brightly.

"What?! I just.../I can't even/!" he threw his hangs up, "That's so cliche!"

"Ow. My heart." Kokoro placed a hand against her chest even though her grin was bright and wide. "Apparently you didn't mean that kiss after all, I'm hurt."

"Hush, you, you know that's not true, but it wasn't meant /like that/," Nat wrinkled his nose.

"So go back and woo him like I taught you." Kokoro pointed out. "The water portal's still up and running."

"I want to hear what's going on with this Hageshi asshat!" Nat shook his head, "I'll woo him later."

"/Yes/. Kokoro, do tell us what you know," Kuroi prompted.

"Considering they went to the moon and back to find you," Ryo added, "It's the /least/ you can do."

"I wasn't /that/ hard to find!!!!" Kokoro tossed her hands up. "Man, demons /suck/ at finding things." She heard a cough behind her. "Not you firefly. The other abnormal demons."

"Le-gasp! And he already has a nickname," Nat put his hand over his mouth in shock.

Kurama raised his eyebrow up high. "Astonishing."

"Never thought I'd hear a nickname for Hiei that didn't involve "shrimp" and "shortie"." Yusuke grinned. "Nor the idea that Hiei was "normal"."

"Shut up, Yusuke, those are your oaf friend's only two words he can come up with. His insults suck ass and you know it," Hiei rolled his eyes, "Can we be bloody serious? I can't believe you haven't even asked me what I learned from the interrogation from the asshole who was selling the pretty hanyou in your lap."

"I assume that's his serious voice," Kuroi glanced at Kurama, "Something tells me we should listen to him before he slices us up."

Kurama gestured, "Gomen ne, Hiei." He said gently. "We got off course." He looked at Kokoro, "So, then...Hageshi." He eyed Kuronue who once more tensed up.

"How /do/ you know about him?" Kuronue decided to ask. "Before? After?"

"I knew him from before." Kokoro smiled, but she looked pained. "We traveled together sometimes back before I met you and Kurama and Aunt Van...ah Auntie Nira." She coughed slightly into her elbow, but continued. "Hageshi's the leader of the rebellion, but it's more than just that. See...Hell's having problems too. The Inferno is about to reopen. Or maybe already has. I don't know. I'm not that attuned to that area unlike my dad is." She brought her legs up and hugged them to her chest. "It's more than just wanting to toss Yusuke off of the Throne. They want my dad to be tossed off"

"What? How would he manage to do that? Your dad's a god right? All it'd take is a snap." Yusuke snapped his fingers in demonstration.

"My father is and isn't a god." Kokoro replied simply. "It depends on how you look at it. The Human Bible has /some/ of the history right. My father is indeed a fallen Angel from God's Holy Army. The most loyal by his side and the most devastating handsome." She sighed. "But he's a god /to/ us. To the demons who walk around this world, he is a god. Hana-chan is my first Priestess. Naia's family has been praying and devoted to my father since Lady Cara Fundir was his first Priestess. But, he also has a twin brother. Azazel. Angel of Death and All Unknown. His loyalty is to no one, not even God."
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PostSubject: Re: YYH Fate's Plan 2.0   Mon Dec 14, 2015 12:08 am

"That's true. The Priestess lineage does start with Cara." Kuronue turned to Kurama since he knew his friend would be intrigued by this. "Cara was once a Future-Seer as well, and the once leader of a section of the Phoenix Army. Legends say that she was very sickly and on the verge of death when she rode out to die, and when she died, it was with a clean arrow to the heart and she bled out on the battlefield, staring wide-eyed into the sun. The Fundir line is /most/ Noble for that history alone."

Kurama was impressed by the history. He hadn't known that it had gone on for that many generations. Cara, Gideon, they were names that struck him deep for some reason. Familiar. He was happy, proud that his best friend was apart of this life. Their lives before weren't great, and the start of Kuronue's was shitty at best. "You made something good." He smiled at Kuronue. "I'm surprised to know that the Fundir family line is apart of something so great...and now you are too." He liked how Kuronue blushed and modestly looked away. Kuronue was never the one to brag. Unless it had something to do with children, but that didn't count.

"You didn't know?" Kokoro blinked, looking up at Kuroi. "Lady Cara married a Fire-User, Kuroi. And Lady Cara was the /only/ one in her family to be able to use plants. /Also/ Lord Gideon was the one that had shadow abilities too. So it makes perfect sense that you're able to use both fire and shadow. You just skipped a lot of generations."

"In all the times I've ranted to you, you've never told me that," Kuroi frowned.

"I...actually thought that you knew and you were just being a brat." Kokoro admitted, scratching her cheek.

Yusuke started laughing. "Wow."

Kuroi frowned deeper at Yusuke's reaction, not liking being laughed at for something that did honestly bother her for a long time, and she was stiff in her chair looking away, "I just shut up, then, since I don't know what I'm talking about I guess."

"Nah, it's okay." Kokoro was so pleased when Ryoko smacked Yusuke upside the head. He was an asshole "You didn't know. I thought you did. I want you to ask your questions. Cara was..." She trailed off and her shoulders fell back. "Cara wouldn't want to be forgotten. She'd want you to ask your questions and find out more about her." She shook her head. "But I'm getting a away."

Kurama looked over at Kuroi who seemed to be upset, and crestfallen about her lineage. She seemed to be a bit hopeful now that Kokoro offered to explain more about the Fundir line and history. It made him wonder though on how much Kokoro knew. How old /was/ she?

"Tell us more about Hageshi," Kuroi shook her head, "I can ask my questions later. This man who wants to overthrow you, Yusuke, and your dad is a bigger issue than my feelings."

"Something happened, judging by how you say his name with a forlorn expression," Hiei pointed out, "He changed somehow, yes?"

"He started to long for power, for recognition. He started to feel like people didn't appreciate him and were using him. He was a wonderful fighter, graceful, he could manage this sword that moves like a snake so well it's practically apart of him." Kokoro explained. "He went down the slippery slope and..." She looked at Kuronue who was looking away, fists clenched. "Killed people. Slaughtered them." She took a deep breath. "Azazel likes that kind of's attacks are all on Yusuke, and the hope is that the world will be too busy trying to prepare for Hageshi's onslaught we'd forget about Azazel, and the danger he poses."

"I want to know more about Azazel," Ryo admitted, "If he's a Fallen like Lucifer then...he's got roughly the same powers?"

"Roughly." Kokoro agreed. "Roughly the same powers, but his wife's the main attraction. Her name is Lilith. She's just as powerful as my mom and she's /not/ a goddess. She was hand-made by God himself. One of Gods last human creations...and demonic too. She's more thirsty for war."

"The first one cast out from Eden because she wanted to stand side by side equal to her husband." Kurama noted, frowning deep. "No surprise she'd be with Azazel."

"She's the Snake." Kokoro replied. "A lot of people might mix up my dad for Satan, but if anyone's the Devil, it's her and Azazel. Hands down, bars none."

"Her want to be equal was not evil, of course not, but from what I understand her methods were unorthodox," Natsuki hummed, "Eating babies and becoming a succubus on top of a regular that's just creepy."

"That's where the lullabies come from." Kuroi nodded, "I will always have my favorite, made by you, of course," she smiled at Kokoro.

Kokoro looked pleased and embarrassed. Her fingers itched to play the notes, now that she was thinking of it, but now wasn't the time. "Lilith never ate a baby, but she was mean enough to warrant it." She explained. "No, she was a lot crueler than that. Neglect. You can do so much to a child just by doing that one simple thing. Eating them would be a mercy."

"Jesus." Yusuke paled. "Why haven't we done anything about her then?"

"She's in the Inferno along with Azazel. You wouldn't have heard from her. Until now that is." Kokoro sighed softly. "Now, the gates of the Inferno are about to be unlocked, and we're going to be in a middle of a power struggle that hasn't been seen for at least a few millenniums."

