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April 2019


 Avengers - Civil War AU - Kintsugi Golden Repair 3.0

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Avengers - Civil War AU - Kintsugi Golden Repair 3.0 Empty
PostSubject: Avengers - Civil War AU - Kintsugi Golden Repair 3.0   Avengers - Civil War AU - Kintsugi Golden Repair 3.0 EmptyTue Aug 02, 2016 6:39 pm

"I was wondering when you would contact me again. I honestly was not expecting you to find a possible solution to our friend's friend so soon. Judging by our last conversation, however, you seemed to have been on the right track," T'Challa admitted as he joined Meara in his new established office. He took a glance at all the different notes and papers. An organized mess, more or less.

"Yes, well...not everything can get solved overnight, but I wasn't a young doctor for no good reason," Meara agreed, "Steve confirmed for me that he was brainwashed. That put my mind on a parallel but different track. There are two different versions of mind-control and brainwashing to my knowledge...that you black out and don't remember, or you are like you a spectator and you can see and remember everything, but you're powerless to stop it. That can mess with someone on a deeper level emotionally and mentally. Trauma like that can ruin anyone. It takes a strong person to pull through and keep fighting, which Bucky did. That shows me there's a chance. Yet...I can't do anything to help him myself. I can only give opinions and tell you how I see it, but I don't have that type of healing. I use splints and pills, not..."

"Herbs and healing smoke?" T'Challa offered.

"Yes. What we need is a Spiritual Healer, someone who can touch his soul in a way no one here besides maybe Steve can do. Steve is his closest friend, and he would listen to Steve, but there's a limit to even friendship and love for one another," Meara frowned.

"There is the Atrum Tribe my family has had a treaty with for...generations. There is a hardy carrier pigeon that is bred in order to send messages between us and only us," T'Challa smiled, "I can write a letter and send word to them to send their best and brightest."

Meara lit up, "I have heard whispers of the Atrum, among their other names from other countries. They are a Mountain people and date a long time back. Yes, that is what I am going for."

T'Challa stood, "Then I shall do that. It may take a week or more for them to arrive, however."

"Steve will have to find a way to contain himself until then," Meara smiled.

"We both know that way happens to be a person, and that person is your daughter," T'Challa smirked a bit.


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PostSubject: Re: Avengers - Civil War AU - Kintsugi Golden Repair 3.0   Avengers - Civil War AU - Kintsugi Golden Repair 3.0 EmptyTue Aug 02, 2016 6:51 pm

"I knew it was too good to be true! A week without danger at our heels?! Like Fate is having that!" Sam screamed as he, Kerica and Steve all ran for their lives towards the last base. It was only a couple more yards away! "That has to be the same one from last month! And the one before!"

"It just wants to be loved!" Kerica laughed.

"Loved?! I bet we are the only game in this whole damn jungle that it hasn't sunk its paws into!" Sam was appalled when she cracked up harder, "How can you laugh at a time like this?! Your girlfriend is insane, Steve!" Steve only bolted the last yard ahead so he could reach the switch to make the fence electric. As soon as Kerica and Sam jumped through he flipped it.

The jaguar bounced off of it and cried out, but it didn't go very far before sauntering back, growling and hissing as it paced the fence. Kerica was still lying on her stomach watching it.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing? Get away from there!" Sam called as Steve fired the flare, illuminating the sky with red glow.

"Shut up, Sam, I'm fine," Kerica scrooted all that much closer, "Hey, pretty baby," she cooed, and watched the cats ears perk and flatten, flickering back and forth. "Yeah, I'm talking to you. Hey, stop movin' so can look at your face, I can't tell if you're a boy or girl."

Miraculously, Sam didn't know how, but after a solid minute the jaguar laid on its stomach to mirror Kerica, and he looked at Steve, "Do you see this?!"

"There's a reason why we call Keri the cat whisperer. Didn't think it'd work on a Jaguar though," Steve admitted as he approached the fence cautiously. He wasn't about to try his luck like Kerica was, and was prepared to do whatever he needed to get her out and away from the jaguar's large mouth, which he was certain could tear the fence to shreds if it wasn't electric. He nearly made a few fast steps when the Jaguar started to move it's paws around, adrenaline telling him to snatch Kerica away from the fence.

