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May 2019


 Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers)

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PostSubject: Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers)   Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers) EmptyTue Oct 18, 2016 7:30 am

The first thing that they did when they decided to get a muggle apartment was to ask Lily, Remus, Bucky,Steve, and Peter for all the advice that they could get. James was seriously out of his depth and he was an Auror for crying out loud. Sirius didn’t fair all that much better. It took a shopping spree, two sets of wardrobes, and a /lecture from hell/. Sirius, thank god, was smart enough to take Muggle Studies during their last year, so it wasn’t like was floundering too much.

But James was seriously out of his depth it wasn’t funny. It was /Peter/ of all people who suggested that they tried to get well acquainted with their surroundings. “There’s a good cafe just a block form here. Bed of Roses.”

"Zan's a good one." Bucky agreed, looking over at Steve who nodded. "She's the owner of the shop."

Sirius wanted to go, James was curious, and so they went. And this was where James realized that he was out of his depth.

One: The place was filled with muggles. Every muggle dressed in different kinds of styles. Some too tailored to not take seriously and some so casual it was border-lining pjs.

Two: The drinks that they had. James only recognized a few teas on the list from Remus’ constant collection. But the coffee?

What the fuck was a Cappuchino?

But James couldn’t deny one thing. Even though he was really out of his depth the place was nice. The wood was dark brown, and the chairs were comfortable. The cafe was well lit from the natural light and from the lightbulbs that were attached to the ceiling somehow.

(James wanted to know more about that. Remus wouldn’t dare).

The walls were painted a deep red with dark brown highlights and some offset creme colors as well. Nothing too gaudy or miserable. “This almost reminds me of Hogsmade.” He told Sirius.

"It's comfortable and homey," Sirius agreed with a smile, "Honestly I was surprised we weren't going to have to stand in a line and look like idiots while we try to figure out what we want."

"I'm going to feel so bad for whoever's waiting on us though." James handed him the menu. "Look at those things they have for coffee. It's like reading a different language."

"Well, some of these words like Venti are Italian," Sirius explained, "So in conclusion they are describing the size, how much is in it, Venti is twenty four," he chuckled, "Things like Frapaccino and Cuppuchino are a bit harder to explain, to which we can avoid today, research when we get home, and sound a little more like we know what we're doing. For now, we can play on that we're new to town and this is our first time in this cafe, to which I'm sure we can ask for surprises based on what we like. Sweeter, bitter, black, creamy, nutty, that sort of thing."

"Your friend's right." Said a woman's voice that made James spin. Their waitress looked like she was about in her early twenties. Her red-brown hair was tied up in a braid and she was holding the tray to her chest. "Hello. I'm Harper Grace. I'll be taking care of you today. I'm sorry if I was evesdropping, but I couldn't help but to hear that you know more tea than you do coffee.”

“Uh…yeah.” James rubbed the back of his neck. “We don’t get out much.” He felt Sirius kick him underneath the table and he gave his friend a dark yet apologetic look.

“I’m not much of a coffee person myself.” Harper grinned. “But do you by chance like pumpkins at all?”

“Grew up on them.” James couldn’t help this. This was already a disaster and it was getting worse wasn’t it?

“You might like a pumpkin spice latte.” Harper smiled warmly. “Or even pumpkin spice tea. My suggestion for that though is that you might want to ask for creamer. It’ll give a smooth pie flavor rather than something bitter and harsh.”

"Oh, that sounds delicious," Sirius perked at that, "I'll take the latte instead of the tea. I'm curious. I've had pumpkin spice tea before, remember, James? Mabel has her massive tea collection with Remus."

"I remember. Didn't she use hazelnut? Make that two pumpkin spice lattes, Harper." James quickly ordered.

Sirius gave her a charming smile, "I've heard good things about this cafe from our friends, so I hope you can prove them right."

James nearly burst out laughing when watched Harper turn a beet red color. She nodded her head and said something about ‘doing her best” as she turn around. She walked past only one table before she tripped and fell flat on her face. Some of the patrons gasped and both James and Siirus were about to get up to see if she was alright, but she popped herself back up like she was a little kid and hurried away faster as if embarrassed.

