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May 2019


 Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers)

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PostSubject: Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers)   Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers) EmptySun Oct 23, 2016 12:51 pm

"Sorry to hear that the radiant Lily is feeling under the weather today," Sirius leaned back in the booth he and James had managed to secure for their little (okay not so little) get-together tonight. It had been such a long time since the lot of them were able to get the same night off aside from holidays and even then it was rough trying to plan things out. "They lie, morning sickness isn't just in the morning," he added with a pout to match James'.

"It's still early to tell what sets her off too." James slumped a little into the seat. The bar was in full swing with people talking loudly and the background music playing. James had waved off the waitress, wanting to wait to drink /after/ the group showed up. "Right now, it's all randomized and she /really/ didn't want to keep running back and forth to a janky bathroom someone's probably tossed up in multiple times."

"Poor woman. I hope she feels better tomorrow. Not fair to have her come to the bar and drink Shirley Temples all night with us and not get drunk, anyway, I suppose," Sirius nodded, trying to make him feel a bit better.

Mabelle who was also there with Remus leaned forward and she patted James' shoulder, "We'll just have to make it up to her later, now, won't we? Lots of chocolate. I'm sure you won't be heartbroken over that, Rem, will you?" she giggled.

"So long as it doesn't set her off." Remus agreed, looking just as sympathetic. "I did tell Lily once that my chocolate stash was hers to raid." He noticed Mabel's exaggerated hurt look and raised an eyebrow. "Like I don't know you get into it too Mayflower." He teasingly scolded. "Lily needs all the help she can get right now. Is Steve and Bucky coming? Peter?"

"I sent them an owl." James perked a little. "Bucky got a letter from Angelina so he's probably going to read it to us when he gets a chance or something. Steve and Calla are both coming come hell or high water. River's not gonna make it though. Which is a bummer."

"You know I keep feeling like we should follow the "Modern Americans" example and get cellphones?" Sirius rubbed his forehead, "It's the twenty first century for crying out loud. We're magic folk, yeah, but we don't /always/ gotta be stuck in the medieval ages do we?"

"Well isn't that the most muggle thing I've heard you say?" Mabel looked amused, "Jealous of the war vets are we?"

"It's like they're own little secret way of talking!" Sirius whined.

"It would be fun." James conceded. "I wonder how often we would've gotten caught with it at school."

"Well, I've heard from Bucky that Angelina can't use hers because of how Hogwarts is made and constructed? Too much stone. Too much magic. Interference and no signal. Dylan can use his, though, when he goes to Hogsmeade,” Sirius explained.

"So the idea was shot down before it could even form." James mourned. "Oh well. Oh hey speaking of the American Dream." He raised his hand. "We're over here!"

"Oh my /god/ that customer just /would not/ leave and I had a letter to read for Christ's sake! Some people just /won't/ take a hint!" Bucky lamented as he plopped himself down next to Sirius, scooting further in, playfully pretending to squish him into the seat even though it was a half-circle booth with plenty of room and Sirius shoved back.

"I hope you managed to clean your hands completely this time, you were complaining forever last time how your drink tasted like grease because you basically had black hands. Cannot /fathom/ why you didn't just use a cleaning spell," Sirius grunted.

"Because not /everything/ needs to be done with magic, you lazy ass," Buck rolled his eyes, "Yes I did, by the way."

"It took a cleaning spell." Steve gently guided Calla into the booth first before getting in after her, leaning against her shoulder to shoulder. "Where's Peter?"

"Late." Remus shook his head. "Which is really not a surprise. I can't remember a time when he was /on/ time."

James racked his brains and frowned. "He was on time for the weddings."

"You threatened to hex him if he showed up late." Remus pointed out.

"Ahhh right. I forgot." James nodded in mock solemnity.

"Sad to say, Calla, we're the only girls tonight," Mabel sighed, "Lily's practically living in the bathroom."

"Awwww," Calla jutted out her bottom lip in an exaggerating way, "That's okay, we can extra loud and obnoxious for her and River. Remus and Steve are the responsible ones, after all."

"I'm just gunna say I find it funny that girls are supposed to be the silent drinkers but you're just as insane as we are," Sirius motioned to himself, James, and Bucky.

"I'm in the middle, really, not like Calla," Mabel was considering, "Nah, I get a lot more friskey than loud."

"Why did River bow out?" James asked curiously looking at James and Steve. "Did she get tired of being the first one drunk?"

"The bathroom has become her new best friend the last week," Buck chewed his bottom lip, "Her head's starting to hurt from wearing head bands and ponytails all the time."

Remus frowned deeply. Bucky only chewed on his lip when he was trying to hold something back. A trait that only Remus discovered. So far only him and Steve were the ones who could call him out on bullshit.

James on the other hand just sighed, "Rough man. I hope she gets to feeling better. Does she need Sirius to whip up a good potion for that?"

"Just selling off Sirius?" Steve teased.

"I'm a slut only for you guys, anyway," Sirius drawled, "Mabel is better at herbal remedies, though. I'm more proficient in healing balm for injuries."

"Has she tried teas? Mint tea or ginger tea?" Mabel asked.

"Only temporary fixes, of course, but yes. Mint," Buck fiddled his thumbs together, "I offered my ginger tea and she bolted for the door."

Steve raised an eyebrow at Bucky and looked over at Remus who also caught his eye. Both men seemed to be on the same level and Steve said neutrally. "Ginger can be kind of hard on the stomach depending."

"What am I missing?" Peter quickly got himself into the booth, looking ragged. "I'm sorry I'm late. I tried this time."

"It's okay." Steve grinned. "We're talking about River. She's sick."

"Oh." Peter's shoulders slumped. "I was hoping she'd be here tonight. I know my friend's working and they would've gotten along like houses caught on fire. I'm real sorry to hear that Buck."

"Everything's fine," Buck's smile was slow and his voice a little too pleasant.

"You're not even /trying/ anymore are you?" Calla arched a brow, "Bucky what are you hiding?"

"What ever do you mean?" Buck's smile broadened.

"Bucky...." Steve frowned deeply. "You wouldn't be smiling if River was sick."

"You like being Angelina's Godfather, don't you?" Bucky deflected.

Steve was a bit taken aback, but Remus could mentally cheer that he knew it. "Of course I do. You know I do. Why would you /ask/ me that?"