"What should we prepare for? How do we prepare, even?" Kuroi asked.

"I don't know." Kokoro sighed. "I guess that's why you need me around." She smiled timidly. "I can give you more of head start."

"How?" Yusuke asked.

"Like Lady Cara, I too am a Future-Seer." Kokoro smiled brightly. "So, you have my Sight at your disposal."

"Just be careful not to over-exert yourself," instead of Kuroi or Ryoko or even Kuronue, this comment came from Hiei.

Kurama had to raise his eyebrow up again. /Hiei/ showing concern? He had to wonder what it was that made him care. Usually Hiei wouldn't have said something like that. He had to smile a little. Maybe Kokoro got through to him somehow. He'd have to ask.

"Don't worry, don't worry." Kokoro beamed. "I can handle myself."

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PostSubject: Re: YYH Fate's Plan 2.0   Thu Dec 17, 2015 2:30 pm

The dawn was just coming through the trees and windows when Kuroi had finished getting dressed in a simple purple halter top due to her wings, and simple black skirt that went mid-thigh but she had black spandex shorts underneath that went to her knees to give her modesty. She could be sexy if she wanted to, but she was never as lewd as Kokoro.

Yawning for the millionth time, her jaw hurt and she shook her head. Styling her hair in the mirror to make it even more feathery and fluffy in the back she slicked her bangs in front and on the sides on top of it. Nodding, she felt satisfied and headed downstairs in a simple pair of black strapped sandals. Man she was starving, and felt in the mood to cook. It wasn't often she got the chance to, with Eri being the kitchen hog, but her and Raiden's son Kohaku had been really fussy the night before.

Kurama heard footsteps on the stairs and he looked up to see Kuroi coming around the corner. In his hands was a warm mug filled with tea. The aroma was soothing, and gentle. Not overly strong. "Ohayo." He greeted her.

"Kurama-san!" Kuroi smiled brightly even though her eyes were still droopy for being tired, "I don't usually wake up this early. I may be dressed to impress but I honestly just threw together what I found. What about you? I see you hunted down some caffeinated tea yourself."

"A small wake up." Kurama agreed with a smile. "You don't have to use the -san by the way. Kurama is just fine. Ah, I suppose I've been a bit too familiar with you, haven't I? What do you prefer? -chan? -san?"

"I can say the same, Koko is usually just being obnoxious when she uses -chan," Kuroi laughed a bit and she found the equipment she needed to start making breakfast for everyone, though she did set up the kettle with water in it so she could make her own tea first. "I see you have a book, too," she commented, "What is it?"

"It's a book that was written during the time of the Phoenix War." Kurama explained. "Mostly, from Lady Cara's perspective. Which apparently isn't a surprise. It doesn't look like anyone else kept record about the wars that happened during that time period. And since Lady Cara was dying...she wanted to leave something behind."

"Lucifer and Persephone, that must've been in the way back of the Library covered in a mellenia worth of dust and cobwebs, how did you even find such a simple looking thing?" Kuroi stared at him, flabbergasted. The book he held open was a very dark brown and scuffed with a simplistic, thin golden border. There was faded engraved ink on the front cover that said "War" on it. A simple but powerful word, and on the binding was "Kingdom of Nostalion".

"I have a knack for libraries." Kurama replied, but his smile quirked at the corner. "I was curious about the linage and wanted to know more. I'm good at tracking things down, and it wasn't too hard to find honestly."

"Hidden in plain sight?" Kuroi chuckled and went back to beating the eggs in her big bowl, "So...what have you learned from it? Anything useful that might help us in the now? With that title it sounds like a tear-jerker."

"Oh, so far it is." Kurama hummed softly. "Right about when I was thinking that there was some hope. The other two had /some/ light into it." The names were clicking together like puzzle pieces. All of the names that Kokoro had said, were written in clean calligraphy. He suspected that he knew who Kokoro was...if she had a past life. He still had doubts, considering her age. "It depends on what you find useful. So far, it's about the Harpies and the Phoenixes, not necessarily about Lucifer and Azazel yet."

"I know plenty about Lucifer, as I go to Hell with Koko all the time, but Azazel is the illusive one," Kuroi admitted, "Didn't Lilith create the Harpies?" she took the kettle off the stove and started letting her tea steep. Now the stove was completely free she whipped together some pans and started making scrambled eggs. Even if some would wake later than others, she could always heat any food she made right back up with your abilities, "I can make your breakfast separately, if you don't want eggs," she said offhandedly.

"Eggs are fine." Kurama replied as he gently shut the book and took another sip of tea. "Yes, Lilith created the Harpies. Apparently Persephone, /not/ Lucifer, created the Phoenixes too." He took in another breath. "The Phoenixes, by all rights, had the bigger army and the best tactical advantages. But something's up. At least, that's how far I am into the book. I guess I'll find out soon on how the Harpies and the Pheonixes destroyed each other." He looked at Kuroi's back, watching her hair sway with her body as she moved from side to side as she cooked. "I'm...surprised that you didn't know about your linage....and why Naia didn't tell you. It doesn't make sense."

"I was...a rather rebellious child, always hanging with Kokoro down in Hell or off with her on her adventures. I have Wanderlust, I don't like being in one place for long. As soon as I'm done cooking I'll probably go check to see who's up or working on coming down, maybe chill in the garden, later in the day when it's hotter I'll swim, but I'm always moving," Kuroi explained, "Yes I was taught at home, learning basics but the History of the Fundir line is...blurry. We have Heiress and Heiress with their mate paintings dating back to the time you're reading of but I've never gone /all/ the way back. A lot was lost in the fire, as well, mostly in the West Wing. I also never asked."

"A fire?" Kurama asked curiously, "Was that a recent thing that happened?"

"It was...around forty-five years ago so repairs have been done and you wouldn't know," Kuroi explained, and she finally set a plate of eggs in front of him along with seasonings, "My mom is mentally and physically 35 years old, but in reality she is two-hundred and sixty-five. Now that I explained that, the fire happened when my mother was fifteen. I suppose you saw my father tense up when Hageshi was mentioned? Hageshi killed my grandparents and blinded my great-grandmother."

Kurama sighed, shaking his head from side to side. That would explain a lot. It would also explain why Naia decided to stay upstairs. Kokoro had warned her about the topic ahead of time. Meaning that Kokoro was also privvy to all that information. He looked back at the book again, a nagging feeling tugged at his heart. "Kokoro...knows a lot." He said for a moment. "Does it...bother you at all that this used to be her friend?"

"Something...made him go insane..." Kuroi murmured, "I feel like there's more to it than just he wanted to be recognized and had a lust for power. His mind broke." She shook her head, "Yes, it does bother me, but that was then. This is now. He is our enemy and even Kokoro knows that."

Kurama nodded. He cut the eggs with his fork and started to eat. "You cook really well." He said with a smile.
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PostSubject: Re: YYH Fate's Plan 2.0   Thu Dec 17, 2015 2:33 pm

There was a moment of silence while he ate and she cooked, but then she spoke up again, "You didn't sleep last night." It was a statement, not a question, "Got caught up reading those? They must be rather long and involved."

"Yes, they are quite long." Kurama agreed as he took a sip of the tea, he would have to make another cup soon. "I was so caught up in the story, I didn't realize that I stayed up all through the night. It's been a while since that's happened."

"You did say you have a knack with libraries," Kuroi giggled softly, "You probably don't get much of a chance to read, though, with Yusuke and the others dragging you every which way. Paperwork does not count as reading," she added, "Anyway...what kind of books would you read for pleasure?"

"Anything that can hold my interest." Kurama replied honestly. "I know that doesn't narrow down genres, but I am naturally curious about everything. If I think the title is appealing, or even if I think that the story will be any good, I'll read it. You read some interesting things that way, being indiscriminate."