The roar of the motorcycle suddenly came closer and the Jaguar quickly got up on it's legs, crouched and ready before suddenly disappearing off into the distance, not liking the loud noise. Steve whipped around, looking at the two figures who were sitting on the motorcycle. One of them clad in a gorgeous gold, while the other was wearing nothing but navy blue, her fingertips bandaged. The girl with the gold had got off immediately before the other managed to park the bike. Her helmet swung off and Steve was a little taken aback to see an older woman. No, not just an older woman, but a woman who clearly was white.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" The woman said, shoving the helmet to the side and stomping over towards Kerica. "You were playing with that thing like it wasn't going to attack you. Animals are unpredictable here, unlike the States! Or wherever the hell you come from."

"WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!" Sam shouted, "Like what the hell?! You just popped out of the ground!"

"Like a daisy!" Kerica cracked up, "What, are you going to say the jaguar was three feet in front of me now? Don't you realize they sense fear like any other predator?" she stood up and dusted herself off, but then pressed her hand over her chest, "Oh man, laughing so hard after running like that..."

"I'll go get the inhaler from the tent," Sam said, "I identify very strongly with Mushu, thank you," he added, making her giggle again and then turned on his heel, eyeballing the young man who came from the shadow.

Steve quickly went to Kerica's side and placed his hands on her shoulder. "Here, sit down and lean your back towards me." He said as he slowly guided her to the ground. "It'll help you breathe."

"Asthma?" The woman in gold blinked in shock. "What in the world made you think living in the Jungle was the way to go with all the humidity? That sets it off like no one's business. We should head back after Sam finds those inhalers and even if he doesn't we should go. Nyah can drive you to the compound. I'm...going to jump to the conclusion that you're the King's guest."

Steve watched the woman rant, and...Draco was signing something to the girl in blue. Nyah if that was her name. Her amusement didn't waver, she looked pleased as peaches if anything. She seemed content to just watch this from the side lines.

"I have no idea what you're Signing but you both have lovely form," Kerica commented and tried to breathe deep and slow as she settled against Steve, "I came running with them because I woke up at five and knew they went running around seven, so I said fuck it. My asthma isn't so sever I need medication or inhalers all that much. T'Challa keeps the palace pretty aired."

"Hell, running from a large kitty cat makes /my/ chest hurt and I don't have any ailments like that," Sam grumbled as he came back from the tent, clicking his tongue, "We don't even know who you three are. Why should we tell you about us?"

"My name is Nyah." Draco watched Nyah sign the words. "I'm apart of the Atrum Tribe, and soul-healer." Nyah clasped her hands together in prayer and brought it up to her forehead before gesturing it towards the group. Draco turned to the group and smiled. "And I'm Draco, also apart of the Atrum tribe. Not a soul-healer."

Teresa did the same gesture, "I'm Teresa Rivera." She smiled at the group. "And I'm not technically apart of their tribe. Just an outsider and doctor."

"Oh! She's like Clint. Clint's mostly deaf but he uses a hearing aid," Kerica concluded, and she tried to copy the gesture, "Kerica Knight, nice to meet you."

"Sam...Sam Wilson," Sam half did the greeting, not really sure if he should or not, and handed Kerica the inhaler, "An outsider?" he tilted his head at Teresa, "Did you get lost in the jungle and they found you?"

"Basically. I was working with the Doctors Without Borders and we....we were attacked." Teresa sighed. "There are more tribes out here than just Wakanda, and Atrum. Vicious blood-thirsty ones. I got away and they saved me."

"I'm Steve Rogers." Steve signed hello and his name. He also gave Nyah his sign name, shield with an S shape rather than the normal C. "It's nice to meet you." He smiled.

"That's a lot more fluent than I normally sign. I stumble." Teresa smiled lightly.

"It's a few basics that Clint taught me." Steve rubbed the back of his neck. "It's not a lot, I'll have brush up more."

"I volunteer to be Captain America's Signing buddy." Draco offered, raising his hand slightly.

"/I know Sign, too,/" Sam added, using his hands now they were free, "/I worked with Veterans who were Deaf. I am.../" and he did his Sign name, which was the symbol for Kind in an S, "That was my Name given to me by them. I treasure it."

"I like that." Draco beamed as Nyah replied with a 'nice to meet you'. "That really suits you. You worked with war veterans? So you're a type of soul-healer as well? Why didn't they ask you to help with the secret mission?"

"Okay, now I really have no idea what you're talking about," Sam furrowed his brows.

"Bucky," Kerica hummed, her breathing a bit more even after puffing the inhaler a few times, "They're here to help. To answer your question, Sam doesn't do that type of healing. He's more like you, heals with words."

Draco shook his head from side to side and took a breath to try to explain. "Soul-healing is soul-healing." He looked at Kerica. "His methods are words. So all that means is that we need a soul-healer whose methods are different. That's all."

