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May 2019


 Lost & Found - Supernatural [vampirecat92]

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Lost & Found - Supernatural [vampirecat92] Empty
PostSubject: Lost & Found - Supernatural [vampirecat92]   Lost & Found - Supernatural [vampirecat92] EmptyThu Oct 13, 2016 5:39 pm

The gentle roar of thunder echoed throughout the local gas station, yet not once did it startle Sam Winchester. Raindrops were rapidly pattering against the glass windows, creating a soothing melody despite being muffled from the inside of the small building. Sam had been asked by his brother to make a quick stop in order to grab more alcohol and a couple of snacks, and it gave Sam an excuse to get out of the stuffy hotel room. It had been at least a day or two since the incident with the Alpha Vampire and the news about Purgatory, and he wanted nothing more than to kill Samuel for selling him and Dean out to Crowley, the King of Hell.

It was frustrating, but he knew that the time would come when those bastards would get what they deserved. As the tall man slowly wandered through each isle while grabbing a few bags of junk food here and there, his narrowed eyes wandered to the cashier for a brief moment, observing him silently before going back to his business. Ever since he found out that his soul was still in Lucifer's Cage back in Hell, Sam had tried to remember what it was like to feel compassion for someone or even feel remorse. Yet...he just couldn't feel anything. Not love for his brother, not sympathy or empathy for those who lost a loved one during one of their cases.

No... He had to pretend to be like his old self, and he knew how much that angered Dean. He also couldn't understand how Dean let Samuel go after everything he had kept hidden from them, and it infuriated the younger Winchester. He only saw one way out of the situation, and that was to kill his grandfather. It was the right course of action to him, yet Dean didn't let it happen. Maybe he thought that his older brother made the right choice, but then again...

His mind was a jumbled mess, and Sam found himself just staring at the box of beer in his left hand, jaw pulsating while his free hand opening and closing into a fist. Shaking his head, he walked back to the previous isle he was at and proceeded to reach out for a bag of chips, only for his fingertips to meet with another's, turning his gaze to meet with the stranger only to find himself staring at them with curiosity.
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Lost & Found - Supernatural [vampirecat92] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lost & Found - Supernatural [vampirecat92]   Lost & Found - Supernatural [vampirecat92] EmptyThu Oct 13, 2016 10:58 pm

"It's the last bag of nacho Doritos. Fight me," the woman had raven black hair and about halfway through it it became a dark blue hue that faded to a light blue. She had an athletic build, and stood at roughly 5ft 3, "You're twice my size but I will fight you tooth and nail because the next store isn't until the next town."

Utterly confused, the younger Winchester turned his head to look around him, seeing there was nobody else around. "You... You want /me/? To fight /you/?" He pointed to himself then at her as he spoke, an amused scoff leaving his lips as the corners of his mouth curled into a smirk. "Over a bag of chips?" Why did he find that so ridiculous yet so funny?

"/Or/ you could just let me have it and no blood will have to be spilled this night?" she smirked at him, shrugging.

Raising his hand up in defense with an even wider grin on his face, he slowly proceeded to reach out for the bag of chips and then handed it to her. "Alright, then. It's all yours; I think I have enough junk food for one night, anyway." He snickered, finding her feisty attitude charming, much to his surprise.

"Good man, good choice," she nodded with a grin, taking the bag, "Calla. Nice to meet you," she did a two-finger solute and brushed them off her forehead, "To the registers, then," she said as she turned on her heel and headed off to the front of the store. This gave Sam a view of the back of her neck, as her hair was in a side-braid and there was an anti-possession symbol there with the words 'non timebo mala' across the bottom.

"Sam." He smirked in response. As she turned her back towards him after they exchanged first names, he tilted his head ever so slightly to the side as he noticed the tattoo on her neck, his brows raised upward. He immediately recognized the symbol and the words below it, which meant 'I will fear no evil' in Latin. "Going hunting?" His curiosity ended up getting the better of him as he found himself following after her towards the register, waiting to see her reaction.

