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May 2019


 Magic Wonder HP 1st Year /Lunar

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Magic Wonder HP 1st Year /Lunar Empty
PostSubject: Magic Wonder HP 1st Year /Lunar   Magic Wonder HP 1st Year /Lunar EmptyMon Feb 08, 2016 9:20 pm

Eridanus leaned his head against the window as he watched students pile up. He could see his father and mom from where he was sitting. The twins, Alexis and Vivi were trying their hardest to try to disappear into the crowd to get onto the train. His mom was holding Vivi, while his dad was trying to hold back Alexis, but neither of them made an attempt to Apperate out of the train station, too focused on the train and watching it leave.

He heard the compartment door slid open and he looked over to see a brown-haired girl with an oval face staring at him. "Hello?"

The young girl blinked a few times before she realized he was talking to her, a shy smile creasing her lips. "Oh! Sorry for bothering you, but... Is it all right if I sit here with you? Most of the stalls are full." She asked, her bright brown eyes darting to the window then back to the blonde.

"Sure," Eridanus gestured to the seat across from him. "I'm Eridanus Black." He pursed his lips together. His father told him that the Black name had some negativity associated from it, but told him not to let it affect him. After all, he was of Darling blood too. "What's your name?"

A smile of relief lit up Emeline's freckle covered face as she sat across from him. "Eridanus Black... What a unique name. I've never heard that last name before. I like it." She mused, before bowing her head in greeting. "I'm Emeline, Emeline Fabron. It's a pleasure."

"It's nice to meet you to. Emeline. I like that name. You have a bit of an accent I noticed. Are you not from here?" Eridanus asked curiously, shifting away from the window.

Emeline smiled brightly and shook her head at his question. "I was actually born and raised in France; I moved to London a few months ago." She said with a tilt of her head, fiddling with the bright blue pendent that hung around her neck lightly.

Eridanus tilted his head. "Why did you decide to move away from France? Is it because of what happened?" There had been a muggle attack in the city of Paris, but he didn't understand much of what was going on. Both his parents were tight lipped about it, more than likely because of his mother.

"That was one reason why, yes. Papa was afraid that the people who attacked Paris my come to my hometown as well, so it was a safety precaution to keep my siblings and I safe. Plus..." She paused for a moment, a thoughtful look on her face before she continued. "My mother was born in London, and my grandmother gave us a place to stay."

"I am glad that you are in London now, and that you and your family are safe." Eridanus smiled a little shyly. "I only ever lived in London, though we sometimes travel around here and there. When France was attacked, we decided to stop traveling. So I stayed home during the summer. Do you mind if I ask what House you think you might go into? Or do you not know much about Hogwarts?" The train's whistle blew and he looked out the window and waved quickly, hoping that his parents and his younger siblings could see him.

"I am too. Thank you..." She smiled shyly with her face heating up slightly. Emeline soon felt the train move and instantly took the opportunity to look out the window to wave to her father and older siblings, smiling brightly before looking at the boy once she heard him speak again. "I don't mind at all," she reassured, sitting back on the seat properly. "I'm not sure what house I'll be in, if you want me to be honest. As much as I don't like admitting it, I know very little about Hogwarts."

She looked down at her lap nervously, biting her lip. "When I discovered that I could use magic, my family and I had just moved here to London. My sister, Sophia, is a graduate from the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic back in France, and I would have attended there if we hadn't moved away."

"I don't know much about Baeuxbatons besides that Aunt Fleur used to go there. She moved to London to marry Uncle Bill from what I'm told." Eridanus told her as he lifted his legs to sit on the seat criss-crossed. "There's four Houses of Hogwarts. There's Slythern, whose symbol is the snake, there's Ravenclaw whose symbol is the eagle, Hufflepuff is a Badger, and Gryffindor is a Lion. Each House carries around a certain kind of trait. For an example, back when Mom and Dad were in school, Slythern was for pure-blood families and half-bloods who were cunning, and ambitions. Gryffindor was for the brave at heart and kind. Hufflepuff didn't care about blood nor about any traits so long as they had a willingness to learn. Ravenclaw only took the smartest people, not to say that they had to be super geniuses or anything like that, but those who were creative and think outside the box."

Emeline leaned forward just a little as she nodded and listened intently, eyes wide and bright as he explained the houses of Hogwarts. Once he had finished, the redhead wrinkled her nose for a moment and shook her head slightly. "Slytherin doesn't sound like it suits either one of us." She said, soon smiling up at him as a thought occurred to her. "I can actually see you as a Gryffindor. I'm not sure why but... It sounds like it would suit you."