"Oh no, she's a shy little rabbit," Sirius looked embarrassed as well, "Okay, yes, before you accuse me I definitely just flirted with her. I'll have to be more careful. Don't want her to actually get hurt."

"Did you seriously just call her a rabbit?" James snorted and shook his head from side to side. "I didn't think she was your type."

"I couldn't help it, really. She's really pretty. Lovely hair, brilliant eyes, and a cute face. Her figure is a bit obscured by her uniform, but I saw those legs as she ran away," Sirius smirked. “Besides Didn’t want to call her a mouse, we have Peter.”

"I didn't even notice her eyes." James blinked. "I forgot you were mostly a leg man."

"I'm an everything man but nice legs are a great bonus," Sirius agreed, "So, just making sure here, but is our main goal just to blend? Do we have anything else we're looking for?"

"I think we just got to make sure we're not...overly suspicious." James said slowly. "I think we're doing a good job so far if Harper hasn't said anything. Then again, she's so shy, would she?"

"Nah, I don't think so. I saw something curious around her neck, though...chain was simple rope so it was easy to focus on the pendant. It was a pentagram, but like, all of the lines in the star and the circle looked like it was made of tree twigs," Sirius tapped his chin, "She might be interesting to actually chat to about things other than coffee."

James nodded his agreement, that was kind of curious. Harper came back with their drinks and set them down. “I’m  going to be right back, another table needs me.” She told them rushed, but sincere as she walked away to another table.

Before James could even pick up the drink, James heard. “Devil worshipping freak!” And Harper shrieked. The cafe went /deadly/ silent. So silent, that he could hear the soft ambient music coming from the speakers that he didn’t notice before. James immediately turned around to see that one of the patrons had thrown their drink at Harper.

It looked like coffee and it didn’t look like it was lukewarm either.

Harper slowly lowered her tray, looking fearful. “I’m not a devil worshipper.”

Sirius stared in a mix of horror, confusion, and anger. Why the hell would someone do something like that? "What is this, the sixteen-hundreds?" he muttered darkly, "She doesn't feel of magic, yet they're treating her like one of us."

“Shhh.” James murmured. “Maybe she’s really good at hiding it.”

“That thing on your neck says otherwise.” The patron sneered. “I told you I didn’t want to be served by you and you still brought me my coffee.”

“Then you could leave.” A blonde hair girl walked over and in between Harper and her patron. “I don’t tolerate it when people harass my employees.”

“Then you should hire better ones.”

The woman smirked. “I did. See you want to call Harper a devil worshipper and I get it. I do. But…who exactly between you and her is acting ungodly? No wait.” Zan snapped her fingers. “You threw hot coffee on my employee. That’s an harassment charge right there. Oh and you want to go up against religion? Well, that’s hate right there isn’t. Religious discrimination? Yeah that’s a thing too. So. Either you can leave and never come back. Or I call the police and I’m going to make your life a living hell. What do you say?”

"Sorry about that commotion guys." Zan said cheerfully and loudly. "Half price discounts for everyone for dealing with that!"

"Come give us a hug, Gracie, we love you!" another patron called out, Sirius noticed, glancing over at a young kid, still going to school, waving her arms. She ad a gaggle of others with her and they were a rather energetic group, cheering for her. It was good Harper had support. Several other patrons did the same, or at least badmouthing the previous customer and saying Harper didn't do anything wrong.

Harper went around, hugging the teenagers and smiling at them. Some of the older patrons were clicking their tongue and asking about her health. When she finally reached James and Sirius’ table, she was smiling, though she was still holding on to her tray a little more securely. “Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to make a fuss.”

"You make a fuss?" Sirius' fingers twitched to make the coffee stains disappear, to help, but he placed his hands around his cup, to control himself, "Not at all. I'm more concerned about you. I'm glad you had people to back you up. James and I were waiting for you so we could try our drinks. Don't want you to leave the day without knowing how well you did," he smiled at her again, though with a little less voltage than his previous one, and enjoyed the way her cheeks dusted pink like rose petals. So adorable. As promised, he took a drink of his latte, allowed it to settle on his tongue and seriously contemplated, before he nodded happily, "I think we'll come back. At least, I will. What do you think, James?"