"Hmm?" Calla looked over her shoulder, blinking at him before she reached her hand to the back of her neck, "/Oh/, right. I forget that's there. Anyway, um, yes I am. Just passing through here, though. On my way to Minnesota. What about you? Hunting anything big and juicy?"

"Nothing really came up yet, but I'm still looking." He chuckled in response. "My brother and I are actually staying at a hotel near here, but it's been kind of...boring without having anything to do."

Calla placed her things on the counter first, "If our paths cross a couple more times I /might/ consider helping you out with your boredom. /Hunting/ across the map is full of people trying to pick you up, one way or another, so I'll pass. I don't sleep in hotels unless I've got something I'm after, anyway. I just sleep in my car."

An eyebrow quirked upright as she replied to his comment, a sly smirk creasing his lip as he managed to take the time to glance up and down her body without her noticing. She had a /very/ nice figure, and he took his time in appreciating it while she wasn't paying attention. However, his attention went back to her face as he noticed her slightly jumping at the sound of thunder.

Sam's brows narrowed with confusion, wondering why she was suddenly frightened. It was just noise, he thought. The only thing they had to worry about was getting struck by lightning once outside, but the chances of /that/ were rather slim. He didn't really understand her fear, yet he pursed his lips together into an expression of worry. Even though he was faking these emotions, he had to admit, he was a good actor when it came to it. "You okay?" He asked her, waiting for a response.

"Y-Yeah, I'm alright. Thanks," she gave him a lopsided smile and stepped aside for him to pay for his things now she was done, zipping up her light blue jacket over her coral blouse, "I just hope it doesn't turn into freezing rain, ya know?"

Glancing out the window with a turn of his head, Sam nodded once in agreement before having finished paying for the food and beer. "Let's hope not. It's cold enough as it is." He said.

Calla and Sam headed out of the store, and she pointed at the small blue Ford Mustang car, "If you see that around you know I'm nearby. what kind of car should I be looking for for you?"

With a small noise that indicated that he was impressed with her car, his eyes met hers at the sound of her question. "A black '67 Chevy Impala. Can't miss it."

Winking at him, she grinned and put her hood up so she wouldn't get too soaked, "I'll see you around, Sam!" She waved, "Good luck hunting!" she said as she hurried to her car.

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Lost & Found - Supernatural [vampirecat92] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lost & Found - Supernatural [vampirecat92]   Lost & Found - Supernatural [vampirecat92] EmptyFri Oct 14, 2016 11:07 pm

Dean was so done with the last few days with the stupid fairy and the aliens and leprechauns that he was zoned out, driving along in the pitch blackness of the town that he was startled and nearly swerved when Sam got his attention, going by a Motel 6, "Holy shit, Sam! Give a guy a heart attack, why don'tcha?!" He snapped, shaking his head with a jerk and blinking, "What the hell is it?" There was another car ahead of them, a pleasant blue one, not too girly not too dark, and Sam was pointing at it.

"I've seen that car before...." He muttered under his breath yet loud enough for his brother to hear. "Pull over for a second." Once he did so, Sam immediately got out of the Impala and rushed over to the car to see if the woman he had met that day was inside. There was no sign of her anywhere as far as he could tell... Maybe she was inside the hotel booking a room?

"I'm tired, so I don't see the harm in going inside and getting a room for ourselves, if you want to find who the car belongs to?" Dean asked, running his hand over his face while he came over to Sam, the Impala locked already.

"Yeah, that's actually a good idea." He agreed, following Dean into the check-in of the hotel. Once they both rented a room for the night, Sam proceeded to talk to the person behind the counter. "By the way, uh... Have you seen a woman about, /this/ tall with black hair with a blue gradient style at the ends? She wears very bright clothing?" As he asked this, he used his hands to describe how tall she was, hoping they would have seen her.