"You make a good point," Kuroi nodded, finishing making her own eggs and grabbed her cup of tea. She ended with five plates of food before she stopped to take a break, not counting hers and Kurama's. Sitting across from him, she seasoned hers before digging in. After a few mouthfuls, she spoke up again, "What...bothered or even still bothers you about yourself? Since mine is not having water powers like my Ma."

"Hmmm." Kurama hummed as he took another bite. "Being away from my mother." He finally said after a moment. "I suppose I should clarify; I'm not human. My mother gave birth thinking that I was for years and years. While she knows the truth still bothers me to this day that I'm not human. It didn't bother me for a long time, but after she nearly died...I felt awful. I felt like an awful son, and that I could do her better. Sometimes, I'm bothered by the fact that I used to be apart of the Renkai Tentai. But, I got out of it. I can go between worlds, I can see her as often as I wish so long as Yusuke doesn't need me. But it is hard, seperating your demonself from your humanself and visa versa. My mother keeps telling me I don't have to do that...but I do."

"It's like having a split personality apart from having Youko as a literal second personality?" Kuroi asked, "That...sounded way more complicated put in words than it probably actually is."

"Sort of." Kurama shook his head. "But not quite. It's not about personality, but genetics."

"So your situation is different from Ryoko's?" the black haired bat demoness furrowed her brows.

"What do you mean?" Kurama asked, a little thrown off.

"Well...You guys went to the Minami Temple, right? You saw how she was really shut down and deep into a shell of her own making?" at his nod she kept going, "It's because she thinks she's an awful human, too. An awful daughter, because she is part vampire. She /only/ drinks from the wrist because she hates causing pain, hates what she is, but knows it's necessary to stay alive even if she can eat human food. She shuts down like that at that temple because she grew up /pretending/."

"Ahh." Kurama nodded his head and then shook it. "To be frank, our situations were similar. Only, I grew up to pretend to be the prefect human. I didn't see any reason why I shouldn't show that I was intelligent or overly smart, especially when it made my mother proud of me and that I didn't get any harsh negativity back. But unlike Ryoko, I did not fear that I was an "awful human", but that I was an "awful son"." He gave a soft smile. "Sometimes, I still feel that way, even though my mother vehemently swears that regardless who and what I am, I am her son through and through demon, human, both or either."

"That must have been an awkward conversation, I can only imagine," Kuroi winced, "Ryo's difference was she also knew her father knew what she was, while your mother was oblivious. That gave her a lot more pressure."

"Which is awful." Kurama shook his head. "I would think that since her father knew, Hana, and Masanori, that she'd feel comfortable. But I can also see where the pressure comes in. Needing to blend in is crucial."
Kuroi hummed as she continued to eat and take sips of her tea, "Tell me an obscure thing about yourself you're proud of. Let's get away from depressing topics."

"I have a good poker face." Kurama replied instantly. "It's gotten me out of so many situations, and made Yusuke go insane from time to time."

"HA! I can picture that one. Pa's complained about it from time to time as well! He and Kokoro enjoy playing card games with Ma. He's lost to both women," Kuroi beamed, "I'm not good at cards at all except maybe Go Fish and Maid. Anyway, I'm proud that I know magic on top of fire and shadow. Not many people expect it and so it's a great way to turn a fight around." She took off the silver bracelet on her left wrist and showed him that it had five amethysts positioned in a way that it made the five points of a star, "I'm mainly good at defensive magic but I know a few offensive spells."

"Who taught you the magic? Or did you learn by yourself?" He asked curiously as he looked at the bracelet. He recognized the 5 pointed star and handed it back to her. "Those are amethysts right? Gem healers that I heard of can use that to help with headaches and to open the third eye to enhance visions or to recall dreams. But that's what I know of it from a healer's point of view."

"The latter helps me more often than not," Kuroi admitted though her voice was vague and dismissive, "I learned from Kokoro after I found a few books and she caught me practicing. I found them in the same section you found those."

So maybe not? Kurama had read very far and knew that Cara had no magic in her veins what so ever. Still, he knew that he needed to keep that door open. He liked solving puzzles, and this one intrigued him. "Interesting. I had no idea that she knew magic." He said after a moment. "But...that does explain a lot. Besides that she was always disappearing off and on again."

"Like me, she keeps it a secret. Hers is also way more offensive. Her magic takes after Lucifer's quite a lot. Her glamour is flawless," Kuroi beamed, "Do you have any dreams or do you live in the moment?"

"I live in the moment." Kurama replied instantly. "Since you have wanderlust, I'm going to say that you either have dreams and you live in the moment, or you're completely consumed in living in the present."

"One day, when I feel that have lived my life to the fullest and traveled wherever I can, I will settle down. I do dream of that, of feeling satisfied and happy with life," Kuroi whispered, "I know I am searching for something but I have never figured out what."

Kurama nodded. "I understand that. I wonder if that's the same for Kokoro. Never once have I seen her not moving. Sure, she'll stay for days, weeks, months, years on end." He paused, remembering the day they met. How Kuronue got into a bar fight and how Kokoro just jumped from the stage, eager to help and claimed him family on the spot. "It feels to me that she's searching too. I suppose that's why you two are good friends. Then again, she'd most likely be good friends with you regardless. She's attached to Kuronue something awful."

"I'm aware." She watched him with a contemplative expression before smiling and she finished eating, drinking her tea with a hum, "I hope we find what we're looking for," she agreed.

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PostSubject: Re: YYH Fate's Plan 2.0   Thu Dec 17, 2015 2:36 pm

"Anything strange?" a vendor focused on washing more tomatoes to fill the dwindling supply in his stall. "I just came from trading at the village over to the East," he finally said, "They seemed really on edge, like something was going to happen and no one would talk about it. I did eavesdrop and catch one muttering 'he didn't want to leave his home, no matter what she said.' and that was it. He was also getting drunk, if that makes a difference."

"That is weird." Kokoro agreed as she continued to browse the vegetables. "I just recently heard about a slave trade ring getting blown up by the Renkai Forces earlier this week." She made a small thoughtful look on her face. Drunk men may tell tales, but they were honest tales. She should have asked Eri for a shopping list, or Naia for that matter. Ah well, she'd be back regardless. "Stay safe during your travels." She told the vendor seriously. "I bet it's only going to get hectic from here on out."

"Thank you, Kokoro-san," the vendor smiled as he waved and went back to the task at hand

She walked away from the vendor, sighing. That was the fifth story, and so far...they all had the same plot line. Someone was unwilling to leave. Some people vanished into thin air. She sighed softly and she felt something bump into her back, small hands grabbing at the coin purse that hung on her hip. Reflectively, she grabbed the wrist and yanked them forward so she could see who it was. She hung around thieves /too/ often. The little kid was dirty, grimy, had his hair sticking up in all sorts of directions. He was missing teeth and his nose was broken in many places. His fingers were bent in unnatural ways as well. "Ah, aren't you cute." Kokoro beamed, still holding the boy's wrist, but carefully loosening her grip so she wouldn't bruise him.

"Lemme go lady!" The kid said, loudly. The demons were crowding around watching. Kokoro could tell that he was someone that robbed and robbed often enough. He was bad at it too, judging from the broken fingers and nose. Or maybe,he was really good at it, but just had a case of bad luck. That happens too. "I ain't cute."

"No," Kokoro said slowly. "You're a horrible thief and you deserve to have another finger broken, is that how it goes?" The boy stiffened and she watched the color drain out his face. "How old are you? Seven? Ten?"

"Eleven." The boy muttered.

"Damn your small." Kokoro stared.

"You ain't tall either lady!" The boy snapped. "Are ya goin' to let me go or are ya goin to hit me or do somethin'?"

"Your mouth could use some work." Kokoro deadpanned. "But I don't hit kids." She let his wrist go. "Come on. Spit it out. You're stealing for a reason. What do you need?"

The boy stared at her dumbly, mouth hanging open.

