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May 2018

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 No F's Given - Another Marauder's RP w/Lynx - ABANDONED

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PostSubject: Re: No F's Given - Another Marauder's RP w/Lynx - ABANDONED   Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:13 pm

Sirius was feeling giddy when he reached the room Rae had last and waited somewhat patiently outside it. Remus had told him she'd been happy about it, but nothing else. Blast that bugger! It made him happy she was happy, though, and when he saw her faded pink hair he jumped her, "Rose! You're all mine now, mwahahah!"

Rae let out a squeak and laughed as she rocked back into his hold. “You know for someone who is well-known for being boisterous, you could’ve told me that the rose was a box and to open it you know.” She laughed. “What was the mystery for?”

Sirius face blotched with color but he kept grinning, not once wavering, "Your obliviousness was cute. I couldn't fathom telling you. I knew Remus would, anyway. Besides, what would you have done if I had? That would've been putting you on the spot, and I know you don't much care for that."

"No, you're right about that." Rae nodded in agreement. "I wouldn't have liked that very much. But at the same time, Remus did tell me that you had a vision to go along with the ring. Walk with me," she immediately hooked her arm with his and started walking so that they could have this conversation at least semi-private. "He told me a little about it, but I want to hear from you."

Sirius' cheeks tinted a little bit more, and he went from really confident to shy in about two seconds. He moved their hooked arms so he could lace their fingers together and he kissed her cheek, "I see you in a simplistic, but elegant white dress...sometimes I see you pregnant /while/ in it, but those are in my most perverted dreams. Not that I don't care if there's a child out of wedlock, really, I just wouldn't want to put you through that. Unless we were, like, in the process of marriage anyway and shit happened, then you can't help that." He rubbed his neck, "Boy or girl, I don't care. They'd be cute, either way, and as long as their healthy who gives a flying fuck?"

"And what's this I hear about a "modest house"?" Rae teased lightly. "Big enough to fit all of the Marauders and their families, so Remus told me."

"Basement for storage, two story building...I don't want a mansion, but leaving children out of the equation a moment - and I have a hunch Peter's going to go off on is own after graduation - there's only six people in our group. That honestly isn't very many," Sirius tapped his chin, "So we'd only need...four bedrooms rooms? Five? One room for each of us, our own children's room, and that random guest room for Peter, unless we make him sleep on the couch. All the kids would sleep in the same room until they get older, of course. No sex in the house unless it's us, I swear. I don't really want to have a cock contest with James and Lily adjacent to us, and Remus is a vocal one. You know the saying...the quiet ones are the most fun in the bedroom."

Rae burst into laughter as she shook her head from side to side. Peter would go off by himself after graduation. The guest room was probably also a good thing, just in case Regulus needed a place to crash for a day or two. Not that she said that aloud. "That brings me to the last of the two questions. Did you ask Timothy if this was alright with him and how many children are you thinking of us having?"

"I went to Timothy...but it was very...difficult to get to the point of what I wanted to say to him when we were talking. I think I went through two to three cups of tea and a few good discussions before I managed to spit it out," Sirius gave a breathy laugh, "He was quite patient with me, though. I was grateful. He didn't give me the usual speech. He knew he didn't have to. He just told me to take care of her and he hoped the wedding palate had gold or yellow in it somewhere," he chuckled, "He really likes his Hufflepuff colors, doesn't he?"

"He's a Hufflepuff through and through." Rae smiled warmly. "But you didn't answer the second question. How many little ones are you foreseeing? Or is that more or less take it as it comes?"

Sirius shrugged, "Two? Take it as it comes, though. I'm not going to go that far, we're only teenagers. Marriage, though...I can't get it out of my head. tell me your own thoughts and feelings on my proposal? Was I rushing it, honestly? Remus told me you were happy, but that was about it. I mean, I could've waited until closer to the end of this school year..." he shifted on his feet.

"I don't want to give you a fast response, and have you think that I don't know what it is your asking for." Rae said honestly. "So, if you give me a bit of time to think, I'll give you an answer, I swear. I mostly was teasing about the kids. But if you have Timothy's blessing, and you really /do/ have this in your head...then that makes me feel a lot better. You thought about it, and that makes me feel safe...and happy. This isn't something you just decided on a whim."

"No, it isn't, but I feel like on New Years everything just snapped into place. It bothered me...not being able to touch you...feel you, or otherwise just be /near you/. I felt isolated and alone, and I know you did, too. I don't want us to go through that again. So...from now on, let's talk about things that bother us, even if it's something really trivial in our heads it could be some silly misunderstanding that would otherwise blow out of proportion," Sirius took a breath, "I've read a few books and several people tell me communication is the key to a relationship. So...if we're going to prove to everyone we can do this, in spite of our past tragedies, we have to talk."

Rae nodded her head. "I want to amend that just a little. I don't want to just talk about what the problem is, or what bothers us. I want us to also talk about everything. Successes. Hopes. Dreams. I don't just want to support you when you're falling. I want to also support you when your on the rise to something too. I feel like couples who focus on supporting their partner in one thing, negative or positive, don't really see each other. I want to see you. In every light."

Sirius stopped them from their walk, spun her so she would face him, and stroked her cheek before he kissed her firmly, adoringly. They stood like that for a while before he pulled away, "So, I don't have much planned for the daytime hours, so is there anything you would like to do to pass the time until I'm ready to take you to our real destination?"

"A part of me wants to ask if you ever seen a movie before and if you want to sneak out to my place to cuddle and watch a video. Another part of me on the other hand, is a little more on the frisky side from that kiss. Fuck you know how to kiss." Rae answered breathlessly.

"All the more reason to tease the ever-loving hell out of you and make you wait," Sirius rumbled, pulling away on purpose, "No I've never seen any movies, though Remus has told me some of his favorites. Unfortunately you can't play electronics here," he shook his head, "Remus has tried having movie nights with us, using any means he could, even by real, but it was all in vain. Of course, we could read some books out loud to each other if you'd like? Or is that too much of a Remus/Bria thing?"

"Remind me that when we live in a magical community to figure out how to make it a little muggle-proof. You'll love video games. We can totally do the reading. I have a /bunch/ of books." Rae smiled warmly. "You have the voice for it."