"Because I will be thoroughly pleased that this time they'll have two Godparents," Bucky replied smoothly, Calla covering her mouth mid-shriek.

"Congrats!" Peter grinned brightly as the tips of ears went pink. "That's wonderful!"

"Oh man Lily's gonna be so happy she can be around someone going through the same thing!" James beamed happily. "Wait till I tell her. Congratulations. How are you two getting married now though? Immediately?"

"Steve, c'mon buddy catch up, Peter and James beat you to the punch," Buck laughed at Steve's dumbstruck face as it morphed into pure and utter joy, "Calla you're gunna be a sandwich," he warned before he scooted in and reached out, hugging his family tightly, Calla nestled between the two burly men.

"Hopefully with them being on the same roller-coaster that'll be less stress for you and Bucky," Sirius told James, "You two can lean on each other while your women do the same. Great job, Buck, glad to hear it."

"I hope I'm not intruding on a private moment," A girl with dark brown hair tied in a braid and a smile bright was standing at their booth. She wore a necklace that looked like a pentagram, only the silver was carved into twigs and leaves. A small blue jewel in the center. "I wanted to say congratulations too and if you need help with morning sickness I have a few ideas to give you." She grinned at Peter. "I saw you this morning!"

"Haha. Hi Harper." Peter rubbed the back of his neck.

Steve ended the hug even though he felt like he didn't get enough. He would have to see if River would feel up to a long hug too, after telling her that Bucky tortured the lot of them. He looked at the girl with a critical eye. Something was off but not in a bad way.

Bucky kept his arm around Calla and touching Steve's arm with his, wanting just as much contact as his best friend, but this was fine, "I'm sure one of us has a notepad to write things down on for those ideas."

" do," Sirius shook himself out of it after having been staring at the girl named Harper. Reaching into his pocket of his winter jacket behind him, he also grabbed a pen, because you didn't need /quills/ unless you were at home, damn it, and he had to cram closer to James and Peter, as he was /literally/ in the middle of the half-circle booth with no way out, and reached the pad to her, "There you go."

Harper took the note pad and carefully wrote down a recipe for a tea blend, an essential oil for a massage, and then 4-6 drops of spearmint added to boiling water at night and left by her bedside. "All of these should work." She said as she handed the note pad back. "The spearmint one is especially good for morning sicknesses. Everything else will just ease the cramping and general discomfort." She blushed brightly. " everyone ready for a round?"

Sirius worked on copying the list for Bucky, giving the original to James, "You have beautiful handwriting," he complimented absently, before he looked up again with a smile, "I know I am. I hope you're ready for eight drinks orders."

Three Firewhiskies, a lone butterbeer, and two other drinks. Harper nodded, "I'll be right back with those." She told them with a grin, she took a look at Sirius who gave her a smile and she blushed as she walked off, stumbling a bit.

"How do you know her Pete?" James couldn't help but to ask.

"She works sometimes at the cafe. Milk and Roses." Peter said hesitantly. "I go there sometimes. They has a good selection of teas and coffees to try."

"Oh! Milk and Roses, we go there!" Buck blinked at Peter, "Do you sit in a different section, then? I've never seen you there."

"I sit with Harper." Peter nodded. "So I'm always requesting her." He noticed the slight jealous look on Sirius face and he shook his head from side to side. "She's good with people who are muggleborns." He explained. "A lot of them sit in her section. Muggles too."

"Speaking of requesting you didn't answer my wedding question Buck." James pouted at Bucky.

"Oh I'm sorry! I must've totally missed it!" Buck smiled sheepishly, "We are going to do it in March around my birthday, either before or after, we haven't gotten that far yet."

"Four months in." James raised an eyebrow at Bucky. "Why not do it on your birthday?"

"The only two arguments I can come up with against that is ego and presents." Steve mused.

"Haha, it would be memorable for sure. I dunno, a date will come to mind close to it. We just know March would be nice," Buck nodded with a hum, "One thing at I time. It's not like we need to make all the decisions right now."

James nodded and then grinned. "I already know there's a betting pool going on for what our sprog might be, but what about you Bucks? I'm thinking...boy." He nodded his head. "I'll bet two galleons on it. Any other takers?"

Steve hummed in thought. "Five." He said after a moment. "Girl." He turned to Calla. "Do you want in or are you tossing in with me?"

"Oooh, can I take a rain check on the bet? I wanna talk to River first!" Calla grinned widely.

"I'll bet a girl!" Mabel grinned at Steve.

"I'll back you up, James. A son suits Buck quite a bit I think," Sirius tapped his chin.

Remus looked at Peter. "Are you betting or staying out?"

"I already bet James....I don't think I could guess Bucky's." Peter said, holding his hands up. "He might do good with a son, but...he does really well with Angelina too."

"I've already got a daughter, so I guess we'll find out how girly my sperm really is, eh?" Buck snickered.

"You said it, not me," Calla grinned.

"Aren't you glad this is the group you joined yet?" Remus asked Steve dryly.

"Meh you guys are alright. Bucky fits /right/ in." Steve grinned as he looked at his friend. "What are you hoping for Buck?"

"Anything, though I suppose for our fist go-round I'd be asking too much for twins," Buck blushed.

"You want a huge family," Mabel nodded, "You've got all the love to spare."

"I like to think my love is endless, anyway," Buck agreed, running his hand through his hair.

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PostSubject: Re: Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers)   Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers) EmptySun Oct 23, 2016 1:07 pm

"Unconditionally endless." Steve agreed with a bright smile. He wondered if Bucky wrote to Angelina or if he was going to wait to tell her when she came back home. She would be so good as a big sister. "Speaking of endless, guess who discovered house-elves?"

"Angelina?" Peter guessed. "How on earth did she find them?"

"Dylan sneaked her into the Hogwarts kitchens." Steve replied, "she's been over the moon with them ever since."

James raised an eyebrow. "That's her new fascination huh? Last year it was the ghosts and History of Magic. How she was able to listen to Professor Binns drown on and on I'll never understand. First year stamina probably. Maybe during her third year she'll pick Care of Magical Creatures for an elective."

"So long as Hagrid isn't the one teaching," Remus frowned. "I love that man to death, but his ideas of what's good for class and not is scary at best. Animals, no matter the type, are unpredictable. And if I recall correctly she ditched History of Magic and spent it in the library /reading/ history of magic."