"I really hope so. My dad was a Gryffindor. His entire family was Slythern so he was the outcast." Eridanus smiled brightly. "I don't know if you'd be a Hufflepuff or a Gryffindor. I kinda hope you're a Gryffindor. It'd be awesome to be in the same house with each other."
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PostSubject: Re: Magic Wonder HP 1st Year /Lunar   Magic Wonder HP 1st Year /Lunar EmptyTue Feb 09, 2016 12:20 am

The young girl returned his smile with one of her own, nodding once eagerly. "I hope so too." She agreed, her face turning into a bright shade of pink. Tucking a strand of red hair away from her face, Emeline soon remembered something and dug into her bag that sat beside her on the seat to pull out a small box with holes poked on the sides.

Pulling off the lid, she soon lifted a baby chinchilla that squeaked a little once she was brought into her human's arms. "This is Ambrosia, by the way." She beamed, stroking the creature's fur gently in hopes of soothing her.

"What the heck is that?" Eridanus' eyes widened as he looked at the creature. "It looks like a...I want to say a Pikachu, but I don't know if you know what that is." He was a huge pokemon fanatic and had loved playing the games. It was just awful that electronics didn't work in Hogwarts. He was going to have to figure out how to charm his 3ds in order to play it on the train.

Emeline couldn't help but grin brightly at the mention of Pikachu, giggling gently. "You play Pokemon too?" She beamed then looked down at her pet. "She's a Chinchilla, though I can see why you would think she looks like a Pikachu." She laughed, hearing Ambrosia squeak nervously again before stroking her head with her two fingers. "Shh.. It's okay, baby girl. You're safe."

"She probably smells cat and dog on me. We have a three cats and sometimes a dog. My father can turn into one." His father couldn't be an illegal animagus anymore since he had to go through so much to be proven innocent. One of the things taken away was the freedom of not being known. Of course, Uncle Remus kindly pointed out that his father lived years as a rebel and wouldn't kill him to obey the law at least once.

"He can turn into a dog?" Emeline lifted her head with wide eyes as she heard this. "That's amazing!" She beamed a bright smile, continuing to hold her pet Chinchilla gently in her arms. "I'm guessing your father's an Animagus? I did some research on them before I hopped on the train."

"Since he was fifteen. He did it illegally though. So it's not exactly recommended to do so. He's always been good at Transfiguration. Speaking of, what class are you looking forward to the most? I'm kinda eager to see what Potions is going to be like. But flying classes sound exciting too. We get to learn how to use a broomstick!"

"That's still really amazing." She complimented, then thought for a moment at his question. "To be honest, I'm looking forward to Astronomy class; I've always been interested in the constellations. Potions and Transfiguration sound like fun too."

"I wonder why Astronomy is considered to be apart of the magical curriculum. I guess you need it for later magics or what not." Eridanus mused. "My name is apart of a constellation, at least according to my mom, it be fun to know what it is and if that's true."

Oh!" Emeline blurted out suddenly once he finished speaking, realizing something. "I thought your name sounded familiar. Eridanus is the name of a constellation that represents a river, and it's latin for Po River, which is the actual name of a river in Athens." She informed, then blushed in embarrassment as she covered her mouth with her eyes hitting the floor. "Ah...! I must sound like a know-it-all..."

"No not at all!" Eridanus smiled brightly. "Maybe you'll be suited for Ravenclaw! They're a good House to be in." He assured her. "I knew it was a River, but..that's amazing."

She lowered her hand to reveal a smile of relief, her shoulders relaxing as he spoke to her in reassurance. "You think so?" She asked, sounding hopeful.

"I think so. Whatever house you're in is going to be really happy to have you. You'll win a bunch of House points and maybe help win the House Cup!" Eridanus assured her lightly. There was a knock at the compartment door and Eridanus held up a finger to make her pause in her thought and opened up the compartment door.

A plump witch was peering over the door, pushing a trolley that was filled with sweets and pasteries. "Anything off the trolley dears?" She asked cheerfully.

"Do you want anything?" Eridanus turned so that the Emeline could see who it was, and what the cart looked like.

Her face heated up even more at his words, her smile growing brighter before she turned to the trolley before her eyes darted at the variety of sweets available. She soon beamed a bright grin and took out a small pouch of money and grinned at Eridanus. "How about I buy us two Chocolate Frogs and a box of Every Flavor Beans?" She offered.