"As well as the dramatics," Sirius snickered, "I could be your entertainment real easy," he laughed and hooked her arm before they headed upstairs.

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PostSubject: Re: No F's Given - Another Marauder's RP w/Lynx - ABANDONED   Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:05 pm

"Remus! How did it go?" Bria asked as she greeted her boyfriend outside, the two of them intending to go to the tea shop. While it would be really girlish and super packed, they were going to have spring samples available pre-season, as their actual bags of tea wouldn't be out until end of March or April, "Did Rae accept?" she leaned up to peck him on the lips before winding her arm around his, entrapping it for their walk to Hogsmeade.

"I think she's going to think about it before she gives him an answer." Remus said as he gently kissed her cheek and leaned against her as they began their walk to the tea shop. "She had no idea that the rose was a box, she thought that it was just a flower that Sirius thought she'd like. But she looked shocked...and happy. So Sirius chose right with the ring."

Bria's grin was wide, "That's fantastic! I'm glad she liked it, even if she hasn't said yes yet. A 'maybe' is better than a rejection. She's thinking about it, which is good." She nodded firmly. She felt just a tiny bit jealous, but at the same time she was content. Her's and Remus' relationship was a fairly calm one, and one she hadn't expected to even get in the first place. Hearing him mention her as his girlfriend to other people in class still gave her butterflies in the stomach and her cheeks turned red. Honestly, she would probably faint to be referred to as his 'fiance'. This was perfectly fine, what they had.

"He threw her off on her plan too." Remus shook his head from side to side. "She wanted to be with him for two years, then engaged for two years, and then married." He paused. "Do you have a type of plan like that?"

"No...not really," Bria disagreed, "I'd rather let it wait until we feel ready. I also feel it's a bit unrealistic since we're only sixteen, fifteen respectively. It'd be too fast for me. I see couples come and go through the halls. I think one girl in Ravenclaws' gone through four guys alone just this year, and is with her fifth. I prefer to have a solid, established relationship as boyfriend/girlfriend first. Maybe not...too long, though. I can't imagine waiting five years for my significant other to pop the question. Three to four is good...some time apart and some time living together, learning each other's daily habits and whether we have too many pet peeves. Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the middle or the bottom?" she suddenly quizzed him, looking up with an arched brow.

"Neither, near the top." Remus answered. "The middle is awkward and the only time I squeeze at the bottom is to push the excess paste from the tube. What about you? Middle?"

"Bottom, total opposite," Bria laughed, "Do you have a question for me, then, since I sprung that one randomly?"

"Do you fold your clothes or do you hang them?" Remus decided to be just as random as she was.
Giggling, Bria shrugged, "Both, I guess. I fold my bottoms, but I hang all my shirt and cloaks...though I admit I'm a bit messy and sometimes they don't end up where they're supposed to, instead on a chair or the couch." She had a secret, but best not tell him that yet.

"I fold. It annoys James." Remus laughed lightly. "I'm better at the home making spells than he is, but he's the one that makes sure that we packed up everything. Mostly because I'm dead tired when we have to leave."

"I getcha," Bria nuzzled his shoulder, glad to see Hogsmeade in the distance, "I'm excited. This is going to be a good day, but any day is good when I'm with you," she told him sweetly.

Remus laughed, "Now I know you're trying to butter me up for something." He leaned down and kissed her lightly on the mouth. It was chaste and sweet. "We should hurry a little. Otherwise we'll have a longer line to stand in."

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PostSubject: Re: No F's Given - Another Marauder's RP w/Lynx - ABANDONED   Fri Apr 15, 2016 11:59 pm

"Alright, we're almost there!" Sirius told Rae as they rounded another corner and finally reached the stretch of hall where the Prefect Bathrooms were, grinning excitedly. He had Rae blindfolded, so he was guiding her by the hand. Using the pass to get in, he slid them inside and was glad all of the things he'd set up were still there. "Okay, just stand right here!" he told her firmly as he let go, leaving her in the middle of a bunch of candles set in a star-shape. The top-point was white, the arm-points pink, since Bria said to stay away from reds, and the leg-points were white.

He parted from her and slowly waved his hand, lighting each of them. They were unscented, as the oils he was going to use were, and he didn't want to assault her senses. The oils in question were off to the side on a small, low to the ground table he could reach one he set her down on the blue cloth with white swirl-patterns he'd splayed on the floor, just to add some mixture of color. Sirius was proud of himself, but he wanted to admire Rae more than his work. So, He stripped his clothes and set them to the side next to the towels he'd brought for when they were done.

"You're going to like this..." he said in a husky voice, full of confidence and he kissed her firmly, like he had in the hall but with more passion behind it. His hands caressed her arms, pinning them there when she tried to touch him, "Just be still," he said, his hot breath coating her lips, "I'm not taking the blind-fold off."

Rae whimpered, she could feel her heart in her throat and beating hard in her veins. It was disorienting that she could feel him, hear him, but couldn't see him and couldn't touch back to make sure that he was really there. "You're awful." She decided to tease gently. "Are you going to leave me blindfolded for the entire present?"

", not the /entire/ present. I have quite a lot in store for you," Sirius purred in her ear, "Just go with it. I'll untie it when I'm ready." He promised and started with her lavender sweater, his fingers popping the first button, "You do look pretty in purple, though I think I prefer you in blue. Brings out your eyes," he complimented, getting two more before he was able to nuzzle it away and start sucking at her neck, "Though, I do notice these are new, you've never worn them before. Tim and Mary sure have spoiled you," he chuckled, nipping at her collarbone.

"They made sure that I had a lot of clothes," She murmured as she tilted her neck to give him more access. She sighed softly, feeling the heat starting to go up and down her bloodstream. She wanted to reach out, to grab him, but clenched her fists instead. "It feels weird. I'm used to thrift shopping and second hand."

"You probably always will prefer the cheeper things. Even Remus chews us out when he gets presents from James and I when he /knows/ it's really expensive. I hope...any children we have turn out to be just as humble instead of spoiled little rich kids," he shook his head and teased her pulse. He was quiet for a time as he continued to undress her, finally getting her torso completely naked before he coaxed her to her knees and then flipped her over onto her back onto the blanket, "Lift your hips so I can get your tights and skirt," he told her as he removed her shoes.