"Why did we never do that?" James frowned at Remus.

"Because I wasn't going to suffer alone." Remus replied. "And poor Peter over there would just be traumatized."

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PostSubject: Re: Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers)   Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers) EmptyTue Oct 25, 2016 10:40 am

"I'm so glad I didn't go to Hogwarts, that sounds like torture," Buck laughed softly, "I liked most of our classes, myself. Of course, I guess that was just because I was put in your version of Ravenclaw."

"Your capacity for learning is immense," Calla agreed.

"Horned Serpent right?" James asked, looking at Bucky. "I'm /still/ waiting for a day where the Triwizard Tournament includes that school. /That/ would be a treat to see when the tasks come up and what not."

Remus shook his head fondly. "I must admit I'm still surprised that Angelina wasn't chosen in Ravenclaw but in Hufflepuff. At the same time, I'd be equally shocked if Bucky was sorted into Ravenclaw /instead/ of Hufflepuff."

"Why do you say that?" Steve asked, turning over to Remus.

"He said it himself. He has a lot of love to spare. What other House in Hogwarts would be like that?" Remus concluded. "Either way, I bet it'd be a hat stall like it was back in America."

"It wouldn't surprise me," Buck shook his head, "It's fun to think about, but we may never know."

Mabel glanced over in the crowd while the boys chattered about the Houses, and spotted Harper with two trays, balancing carefully, and she looked back at Sirius, "Looks like your lady friend is coming back." She was amused that Sirius sat straighter.

"Sorry for the wait." Harper said, carefully easing one tray on to the table and started passing around the drinks. When one round was finished, she set the second tray down and passed the rest. "I knew we should've invested in bigger trays."

"Haha, hindsight is twenty/twenty, isn't that what they say?" Sirius asked, raising his glass to her and taking a drink.

"You're in a wizard pup, though, so it's not like you have to be afraid of using magic," Calla tilted her head at her, "Why didn't you use an enlargement charm?"

"Uh? Oh..." Harper looked like she was about to wish to disappear into the ground. "I left my wand at home." The lie coming naturally, but her eyes gave her away. At least, Steve caught it quick. He knew Bucky did too. Peter didn't seem to be all that surprised really. He was taking a sip of his butterbeer, pleased as peaches. Remus raised an eyebrow at the admission too.

Sirius furrowed his brows, "Is your home far? There's plenty of dangers, muggle and wizard alike. I hope you'll be safe. Unless you know wandless magic?"

"Mentions she forgot her wand and you first think of her safety, aren't you the best," Buck teased.

Harper blushed brightly. "I'm alright." She assured. "I took self-defense classes so I have methods. I carry mace too. My home is pretty far, but cab far. I can walk."

"Mace? Are you a half-blood or muggleborn, sweet?" Mabel asked curiously, shifting in her seat and leaning against Remus to look at Harper closer.

"It seems my comment has made you the focal point of conversation, I'm sorry," Calla laughed softly.

"No it's alright. I get asked questions a lot." Harper said quickly, "Muggleborn." Steve and Bucky exchanged a look, and Peter was still staying silent. Even James now was starting to catch on, and was looking at Remus. Harper clutched the trays closer to herself. " tables. I'll be back if you guys need a refill." She broke off hurriedly and when she stumbled this time, she did it twice, nearly falling but catching herself before she landed.

"The place isn't run by purebloods." Steve said slowly, breaking the silence that surrounded them by Harper's hasty exit. "So certainly blood-status can't be it."

"Not everyone likes talking about it," Mabel pouted, "I hope I didn't just upset her by my question."

"I guess at least she's safe going home," Sirius agreed, taking another drink of his firewhiskey.

"Just one question. Who here has their wands?" Remus asked as he took a drink of his firewhisky.

James, Steve, and Peter took out their wands to show that they had them. Steve and James mostly because of their work. Peter out of habit.

Sirius slipped his from his sleeve, his with him almost all the time out of work. Calla had hers out of habit as well in her boot, and Mabel patted he jacket. "Um...people can generally be forgetful? Unless you're paranoid and sleep with it under your pillow, you could leave it in the bathroom or in your night table." Sirius tried to reason when it was obvious /all/ of them had their wands.

"Probably." Remus nodded. "To be honest, I just wanted to see if Peter was still forgetful as he was back in first year." He teased.

Peter rolled his eyes. "Just throw me under the bus, Rem. She probably really did forget her wand."

Remus shook his head, "I know." He agreed gently. "It was just a question I wanted to ask."

Steve nodded slowly. "We'll just be...careful is all."

"Well," Mabelle went to change the subject back to fun times as she took her custom drink and leaned into Remus with a hum, "I hope you're ready for tonight," she told him as she took a meaningful slug, looking at him from the corner of her eye.

"Of course Mabel would be the one to get us back on track," Sirius snickered.
"Alright lads, I'm stumbling home." James said as he slammed his drink down on to the table, a little harder than he meant. He started shoving Peter out of the booth and Peter followed along without complaint. "I got a beautiful expecting wife to get back to and I dun't wanna get hexed."

"You better say hello." Steve grinned brightly, a little glassy eyed from the drinks. "If you can remember in your tipsy state."

"Aye Aye Captain." James did a horrible mock salute, nearly poking his eye out as he walked out. Peter following, more or less probably worried that James was going to get into trouble heading home, or at least wanting to make sure that he Apprated alright.

"I believe Mayflower and I have plans that are a little more private tonight." Remus said as he got out of the booth, bringing Mabel with him. "I hope to see you guy soon."

Calla watched as Mabel nosed Remus' neck with a hum and the werewolf's fingers flexed on her clothes, gripping his girlfriend's side tighter, "I'm sure we'll get to that point eventually. You two have fun."

"Yeah, it's more like a timed bomb you don't know when's gunna go off," Sirius drawled, then realized his mistake.

Buck caught him, though, "I love that analogy, actually. It's a lot more accurate then you think. As soon as the door closes it's like pulling the pin, isn't it, Steve?"

"A pin to two sexually frustrated individuals," Steve agreed with a bit of a smile. He watched Remus and Mabel leave with just as simple goodbye. "Its really accurate if it's used to describe them."