"I tried explaining therapy to them and they said it was the same thing. Soul-healing using different methods and approaches. I had to admit, I was impressed at the categorization." Teresa assured the three of them. "It's like looking for a doctor to help with certain ailments. You don't go to a blood doctor to get your broken bone fixed. Unless something happened to the vessels."

"Oh, that makes sense," Sam tapped his chin, "Okay...ah, I hear the chopper. About time," Sam looked up at the sky to see the black flying machine heading their way, "Who's all going by foot back to the compound?"

Draco grinned and did a tiny wave. "Bye!" Just like he had appeared, he sunk into the shadows without so much of a trace that he was there. Nyah placed back on her helmet since she hadn't gotten off her motorbike and revved it up.

"Draco's going to pick up that motorbike." Teresa frowned as she looked at the one left over. "I'll head back into the chopper with you unless someone wants to ride it."

"I can drive it back. Kerica do you want to ride with me or the Chopper? Probably should take the chopper since your asthma was set off..." Steve looked at Kerica curiously.

"Chopper or motorcycle with my boyfriend? Hmm," Kerica moved her hands like balance trays and rolled her eyes playfully, "Bike. Obviously. The rush of air will be nice," she promised, and they both got to their feet, him steadying her so she wouldn't get dizzy.

"I guess it's just you and I riding back, Teresa," Sam chuckled, "He's going to watch you like a hawk the rest of the day," he told Kerica.

"I'm aware," Kerica nodded, taking the helmet Steve handed her and settling it on her head.

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PostSubject: Re: Avengers - Civil War AU - Kintsugi Golden Repair 3.0   Avengers - Civil War AU - Kintsugi Golden Repair 3.0 EmptyTue Aug 02, 2016 10:12 pm

While Nyah, Draco and Teresa were waiting outside the doors to meet T'Challa, Kerica was helping Sam and Steve tell the King and her father about their little adventure while Meara looked her over and gave her some pills for her asthma. T'Challa was quite impressed and even ended up laughing a bit at Sam's reaction. It was curious that he had a very contemplative look in his eye when he looked at her, and she wasn't quite sure what to make of it.

"The cat whisperer, huh?" T'Challa smirked a little, then looked back at Steve, "So, two Atrum and an Outsider when I only asked for one? I wonder what their reasoning is." He stepped towards the platform towards the door. It was only the five of them, plus two guards on either side of the door. T'Challa waived to the guards, "Ayokunle, Buziba, let them in." The one who could blend with the darkness of night got to the door first and the second one chuckled at him before grabbing the other hands, the two stepping back and letting the doors swing to reveal Nyah, Draco, and Teresa.

Steve watched as the three of them in sync raised their hands to their forehead, but instead of just splitting it apart, they brought it to their heart and then held out their hands in fists, wrists upright showing the veins. "<Our blood is yours to shed.>" The three of them said in a language that was quite beautiful.

"I know you have met my guests already. I have several more here, and I am certain you will meet them later," T'Challa hummed, "Will you introduce yourselves to me? And just /which one/ of you is the healer I requested? I did not need three," he furrowed his brows at them.

"My name is Teresa Rivera. I'm a doctor." Teresa said as she unbent herself and took a breath. She stared at T'Challa squarely, but respectfully. "I was told to come just in case the people who you were helping was apart of my crew or at least, apart of my country. They want me to return home to my family. However, they suspected you might have a need for me, whatever that is."

"I don't particularly have a need for another doctor, but if you'd like to stay, I won't say no. If you would like to have a jet arranged for you to go home, I could arrange that, as well. Take a few days to think and observe, however, before you let me know," T'Challa nodded, "You may come stand next to Dr. Knight," he swept his hand towards the left where Meara stood and the doctor bowed at her in response.

"The more the merrier, I say," Meara shrugged, "More minds to bounce ideas off of is how I look at it."

"Also I can't imagine how rusty I might be from not being able to practice the normal way." Teresa agreed and watched the other two.

"I'm Draco and I am /not/ a doctor nor am I the soul-healer you requested. I am however a translator." Draco carefully unbent himself from his bow as he spoke. He kept his feet hip distance apart and his arms by his side, ready for anything should something happen. "I hope that eases your mind somewhat. Nyah, the woman next to me, is your soul-healer." She also unbent herself.

"Ah, but you are a fighter. A silent one," T'Challa smiled, "There are so many variants of fighting styles, so I certainly won't turn you away, Draco. Pleasure to meet you. What is Nyah's ailment, exactly? Completely deaf? Simply hard of hearing? I am afraid my Sign is rusty."