The chill of the room, regardless that she could feel that it was warm or not, still brought goosebumps on her skin and she could feel her nipples harden from the exposure. She lifted her hips and smiled as she thought about it. "We'll give them an allowance when they're young so they can figure out how money works. They may spend it immediately, but it'll teach them early on what it does." She whimpered as she felt her skirt slide right off of her and his fingers teased at the hem of her tights. She could feel herself start to become wet with implications.

"That sounds like a plan," Sirius agreed, kissing her inner thighs as he removed her tights, smirking at her underwear, and the dark spot that indicated her want. Grabbing them with his teeth, he brought them down to her knees before leaning up and giving her a teasing lick and love-nip, careful that even if she liked teeth, that he wasn't too rough. When he was done completely stripping her, folding and also setting everything aside with his own stuff, he grabbed the almond oil for the base to mix the others into, but when he was about to put it in his palm, he thought better of it, and smirked, "This might be a bit cold," he warned, and put a good dollop right in the valley of her bare breasts - two tablespoons roughly - and he watched her jump and squirm. The other oils came next, and he found he enjoyed mixing it like he was shown. It was like potions class, but none of the ingredients would harm you, yet mixed they all made great results. Two drops of Orange, followed by two drops of Jasmine, and two drops of Sandalwood. Next was one drop of some weirdly named one...Ylang Ylang? Whatever. He grinned impishly, and started with one hand and worked it all in a circle, mixing it all together into one amazing concoction, ending with two hands, gripping her sweet mounds, teasing the nipples with the palms of his hands.

She shivered, her skin covering in goosebumps again. She pursed her lips together as she could smell a wonderful relaxing yet stimulating mix. "Smells good." She murmured softly. "I didn't know you know aromatherapy."

"I didn't until yesterday," Sirius admitted sheepishly, chuckling, "This is what Bria helped me with, along with a few other knick-knacks. She explained this was your own personal mix that you showed her before. Orange, Jasmine, Sandalwood, and some other Oriental one. She couldn't stand the sandalwood for too long, though, gave her a headache after a little while. I really like the Jasmine, myself." He pinched her nipples just a tiny bit before giving her a deep massage, working her flesh thoroughly before he moved on, rubbing up her chest to work her shoulders, neck and collarbone, then he shifted to get one arm, working down the bicep all the way to her fingertips, which he kissed before he slathered them, then moved to her other arm. When he was done with that, he focused on her torso, paying special attention to her stomach, kissing, licking, and sucking on places before he covered the skin with the mix, "This oil really goes a long way."

"Hmmm. You don't have to use too much of it either." She agreed with a soft, pleasured sigh. Her body melted into his massage and behind the blindfold, her eyes were closed, enjoying the rub. "I know so many mixes for oil it isn't funny. This is supposed to help set the tone for sex and romance. Roses and vanilla does the same thing, but that's mostly for a relaxed atmosphere of cuddling and making out."

"/Oh/, well, she didn't tell me /that/, but I suppose it makes sense," he rumbled a little bit and nipped her hip-bone. He felt the oil wearing thin, even though it did go /everywhere/, and he massaged at least her thighs before he dipped his head between her legs again. That first lick aside, he just ghosted his breath on her sensitive folds, rubbing just on the outside of her labia, but not right where he knew she wanted him. He was sure with the blindfold, her senses were heightened and this would drive her insane.

She whimpered, letting her legs fall farther apart. It was a damn shame that he stopped rubbing her, but fuck if she didn't want him. He teased her, not at all coming near her. Ghosting, pretending, and rubbing everywhere but the inside. It was probably for the best. She was getting a little bored with the blindfold however, and decided to disobey him. She reached up and tugged the blindfold off. For a moment, she was dizzy with the dim light and looking at the ceiling. She felt him tease near her clit, which was enough to send her to close her eyes again and moan.

"So naughty, I said I'd take it off...though I guess I got too preoccupied? Yeah, we'll just say that," Sirius mumbled against her, allowing the vibrations to travel through her clit. "You're so beautiful, I couldn't help myself."

"Come up here." Rae said breathlessly, not caring about if she was naughty or not. His teasing made her wet and she wanted, no craved, him. However, she wanted to get her libdo under control so that she could respond. She couldn't just let him continue doing all the work.

Laughing, Sirius obeyed her and crawled back up her body. He wanted to savor every part of her, but that would have to wait until she washed off in the bathtub. Kissing her intently, his cock pressed into her thigh. "Ah..." he murmured softly, " have no idea how many boners you give me daily. Good thing our cloaks and slacks cover a lot," he smirked and kissed her again.

She smiled against his lips and without warning, she began to push him off of her and roll him underneath. He was confused, gripping her tightly until she was straddling over him, his boner firmly in between her lips down stairs. "My turn." She whispered softly as she kissed his lips. "Your hands are like magic. Now that I know you know how to massage, I'm probably going to exploit that."

"I'm okay with that," Sirius beamed, "So, before you take the turn to torture me, look around us."

She paused, blinking down at him for a moment. She was so caught up that she didn't comprehend what it was she was supposed to be looking at. Her eyes glanced to the side and she sat herself up as she really took it in. and white candles were around them. There were small bottles of essential oils and a huge bottle of sweet almond oil since carrier oils were always the easiest to buy and in quantity. She couldn't see much farther than a silhouette of the bathtub. "Where...are we?" She asked, now realizing that her voice had a slight echo to the room.

"Remus gave me the pass for the Prefect Bathroom," he stroked his hands along her thighs, "What's /in/ the bath is the next surprise, but we'll get to that later."

"Your right," Rae felt her legs relax underneath his hold. "I have something better in store right now than that. It's your turn to shut your eyes. Actually...I'm not sure I want to copy you..." She hummed as she gently rocked her hips, letting his cock get a good feel of how wet she was. "I think that I should do something different. What do you think?"

"I was hoping for sex in the tub, so how about my back?" Sirius purred, rocking with her but not bucking, "Don't want to give you too much of an advantage. Too much teasing of /me/ and I'll blow my load, and that won't be fun for either of us. You, at least, can cum multiple times." Yes, so could he, but he'd get tired rather quickly.