"Honestly, I was talking about you and Calla, but that works too, blonde," Sirius chuckled. He shifted along the table, now across from them instead of beside, and Bucky did the same, taking his previous position while Calla and Steve stayed right where they were.

"I'm debating if I should have another go, maybe a shot instead of a glass," Buck hummed, "I'll have my hands full taking care of River while Angelina's at school."

"Is she coming home for winter break?" Steve asked, looking at his friend. "I think a shot might do alright. I can handle one. Can you Calla? Sirius?"

"I'm up for it!" Calla agreed, "A round of all firewhiskey this time?"

"Feeling confident, are we?" Sirius was amused and laughed when she stuck her tongue out at him.

"How confident are you feeling Sirius?” Steve asked suddenly, leaning forward and folding his arms on the table. "Because if it's as confident as I /think/ it is, why don't you go up to the bar and ask Harper for a round?"

Sirius' mouth twitched and he had a minute staring contest with Steve before he gave in, his eyes flickering towards the bar where Harper had been stuck the last half hour at the minimum, "You know what, /fine/, I will," he huffed playfully and slid out of the booth.

"Oh, he's actually gunna do it," Calla gasped a little bit while Buck just snorted.

"So the real question is, is he going to just order a round or actually talk to her." Steve frowned.

Harper had just gave a drink to a man at the bar when Sirius stauntered. She swallowed a bit. He looked /real/ good. He was tall, and the way he walked just screamed confidence and his hair was just downright sinful. His eyes were gorgeous to look at too in this light. "Another round?" She asked when he came up.

Sirius leaned against the table, her body at ease because he had enjoyed his night with his friends, though his stomach was doing summer-salts right now. "Four shots of firewhiskey to finish off the night, we decided." He licked his lips a bit, "I love your pendant, by the way," he added, jumping on something that /wasn't/ her natural appearance like some lame bugger.

"Thank you." Harper smiled as she reached underneath the bar to grab a bottle of firewhiskey. She set it down on the table behind her so that she could grab the shot glasses. "It was a birthday present from Zan, my boss at the cafe. I had another one that my family gave me, but Zan wanted to give me one that matched my abilities."

"Herbology, perhaps?" he took an educated guess, "May I see it?" he asked, "It's alright if you don't want to since it's personal, I just get curious."

"Herbology. And yes, you can see it." Harper said as she lined the shot glasses up. Once she did that, she reached behind her and she took off the necklace and held it out to him. "It's my favorite thing." She reached behind her and grabbed the bottle, still keeping an eye on Sirius and his handling of the necklace. "My other one was plain with a red jewel in the middle."

"Red doesn't really look like your color," Sirius shook his head, running his thumb over the jewel and feeling the texture of the twigs that made up the pentagram, "This is beautiful. I like it," he handed it back to her gingerly, "The girls were worried they upset you, especially Mabel asking if you were a half-blood or muggleborn," he shifted.

"O-oh no." Harper shook her head wildly from side to side. "I get asked questions a lot." She explained as she put the necklace back on around her neck. "When I first started here. What school. What House. What my O.W.L.S were..." She trailed off and she slumped her shoulders. "It was exhausting to answer them all. When you asked and I know Peter was a friend, I would've thought he told you all. But I guess he was really nice and didn't want me to feel like I was being invaded or something."

"Got tired of repeating yourself," Sirius nodded sympathetically, "Yeah, I would, too. I'll let them know you're alight and weren't upset. That'll make them feel better," he smiled gently, "Okay, well, I'm going to go sit back down. I'll see you over there," he grinned, walking away.

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PostSubject: Re: Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers)   Bonds Written In Magic Lynx/Vampire (Hp/Avengers) EmptyWed Oct 26, 2016 1:00 am

"Another day, perhaps," Sirius smiled softly at Steve, "She let me see her necklace up close, and I learned she's good at Herbology, so that's something, isn't it?"

"All you got huh?" Steve blinked a little. Normally Sirius could get a girl to open up way more than that with just a short amount of conversation. Either Sirius was really gone for the girl, or he wasn't all that interested like he looked.

"Well, she did tell me she wasn't upset by the earlier conversation," Sirius assured Calla, "She gets asked those questions a lot, she told me."

Calla heaved a small sigh of relief, "That's good. I'm glad and I'm sure Mabel will be, too."

Humming, Sirius watched Harper finally make her way out of the booth and towards them. Buck observed him, taking note of his soft expression and relaxed posture. "You didn't ask about the wand thing, though?" and chuckled when Sirius stiffened.

"No...figured I didn't need to," Sirius grunted.

Steve watched as Harper came back and started placing the drinks before them. "Do you need someone to walk you home tonight?" He bypassed the wand thing. Chances were, she really did forget it. But instinct told him that Remus was on the right track. Wizard and witches didn't just "forget" their wands unless they were untrained. "I know you have mace." He continued when Harper just stared at him in surprise. "But I don't want you to feel like we're abandoning you to face the evil dark on your own."

"I'll be alright," Harper smiled as she picked the tray up. "My way home isn't all that interesting."

A routine route could be even more dangerous if one wasn't careful. Sirius kept his mouth shut, she would just deflect them again anyway. "Thank you for the drinks," he told her with a nod, taking his shot glass ad held it up to his three companions, "Cheers for the good night we had, the two little rascals we have on the way, and their poor mothers."

"Not poor fathers?" Buck asked in amusement.

"Fuck no, considering they'll be cursing you during labor anyway," Sirius smirked.

"You're a dick," Buck stuck his tongue out.

"That's why we're friends," Sirius just retorted.

Harper grinned brightly and she looked at Steve who was more or less content to just swallow his drink, Calla doing the same while Sirius and Buck argued. "Congratulations again on being a father." Harper sincerely added in, turning back to Sirius and Bucky. "I think you'd make a good one. You're comfortable to be around." She nodded her head and walked back over to her bar, her fingers raking her hair away from her face.

"Well, Steve," Calla turned to her husband and ran her hand over his chest while leaning up to kiss him sweetly, "I believe it's about time we headed home ourselves."

"River's probably wondering if I'm still alive," Buck agreed and Sirius got up in order to let him out. He patted Sirius' arm, "Would you like something bigger to write in? I have my pocket journal you can borrow."