"She's right behind you," the woman behind the counter wasn't the one who spoke, instead Dean turned around to see the person Sam was describing with a purse over her shoulders, "I was just going to the store. What are you boys up to? /Hunting/, Sam?" she asked.

"Uh...we just got /done/ with a hunt, but what about you? Who are you?" Dean furrowed his brows.

"Calla Thomas," she shrugged, "Which room did you guys get? I can come by when I'm done getting myself something to eat." Once Dean told her she nodded and walked away.

Dean noticed his brother was /totally/ checking out this Calla chick's ass. Grabbing him by the scruff of the shirt, he dragged him away, because he was still Big Brother, "What in the world was that all about? Hunting? And are you all pent up 'cause I ruined your little adventure with the hippie chick?" he asked him when they were far enough down the hall to their room.

"Dean, relax." Sam scoffed lightly as he was suddenly dragged away by his brother, following close behind yet his eyes searched for Calla without him realizing it. "We ran into each other about two weeks ago, and she's a hunter, just like us. She had an anti-possession tattoo on the back of her neck, and that's what made it click." He explained, yet he noticed the irritated expression on Dean's face, causing him to let out a heavy breath through his nose.

"An anti-possession tat, huh?" Dean grunted, "Not a lot of hunters come up with that idea. We only did it 'cause we had a lot of demons we were running into. Still do, on top of it. I wonder what her gig is," he got them into their room, "I guess now all we gotta do is wait and see if she really does show up."

It didn't take too long, maybe twenty minutes before there was a knock at their door and Sam jumped up to go grab it from where he'd been browsing on his laptop. Dean watched as the woman stumbled in, her arms full with bags of chips and in one hand which Sam quickly grabbed from her was a six pack of beer, "Oh, hey, you're speakin' my language," he smirked and slid a bottle from the box.

"I don't drink beer, but I remember what Sam here got last time. Also, Doritos!" Calla grinned at Sam with a wink.

"What about Doritos?" Dean was confused.

"I told Sam he could fight me over the bag we both reached for last time we met so now I'm making it our inside joke," Calla smirked.

A snicker left Sam at the reference Calla made, shaking his head with a small smirk as he closed the door behind her once she was fully inside the room. Taking a beer from the box as well, he took a seat on the edge of his bed with the dark haired woman sitting across from him, his eyes scanning her once more.

"So, Calla, right? What are you in town for?" Dean asked as he sat on the edge of the hotel bed, popping the lid on his beer with his church key on his keys, and taking a swig of the nice cold liquid.

"Well...not sure if Sam remembers, but I told him I don't stay in a hotel unless I'm on a case. Anyway...I kinda tend to advertise myself as a ghost hunter when people ask, because I mean...there's /Ghost Adventures/ on the freakin' Travel channel so people tend to just leave me alone thinking I'm crazy or dumb. Though, it's helpful at the same time because then sometimes the cases come to me," Calla explained.

"Someone asked you to come solve their ghost problem?" Dean arched a brow, "How often does it tend to be nothing?"

"Oh, I'd say 70 percent of the time," Calla sighed.

"Then what's with the anti-possession tattoo?" Dean asked, "Sam told me."

"Because I've run into my fair share. Some idiot demon takes control of a religious person or someone with a religious family and I gotta take care of it. Can't do that if I'm possessed next," Calla grunted, "Also, I know who you guys are, Winchester boys."

With slightly narrowed eyes, Sam turned to his brother in confusion before looking back at Calla a quirked eyebrow. "How do you know about us?" He asked, suspicious. "Does that mean you knew about me the day we met?"

"Yeah, and it was just confirmed when you said your name," Calla had by now opened the bag of ships and was slowly eating them, "It's kind of hard not to know you when you were the hottest topic last year among hunters during the Apocalypse."
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Lost & Found - Supernatural [vampirecat92] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lost & Found - Supernatural [vampirecat92]   Lost & Found - Supernatural [vampirecat92] Empty

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Lost & Found - Supernatural [vampirecat92]
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