Kokoro rolled her eyes playfully and folded her arms at him. "You're stealing for a reason." She told him. "You're dirty which means you don't have proper shelter, and no one to look after you too. So I guess that means I gotta look after you. Because kid you suck at stealing."

The boy closed his mouth and huffed. Apparently, this wasn't news to him. "....M' hungry." He mumbled. "An' it's not easy stealin' anymore cuz people are on alert. Can't steal from 'em cuz when I do, I get hurt."

"Yeah, this whole town might as well burn itself to the ground with how superstitious they are." Kokoro muttered darkly, causing the boy to look up at her. "Well, you're in luck kid. I'm starving too. Let's grab a bite and find a way to clean you up."

"Lady I just tried to rob you."

"Kid, regardless of people being on edge, you /still/ stuck at stealing." Kokoro gently grabbed his shoulders and spun him around. "Onward! To a Tavern! Where we eat and drink and maybe find out things!"

They started walking down the street. Kokoro could hear some of the villagers muttering to themselves, those who had stopped to see what she was going to do to the kid. Jeez, blood thirsty. She hummed softly as they continued their trek, the boy glancing at her every few steps of the way. At first they were wary, suspicious looks, but after a while, it was just wary. They entered a tavern and she whistled. "It's practically empty..." A few local drunks, but not a lot of people to make a noise. The bartender looked over at them, a little surprised that there was a dirty kid in the premise, but other than that, he didn't bat an eye. "Where do you want to sit? Looks like free pickings."

The kid found them a table that was towards the window and sat down on the chair, shifting from side to side. Kokoro slid into a chair across from him and smiled brightly. The boy looked away and towards the window. The watiress came by with menus, and Kokoro order them both water, because fuck if she was getting drunk in front of the kid. "Can we get a third menu?" She asked the waitress quickly. "Someone might come along." The boy immediately looked ready to bolt, but Kokoro light-heartedly kicked him in the shin to settle him down.

"Sure honey..." The waitress gave a boy a tender look and walked away.

"Lady they're gonna think I'm your kid." The kid whispered.

"Let them think that, it's better for you isn't it?" Kokoro asked as she flipped open her menu. "You're probably not going to want anything /too/ rich, but you need something with substance. I bet if I take off your shirt I'll count your ribs." The kid had /no/ idea what to think or say to any of that.

"Potato soup might work. Soft to chew and full of nutrients," Hiei said as he came into view and stood behind Kokoro momentarily to look the boy over, "You got a lot of work to do if you're going to straighten him up."

"I'm not going to do anything." Kokoro said cheerfully as the boy looked absolutely /mortified/. The Lady he just tried to steal from was /in cahoots with King Urameshi's second in command./ She smiled brightly at him. "You know I never got your name."

"Y-Yuki." The kid stammered a bit.

"Where did your tongue go?" She demanded. "Did I suddenly turn into a /dragon/ or something? Come on, loosen up!" She beamed. "He's just a soft teddy bear if he's worried about /you/, you know."

Yuki looked over at Hiei with a /Is she serious/ look on his face as Kokoro hummed as she looked at the Menu. "You can sit down." She told Hiei. "I told the waitress you'd be coming. Potato soup might be good." She looked at Yuki up and down before nodding her head.

He did so, sitting right smack in the middle with his back to the window, not too close to the child and not too close to Kokoro, "You mentioned you had an orphanage before, where you live." He was intentionally being vague so not to alert the kid, "Why haven't you tried to make one here? Or have you not found a place to create one?"

"I haven't found a place, otherwise I would." Kokoro sighed as she flipped through the menu to find something that she'd like. Maybe portion it out a bit. "But...there's no where to build. The communities here aren't very welcoming to the idea."
"Kids would be less likely to complain it's a desert as long as they have a roof over their heads," Hiei gave her an offhanded hint.

Kokoro hummed, thinking about it. Thing was, it /was/ in the desert. On the other hand, it was Yusuke's area. "Will he /even/ agree?" She looked at Hiei curiously. "It's a lot of work, and I know he's not a fan of that."

"He doesn't like unnecessary or pointless work. He also doesn't like working when it's demanded of him. It's a different story when he's given a choice to do something or not." Hiei clarified. "I'll share a secret with you. Yusuke's previous woman, Keiko, was studying abroad and he was lonely. He would mention out of the blue occasionally he wished to have kids with her when she came back, he felt like they were ready. Then he found out she not only cheated on him but eloped with a human. She hated his lifestyle, hated his Kingdom and was much happier right where she was. That was a year ago."

Kokoro took a breath and sighed it out, closing the menu and setting it aside. Yuki was silent, watching the conversation go back and forth and she knew that he was smart enough to know that she was not only determining his fate, but fate for all the other street rats. "Softie." She finally said after a moment, but her smile said it all. It wasn't an offer she was going to refuse. "Looks like luck just changed course." She smiled at Yuki. "But I'm still throwing you into the river regardless."

"Lady..." Yuki wasn't sure what he was going to ask. Who was she? Why was her influence so powerful over King Urameshi? He decided to just bite that back. "You couldn't throw me if you tried."

"She picked you up with one hand, I think she can throw you," Hiei snorted.

"That was me bein' nice." Yuki huffed. "I didn' put all my weight against her."

"Aw." Kokoro grinned. "And I wasn't even using all my strength!"

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"He looked insulted to be clean," Hiei scoffed as he and the redheaded woman made their way back though the town to go to the Fundir estate,

"He earned those scruff marks, what are you saying?" Kokoro laughed as she mimicked the same sentence that he shouted at her. "Nah, the river was freezing cold too, so that wasn't much help. But I did give him enough coins to stretch out that for a good two weeks. Once that's up, I think the orphanage will be open...I hope. Otherwise, well...I guess I made myself a target for thieves again. Which is both nice and annoying."

Hiei gave her a sidelong glance, "We can draw up plans with Yusuke when we return. I imagine Kurama would be on board with making the outside of the building you pick look nice as well with a small garden, vines on the outer walls, even a place they can grow food on the spot as a chore of sorts for the children. Yusuke's second adviser, Hokushin, might agree to watch over and take care of it."

"You're making me swoon." Kokoro placed a hand on her head and laughed lightly as she dropped it down. "I never thought that you'd be the one to offer up the idea." She beamed at him. "You like kids too?"

"My sister is pregnant with her set of twins," Hiei said softly, "I used to not really care. They can be an annoyance. Yet I will be around my niece and nephew often and so I should get used to it."

Kokoro just smiled bright and wide like she just heard the best news of her life. "Congratulations!!! Ahhh! I hope I'll get to meet them one day, some day." She beamed. "Gosh, Eri doesn't allow me near Kohaku /at all/, so I don't really get to hang out with tiny babies. It's a mom thing I'm sure." She nodded.

Hiei nodded and once they finally got out of the village and into the forest he finally spoke up, "So there's a village to the East with restless residents?"

"More like people just disappearing." Kokoro bit her lip. "According to one vendor, a drunk man said that a man left the village unwillingly, his wife or mate claims that no matter what her mate said, he never wanted to go. And it's the same story no matter what. There are some stories where one minute they're there, the next they don't know where they are. It's..." She pursed her lips together. "Awful really. The Renkai Explosion didn't help much /either/. Everyone's on edge, everyone's looking for an attack, I can /feel/ a civil massacre brewing because no one's gonna trust anyone."

"This is all something the others will definitely want to hear," Hiei sighed, and then he arched a brow at her, "You're really good at gathering information, aren't you? Like an info broker."

"Youko sometimes asked me for help every once in a while." Kokoro's chest puffed in pride. "Even though I was never allowed to be a member. Pa always thought that was a damn shame." She shook her head from side to side. "It's easy to talk to people." She said after a moment, the fun in her voice diminishing, "Especially when you're wanting something."