Rae smiled warmly and she gently lifted her hips up so that he could turn around. It took a bit of stretching, but in the end, he was on his front and his back was to her. She did the same mixture, but instead of just pouring the mixture on top of him, she cupped it into her hands and instead of putting the entire ounce in it, she was careful to make it last. She breathed on her hands to it warm and then very gently began to to massage him. She could feel his muscles ripple underneath her like a shiver or even a quick river. "I don't think I'd wear white." She said after a moment of working on his shoulders, down the blades, towards the spine, and then up to the collarbone again and neck area.

"A cream, then? Beige maybe?" Sirius asked, not missing a beat in what she was talking about. He was surprised a bit, but he smiled and relaxed, waving his hand towards the faucets in front of him, listening for the water to turn on, and hummed happily as he melted. "Your little fingers really dig into the muscles. It's wonderful. I'm just glad my big sausage fingers felt good for you."

"You have gentle hands." Rae replied easily enough. "And I'm not wearing curtain colors. I'm thinking red and gold." She nodded to herself. "If you're going to break tradition and be a Gryffindor, I might as well show off how rebellious I can be. Or I could go along with whatever theme colors we do and have the dress match."

"I want you in white though..." Sirius mumbled into the blanket, "Gold, maybe...I suppose we'll be at an impasse on colors for a while," he sighed, "I do see you in an a-line dress. I looked at a couple books with Remus and searched for what fit my dreams."

"Maybe you can convince me on color of dress, if I can convince you on theme color." Rae hummed softly. "Regardless. I know for a fact I'd want a Handfasting, rather than a traditional wedding. Maybe exchange tokens rather than rings, or do both. Both is always good if you're going to want to do that." She moved herself lower and mixed some more into her hand to get to the low of his back, towards under his shoulder blades and down towards his buttocks. "I'd prefer outdoors though."

"I can agree to that. Both is good," Sirius arched his back a bit when she hit a good spot and worked a knot lose before slumping again, "Mm...I could fall asleep like this. You're very methodical."

"I have back pain so I try to get to the parts I know would feel good. I also have a bad knee, so I had more time to really get you to fall asleep, I'd give you a full run down. But, you want sex. And apparently sex is more important than getting a rubdown from your fiance." It felt...different. Fiance. It sounded like something beautiful and shiny. Not like a ring with a diamond, but like hope and a dream. It was a word that Sirius took a mile with and saw "wife". It sounded like a song.

A full-body shudder racked through him, and he shook her free, rolling onto his back and sitting up, drawing her close before she could really squeak a protest, "You can't tell me you don't want it, too," he growled low, silver eyes smoldering. He waved his hand behind him and turned the water off, before kissing her ever so feather light on her nose, "Close your eyes one more time, my /fiance/." So she'd accepted. His heart had swelled with joy and love, and he was giddy with how the word felt on his tongue.

Fuck that word brought her to her knees. If she was standing in any case. She closed her eyes again, a playful huff and then a yelp when he suddenly picked her up. She wrapped her arms around him instinctively and shut her eyes tighter. A shiver of...fear and uncertainly went through her before she remembered that he wasn't picking her up to throw her. She was okay. She was /safe/ here. His arms were secure, and they were gentle. /Gentle/. He was /gentle/ and it made her breathe easier. The past wasn't there anymore. Sirius was /gentle/ and /safe/ and /secure/. She breathed in the scent of the rubbing oils and his own natural one, letting it calm her rapid heartbeat.

Nuzzling her cheek, Sirius kissed her hairline and then he stepped them into the water easily, Letting her legs go slowly but still kept her close to his body. Another hand-wave, and the already-lit candles floated around the tub, one at each corner and the third white one above them. Then...he spotted the candles in the water and lit them up with a snap. That jerked her, and he smirked down at her as she looked up, eyes wide at the sudden sound. "Look around again."

They were surrounded by petals, but instead of the usual rose, it was Rachel's favorite flower. Orchids. Floating in the water were pink rose candles.
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PostSubject: Re: No F's Given - Another Marauder's RP w/Lynx - ABANDONED   Tue May 03, 2016 10:31 pm

Rachel smiled at the sight, it was gorgeous and it made her heart swell a thousand of sizes bigger. At the same time, she felt a knot of anxiety drop in the pit of her stomach. She was so happy, but she felt...extremely guilty. The water warm, the flowers gorgeous and the candles was a romantic gesture. A grand, beautiful one that didn't make her feel trapped. But at the same time, she felt like her heart was so in love with Sirius it was breaking.

His fiance, this gesture, his love. Was she really deserving of all of this? Was she moving too fast, did she agree too quickly? His touch was gentle, secure, /safe/. She knew that "no" had just as much power over him as "yes", but she still couldn't help it. The party, the fight. Could this really make up for that? She decided, that there was no point in bringing this up. All she'd do was go around in circles. All she'd do was ruin this, this beautiful picturesque moment that even Ophelia never dreamed of.

Great, she was comparing herself to a mad woman in Shakespeare. Time to stop thinking, otherwise it'd just go badly. "It's gorgeous." She assured, knowing her silence went for too long. "Sorry, love I was lost in thoughts."

A stroke of her face, and his expression tender, he didn't question her. All he did was say, "I love you, and all that matters is you love me, too." Leaning forward, he kissed her. A light peck to coax her, then a deeper one to tease, and a third to steal her breath away, pulling her close to his body and one hand found her hair, tilting her face up for better access. His hand on her hip started to roam her back and he just poured all his feelings into every tiny touch, and ever lick of his tongue against hers.

His kisses melted her anxiety to butterflies and his touch scorched her skin in a way that made her feel like she was welcomed. She moved, shifting the water as she pushed against him craving the skin to skin contact. Her fingers entangled in his hair, not yet pulling, but keeping him real. What he said was true, they loved each other. Isn't that all that matters in the end? She parted away from him, eyes searching his face like she was trying to capture this moment. The way the water gently dripped down his face from her hands and arms, from the way his hair was loose from it's usual ponytail and how it was always at his shoulders in untamed waves. How his eyes, filled with mischief, was filled with adoration and...something else. Not love, no. He was seeing something in her or seeing something in this. She couldn't call it determination...but it was somewhere along those lines.