Sirius stared at him, but only briefly. Of course he'd know. They were practically twins. "I'm alright with my notebook."

Steve rolled his eyes as he slid out of the booth and helped Calla to her feet. "Home sounds real good right now." He looked at Bucky. "Give Riv our love and sympathies. And give her that notebook paper for those ideas Harper kindly wrote for you. Probably will save her some agony tomorrow or the next day at the very least." He turned to Calla and kissed her cheek before Apparting away with her with a loud crack.

"I swear, I wonder who's the most flashy or loud with their Aparating," Buck rolled his eyes, "I'll see ya, Sirius. Don't get in too much trouble." He gave him a two-finger solute bouncing off his forehead and his form spiraled and disappeared with a whoosh and a pop. 

Sirius glanced over towards the bar. Harper was busy at work and he didn't want to sit in a big booth by himself, so he found himself a much quieter nook to settle down in. She might get mad at him, she might not. Though she was friends with Peter and Buck's group knew Zan, so he should be okay. It wasn't like he was a /complete/ stranger. It was going to be a long night until she got off. With a deep sigh, he took out his notebook and pen and just wrote whatever came to mind.

Harper knew that he was waiting for her to get off. She also knew that just saying no wouldn't work either and her mother taught her better. Instead, she would swing by sometimes with a glass of water to keep him hydrated, but left him to his writing. Once she kicked out the rest of the patrons, she closed up the bar and walked over to Sirius' booth. She took a breath in, let it out, and fidgeted with hr fingers. "Shall we go?" She offered tentatively. "We'll leave through the front door. No one really goes through the back unless we're opening."

Sirius looked up at her and he nodded. His eyes felt heavy and he was more than ready to go home, but her safety was important to him. He hadn't been able to pinpoint exactly why. The best excuse he had was she was a friend of a friend. Yet, he knew it was more than that. "The cold night air might do me some good. Not entirely sure if I'm hot because of the building or because of the liquor," he admitted, standing up smoothly once putting his things away, grabbing his jacket. He'd put it on outside once he got himself blasted well and good with the wind.

"You did have three or four rounds of Firewhiskey." Harper said as she locked the door. She slipped the key into her pocket and they crossed the street before heading up. "Do you live anywhere near here?"

"I...actually live with Remus and Mabel, as Remus and I were housemates before he found his girl," Sirius shook his head, "Last thing I wanted was to go home and...interrupt them. Remus either would've bitten my head off or Mabel would've coaxed me to join."

Harper nodded her agreement. "Do you need a place to crash then? I don't mind it. I have a couch and...well I don't have men's clothes." She looked apologetic on that front. "But it's an idea none the less. You walked me home. It's one of the few things I can do that."

"Nah, by now they should be done frolicking and actually asleep," Sirius laughed softly, his cheeks turning red now from something other than the cold, and he still hadn't put his jacket on, "They would /never/ let me live it down that I not only walked you home like a gentleman but then stayed in your home. Perhaps another day, on better circumstances, you might perhaps invite me? I bet you have a collection of herbs and resources like Mabel does. She was outstanding in Potions and Herbology classes in her school.  Beauxbatons Academy. Mabel is as French as they come, except for her accent which I find funny."

Harper had forgotten that she was walking with a Wizard. She had to bite back a sigh of relief that he decided against her good deed. "Better circumstances." She promised. "You went to Hogwarts right? Peter told me that you were a Gryffindor like himself."

"Yeah, the four of us are, actually. We have a friend names Marcus, though, who was a Slytherin but he sat at our table, so it was like he was an adopted Gryffindor. He didn't get slammed for it, funny enough. Whenever we asked he would just give us this sly smile and tell us not to worry. Which, of course, made me worry," he laughed, "It's another mystery we won't ever get answered. As for Steve, Buck, Calla and the Lady River, they're all from America and their school of Witchcraft."

Harper grinned, "I had the feeling. Their accent isn't very British. Not by a long shot." She exhaled a little. "Zan's mentioned a Marcus to me once. He helped her build her cafe. They have a joke that they were "sorted into the wrong houses". Though Zan's as Gryffindor as they come, according to Peter and Marcus is really a Slytherin when you think about it."

"I thought I remembered hearing about Zan before. I dunno, really. She might've been a year below us, we didn't interact much. The Marauders...we were the stars of the school and couldn't see past our noses or each other half the time. It's hard admitting that as we've gotten older, but six and seventh year...James and I got a real swift kick in the kahoogies," Sirius shrugged.

Harper grinned brightly and she shook her head from side to side. "I think you came out decent." She assured him. "That kick did you wonders, I can imagine the horror you could've been if I met you when you were younger."

"He would have taken you up on your offer to step into your home and then bragged to his friends later about it," he told her solemnly, "Things change, for better or for worse. I'm glad it was for the better, but James and I had to lose a lot in order to gain what we have."

Harper let out another breath and she looked ahead. "A bit dark for someone whose a little tipsy." She noted and they came to a stop. There was a building filled with apartments and she looked at him. "My stop." She said gently and watched him for a bit. "I think I like talking with you. I'd be real sorry if I never was able to speak to you again. Here." Harper carefully held her hand out as well as a pen and took Sirius's hand in hers and wrote down her address. "So you can send me owls. I doubt you have a phone so I wasn't going to bother you with a phone number. You're owl might bit confused. But just assure him or her that this is the right place."

"Will do," Sirius nodded, "Thank you. I wasn't expecting this. I might drop by the pub more often, or at least see if I an catch you at the cafe once or twice. Not really my scene, but I can try," he grinned, then paused, "You didn't really forget your wand, did you, Harper?"

Harper paused as well and she thought about her words carefully. "No." She shook her head from side to side. "I didn't." She smiled gently. "Thank you for being a gentleman Sirius. Have a wonderful night, I'll see you at the Pub...if you're still interested." She headed indoors, holding off a panic attack for as long as she could until she was behind closed doors and in her apartment. That hadn't been what she was expecting at all.
Leaning back in the chair, Bucky stretched his whole body out, groaning and then when he let off the pressure his body snapped back into place. "Oh man, I slept like a log last night. What about you?"

Steve rolled his eyes fondly at Bucky's antics. "I slept decently. After Calla and then some. She's going to be demanding things from River. Questions I think so she can make a good bet against James...or with him."