Eridanus nodded and pulled out his wallet so that she didn't have to spend her allowence. "Two chocolate frogs, a box of jelly beans, two cherry licorice wands, and four peppermint toads." He told the witch as he handed over the money for the candy.
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PostSubject: Re: Magic Wonder HP 1st Year /Lunar   Magic Wonder HP 1st Year /Lunar EmptyFri Feb 19, 2016 7:04 pm

Emeline's eyes immediately grew bright once he bought the two cherry licorice wands, a smile lighting up her face as he handed one to her. "Thank you very much!" She beamed, accepting her portion of the sweets and proceeded to open her chocolate frog box.

"No problem." Eridanus blushed as he went back and sat down across from her. Hogwarts was going to be a little bit longer, and he couldn't wait to see what adventures awaited them.
After several hours of being on the train, Emeline, Eridanus and the other preteens had finally arrived at Hogwarts, and then proceeded to be sorted into their houses. The young girl had been sorted into Hufflepuff, while her new friend was sorted into Gryffindor. At first, Emeline was disappointed that she didn't get into the same house as him, but she felt happy for him, regardless. After being lead to her dorm, the redhead found that she was incredibly exhausted and once in her room, she sat upon the stone window sill as she stared up at the moon that hovered above the castle.

Tomorrow would be a new and exciting day for both her and Eridanus, and she hoped to run into the blonde in a few classes. Looking down at the sleeping chinchilla in her arms, she caressed Ambrosia's fur gently with her index and middle fingers, blinking a few times once she heard the flapping of wings.

The first day was basically transfiguration and potions for the Gryffindors, but the day after that, Eridanus was quite surprised to see that the History of Magic office was filled with Hufflepuffs. He kept an eye out, looking for Emeline and found her in the middle of the section. He picked his way through and sat down next to her.

Emeline lifted her head up instantly at the sound of his voice, her face lighting up with a smile before she nodded once in greeting. "It'll take some getting used to, but everyone has been very nice so far." She said, closing the book she was reading before tilting her head to the side. "How about yours?"

"Lots of red and a lot of excitement and nervousness. I think I'll fit right at home here." Eridanus grinned as he pulled out his textbook from his bag. "Have you made any friends?"

A soft giggle left her lips as his statement, a grin crossing her lips. "To be honest, you're the only friend I have so far. Though, I did meet a girl named Felicity who offered to help me study; she's in the same house as me too." She said, then turned her body to face him completely. "What about you?"

"I met a few guys here and there. I think I'll try to get to know them, but so far you're my only friend too." Eridenus grinned. "What classes did you already have prior to this one? Did you get to see Professor McGongal?"

"Not yet, but I hear she's an amazing teacher. I'm really looking forward to Transfiguration." She grinned. "As for what other classes I have, umm... let's see..." Emeline paused for a moment, a thoughtful look on her face as she looked at her schedule for a quick look. "Yesterday, I had Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Charms was very interesting, while DADA was very difficult..." She stated, tucking a strand of hair away from her face.

"What did you do in DADA?" Eridanus asked curiously. "I have that coming up."

"Well, we mainly had an overview of what sorts of spells and creatures that we could face at any time, as well as go through the history of the Dark Arts. We had to take a lot of notes, and I'm guessing that the information we have to absorb and study them during our first month here." She explained, then an exasperated sigh left her lips. "I'm no good at defending myself against a person, let alone a magical creature. I know I'm probably getting ahead of myself, but the thought kind of scares me."

"Better to be prepared than not to be." Eridanus said with a bit of a sad smile. "I don't want to hurt anyone either, but it's better to have something underneath your belt just in case. I don't want to see you get hurt."

She nodded in agreement, then turned her head to look up at him with a soft look on her face before she smiled at him. "I don't want you to get hurt either..." She said in a sincere and gentle tone, before a look of determination formed on her freckled face. "I'll just have to try harder and learn how to defend myself better, so I can protect those important to me."

"That's the spirit Emmie." Eridanus grinned. "If you need a practice partner, I can be a dummy if you need it."

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Magic Wonder HP 1st Year /Lunar Empty
PostSubject: Re: Magic Wonder HP 1st Year /Lunar   Magic Wonder HP 1st Year /Lunar Empty

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Magic Wonder HP 1st Year /Lunar
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