"Is that so?" Hiei tilted his head, "Are you still wanting something?"
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PostSubject: Re: YYH Fate's Plan 2.0   Fri Dec 18, 2015 12:33 am

"I'm always wanting something." Kokoro stretched and let her hands come down to her sides slowly. "I'm desperate for it. Natsuki does his best to understand me." She sighed. "You said once Hiei that I wasn't alone, and that I was surrounded by people. I wonder about that sometimes."

"You are surrounded by people of your choosing most of the time," Hiei added, taking note of her actions but not responding, "I understand feeling alone even when you are with people. Right now, are you lonely?"

Kokoro's fingers started to twine together. "Some ways yes." She said after a moment. "In some ways no." She paused. "I guess if I had to be honest, I'll say yes. Right now, I'm a bit lonely." She laughed. "Man. I'm awful aren't I? I'm sorry, Hiei. I wasn't trying to bring the mood down to absolutely depressing. That's not like me." She shook her head.

"You sound as though you are always lonely. I'm not. I am...content," Hiei said as he glanced ahead, "I don't need much to be content, however. When do you feel most at peace?"

"When I'm with the people." Kokoro replied. "To be specific, when I'm around the kids. They make everything so lighthearted, it's so hard to think of anything else when you're focused on them and their happiness." She scratched her cheek. "That's why I keep reverting time and time again if I'm honest." She paused. "I wouldn't say I'm always lonely. I'm happy when I'm around people, but...I guess I'm always prepared for the fact that I'll have to say "goodbye" to them. Lately...more than ever....I've been caught between a limbo. I'm seeing those who have died come back to life...and it hurts.'s making me feel lonely now. I try not to let it affect me, because this is a new life...and I want them to like me in this life rather than like me because they knew me once."

"Stop thinking about it, then," he said simply, "It is easier said than done, sure, but at the same time...not really. Focus on now. Focus on us. Where we are. The trees, the wind, our conversation. Me. The path we walk."

"Do you want me to hold your hand too?" Kokoro teased lightly as she skipped randomly in her step. "You should be more than content." She told him. "So what makes you happy?"

"I should answer first with what I hate most. I hate my time being wasted," Hiei told her quickly and easily, "Now that that is said, I am happy when I am having an intellectual conversation. I am happy when I see my sister is happy with her mate, Touya. I am happy when I fight and my skills get pushed. Yusuke and I will actually fight for our spar sessions. I will cut him, he will bruise me. I am happy when I am sitting in a tree enjoy the peace and quiet. I also am happy when I am sharpening or otherwise caring for my katana."

"Funny how the conversation flows back to "time"." Kokoro spun on the ball of her foot to turn to face him, walking backwards easily enough. "You and I should spar sometime. I'm handy with a katana. And I'm damn good at a bow and arrow, but I swear I won't use those in sparring practice." She told him. "Peace and quiet's nice, but I get bored too easily. I need action!" She pumped her fist up into the air. "But you know what." She smiled warmly at Hiei. "You should hold on to that philosophy about your time being wasted. Time's a precious thing, and it's not good to waste it on someone or something that doesn't matter or that you deem isn't good." She spun back around. "You told me a secret, even though it wasn't yours, so I guess I'll tell you one back. It's only fair. I'm one of the last Phoenixes. And so is Yusuke. That's why he was able to die and come back twice. Koenma doesn't know. He just thinks that the Soul Beast is apart of a rare soul. I know better."

"Raizen was a demon and Yusuke's ancestral mother was a human," Hiei frowned at her, utterly confused, "His biological mother is also human, and his father was a none-existent. How are you one, either? Your father is an Angel and your mother is a Goddess. Not Phoenixes."

"'re part ice maiden and part fire. How are you a Dragon?" Kokoro retorted back and then froze and turned her head towards him. "You....knew that...right?"

Hiei stopped and stared at her blankly. "I can control the Dragon of the Darkness Flame, but I am not a Dragon." The lie here was thick. He knew he was, but what she was saying intrigued him and she was trying to see what else he could pull from her now. Perhaps he should admit soon /he/ was a true part of himself.

Kokoro wondered how much she should tell him. How much of herself would she give away? "I have the soul of a Phoenix and so does Yusuke. You have the soul of a Dragon. If Flame can be handled by anyone, then we'd be in chaos. No, she'd go after another dragon."

"You said my dragon was a she," Hiei smiled slowly, "It's Darkness or Erdolliel. Flame is too simple and you think of red fire. She controls black fire."

Kokoro stopped in her steps and sucked in a deep breath. Tears sprang forward but she determinedly blinked them back. "Erodlliel." She repeated softly. "She wouldn't tell just anyone what her name was. Not her legit name. Darkness was always good enough for her."

"She rejected those who came before me. Burned them alive. I didn't learn this until she woke /him/ up." Hiei stared at her back, "I rejected him, and her name, for a very long time. It wasn't until the Dark Tournament I accepted Darkness, but after the Makai Tournament I listened more to /his/ words. I'm still not sure if I should say his name, though. Then it would be a pure acceptance and I don't know /who you are/."

Kokoro took a shuddering breath in. She fucked up. She let too much in, she let him know too much. But at the same time, he was aware. He was aware of /him/. "I'm Kokoro." She could practically hear him huff behind her and she was well aware he could snap. "But a long time ago, you'd know me as Cara Fundir." She spun around. "Lucifer's first Priestess and soul-daughter. Daughter to Addylyn Fundir and Gideon Tharsirion."

"He wants to come through, but I'm not letting him quite yet," Hiei walked closer to her, "What's the difference between you and Cara? Yusuke being David was glaringly obvious and while Kurama is not unlocked he is so similar to Kayden it hurts. The others are the same. You? I see her...yet you are different."

"There isn't a difference and there is. For one, I'm not dying." Kokoro smiled a little. "My hair color is vastly different. It used to be brown, but I like the red. I glamour my eyes, they're actually gold but I like green and hell me and Kayeaaa I mean Kurama match." She grinned a little brighter. "Cara did not have any phoenix abilities and could control plant life a lot better than water. She could heal, but very limited. I cannot control fire nor plants like my father and mother can. I can only control water like Addylyn once could. I guess you could say I flip-flopped. What Cara couldn't do I can and what she could do I can't. Besides archery. We totally can do bow and arrows. She just doesn't know how to wield a sword."

He let her words and descriptions sink in. She was but she wasn't Cara. His eyes faded from deep red to a very vivid lavender, "I don't care," he said before grabbing her head roughly and pulling her in for a deep kiss.

Kokoro's eyes widened as she felt him kiss her, not giving her an option but to open her mouth and accept his kiss. She closed her eyes and surrendered immediately, one hand cupping his cheek and thumbing his cheek bone while the other was wrapped around his neck, holding him tightly. They kissed until they had to part and she was near tears. "I'm sorry." Her voice broke. "I'm sorry. I died on you and I'm sorry, Locien."

"We both knew you would die with honor in the battlefield," Locien shushed her, "My only regret was you didn't get to spend much time with our daughter. Even I died two months later during the final hours of the War with David, Kayden and Selene, but I doted on her as much as possible." He shook his head, "Hiei likes to have all the information before making a decision but all I had to hear was you were Cara in some fashion. I didn't care about the rest."

It broke her heart. Evelyn didn't get enough time. She gripped onto Locien tightly and tried to hold back tears. Her baby girl didn't get enough time with either of them. Cara was going to die anyway, the birth had been too strenuous on her body. Her only option was to either die in bed or die in another way. Locien though...he followed right behind. "I'm sure I'm not painting a delightful picture of me either." She admitted. "I let too much spill. I talked more about the past than I have ever about the present." She shook her head. "When a long time ago, that would've been a different story. You raised her as best as you could...and I'm thankful you were able to spend that time with her. She needed you."

"I...think Kuroi is...but I don't want to make that assumption. You've been with her a lot longer, though. Do you think...?" Locien's voice dipped out, not wanting to be too hopeful everyone really /was/ together.