Maybe she was looking at him in the same fashion. "I love you," and it felt releasing to say it. Felt more real, more stable. She leaned her head against his. The first time they made love, she trembled with anticipation. Now, she was trembling from the entirety of what that phrase /really/ meant. She kissed him, not wanting to think, instead wanting to feel and wanting him to catch her because she knew she was falling. And she'd be caught.

Both hands slipped under her butt in order to heave her up, and once her legs were around his waist, he turned her into the side of the tub, pinning her there. Propping his leg up so she could more or less sit on it for support, his fingers splayed across her lovely globes and he smirked against her lips as the digits of one hand moved lower and teased across her folds. His cock was rubbing against her thigh, and he rumbled, "You don't want to wait anymore, do you?"

She whimpered when she felt his cock against her thigh. She could see just a bit of it distorted in the water. Thick, heavy, warm. She could feel her vagina twitch in remembrance of how that felt inside of her before. If she wasn't in the water, she was certain she'd be soaking right about now. "I want whatever it is you'll give." She said, feeling Sirius touch her clit with the pad of his fingers before slipping lower and then up again. She could feel the temperature of the water get hotter (or was it her skin?). She let out a soft wine when he did it again, still teasing. "I didn't have much to give besides the brownies and the answer," and she felt a little bad about that. "But I can give you me...and whatever you want to do to me."

Shifting both of them to be more comfortable, Sirius licked at her neck, tasting the salt from her sweat caused by the warm water and the sexual tension. The head of him rubbed against her, before suddenly breaching her. He jumped a bit, not expecting to be welcomed so easily, but he smirked and his voice vibrated with a growl, "You're so eager, /Rachel/..." he rocked his hips back and forth, sliding in with each wiggle and then he gave her a firm thrust upwards, hilting himself, causing the both of them to fill the bathroom with their moans.

Rae groaned as she was suddenly given his all. Her mind blanked out for a good moment before she managed to get herself somewhat together as he started to thrust. She wrapped her arms around him, careful to shift around so she was more comfortable to hold him. "So are you," She grunted as she felt him hit her deep. She could /feel/ his cock throb inside of her, could feel how much he wanted her. She kissed his jaw and moved her lips to his neck, nipping and teasing as he moved his hips.

"You still...take your potion, yeah?" Sirius knew Madam Pomphry gave special potions to women of age for that time of the month and especially for seventh years. It made things safe, so no babies happened while at school. He asked only because he wasn't sure if she'd forgotten to because of stress of her recent life occurrences. Not that he'd mind coating her, marking her...he shuddered at the thought, but he would enjoy filling her up, and that made him throb on a deeper level than marking ever would.

"Yeah," Rae nodded, warm at the thought that Sirius cared. Even though she had been in stressful situations, taking the potion was more habit now. Especially since it helped with her time of the month immensely. "Mary knows." Mary helped her get back on the cycle since she had lost a lot of weeks during the chaos. "She got me in the swing of things."

"Okay, that's good," Sirius kissed her shoulder and his thrusts became a bit deeper now that worry had been quelled. She squeezed him in such amazing ways, and his breathing was a bit ragged. Lifting his head up, he looked down at her and his smile was blinding even if it was small, "You look so beautiful, Rose..."

Rae's cheeks flushed a deep red, but smiled back. Her breathing was also uneven as he continued to keep in deep. He wasn't rough with her in the slightest. "You look handsome." He did. His hair moved with his body, framing his face. His eyes holding a glint of power and his muscles rippled like the ocean. If someone could look like a god while fucking, was Sirius. "You've always been amazing."

Her sex-soaked voice was tripping a trigger, and he groaned a bit, kissing her with fervor and he redoubled his efforts, his hands almost a bruising force on her hips as he pulled her down during his pushes upwards, snapping and rolling his hips for an interesting rhythm. They'd been on edge all day, since that kiss in the hall, and then the massages upped the ante. "I don't...think I'll last...very long, m'lady..." he grunted. It hit him suddenly, just how much he'd missed her. The tears came unbidden, and he kissed her harder. He didn't want to be without her like that again. Could this promise of forever really hold her to him?

The kiss was searing and Rae gripped him tightly to her, pulling him close as he kissed her hard. He bruised her lips and she felt her heart skip a few times. She didn't know what was going through his mind, but...she felt connected. She felt a piece of her was finding it's way back. There had been something missing, and he was giving it to her, without question, without asking for any favors. "Then don't hold back," she whispered, her voice hoarse from his kiss. His eyes were watery and it made her heart swell and break again. "I'm right here, love. I'm right here."

" I," Sirius whispered. They were each other's anchor, he realized. He kept her grounded so she felt safe and secure, and she kept him grounded so he felt like he was /worth/ something. He hadn't felt 'good enough' for anyone really, even his own friends, but if he was good enough for her, he'd gladly be and do anything for her. His groin felt tight, he could feel his dick start to swell like a volcano about to erupt, and he whined a little bit, wrapping both arms around her tightly. Feeling her arms encircle him in turn, he gave a few more deep, pounding thrusts at rapid pace before stilling, "Rose!" he hissed, eyes squeezed shut as he filled her up with all he had.

She let out a sharp whine and gasp as he filled her, her toes curling at the sensation as she too released. Her nails accidentally bit at his skin and she whimpered as they slowly came down from their hgih, breathing heavily. The water cool around them. She reached up and moved some of his hair out of his face while he rested his forehead against her shoulder. His breath coated her skin and she shivered from the contrast of warm and cold. "Happy Valentine's day, starshine."

"Starshine, huh?" Sirius gave a weak chuckle, slowly pulling out of her and grunted, bringing them both back so they could sit in the water, and he ran his hands over her body, helping wash her of the oil from earlier as well as her sweat, "Happy Valentine's Day, Rose," he smirked tiredly, "I'm glad you enjoyed your surprises." He felt stray tears roll from his cheeks and he wiped at them.

"Hey..." Rae reached up and gently cupped his cheeks, rubbing her thumbs underneath his eyes. "Hey what's wrong?" She asked, her heart wrenching. He looked exhausted and pleased, but she worried about him anyway. "Intense?"