“I really like this.” James took a another sip of the latte. “Maybe next time I’ll get it with a shot of vanilla.”

“Oh that does sound good.” Harper beamed and she looked at Sirius. “I’m going to be alright.” She promised him. “A little burned, a little upset, but that’s all natural. I didn’t get hit this time! That’s always a bonus!”

“Why did they freak out about your necklace anyway?” James frowned. “It’s gorgeous.”

“Oh thank you!” Harper’s grin turned a million-watts. “Angelina bought it for me for my birthday. She knew I was looking for a new necklace and said it reminded her of me. Considering I’m a green witch and all.”

"" Sirius broke that up, blinking at her slowly, "I don't...understand. I'm going to take a wild guess by your necklace that deals with plants?"

Harper nodded. "Plants, essential oils. I also dabble a bit in kitchen magic, but...that's just really small. I do custom blend teas, massage oils as well as perfume rollers for those who need to be grounded using scent rather than a blanket. I also make lotions and other body care things too." She scratched her cheek. "It's just something I'm very comfortable with. It's a shame I don't live in a house, I'd have a gorgeous garden. Right now, all I have is indoor plants and I have to buy my herbs discretely through the internet."

"Remus loves plants, too. I'm sure he could hook you up with plenty of herbs. His girl Mabelle keeps herbs and other plants all the time because of what she does," Sirius grinned widely, "I'll have to talk to him, see if he wouldn't mind me sharing his information."

"That's...awesome thank you." Harper smiled warmly. "I usually work here in the afternoons since Zan takes over the mornings a lot. Mondays, Wensdays and Fridays are his best bet to come find me. Other than that, I'm probably home making candles or packaging things to send off to people."

"Partners in crime, then," Sirius laughed softly, "Sirius Black, at your service. Forgive my rude manners and not introducing myself earlier."

"Harper Lewis. Or Gracie. I really don't mind." Harper smiled brightly. "Some call me Grace, some Harper."

"I'm James Potter." James grinned. "And forgive Sirius. He doesn't know how to turn off the charm."

"It's natural, what can I say?" Sirius flipped his shoulder-length hair dramatically then laughed, raising his cup to Harper, "Thank you again. I hope you're ready to be perpetually annoyed with my constant presence here. Coffee isn't just good, it's amazing."

Harper blushed. "Thank you. Well, I'll let you finish your coffee and I'll come back around to check on you. It's wonderful to meet you James, Sirius." She tucked her hair over her ear as she scampered off, this time not falling on her face.

"I'm telling every one you made our waitress fall on her face." James said after a moment of thought.

"Why would you do that?" Sirius groaned.

"Mostly to see Remus and Peter's expression. Mabel's too. Lily will just shake her head at you." James grinned. "Now we got a lot of research to do. Coffee's one thing, but a green witch is another."

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PostSubject: Re: Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers)   Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers) EmptyThu Oct 20, 2016 1:55 pm

As soon as Sirius and James managed to pile themselves through the door of Remus' flat, they shucked off their jackets and somehow made it to the couch, disposing of their bodies in the cushions. "I wanted to hex that tosser, and use a cleaning spell to help Harper, but /blending in/ would have been ruined. I guess we're going to run across a lot of situations like that as Aurors," Sirius grumbled.

Remus was lying in Mabel's lap, reading a book and had two cups of tea on the coffee table when they just barged in. Remus looked over at them, and raised an eyebrow at the sudden rant Sirius spewed. James nodding, looking just as grim. "Something happen at the coffee shop?" Remus asked, closing his book.

"Some stupid patron tossed his super hot coffee at the really nice waitress, Harper, all because of her pentagram necklace. It's like he was born in the wrong century," Sirius snorted heavily.

"Thankfully with the modern world, things like that are a rare occurrence. Even twenty years ago, though, things like that were pretty frowned upon," Mabelle explained.

"He was kind of an older codger," Sirius tapped his chin. He sat up and leaned back, "Do either of you know about what a green witch is?"