"A lot of you guys think I'm going to have another girl," Buck arched a brow, "Any particular reason? Is it because I already have Angel?"

Steve shook his head, "For me it's more or less because you're really good with girls. I mean /really/ good. From sisterly love to romantic and anything in between. Angelina helps a lot...don't get me wrong." He said softly, kindly. "But even without Angel, I'd say girl."

"I think you'd have a son," Buck hummed, contemplative, his hand rubbing his chin, "After all, we are each other's counterparts. Though, if you do have a son with Calla down the line, I will not be surprised if they end up with my daughter with River. Calla is just as thick with her as you and I are."

Steve's eyes glinted. "Okay. But they're not getting together till Angelina is either married or has a kid herself. You're gonna be a young grandpa Buck."

"So are you! She's your daughter as much as she's mine! God, we sound like an old married couple ourselves," Buck rubbed his face after he realized the implication of his words.

"I did help you raise her once you got her back from the orphanage and dealing with insolent morons." Steve pointed out. "So she's good as. But I like teasing you more. I mean, you don't have my spawn to fall back onto so Angelina's kinda the wild card on seeing who gets together with her and what her kids gonna be like. She's just twelve though. We don't have to worry about any of this till twelve more years. Though dating's gonna be hell. I really don't want her to know what heartbreak feels like...I really, really don't."

"Is it sad to say I hope Dylan and Angelina will be high school sweethearts?" Buck shifted, "It /will/ break her heart not being about to see him for two school years once he graduates, but she'll be able to see him all the time on holidays and summertime. He'd probably go to Hogsmeade to hang with her, too."

"He's really good to her," Steve agreed looking at his coffee cup. "He's gentle and kind. Caring too. A true Hufflepuff if Sirius' and James' description of them is anything to go by." He looked back up and smiled at Buck. "I think it's sweet you want her to have that kind of romance."

Steve's attention immediately caught onto Harper's section when he heard the bell ring and saw Peter striding in after her and sitting down on a table just close by, but a little at an angle so that the wall between the sections cut off their line of sight. "Speaking of sweet and kind," He murmured softly. "Peter and Harper."

"Oh, hey, this could explain last night," Buck tilted his head so he could focus out of his good ear, though made sure to stay looking natural as he took a drink of his coffee and listened.

“I’m really sorry about last night Gracie.” Peter said sincerely as Harper handed him a menu. “I didn’t think they’d ask you about your wand and blood status.”

“It’s really alright. I told Sirius, your friend, about not having one.” Harper assured. “I left before he said anything though. I don’t think he’s gonna remember much of the conversation, given how much Firewhisky he drank last night.”

“Either way…” Peter shifted. “I was really worried about it.”

“Aw Pete…you’re so sweet.” Harper gushed, making the rat’s ears turn red. “You were just trying to look out for me. That’s alright. They didn’t ask me anything that no one’s ever asked me before. I think what really would’ve taken the cake was if they asked me my House or what school I went too.”

“Oh god.” Peter turned pale. “You can’t give the regular excuse either. Bucky and Steve went to Ilvermony.”

"Bucky, Steve, Calla, and River." Harper agreed. "I'm screwed all ends if they were all in separate houses, and I can't deny being in a younger age group or something. I can’t say the French one either because, well…that’ll also fuck me over."

“And forget Dumstring.”

Harper’s shoulders slumped. “My parent’s would be ashamed even hearing that if I tried to use that excuse.” She sighed. “Should I come back and let you figure out what kind of drink you want?”

“Please.” Peter looked at her sincerely. “I don’t know if I’m in the mood for coffee or tea, but if you have any of those-“

“I will definitely get you a cinnamon roll and a scone with strawberry jam.” Harper nodded before walking off.

"I wonder...if she might be...?" Buck didn't like using the word 'squib'. It was the wizard community version of retarded. You just /didn't/ say it unless you wanted to get your ass reamed. "I wonder...if there would be anything any of us can do to reassure her that she's in good company?"

Steve frowned deeply. No /wonder/ she didn't have a wand. She must have been trying really, really hard to keep herself involved with a community she wanted to belong to. Most squibs just went Muggle and never turned back. "

Maybe we can." He said slowly. "Peter knows a lot about her. We can get him into a group interrogation and ask him questions about what we can do. He might have a bunch of ideas. I should've figured it out really...I'm certain just being kind to her will work too..."

"You and Remus sure were sharing glances, and James had some idea what was going on, too. I just tried to keep an open mind," Buck shrugged, "Not today, let things simmer down. She's probably on high alert after last night, anyway. Besides, we all got work to do and such on top of it."

They continued to talk and chat about it, Peter eventually getting his treats and deciding his beverage. Eventually, a young man with unruly black hair that could compete with James' and blue eyes like Steve's came in behind another patron. It looked like he was trying to slip by unnoticed, a button-down shirt half untucked on his left side, shown just under his blue jacket with a fuzzy hood. He looked like any regular guy, blending with the crowd. Unfortunately for him, even if Steve and Bucky didn't notice him, a certain blond owner of the cafe always did, and he jumped in surprise when he turned around and there she was.

"Whose section are you grabbing?" Zan didn't even say hello. Just smirked her casual way. "and are you switching up from your usual again?"

"I'll sit in yours, and you know I'm too picky for that," Jake muttered softly, "I'm only in twice a month and yet you're /always/ here to greet me. It baffles me."

"Oh /please/." Zan rolled her eyes as she gestured for him to come to her section and sit down. "You just think you're unpredictable. You actually have a routine. Harper and the rest of the girls don't' know it because they don't have to deal with you. Not that it's a bad thing really."

"I have a routine, huh? Nice to know I can't fool you," Jake joked with her as he took his seat, "Alright, you got me. I'll switch from my usual if that means it's basically the same thing just more creamy instead of nutty."

"I knew you were the love of my life." Zan teased as she knocked on the table twice and walked away to make the coffee.

Steve watched the interaction with a bit of a smile and he turned back to Bucky, who was also a bit lost in thought. "You have your thinking face on." He commented.