"She's Evelyn." Kokoro pulled away and wiped her eyes so she wouldn't let her tears fall. Her eyes lost the green and turned a deep gold color, much like Youko's. "She's our sweetheart. Everyone's here, dragonfly. Everyone. Including Uncle David, that damn ornery bastard."

"Not like you were any less ornery once you settled into the Palace," Locien teased, "I never expected this to happen, but even if it is to defeat Azazel and his minions, then I am glad it did. I very relieved that you and everyone else is alright."
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Kokoro smiled brightly, and then shook her head from side to side. "I'm..." Happy, scared...there were too many feelings to admit to him, and not a whole lotta time. "Probably going to get scolded by Hiei for this." She finally decided on. "After all, he's probably thinking that I was going after him because I knew he was you." She paused and then bowed at Locien. "I can't apologize for my feelings, but I am sorry if this will break your heart. But there's someone else now, Locien." Tears fell down her cheeks. "And I want a chance with him."
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"Shhh, it's alright," Locien stroked her cheek, "I understand. I don't believe...I would be able to get used to you like this, anyway. I hate saying that. That doesn't mean I don't love you...but I probably love your memory more," he sighed, "I always was honest with you. Forgive me."
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"There's...nothing to forgive." Kokoro lifted her head up and watched as Locien changed back to Hiei. Tears were still falling and even though she felt ashamed, she also felt relieved. She was happy, so happy that Locien understood...and it broke her heart to tell her once beloved that their love was only /just/ a memory and that she was falling for someone else.

Red eyes met hers and she relaxed, her eyes disappearing from a deep gold color back to the forest green that was familiar. "Gomen." She said as she wiped away the last of her tears.
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"Stop," Hiei said firmly and grabbed her hand from her face, "Don't wipe your tears away...I understand how much you love him. I am different...much different." He moved his hands to her face and stroked her cheek, "I liked your eyes the way they were. They suit you in a way those green ones don't...and they're the real you."
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Kokoro laughed, the green fading once again back into the gold. She leaned against his touch, letting her tears flow freely. "I really thought I wouldn't cry." His touch lingered in a way that was so familiar and so very different. "I really hoped that I wouldn't make you upset, or feel like I lead you on somehow."
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"That little...moment between you two was all I needed to know that you weren't," Hiei assured, "Your tears help me understand your pain, and through Locien I feel the loss and grief of losing someone dear. I am sorry." He did not say those words loosely, so they were sincere.

Kokoro laughed, but it was choked on her tears. "Thank you." She smiled at him, wiping her tears again. "Jeez." She laughed again. "You really like my eyes gold huh? I always hid them. I had once thought to glamour them purple, back when I was running around Youko's area, but..." She shook her head and sighed softly. "This was really eventful."

"Will you keep them like this? You do look a /lot/ like Kurama with them green," Hiei shrugged and wiped her eyes a bit before taking a step back, "The others are probably wondering where we are, and you did want to talk to Yusuke and Kurama about the orphanage."

"Right, right." Kokoro quickly smacked her cheeks and took a deep breath in and out. "And since it's you, I'll keep them like this. Heaven knows Kurama doesn't need a female twin running around. Let's go." She smiled as she spun on her heel and headed back.

Yusuke wasn't sure what he was expecting when he came out of the water portal, and blue wasn't the first colors he thought he'd see. Everything was so vibrant here, the flowers had colors that were brighter than the ones on earth, and the trees stood tall and firm. He was certain that if he took off his shoes, the grass would be softer than carpet. But...this was hell?? Kokoro had to be kidding...she must have made a detour to another place...because in all the stories he was supposed to be filled with mountain rocks, and brimstone, and fire. Well, there were mountains, and there dark cliffs, but he didn't see lakes filled with fire. And considering that this was a haven for demons, he was surprised that the first thing he didn't see was a murder.

"Welcome to Castle Courtyard." Kokoro beamed as she placed her hand on her hips. "The orphanage is nearby the castle." She explained. "So we don't have to go through the village."

"This is hell." Yusuke stated bluntly.

"Sure looks like it, doesn't it?" Kokoro beamed.

"It's so pretty here!" Ryo grinned brightly and took Yusuke's hand, "Let's go to the Orphanage already!"

"The plants...the Earth itself sings," Kurama murmured, amazed as he looked around.

"Come on, I'll lead you." Kokoro beamed as they started walking. "The orphanage consists of those who are born in hell, and who have died before they were able to become adults. Those who are born in hell and do not have parents, usually are those who didn't have a father, but the mom "reincarnated" after birth. Sometimes, timing just sucks for people. My dad can stop and start a cycle, but only for so long."

"Do you ever get really small children?" Yusuke asked curiously.

"Infants? No. They go up to Heaven regardless of demon or human birth." Kokoro shrugged. "They were unable to carve out a path. Therefore it's not ours to touch. If there ever is an infant that comes down means something happened."

"Weird." Yusuke looked around again. "How is this even remotely Hell? It's too..pretty."

"Mom made it just like the Garden of Eden that dad and Uncle Azazel corrupted back a long time ago." Kokoro explained. "Mom wanted to give dad something to remember the garden by. After all, it's only fair that the garden went /somewhere/. God didn't have a say about it. Mom's the daughter of the Earth Goddess. This is hers first. Therefore who and where it belongs is hers."

"Talk about vengeance." Yusuke whistled.

"The orphanage is just over the gate." Kokoro grinned as she pushed the iron gate open. The field expanded to plain grass, and the trees were sparse so that there was room to run around and play in. There was a building, that was just a little distance aways, that looked to be about four to three stories tall. The roofs oddly reminded Yusuke of Chinese architecture, as they were tiled and curved. The building itself was adorned in reds and golds and had a large porch that obviously was good enough for rainy days.

"Koko-sama! Koko-chan!" came the scream of small voices, both male and female. Several children of many shapes, colors, and types came running out. Cat, fox, reptile and scaled, purple, blue, green, and a few human-looking demon children similar to Kurama.

"Hey!" Kokoro quickly met them half way and got down on her knees so she could hug them, first come first serve style. "I was /wondering/ where the noise makers were!" She teased as she gently pinched a girl's cheek. "I brought guests! This is Yusuke and Kurama from the Demon World. You should already know Ryo by now."

"Hey there!" Ryoko greeted, getting down on her knees, her white dress fluttering around her legs and she giggled, "Nice to meet you!"

"Sugoi! Does that make you a Princess then?!" One of the children piped up as she approached shyly. She had scales on her cheeks and arms, and had deep violet skin. Her eyes were like cats and the color was a deep blue color. Like the depths of an ocean.

"That's a good question, what /does/ that make you?" Yusuke asked Ryoko curiously as he too got down on his knees. "Princess Ryoko. It has a ring."

"Aren't you a cutie?" Ryo cooed, placing her hands on her knees, "No, I don't think so. I'm not any kind of royalty. We're not even courting and we haven't known each other very long. He did save me, though. I was in trouble and he came to my rescue."

"Like a night in shining armor! I've heard about stories like that from Nigenkai!" another child, a boy with shaggy blue hair and red skin with green snake like eyes looked at Yusuke expectantly.

"I don't think I ever heard anyone compare me to a knight in shining armor before." Yusuke blinked. "I'm used to hearing that from the Kurama fangirls."

"That does raise a curious question, though, Yusuke," Kurama looked down at him, "Why /aren't/ you courting Ryoko? You two have been quite close."

"I thought I was?" Yusuke blinked. "Or it was implied?" He looked at Ryoko. "I don't know the demon rules and I think I jumped the gun in assuming that we were."

"Wow." Kokoro drawled. "Never let it be said that the King of Mankai was smart." She staged whispered to one of the boys near her.

"Oy!" Yusuke turned to Kokoro. "You're just as bad!"