"I'm going to take a wager and say that it's something that has to do with herbs." Remus said slowly. "I'm not all that caught up on traditions from Wiccanism. But I know that the sub-sect of it deals with herbal magic."

"Yeah, that's what she told us. She also said she had to buy her herbs online, which isn't very reliable in my opinion. I told her I would ask you two if you'd be willing to sell her some from your little greenhouse at your shop," Sirius smiled sheepishly.

Mabel leaned forward a bit with a smirk on her face, "Why would you make her such a promise?"

"She fell on her face." James said seriously. "Sirius gave her a small smile and she went /splat/ on her face. Also Sirius might have an interest."

Mabel grinned widely, "Oh, Peter would love to hear about that, I'm sure."

Sirius' face flushed, "I though she was a lovely woman. I don't understand why it's such a big deal."

"It's not." Remus said with a small smile. "We just like picking on you and you always liked making the girls get flustered. That being said, I think Peter might know more about the green witch thing. I could also certainly do some more research too, if it's something that you really want to get into." He frowned. "But for the herbs..." He looked at Mabel. "What do you think?"

"I don't mind. Better to make profit with a local. Buying things online other than fresh is a recipe for a disastrous potion, anyway," Mabel nodded her agreement, "Once you give her our numbers we can discuss what she needs. Might as well give her the address of the shop, too."

"Sirius can do that." James grinned as he looked at his friend. "Considering you told her that you were going to come back."

"Remus, you should go with me sometime, or take Mabel there. We tried pumpkin spice lattes! Ah, while we're researching what a green witch is, we need to look up different coffee types and stuff, too. Their menu was extensive. Even cocoa mixtures on top of teas," Sirius rattled off excitedly.

Remus shook his head from side to side, highly amused. It's been a while since eh saw Sirius light up that way. "Considering that you invited me first. I'll go with you, /and/ then take Mabel with me. God knows I don't want her to see how you flirt with your waitress."

"Or just all three of you go together as a three-way date." James shrugged. "Kill two birds with one stone and all that jazz."

"I wonder how she'd take that?" Sirius shifted, "I don't want to give off the impression I'm taken, but you know I can't pass up flirting with you, Moony," he smirked a bit.

"As you two told me, if she can't handle you two are inseparable then she's not worth the time outside of friendship," Mabel soothed.

"Not to mention, I don't think Harper's gonna to be mean." James said just as assuring. "We saw what she had to put up with, even if it was a rare occurrence. I think she might be curious. I think that she might ask questions. But I doubt it with all my heart she's gonna be mean."
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PostSubject: Re: Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers)   Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers) EmptySat Oct 22, 2016 9:38 am

Sirius took a breath and nodded, "Right. I believe that, too. I hope next time, we'll be able to enjoy each other's company more. I did want to talk to her, but after that, I didn't want to hassle her for attention."

"Aww, isn't that sweet?" Mabel giggled, "You really /do/ fancy her."

"I like the fact that the one time Sirius /doesn't/ hassle a bird is when he fancies her." James deadpanned and yipped when he was shoved off the couch.

"It is a wonder." Remus agreed, reaching out and rubbing Mabel's back absently. "What do you think, should we go along with the three-some date and see how badly Sirius acts around Harper this round?"

"I think it would be entertaining," Mabel beamed at Remus, "Having coffee outside of our supply will be a treat, too. I'm definitely up for it."

"She has an every other day schedule," Sirius told them, "So not tomorrow but the day after would be good. Gives James and I time to do our damn homework," he snorted.

Remus smiled. "The day after then. Though knowing you and James you'd do the homework last minute anyway."

"Touche!" James grinned.
Mabel flipped the menu over, humming and contemplating just what she would like to order. Remus was half-interested in the menu's coffee, making pleased little noises at the sight of the tea selection instead, "Are you gunna try something different for once instead of your same-ol' Earl Grey?" she teased playfully.

"I think I might." Remus said, keeping his face straight though the mischief was there. "I was thinking about mixing tea with coffee. Now how does that sound?"

"Imagine that," Mabel and Sirius echoed. Then Sirius smirked at Remus, "What kinda of flavor are you after? I don't think I've ever mixed tea and coffee."