"Hmm? I do?" Buck shook himself out of it and blinked at him, "Just...thinking about how much of a rollercoaster our lives have been, I guess. One thing right after another. First it was just you and me, then your mom basically adopted me and mine adopted you. Then fighting for Angelina after what happened to me. Graduating school and hopping right into the military and fighting in Afghanistan. Meeting and falling for our lovers in California. Moving...meeting Remus and Sirius and eventually the rest of the Marauders. Your marriage, James' marriage, James' baby, my baby, and soon /my/ marriage. That's our life in a nutshell and who's to say we didn't lose pieces along the way, only to pick up new ones?"

Steve leaned back slightly. "I remember so many people just telling you not to do it. Your mom was so worried that having Angelina around would just trigger you. I remember rumors drawing you to be the bad guy and ugh..." Steve remembered the faces he punched. Bucky always dragging him out before he could bite off more than he could chew. "....You know I remember you asking my mom if what you were doing was right. Not abandoning Angelina and knowing your grades were going to suffer. You were going to get nearly straight O.W.L.S. Everyone had these high expectations for you including your mom. But my mom just looked you in the eye and told you that if you were the type to abandon family, then she raised you wrong."

That particular memory brought instant tears to Bucky's eyes and he rubbed them vigorously, "God I love your mom. Is it too late to invite her for Christmas? She'd love to dote on the pregnant ladies, I'm sure. and Angelina would get to see her Grandma Sarah, too."

"Angelina would love that." Steve smiled softly. "I can send her an owl and let her know. I can also send her the good news if you want me to?"

"I can write out a baby announcement card to slip next to your letter in one package,"  Buck suggested, "She probably won't be able to stay very long, with this being short notice and the Hospital needing her for the holidays, but she'd want to see River, anyway. Besides, she'd have tons more advice. What Harper offered has helped, but there's some tricks that only someone who's been through it can help with."

"I agree." Steve nodded his head. "How are you going to tell Angelina about her being a big sister?"

"Probably ask her a few questions then tell her she gets to be the role model," Buck shrugged, "She's old enough to understand, and the first year is always the roughest from what I hear. By rough calculations they would e born in August so a month before Angelina leaves for school. I'm honestly glad she won't get to see us struggle."

Steve laughed softly and shook his head from side to side. "Speaking seeing a struggle. I think Sirius might have a crush on Harper." He looked at Bucky curiously. "What's your thoughts?"
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"I think he's head over heels,” Buck shrugged, "I mean, I wasn't surprise at all he decided to stay to walk her home. He also didn't try and woo her, either, which means he /actually/ likes her and wasn't interested in just having a good shag."

Steve nodded. He knew of Sirius’ conquests too. He glanced back over at Harper and Peter who were talking about a Quidditch Game and about who was going to win the next bit in the national Tournament. James would be so eager to talk right now. He turned back to Bucky. “Sirius always went for the strange and the unknown.” He agreed. “James’ will flip if it ever comes true. I really hope that Sirius befriends her first /before/ doing something crude.”

"I don't think we have to worry about him, but that's me. I guess I see myself in him? I know what he's gunna do before he's gunna do it, sort of thing. I also...see River in Harper. I guess I feel she'll be to him what River is to me." Buck admitted..

Steve nodded, watching the shy ones interact before Harper leaving and Peter immersed in a book. “He could use more love.” Steve murmured, thinking of Sirius. “You have plenty of it to spare, but Sirius keeps his a little more…controlled.” He remembered how long it took to gain the Marauder’s trust. James and Peter first. Remus and Sirius a little later. Though most of that was due to the furry little problem, it was also because Sirius didn’t want it to be used against him. Though for Bucky, Sirius was instantly drawn to him.

Those with broken souls /do/ wind up together a lot.

“Later.” Steve decided.

“Later what?” Zan asked as she came by looking at their coffee mugs. “I can’t tell if you want a refill or not.”

“I don’t.” Steve smiled looking at Zan, “we were talking about Harper and Siirus.”

“Oh god.” Zan frowned big time. “Please tell me Sirius didn’t do anything dumb.”

“Just walked her home.”

“That’s…it?” Zan blinked.

“That’s it.” Steve confirmed.

“Huh…so the black sheep has a heart. Cool.” Zan mused. “Better that than me having to whack him with the tray. Harper wouldn’t be too happy about that. Did they meet at the pub?”

“We all did.” Steve admitted.

“Ah.” Zan nodded, though didn’t comment anything further. She looked at Bucky and pointed at his cup. “You done too, Bucky-boy?”

"Yeah, might as well call it," Buck nodded, pulling his wallet out and putting the money down, "I'll pay for my little helper's drink, too, while I'm at it. You two seemed to be enjoying yourselves."

"Jake's Jake." Zan smiled warmly. "I'm glad he's with you and not some other nasty mechanic who'll use him for whatever purposes." She wiggled her fingers and gave her best creepy look that only caused Steve to laugh at the ridiculousness. "Just to let you know if you ever want to sit with Harper, I won't get offended. I'll just beg her to split the tip." She winked at him as she took the money.

Jake watched as the two of them got up and left the cafe, "Boss man really has been through so much and yet here he is today, giving all he's got for those around him. You take good care of him and Steve."

Zan nodded. “It’s the least that I can do. His daughter’s super into my cousin.” She rolled her eyes. “And anyone that can put up with the Marauders is definitely a good nut in my book. He’s kind and so is Steve and they don’t make trouble.”

"Trouble just finds them somehow," Jake agreed, taking his cup of coffee she'd brought him and took a sip. It was still pretty hot, but he smiled at her, "It's good, as always. Did you put a little nutmeg in here, though, for holiday cheer?”

“I did.” Zan grinned and winked at him. “Couldn’t do something without making a nod to the winter.” She tapped his table twice before leaving.
"RIVER!!!!" Calla boomed as soon as she Aparated inside the house on the outskirts of London, before the countryside, and laughed as River shrieked, nearly jumping out of her skin, her crochet needles flying from her fingers, one hand going to her chest, "PUT AWAY THY THINGS SO THAT I MAY HUGGITH THEE!"

"What in the world?" River laughed as Calla glomped onto her and she hugged back. "I'm guessing Bucky told you?"

"He told all of us! Totally dumbfounded Steve and named us the Godparents on the spot. I was so happy! Then There was a bet on what you two will have, boy or girl. I wanted to know what you thought, and don't just tell me /anything will make me  happy/ I want a legit answer here!" Calla rattled off, demanding as she pulled away from River and sat on her heels, staring at her expectantly.