"Koko-chan doesn't court. She lays." One of the girls piped up, causing Yusuke to laugh hysterically.

"Oy!" Kokoro's cheeks reddened.

Their conversation was suddenly cut short by shouting children. They looked up in time for two boys and a girl covered in mud and swinging on three vines to drop down towards them, "Jeronamo!"

Kurama easily caught the girl by the back of her shirt, an adorable panther girl who hissed and flailed her arms, her tail flipping back and forth, "Now, now, that wasn't very nice." He said even as he laughed, "Good try, though."

"Let me go!" she mewled.

The boys hit their mark, though, one barreling into Yusuke and the other hitting Kokoro making her tumble and roll, "Yeah!"

Kokoro let out a loud cry when she hit the ground. Yusuke immediately reaacted by getting up and grabbing the kid's side and trying to see if he was ticklish anywhere. "Not going t let you go that easily!"

"Nooooo! Let me go, don't! Ah!" The kid shouted, "Kita, Zami, help!" he waved his arms.

"Zami, Ren, I can't get free! I'm sorry!" the panther girl drooped, the ears on her head falling back.

"I can come and ge---AAAH!" Zami was just about to get off of Kokoro to run after them, but Kokoro grabbed him and tackled him, holding him. "No way! Koko-chaaan! Let me go!"

"Here, Yusuke, let me help!" Ryo laughed as she turned around and grabbed Ren's feet, her nails not too long to scratch but just long enough to get a better hold to tickle, causing Ren to scream with laughter.

"My gosh," Kokoro teased Kurama. "We have two prisoners and one's being tortured. Don't you feel any compassion or pity for them?"

"Yes! Yes you do!" Zami shouted.

"Mm, I dunno. I suppose their crime wasn't that bad," Kurama mused. He glanced at Kita who gave him her best kitten eyes, the yellow sheen was unique, "Should we let them go, Kokoro?"

"Well, if we let them go they might try to help Ren." Kokoro said seriously while Zami tried to struggle in her grip. She reached up and started petting his hair which made him still. "You know what? Have at them." She released Zami who nearly fell flat on his face since he had been paralyzed from the petting.

"Wha? Ah!" Zami ran straight for Yusuke and Ryoko. "I'm coming Ren!"

Kurama chuckled softly and set Kita down with a soft pet to her hair and a scratch for an apology before she ran off, "Ren!"

"Oh no, Yusuke! The cavalry has arrived!" Ryo shouted and she was knocked over by Kita, and the tickles were turned on her next, "No, no!" she giggled.

"Haha!" Yusuke was better at it since Zima was still a little out of it from the petting and managed to rough house with him instead. Ren did his best to help his friend out, and Yusuke sometimes let himself be rolled over for the two of them to take a turn. "Rascals!"

"Better them than us." One of the kids snorted while another one nodded his head empathetic. "At least they didn't get ice down their backs."

"Tricksters all of them," Kokoro agreed as she watched them for a moment and turned to Kurama. "While their out here wearing off the hyper active kids, do you want to come inside and see what the orphanage looks like?"

"Yes, since I'll be taking care of how it's all set up with Hokushin," Kurama agreed, "Lead the way, Kokoro."
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PostSubject: Re: YYH Fate's Plan 2.0   Sun Jan 03, 2016 5:02 pm

Most the kids decided to stay behind and watch Zima, Ren, and Kita. Some of the kids, who were getting bored with just watching were starting to talk about playing a game. The little scaly girl with ocean blue eyes followed Kokoro and Kurama into the building, clinging onto her stuffed animal and sticking close. "First floor!" Kokoro slid the door open. "Is actually just a basic four room. There's a kitchen, dining room, living slash reading room, and training room for those who are old enough to want to learn how to fight. It's not required. Though they do have to learn how to handle their powers so that it doesn't go haywire if they have any."

"Oh, that makes a lot of sense," Kurama nodded, "I like that. Of course, if you have this much space on one lot then once we get going Makai will have just as many kids to house. An inter-connecting network of houses would work just as well, even. It would be protection if there's ever an attack. Things are fairly calm down here. Troublemakers get dealt with easily, right?"

"The motto goes that the Princess of Hell is the Troublemaker." Kokoro replied. "I lead them on adventures, and let them get into trouble. I take them to places that satisfy their curiosity without so much of getting them hurt. If there's danger, I tell them how to hide. Also, there's no where in the castle that is off limits. They're free to explore as they wish."

She paused and she looked at Kurama. "Children are curious creatures, which is why they're trouble. Now if they throw a tantrum or something, it's usually something simple that's fixed. Naps, a time out, somewhere quiet so their not so overwhelmed. Spankings are for something /really/ bad. Like sneaking out at night. That's only happened /once/."

"The motto goes that the Princess of Hell is the Troublemaker." Kokoro replied. "In both mischief and in fight. Yes. Troublemakers are dealt with swiftly and surely, Youko. Just like in your village. There's no second chances if someone raises a hand against a child."

Kurama relaxed, "I am glad. So, training room, kitchen, living area, and outside is the courtyard. I didn't miss anything, right? Shall we move on?"

"This is where things get tricky." She said as she lead him over to the stairs. They climbed to the second floor. "There's about six bedrooms and two bathrooms here." She said. "Each room is big enough to house two kids. If we have tiny ones running around, then they stay with an adult, or I come and snuggle them. Instructors hate me for it really." Kokoro gestured to the doors. "The doors are to remain shut and only those whose names are on the signs are allowed in. No one else. If they want to play in their rooms, doors have to be open, no excuses. It's like that for the third floor and part of fourth floor too." She paused. "I should mention right now that they share the Palace library. If their old enough to do chores, they either help out at the castle, garden, run messages, or they clean the house. All of them are responsible for their rooms."

"Very responsible indeed," Kurama was impressed, "I like the sound of all of that. Gives the kids discipline. How are punishments given out when they misbehave?" He saw the names on one plaque that was Ren's and Zami's and smiled. So they were roommates. That explained their relationship. As they walked he saw Kita's on another door and the little girl that had been following them ran inside, "Ah, so you're Amaya?"

"Yes!" The scaly girl replied as she put her bear on the pillow and turned around. "Koko-chan gave me the name, cuz she found me during a rainy night."

Kokoro scratched her cheek. She was commonly known to give names out randomly if she found that out. "Bad habit, I know." She muttered to Kurama.

"We don't get into too much trouble." Amaya continued shyly as she walked back over to them. "Koko-chan is the one that brings us outside and lets us figure out where to explore. We're not allowed in the Inferno..." She trailed off and looked at Kokoro with sadness. "Cuz last time that happened, Koko-chan got hurt bad. Real bad. She fell down. So we tell other kids that the Inferno makes Koko-chan sad, and not to go."

"The Inferno is the lowest part of Hell, why would you take children there?" Kurama looked at her with furrowed brows.

"I didn't," Kokoro frowned. "I saved Ryoko from there and one of the kids got bit by the adventure bug, and ignored my warnings."

"You...saved Ryoko? Now that's a story I'd be interested to hear right now. What happened? Does Ryo have a knack for getting captured?" Kurama placed his hands in his pocket and leaned against the door frame to face Kokoro.

"Hmm." Kokoro was thoughtful, how much was she supposed to tell? At the same time, she felt bad if she lied. Kurama was her uncle through blood and family. She never lied to Youko. Never lied to Luthor or Kayden for that matter too. She turned to Amaya. "Do you want to hear the story about how that fall wasn't the first time I got hurt?" She asked curiously to the little girl.

"I wanna hear!" Amaya clapped her hands. "You never talk about the Inferno."

"Good reason for it. Okay kid. Hop on the bed." She gestured to the bed and sat down on it. Amaya quickly got on her lap. "Okay, so this story starts back when I was a teenager. I was around fifteen or fourteen at the time, I can't remember. Maybe I was younger. Anyway, Lady Naia was heavy with child back then, and I remember how I started walking. I went to the Infenero gates and I remember how dad once told me that walking into the Inferno was at my own peril. He had no authority over there, so if something happened to me, I'd be at my Uncle's mercy. Well, I never met my Uncle Azazel before."