"Chai latte." A kind voice broke into the conversation and Remus looked up. This was Harper, he mused. She was a pretty kind girl wearing a wood-twig silver pentagram with a beautiful jewel in the middle. Her hair was tied in a braid and she looked at him with a timid smile, holding the tray to her chest rather than on her hip or hand like the rest of the waitresses. "It's really not that bad." She assured. "It's gonna taste a bit strange at first, but the milk smooths out the flavor."

"You're Harper then?" Remus sat up a little. "Sirius wouldn't stop talking about what happened the other day. Are you alright?"

Harper's eyes widened, but she looked pleased. "A couple of minor burns. I didn't blister so that's good. Just put some lavender and tea-tree on some ice and let it melt." She assured. "I promise that no one's gonna say anything this time around. least /do/ something like that. It's not a common thing."

"Lavender is a nice remedy for a lot of things," Mabel looked impressed, 'Sirius told us what you are. Your pendant is gorgeous. I'm Mabelle Cherise, pleasure."

Sirius' face was a light pink now, "Mabel was petty mad when I told her you buy your herbs online."

"Liar, I was not mad. I was more horrified than anything. How can you make a good brew with herbs of questionable quality?" Mabel clarified.

Harper held the tray closer. "I don't...mean to assume anything.'re not Wiccan are you?"

Remus glanced over at Sirius before looking at Mabel, wondering what she'd say.

"Think of the other word," Mabel winked at her, "What they tend to call Wiccans instead."

"I thought you might be." Harper nodded. "So that means the two of you as well? The...boy counterpart." She looked nervous. Remus nodded and saw Sirius do the same. "Zan has a rule." She quickly held her hand up so they wouldn't quickly dash away. "That those who are good at dealing with things take that section. Zan's good with military personal since her father was a vet. I'm...good with witches and wizards. There's a girl over there whose good with deaf, so she tries to take them....we /do/ rotations for those who just don't care...everyone has a favorite after all, but....we do try to give people a place that's safe. So...consider me safe."

"Is that so? That's...quite the coincidence, isn't it, that we ended up sitting here?" Sirius leaned his arm over his chair, twisting his body as he faced her more, "What sort of drink do you think /I/ should have today?"

"I think I'll take a mocha with whipped cream, and a caramel creamer if I can?" Mabel requested sweetly.

Harper nodded and she looked at Sirius. Remus didn't miss how dark her cheeks were becoming and Remus wanted to sigh. He wasn't sure if Sirius /knew/ he was flustering her or not. "Chocolate, Coffee, or tea for a base?" She asked after a moment.

"I had coffee last time, but the mocha Mabel mentioned sounds good," Sirius hummed after a second of thought.

Harper nodded. "You liked the pumpkin latte last night." She said after a moment. "I know something you might like. It's like hers, but it's going to be an frozen drink. Is that okay?"

"Sure, not a problem," he nodded and got himself off of his chair, relaxing a bit more, "I'm sure it'll be just as sweet as you."

Mabel dropped her jaw and then covered her mouth and giggled. That was such a smooth pick-up line, she was amazed.

Harper's cheeks flushed a bright red and scurried off, and just like last time, she didn't get very far before she tripped and fell on her face again. The tray squashed to her chest. She bit her lip as she was about to scramble up when she heard Sirius's voice.

"Something wrong with your shoes or something, Harper?" Sirius asked, his voice half playful, half concerned.

Harper froze and she looked at Sirius. "Did that a Fire Emblem reference? A video-game?"

That just made Sirius stare at her blankly, "What's a video game? Fire Emblem? Is that a rune or a pendant?”

Harper's cheeks flushed a brighter red and Remus had to cover his face trying not to laugh.

"''llgomakeyourdrinskandbebackinasecIswear." She said hurriedly as she grabbed her tray and briskly walked away.

"I can't tell if she's mortified or if she's excited." Remus said as he finally uncovered his face.

"Was...was that too much? It...rather slipped out but I wasn't about to take it back," Sirius shifted.

"His face is nearly as red as your house color, Rem," Mabel's grin split her face.