"I am deaf." Nyah picked her head up so that she could lipread the king. As she spoke, she signed just in case her words were too slurred and too hard to understand. Draco would be able to translate regardless since he been around her long enough. "My right ear is shot and I'm losing hearing in my left one. I hope you don't think that it'll hinder the healing. I'm good at what I do."

"Might I ask why the Elder was not sent and you were? I am not doubting the choices made, I simply would like a better understanding," T'Challa said gently, "I also hope you understand that...this will take some time? I am not looking for an overnight miracle, or even a week or a month."

Nyah nodded, she could understand that. She looked at Draco and started signing, allowing him to translate. "I'm told that I have a sunny personality and the person you want healed has a rainy soul. The Elder believes me to be the best in the village for what you want to accomplish. I know that this will take time, we're prepared to live here for as long as you need us, however long you need us. You did ask for the best. We wouldn't insult you by giving you someone untrained."

"I like the confidence," Steve murmured to Sam softly. "But is it too much? Bucky's soul is more than rainy...."

"There's only one way to find out, isn't there?" Sam commented back just as quietly.

"Then let us go wake your patient," T'Challa stepped down from the platform and he walked passed the two Atrum people to the doors, where the one dark as night opened the door again, "Thank you, Buziba," he said and continued down the hallway.

"Kibwe and Enitan will be happy we have more help, I believe," Meara assured Teresa as they hurried to catch the King's long-legged stride, "Even if you're rusty in the traditional way, we could still benefit from learning yours."
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PostSubject: Re: Avengers - Civil War AU - Kintsugi Golden Repair 3.0   Avengers - Civil War AU - Kintsugi Golden Repair 3.0 EmptyThu Aug 04, 2016 10:10 pm

“A trade for a trade.” Teresa agreed as they headed towards where the cry-chamber was. The room was clean to it’s core and the room was sheer white besides the chamber that was laying at a forty-five degree angle. Good for breathing and for comfort. Nyah walked passed the King and the posse further into the room. She stood before the chamber, and looked inside of it. Of the man who was sleeping there, freezing and unaware of time slipping by.

His aura was split in a way that told her that he was debating with himself. There was unrest, unease within him. He didn’t trust himself, and his mind fought against that. That if he couldn’t trust himself, then who could he trust? It made her sad and angry to see that kind of aura within, but it told her that he was selfless and he was truly trying to look after his friends and strangers around him.

A rather tall man, maybe even an inch taller than Steve, came towards Teresa and he smiled at her, holding his hand out. His lab coat looked too big, as well as the rest of his clothing. The only thing that seemed to fit were his shoes. "I am Kibwe. Are you one of the newcomers? I see your friend has already found our special patient."

"I'm Teresa Rivera." Teresa shook hands with him firmly and smiled. "Nyah's not exactly pleased at the situation it looks like." She looked over at the cryo-chamber before turning to Kibwe. "Is it too dangerous to wake him up? Is there a process that needs to go through?"

"If you are those whom T'Challa sent for, then we can wake him. What worries me is how he will wake. He has a rough background and when he went under he had just come from fighting constantly in less than a week. He was very adamant and did not want to wait, however," Kibwe's mouth creased into a frown, though he wiped it away, "Meara has done a nice job helping us figure out what to do. Five months and we were looking at the same things over and over. He is very spiritual similar to Nyah and he looked at Bucky and it was like he knew what to do. He made similar faces," he nodded at Nyah who was still scowling.

"She looks like she's about to break the chamber herself." A woman walked up to them. She held a clipboard in her arms, pressing it against her chest as she looked over at the chamber before turning over to the group. "I'm Enitan. Sorry for the delay. I'm supposing these are the healers that were specified to save our patient."

"Nyah is." Draco gestured towards the woman. "And I think you're right about her wanting to break the chamber."

Kerica sat back by the wall where several chairs were and watched them. T'Challa came to stand by the chamber as well, and he nodded at the three doctors, "Go ahead and open it. It's time for him to join us."

"That's our cue, then, Kibwe," Meara smiled as he went over to the keypad and the three of them pressed buttons and flipped switches before there was a hissing sound when the lid popped open.
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Avengers - Civil War AU - Kintsugi Golden Repair 3.0 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avengers - Civil War AU - Kintsugi Golden Repair 3.0   Avengers - Civil War AU - Kintsugi Golden Repair 3.0 Empty

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Avengers - Civil War AU - Kintsugi Golden Repair 3.0
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