Sirius placed his big hand over hers and he brought the hand that had his ring on it and kissed it, "Earlier I was wondering if the promise was enough to hold you here with me, is all. I don't want to be without you...I missed you dearly. I cried and was heartbroken sure, but no one seemed to understand what went though my head, and I couldn't properly explain it. I felt like...I was going through the stages of grief, ending up at apathy." He shook his head, "I'm sorry, I'm ruining the afterglow!" he gave a soft chuckle and tried to wave it off.

Rae shook her head and brought him close, squeezing his hand in hers since he didn't let go. "I think I know what you mean." She said softly. "I think the promise is enough. I think my guilt is enough to hold me to you as well. What I did to you...James was right to say it was unforgivable. Having a second chance, wanting to marry makes my heart leap for joy...and break too."

"I don't want you to stay with me because you're guilty, because you feel obligated," Sirius frowned, looking up at her with a frown, "/I/ forgive you. I understand why you acted that way. If my own father said the same thing I'd be happy. Welburga would ruin it all, though." He shook his head, "I don't want my love for you to break your heart." He made her look at the ring, "If you feel that way, then you should take this off, and not put it back on until you feel like I do for you. You make me feel worth something. You make me happy. You are my anchor, but if your anchor is still dragging along the ocean floor, unable to hook on something, then what good is this? This promise won't hold on falsehood."

Rae looked down at the beautiful ring that adorned her finger. A gorgeous rose with a diamond in the middle, practically a symbol of hidden beauty and love. Her eyes wandered from the ring to his. His eyes filled with determination, solace, and unconditional love. His lips curving his face into a hard stone. There was no softness, just a need for action. She searched his face, still looking at him like she could draw him. Like she was memorizing him for a reference point before she looked back down at the ring again.

She could still feel his seed inside of her, she could still feel how it felt when they made love. The water's temperature reminded them that they spent hours together. Even if it felt like it was over within minutes. "You're right, there's falsehood to hold a promise that's not right." She said after a moment, dragging her eyes to look back up at him. "And maybe you're right, I should take this off and give time. To wait. But at the same time... I'm not with you out of obligation or guilt. I don't want that to be our foundation. I do want it to be my motivation to be better. You're my shelter, my north star. You keep me safe. You remind me that safe is a thing. I fucked up, and while you forgive me, I don't forgive myself. I don't forgive the fact I hurt you. I don't forgive the fact that I broke your heart. I swore that I'm going to be /better/. You see me as your wife, you see the future much farther than I do. Bria's cards don't lie. I'm on the path to happiness, don't derail me. Don't give me hope and then tell me that I'm not ready. Let me jump, let me be scared. Let me get used to feeling your love because Rhiannon witness me, I have never felt this much love from someone in a long time not including Tim and Mary. You love with your whole heart, your whole heart is on your sleeve and it's /terrifying/ goddamn it. That's why my heart breaks. It breaks because yours is so resilient." She gripped his hand. "You see too much in me I'm scared I'm not going to reach that. But I'm going to do more than just /try/. I'll do more than make you proud, I'm going to make our family name /strong/. I'm not going to be someone that tarnishes that reputation. It's a lot of responsibility...but if you think that I can handle it, then that's all that matters to me."

"Then hold that ring close, because I'm not going to let you go. If you doubt anything, just look at it and let it comfort you," Sirius said firmly, and pulled her close to himself, "I love you so goddamn much I don't know what to do with myself half the time. I'm glad to finally hear everything on your mind, and it's okay to be scared. I'm scared, too, but like you said I am resilient. Let me plow the way," he grinned up at her and heaved them both up, her in his arms and he climbed out of the bathtub, setting her down and then wrapping her in her towel. Turning back he cleaned up the tub and let the water drain before returning and dried off himself, "I set up the abandoned classroom so we could sleep there tonight. I don't want to pull a wam-bam-thank-you-ma'am."

Rae let out a startled laugh. "I haven't heard that phrase for a long time." She shook her head as she dried herself off. They both were silent in the glow of the dimming candles. As they got dressed, she took one last look at him, just as he was pulling on his shirt. His skin still marked a little from her nails before they disappeared under the fabric. She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist, her head resting between his shoulders.

"We should go to Japan for our honeymoon. Or America." Rae hummed behind him. "Somewhere with a beach or hot springs or both. I bet Raiden knows some places."

"Japan sounds like fun, but I think America would be a treat. I'd be trying all of the food," Sirius laughed and once the bathroom was cleaned from his elaborate plan, he escorted her out, taking the hidden passages he knew of to get to the abandoned classroom. There was a transfigured bed and blankets, and he brought her down onto it, wrapping them both up and snuggling close to her. "Hey this is random, but have you though of anything for Remus' birthday next month? I feel like getting him /another/ book would be 'same-ol'-same-ol'..."

"I thought about giving him a private reading, as well as something to help with Moony." Rae replied as she hummed. "I have him one mixture to help focus on connecting with Moony, but nothing that'll help him before and after the full moons. He's so tired and riled up all at once, it takes a big toll on him and that's not neither of their faults besides the sickness."

"Oooh, that sounds intriguing," Sirius hummed thoughtfully, "The last Moon he'd done better and was more aware of us, I think that was after you gave him the vile. He was almost sleeping in class the next day, though."

Rae's shoulder's slumped. "Yeah. Werewolf senses are stronger than humans so using oils is hard. I have to be /extra/ careful with the dosage, otherwise it can really back fire." She watched Sirius and titled her head. "Let me think...what can we get Remus....or you for that matter. Maybe a book about werewolves and a second gift. Has he ever talked about what he wants to do when he's out of Hogwarts?"

"Remus really /is/ fascinated by how much you know about wolves, so maybe not a book on /were/wolves, he gets really antsy when he has those, worried someone will figure it out. A copy of a book you've read before would be better," Sirius pointed out, "Remus loves children, and is always helping younger students with their homework. He wants to be a teacher, but because he's a registered Dark Creature he knows - and is upset - that finding a job in the wizarding world would be a nightmare."

"I can do that, I have a bunch of books that I could give a list to. Maybe even find them for you." Rae smiled warmly. "As for teaching, you know, maybe he won't do well in the wizarding world, but he could do wonders in the muggle community. But I understand wanting to be where your more tied and comfortable with. He's fantastic at DADA. I'd think that being a Dark Creature would give him an advantage, not a disadvantage there. I guess that depends on what the future holds. I know Bria wants to be a writer, so they could do a collaboration if needed."