"I think," Remus said slowly as he looked at his friend kindly. "That you found a very interesting combination. She doesn't feel of magic, but she was able to sense it in three of us. I also think that despite what you claim to "not being able to stop flirting with Remus" you have the same problem with Harper."

"Flirting works better in the moment, like that line I rolled out," Sirius laughed softly, "Wiccan and could sense it in us...think maybe she might be from magic decent, even?"

"Could be something to ask, though even though she said it's safe here, talking about that sort of stuff is ingrained in us not to mention," Mabel sighed.

Remus looked around at Harper's section. There was some magic here and there that he could sense, the smell of it was easy to catch on the draft. But there were a few muggles too. He weighed the options and he looked at Sirius. "It's up to you to ask." He assured after a moment. "We're not Marauders for nothing. Do we take a risk or do we not?"

Sirius leaned back in his chair and hummed, "I think I know what to do. I just hope Zan doesn't get mad at me."

Harper came back, and she passed the drinks around. "Sorry about that...." She flushed. "I forget sometimes that not everyone grew up with normal things. It's my fault and I'm really sorry."

"Thank you, Harper. At least now you know and you can help poor sods like me and James," Sirius' smile turned sly and as soon as she set the last cup down, he stood up with a flourish, enjoying her squeak of surprise. He grabbed her by the waist and the hand that didn't hold her tray, and did a simple dance spin, extending his arm and she sat down my reflex when the backs of her knees hit the chair, his hand still holding hers. Bringing it up, he bent further down and grazed his lips across her skin, "You should take your break and sit with us."

Harper's cheeks blazed a bright red and nodded her head mutely up and down and Remus wanted to sigh. Poor girl didn't even know what hit her yet. "He makes it sound like Peter and I don't try to help them. They just don't listen unless it's a pretty girl."

"Peter?" Harper's eyebrows went up. "The mouse?"

"You know our Peter?" Sirius was amused. He pulled up the fourth chair and sat down, "So that's why he suggested this place."

Harper nodded. "He draws sometimes. He always get the booth by the window." She nodded over towards it. "So long as it's my section. If my section is else where then he reads or he chats with me." She smiled warmly. "It should've connected that he was talking about you lot. Now I'm embarrassed. I made awful first impressions."

"You did no such thing," Sirius shook his head vigorously, "None of that was your fault. I understand how embarrassing that was, but your first impression was helping James and I decide on our lattes, which were /amazing/, need I remind you," he chuckled.

Remus smiled gently. "Sirius' is right. No harm no foul. Though that explains a little as to why Peter wanted James and Sirius to learn how to blend in by being here. Someone who can spot a witch or a wizard a mile away has a high advantage and since you're also apart of the muggle world, can spot inaccuracies."

Harper nodded, "Peter did mention that a couple of his friends were Aurors." She admitted.

"Being an Auror is hard..." Sirius chewed on his bottom lip briefly, "I...wanted to help you. Step in, say something, do something, but James and I had to stay where we were and not get involved. It was very difficult."

"It was a good thing you did." Harper said, looking at Sirius. "It isn't the first time someone did that to me. It won't be the last either. A lot of people see my necklace and they treat me very strangely. Some more skeptic an fearful than others. Some believe that "praying" for me is the way to get me off my wicked pathway." She shook her head from side to side. "But honestly what they do to me isn't as bad as you think. Outside of work, I might say something back. But in work, there's things I can't do either. Even if Zan gives me full permission to outright lecture them. I need the money. I can't just turn away tips. No matter how awful the person giving it to me is."

Remus knew that feeling. He knew it too well. Where scrapping for money meant to deal with the silence prejudice that came with the paycheck.

Mabel reached out and laced her fingers with Remus', "What do you make, exactly, with you herbs? Perhaps, if we have what you're after, and all goes well, you could sell things at my shop? I understand you work every other day here, but with another source of income you won't have to worry so much about that paycheck."

"I mostly make teas." Harper shook her head from side to side. "Everything else I make with essential oils, which also comes from herbs. I do a bit of gemstone magic here and there as well so there's that." She paused and took a breath. "Sometimes I even make loose incense mixes."
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PostSubject: Re: Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers)   Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers) Empty

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Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers)
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