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April 2019


 Apple Pie Life? That's Boring! - REHASHED

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Apple Pie Life? That's Boring! - REHASHED Empty
PostSubject: Apple Pie Life? That's Boring! - REHASHED   Apple Pie Life? That's Boring! - REHASHED EmptyMon Aug 22, 2016 9:22 pm

<everything before this the same, it's in a word doc so it's saved>

"Rebecca will be all over us," Buck grinned brightly, "I bet she's grown into a fine young lady!"

"You two decided to go back?"

Buck whipped around, not realizing the door had opened and Peggy was standing off to the side, watching them intently, "Speaking of fine ladies, I see yours, Steve!"

Steve's eyes wandered over to the doorway and his breath was caught and left. Peggy, looking beautiful and dangerous as always, was standing at the door. He felt his heart pound as he smiled at her, though sheepishly. "Yes ma'am." He said after a moment, knowing that he felt a little disappointed that he couldn't continue to follow her. "I think it's about time we ended our fights." He looked at Peggy. "Besides, I hear that the Allies are getting closer and closer to winning the war. Captain America doesn't need to be in the middle of that finale, I don't think."

"It would have been the best time, but you're right. The war is still going even without you," Peggy smiled at Steve and stepped closer, Bucky talking his cue to sneak away. Once alone, Peggy took a ragged breath, "You stood me up, Rogers. I don't think I can forgive you for that." Watching his face fall, she continued, "I am and at the same time I'm not joking. I don’t believe I will be going back to America. I thought you died. Everyone but Stark did. I feel awful that I gave up on you, but once I grieved I moved on. I had a war to fight."

"Stark is his own man." Steve agreed, looking a little crestfallen. He should have known that he wouldn't be able to hold on to Peggy. A woman like her, he wasn't much. Not at all. "I still love you," he said gently, softly. "You always will be my best girl, Pegs. Regardless of what happens afterward. I am sorry for standing you up. It's usually the other way around with women."

"I still want to stay in touch," Peggy told him firmly, "Once it is all said and done, I am going to try and get an organization called S.H.I.E.L.D. running. If you and even your best man, Bucky, become a part of it, I would be very happy. Teresa and Meara, whom I've become good friends with since before you joined the war, even will be invited to be part of the staff. Hydra is still a threat. I don't believe it ever won't be. I want you at the forefront to thwart them like you did before," she grinned.

"You know I'd be with you in a heartbeat." Steve told her sincerely. "I never thought Hydra was going to be done and over with just because a war was won." He paused, "Though I can't answer for Buck, Peg. He's been through too much. I don't want to put him through more."

"Its not like I'm asking you to sign up tomorrow, or even sign up at all. Just to consider my offer. You'll need a job," Peggy shrugged, "Well, once you get back, expect a package from Mr. Stark, he's been preparing something for you and Mr. Barnes and then you can go talk to his assistant, Maria."
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Apple Pie Life? That's Boring! - REHASHED
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