"That's always true," Sirius agreed, snuggling her a bit tighter, "We can figure out more tomorrow, I was just curious if you had any ideas."
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PostSubject: Re: No F's Given - Another Marauder's RP w/Lynx - ABANDONED   Thu May 05, 2016 8:06 pm


These are one of the few instances where I’m thinking that leading me to an abandon classroom will spell out my death one day.” Remus said as Rae gestured him inside the classroom that had started to become the Marauder’s Coven Area. Peter playfully had described it as a coven in any case, and Rae took it with more movement than he thought was necessary. In the room, hidden underneath a floorboard was a bag /filled/ with muggle magical supplies and a few magical sourced ones. Mostly to convince an actual potion rather than something made up. Down the stairs to the teacher’s desk, Remus noticed that the windows were dusted and lit up with the sun, showing off beautiful green ribbons. The teacher desk, was transformed into an alter that had a beautiful green cloth that was sewn. On the cloth was a painted Tree of Life and a a celtic triad knot.

Rae knew how to insert her Irish ancestry to his birthday. “Preparing for the spring equinox?” He asked curiously as he traced the green alter top.

“Yeah. I’m super excited for it. It’ll be my first Ostara with my family.” Rae was getting more comfortable with calling Mary and Tim her family. Remus had to smile, Rae had changed drastically from the nightmare during Christmas. He was also pleased to see that she wore Sirius’ ring with such profound pride, the Slytherns weren’t exactly certain on /how/ to take her. A companion of their’s or a a stolen snake.

Remus took a seat at the desk and Rae took the other side. “So, happy birthday Remus. I hope that this is enough…”

“To be honest, I’m surprised that this is modest.” Remus admitted sheepishly. “I’m expecting Sirius to rub off on you and you’ll be spending plenty of money on me.”

“I gave him ideas of that helps put me somewhere.” Rae joked. She reached into the desk and pulled a deck. Remus was prepared to see the Healing with Faeries, but instead was greeted with a dark green cover and a golden celtic knot. “Bria bought me this deck for Christmas. I used it on James and it yielded some good advice.”

“Anything I should know about it?”

“This doesn’t decide your future, but it doesn’t describe your emotional state. This is a path walk. A quest if you’ll take it.” Rae replied. “This deck is all about decisions and what way you may decide to go and what way you may decide is best. All in all, the quest is in your hands. I suppose if you really want to get into mythology, these cards describe the Tree of Life. The tree is yours, but the branches are your will.”

“I’m surprised James didn’t mention getting a reading from you…” Remus frowned as he took the deck. “It feels lighter and smaller than your other one.”

“It feels more like a playing deck, it’s nice.” She agreed. “But the reading was more impromptu than anything else.” She tapped the deck. “Do you want to see what your quest is?”

“Sure,” Remus replied and began shuffling. He gave the cards back to Rae who started to put the cards in an inverted triangle. Four on top, three in the middle and then two. “Um…”

“This spread…okay. So.” She tapped on the first card. Remus noticed that this card had an open sky looking upon the horizon. There was a table filled with nails and a stone block with a woman’s head carved into it. “So this is telling me that you’re not practicing with something in the world. You’re living life by idling, not wanting to move neither forward nor backwards. While that’s usually fine and all, you’re not really going with the flow either. Something tells me that this hesitance is from something.”

Remus could think of a few things that would go along with that, but said nothing as Rae turned to the next card. This one of a beautiful woman that stood at the entrance of a cave holding a cup. “You’re familiar with the legend of the wall of knowledge right? Each stream represents the five senses and what they do.” She pointed at the puddle of liquid the queen was subtly pouring onto the floor. “Here is telling me that you’re not using that knowledge to your advantage. Perhaps, you’re deluding yourself, or perhaps you think that since something happened that worked before, it’ll work again. I believe your goal for the next year for to use your senses wisely, rather than blind faith.”

“I’m getting a feeling that I know where this is going.” Remus frowned deeply. “I thought that I fixed it all.”

Rae shook her head. “I suppose you only took a step in the right direction, and now it’s warning you about how to take this quest. Though, if you think that this is wrong-?”

“Keep going.” Remus urged.

“So this card,” Rae pointed at a open field with a black bird flying in the foreground. Just behind it was a circular tower that looked more like a person. Another bird was landed, near a spear that was shooting heavenwards. “Is what empowers you. This gives you scrutiny. It tells me that you’re able to take a step back and see things from all angles before making a decision or action. You know how to help and how to react.”

“Ravens are friends of the wolves…I’m shocked I’m not seeing more of them in the spread.” Remus commented.

“They’re good in mythology as well.” Rae agreed. “For your next card, is what powers you need to learn to have.” Here, he was given a headstone that was rune-bound with a spell. Along side it was a wall that lead up the hills and into the vast cloudy field. “And that’s to take away your fear and start working on what you can do. To push forward even though everything seems hopeless and you’ve given up faith. That means, probably taking up a teaching job at Hogwarts as a professor that you want to, even if the Ministry says otherwise.”

Remus stared at her in complete, dumbfounded shock and she continued on wards. This card was of a decaying woman holding up to ends of a cloth inside a river. Behind her was a pack of wolves howling at the moonlight sky. Her looks and the wolves behind her gave Remus’ chills up his spine. “She is also known as Death. It’s telling you what your present martial self is, and what it’s telling me is that you’re resisting change of all sorts. You don’t want to change yourself in any sort of the matter.”

“That’s why I’m freaking out…” Remus hummed.

“Everyone takes death in a different way. This is why Morrigan is such a strong goddess. She is the only one who has three faces. One of death, one of life, and one of corruption. Her raven is by her shoulder, so I guess you should have realized that too. Just as we talking about not seeing a lot of ravens. I’m starting to wonder if the wolf is wanting you to find one.”

“I have a black dog with me, doesn’t that count?” He asked dryly.

“Not for a wolf. A comrade is great. A companion is better.” Rae nodded. She picked up another card. This one of a man riding gallantly in the open plain, his spear up and ready to strike. “So, you’re going to take a risk.” She said after a moment. “Right now you feel like you need to jump off the cliff in order to make something happen. You know that you can’t be idle anymore.”