"Now, I knew from past expirence that he was not a good man. I didn't meet him, but I heard stories and I knew what he was capable of." Kokoro continued as she brushed a strand of hair away from Amaya's face. "But I believed deep down that Uncle Azazel was changed by time, and I was curious to know what the Inferno looked like, as well as how he was doing. Was he happy? Was he regretful? I had no intention of letting him out of the Inferno, mind you, regardless of his answer. But...I was curious myself. So, I climbed down. Do you know the levels of the Inferno?" She asked to Kurama and to Amaya.

The redhead tilted his head, and wondered for the millionth time about Kokoro's age. She was fifteen when Naia was pregnant but he heard she killed herself to be the same age as Kuroi currently. What was her deal? "Lucifer's domain is the Limbo area, the topmost layer. From my understanding below us is Lust, then Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and the Inferno...Azazel's domain is Treachery. Don't Lucifer and Azazel have equal say in what soul goes where, however?"

"Somewhat. They take turns depending on the corruption on the soul." Kokoro explained. "Or if they have special claim on a soul. My Uncle normally doesn't have a claim on a soul.'s happened once."

"Keep going, this is a very intriguing story," Kurama encouraged, "You have shared stories with me in the past, but this is one that concerns someone who's become dear to us and the more I know the better prepared I am if something happens."

Kokoro shifted Amaya on her lap and continued, "So I climbed down from the whores and the backstabbing wives, I managed to stay away from the those who never knew how to stop, and I managed to keep my treasures to myself. I breathed in and out during the range, and I managed to keep my head and my stomach when I trudged through violence and I looked away at fraud. But the treachery? That is where I laid my eyes on Ryoko."

"What happened?!" Amaya was staring up at Kokoro with wide eyes, mouth slightly hanging open as she hung onto Kokoro's words.

"I stayed in the bushes and I noticed something off was about her. There were plenty of guards who surrounded the household, but Ryoko was listless. She didnt have a soul or a guide, any sort of spark. She didn't smile, didn't cry, just a shell. Emotionless. I watched as her mother came out, a demon wrench that we don't call by name, and I watched as she gave Ryoko something. A renewal of spell I presumed. Well. I determined that there was a soul that didn't need to belong there. So I came up with a half-cooked plan. I was going to steal her and bring her out to the open."
Amaya gasped dramatically.

The Princess nodded sagely. "So I waited until the guards were about to change shifts. Ryoko was still outside but she was about to be lead away. I let myself have those three seconds, grabbed her arm and pulled her through. The guards started shouting and it was chaos. I remember how I held on so tightly to her hand as we ran and ran up. The more that we ran up the stairs, the more I noticed that her eyes were too cloudy to be normal. She barely reacted at all to my presence."

"Well...we got all the way up to violence and I thought "this is where we can hide" so I found a place up in between the cliffs. I managed to hide Ryoko okay, but...I got hurt. I was shoved and I fell down back to Fraud and I was wounded badly. Not like I was about to die, type of wound, but I wasn't able to go at a high speed anymore. It took all of my wits to disarm and grab a sword and defend myself. I managed to climb back up to violence and I noticed I allowed Ryoko to be taken away again. I managed to drown the guys." She wasn't about to tell the child that she had stabbed them in the back and on their necks. "and we climbed all the way up. The Inferno was in complete chaos and I was bleeding badly. I barely escaped, we barely escaped. I went to my father and pleaded on Ryoko's behalf that she was be-witched and didn't belong there."

Kokoro sighed, "So, my father decided to bend the rules. Since Ryoko was bewitched, she couldn't decide on which lair to go to personally. And since there was no crime or grievance before her, she was free to go where she chose. My mom broke the curse, and it took a few days before Ryoko was okay. But...she in the end it was best if she didn't stay here. Uncle Azazel and the woman we don't name, were going to search for her. So Dad hid her in the human world."

"There's something I don't understand," Kurama frowned, "You're missing a key point here. Ryo's said to be two years older than Masa and Hana, and she's been with them all her life. Was she reverted into a child?"

"That I don't know." Kokoro shook her head. "Whether it was she reverted into a child or my dad decided to seal away her memories and give her new ones is beyond me."

"Lucifer had to use a lot of power, but he reverted her back to a toddler and took her to the Minami temple so she would have a fresh start and a new life, new memories to make, but he did seal her Inferno memories," a regal, motherly tone spoke up, causing Kurama to jump and whirl around wide-eyed. Standing before them in the hallway was a woman who's hair was more of a ginger-red, her eyes a lovely shade of green, and she was wearing creme-colored Greek garb. "Hello, Luthor, Kayden. What an interesting bind you've gotten yourself into. Lucifer is going to have fun unlocking you."

"I asked Kokoro once why she called me by those names." Kurama smiled as he folded his arms. "She told me I was no longer a Luthor."

"It's true, he isn't." Kokoro called from behind him. "You're just in the middle of story time, mum."

"I'm sure he understands," Persephone giggled ever so softly, "You are Luthor, but you are also Kayden, as you are Youko and Shuuichi. I remember your struggle during the Makai Tournament. You be whoever you wish to be in the end, but you are split between so many lives it is a wonder your soul hasn't torn itself apart. You've also read Cara's stories. It's pointless denying you what you already know."

"You're correct." Kurama finally uncrossed his arms. "I hope I'm not intruding. Kokoro expressed interest in building an orphanage in the demon world."

"No, not at all!" Persephone's eyes widened, "Why would any of my sons and daughters be intruding? This is your home as much as it is mine. I am glad David and Selene outside are doing well, playing with the children. I suppose...until they're ready I shouldn't say their names. Yusuke and Ryo...they are a fragile case."

"True..." Kurama sighed softly. "Kokoro already said their names. The only few she hasn't is Ryoko's and Hiei's."

"I know better." Kokoro responded lightly. "And don't think that Hiei doesn't know that you're aware. Because I'm sure he does."

"Oh, Luthor's aware at least, Koko," Persephone hummed, "Kayden's still sealed, mostly out of his own stubbornness. You just let Lucifer know when you're ready to have him unlock you. That'll be a field day," she grinned, "Anyway, you're making an Orphanage in Makai in Yusuke's territory, right? Any child you lot take in will be well protected. I hope that means less end up here."

"That is a goal." Kurama agreed as he looked over at Kokoro. "Surprisingly, it was Hiei that came up with the idea. Kokoro is just the driving force behind it."

"That's amazing! Hiei has grown so much since he met Yusuke all those years ago. You were a wonderful friend to him, too, of course. Yusuke simply gave him that extra push," Persephone was giddy, "You all came so far and I'm very proud of you. Zephyr found Merel and is about to have a baby, Dustin and Alanah are back together with their twins on the're all carving new paths, new destinies. I couldn't be happier! An orphanage in the ruins of Yusuke's land is just the next step to bringing it back to life along with the rest of you."
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PostSubject: Re: YYH Fate's Plan 2.0   Thu Jan 28, 2016 9:19 pm

The ruins of Yusuke's land? It had to be. All those names were from the books as well. It was hard to wrap around that all of that was real. Shaking his head Kurama just smiled at her, "Everything comes full circle in the end. I know Yusuke is excited to be with Jin when Sakrira has their child. Jin has been meeting up with him every so often at the Palace to ramble and unload stress. I am...surprised I did not run into Tsunaia before this, honestly, with her being the one Sakrira is going to for the birth. I did hear about her, but never anything about Kuronue."

"I am /so/ glad you found your brother," Persephone nodded happily, "Well, Koko, sweetheart, are you done with the tour or do you need to show him some more things before you go back?"
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YYH Fate's Plan 2.0
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