River leaned back against the couch in thought. "Hmm...." even though there wasn't a bump, she placed her hand on her womb and thought about it. "I think I'm going to be carrying a girl. It's really super early to tell...but...I just get this feeling that I'm having a girl. Maybe more than one? I'm not sure. Twins don't run in my family, I'd be shocked honestly if I am."

"Even if it's not, it's possible. Buck had a big family, after all," Calla told her gently, "Lily's farther along than you are, but only by maybe a month, but still. You two should talk and stuff. Did Buck give you that note for things that would help with the not-so-morning morning-sickness? Sirius' new attraction gave it to him and James hoping to help out."

"It worked." River smiled brightly. "He told me that a waitress at the pub gave it to him. The spearmint's really calmed down the nausea. I haven't tried the tea mix or the massage oil. I think that's for later honestly." She paused. "New attraction huh? Did he shag her or is he really interested in her? I'm hoping for the latter honestly."

"Well, he stayed to walk her home. Besides that, I'm not sure. She didn't try and pick her up, though," Calla shook her head, "He inquired about a few things, got a misunderstanding cleared up, and that's it. At least, I don't know what  he talked about once Steve and I left. Bucky's being really supportive of Sirius, really."

"Bucky and Sirius even though they come from two completely opposite corners, do have a lot in common." River nodded. "I'm not surprised at all. Bucky did mention when he got home that he was happy for Sirius. I guess he found someone that he really wants to try to make time with."

"He's locked up that one room on the second floor. I think that might be his plan," Calla giggled, "I can't wait to see all the cute things you crochet! Baby booties and tiny hats and blankets," she gushed, "This is all so exciting! You and Bucky are going to make great parents." She blushed a bit, "Do you think...Steve and I would? I mean, Steve's amazing with Angelina, so I don't doubt he'd be a good pop, but...I guess this question is geared more towards me. I know I'm not ready yet and all...I guess your baby will be my trial, huh?"

River thought about it for a moment. It was hard to judge really. Yes, both of them are super good with Angelina. But Steve been around Angelina since she was very young. All the rest of them barely entered her life until she was a little older. Angelina had favorites in the Marauders group and wasn’t afraid to eagerly announce them as family only a few months after meeting.

Sirius and James practically smothered her in hugs when she called them uncle for first time. Remus turned so red and flustered, he managed to /hit himself with a door/. Peter wasn’t too freaked. But Bucky hadn’t been expecting instant trust.

Then again, Bucky was always looking for love. River supposed Angelina’s role was to find people he /could/ love. That’s how it always felt to her.

“You know…” River said after a moment. “I think maybe it will be your trial. I wouldn’t name you a godmother if I didn’t think you could handle it…but there are differences.” She mused. “Angelina’s not a very good measurement for you or for anyone in our group besides Steve. But…I see how you get invested with her. I mean, dear lord, she talked to you /endlessly/ about ghosts and had both you and Steve do paintings and illustrations to go with Sirius’ “ghost stories”. I think we’re all glad that she didn’t find /horror/ stories and that Sirius stuck with the idea to just do /ghosts/ but still. You took her interest and you got involved. I think that made such huge impact on her. She knows that her interests are valid. I mean, Bucky and I are always involved with whatever’s going through her mind, but having an outsider be just as invested? It means a lot.”

Calla smiled brightly, "I'm very glad to hear that. She means a lot to all of us. She gushes about the spirits in Hogwarts to me all the time in her letters, how she's becoming friends with even the "Bloody Baron" and that's apparently terrifying to the other students? I find it hysterical, myself. I haven't told any of the marauders that, though."

“Hufflepuff all the way through.” River smiled warmly. “She told me about the House-elves she met in the kitchens. The one she mostly talks about is named Linny. Thick as thieves in the kitchen, but no mischief making. I can almost hear James moping about wasted opportunity.”
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"Next thing you know, she'll be asking if you can have a house elf. I wonder if Buck would even allow that? Considering...what he's been through and all, it might make him upset or something," Calla hummed in thought.
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River shook her head. "No way. He's not really all that comfortable with the idea. I don't think we ever would do it...I know that they go to the rich, not to the middle class. I also know that usually Pureblooded families are the ones that have them. It'd be rare for us." She paused in that. "I don't know if Bucky would even think of saying yes."
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"The only way he'd say yes is if Angelina asked, and if you all had a serious discussion about it," Calla agreed, "So, anyway, how's Angelina and Dylan? I mean, he's in his fourth year but he was there for her during her first year and he loves hanging with her in the summertime here with Zan and all. I heard from Zan he's excited for next year and he can take her to Hogsmeade. To be honest, I kind of want to go to at least Hogsmeade to see what it's like there, if not Hogwarts. Curiosity and such," she giggled.
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"So far so good. He's still the tissue hero for her bloody noses she gets frequently. Bucky's concerned about that. Neither one of us have that type of problem in our family. It just seems to be a Angel problem." River said with a concerned look before smiling. "I bet we could go to Hogsmeade. It's a magical community. I doubt it's just for the school and such. There has to be people that go there every once in a while. I know the Marauders sometimes drinks at the Three Broomsticks along with Lily when we're tied up doing our own Westernized thing. I doubt that they'd just demand us to leave if we go there. It'll be something to bring up to Sirius or Remus. See if we can't haggle an invite to the Marauder's inner circle for an evening."
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"Wouldn't that be fun? Definitely something to ask them about," Calla nodded and leaned back, "So, when you're far enough along are you going to see what gender it is or are you going to keep everyone in suspense?"
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River rubbed her abdomen in thought. "I don't know. I want to see the gender, but at the same time I really want a surprise. I think Bucky will go with either...I'll talk to him about it and see what he wants, since he has to make the nursery." She smiled warmly. "It's so...weird to think about Cal. I mean I'm not far along yet, but all I think about is that I got people growing inside of me and it's like a dream come true at the same time. It's...frightening too, in a way. I mean, we've talked about it a lot before, but when it actually happens it's so different. I feel...vulnerable. Much more than I ever was and since I'm so early I worry constantly on what's going to cause me to miscarry. I had to turn off the computer and shove it in Angelina's room so I wouldn't be tempted to research it."
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