I think you threw that death card in there just to pull this one,” Remus pursed his lips together.

Rae smirked, ‘But is it working?” At his look she smiled and continued. This one was a spear overlooking the ocean. “Your spiritual self right now is urging you to think about the risks that you’re about to take. Are you willing to endure whatever it is you’re about to endure? Can you? It’s also asking you a very strong of question of “are you ready”?”

Remus folded his hands over the desk, but careful to keep away from the cards even though the ones on top have already been read. This deck was…interesting needless to say. To know that it was mostly a mythology deck, especially since he was given the card of Morgan…he knew too well that these cards didn’t lie. Misinterpreted, but never lie.

“So what’s stopping you?” She pointed at a strange figure that was made in the grass while the road before them was dirt and leading up to it. “Practicality. You don’t have the skills or the creative instinct to make something. This figure is well known as the “Magician” in celtic folklore. A figure of creativity. It’s telling you to learn.”

“And what’s the last card?” He asked, touching the final one.

“Disharmony. If you don’t realize what you’re doing to yourself, or what you’re doing to the people around you, you’re going to cause chaos within and around you.” Rae replied. She pulled the card away. He noticed that the cauldron was of Cerwiden, a goddess that worked witchcraft and time in the celtic legends.

Remus watched in silence as Rae began gathering up the cards and shuffling them back into the deck. She shuffled them once, tapped it with her finger and set it aside. Silence stretched before them and Rae gave him a sweet smile. “So I have something for you.”


“You really think I was just going to give you a reading and call it a day?” Rae laughed. “No. I have much more for you.”

“I thought we just said you weren’t going to be like Sirius.” Remus said, but smiling a little fondly as he was given a rectangular gift as well as a small cylinder one. “What’s this?”

“I suggest opening the gift in front of Sirius. I wrote the instructions on how to use this,” she pointed at the Cylinder. “and it’s inside this,” she pointed at the rectangular. “My advice to you, Remus is that if you really want to learn how to keep yourself in harmony, then you’re going to have to do much more than communicate with Moony. This, is going to help you during and after the moons. I feel awful that you’re hurting and in pain all the time. Since I know he’s with you ninety four percent of the time, he should know how to use it too, just in case you’re unable to get it open or something of the sort.”

“You really do your research…” Remus was touched. “How do you know this will work on me?”

“To be honest, I don’t. You’re going to have to tell me the different side-effects you feel as well as if it was too much of one thing or too less of another. I’m using Moony more or less as a guniena pig since I don’t think you’ll feel the difference too much besides less pain…and hopefully not so tired.”

“What will it do to Moony?”

“Give him realization and control.” Rae replied. “The book is a fun read. I think you’ll find things of interest in it. It’s a book. Sirius told me that he didn’t want to get you the same old, same old so I decided to be the one to do the cliche and get you a book.”

‘I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading it,” Remus smiled as he gently took the gifts. “You do realize…you don’t need to feel like you have to make up things using me and the rest of us…right?”

“This is purely my own selfishness of having time and money and means of making you and buying you something. Bria should be pleased that she’ll get a better birthday present than a fucking /friendship/ bracelet I’ve been giving her for the past few years besides tea.”

Remus laughed. “Shame you didn’t think to give me that.”

“The book is a good substitute I promise.” Rae stood up. “I think everyone else is going to have ideas on what to do for your birthday. So you might want to go before James declares you missing in action and tell the common room that they should give you a surprise.”

“Oh dear Merlin he would,” Remus groaned. “I’ll go find them and stop them. You know you’re welcome to whatever party we’re having.”

“I think this day is best left to you, your friends, and Bria. I’m definitely the wheel left un-turned for this one.” Rae grinned as she watched Remus leave with his gifts. She smiled as she looked down at her alter.

“Rhiannon, I think we’re doing okay.”

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PostSubject: Re: No F's Given - Another Marauder's RP w/Lynx - ABANDONED   Thu May 05, 2016 8:07 pm

"There you are!" Sirius beamed as he hugged Remus, "How'd your reading go?!" he asked, tugging his friend further into the Common Room, "Happy Birthday!" he motioned to the cake on the coffee table that was just big enough for six-seven people, Eri and Raiden sitting on the couch with Peter, Lily, and James around.

“It went well, she used a new type of deck this time around. Mostly of the Legend of Camelot from what I gathered as well as some other celtic mythological figures. It was an interesting read.” Remus smiled, his eyes bright and shy. “I always tell you lot you don’t have to go all out.” But he was definitely pleased with the cake. “Please tell me that’s chocolate, Eri.”

“What other kind would she make for you? Sit down. You’re supposed to make the first cut.” James laughed as he pushed Remus a paper plate. “You’re making us starve here.”

"If it makes you feel better we all at just have one gift," Bria giggled. They all sang the Birthday Song and she watched Remus blow out the candles, "I hope it was a good wish," she murmured softly and he cut the cake, everyone clapping and James shouting "Finally!"

Lily beat everyone to the punch, holding out her gift to Remus, the bag a simple tanned leather with a green string, "This should help with school, that's the only hint."
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Remus opened the bag and carefully shook it into his hand. Gentle clinking and a couple of stones fell into his palm. Each one had a golden rune carved into the stone. The stones themselves were of different colors and gems. It was a beautiful mix and match. "Lily this is wonderful." He beamed. "I love this."

"Why are they on stones?" James asked as he peered over to see the gift. "You gonna tell the future with that?"

"I could." Remus looked over at James with a smile. "But I think I'll keep these for a different reason. Thank you." He reached over to Lily and gave her a hug.
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PostSubject: Re: No F's Given - Another Marauder's RP w/Lynx - ABANDONED   Mon May 16, 2016 2:57 pm

Lily returned the hug full-heartedly, "I'm glad you like it! I'm sure it'll come in handy somehow," she beamed as she sat back down, ending up closer to James, though she was sure he didn't think it was deliberate.

"Raiden and I kind of combined our gifts into one container since they're small," Eri smiled as she handed him a copper-paper wrapped box that was flat and fit in the palm of her hand, a green ribbon keeping it together, "You might get a chuckle out of it."

(( Raiden - Eri ))
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No F's Given - Another Marauder's RP w/Lynx - ABANDONED
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