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April 2019


 TMNT Done With Your Shit

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TMNT Done With Your Shit Empty
PostSubject: TMNT Done With Your Shit   TMNT Done With Your Shit EmptyWed Nov 16, 2016 10:45 pm



Was that...Zan?

Calla groaned and her eyes squished tighter together before they opened slowly. Her head pounded, she had goosebumps everywhere, and could feel the draft in the rips in her clothes. What the fuck happened?

Her mental question was answered with blurred flashes of bright white walls, florescent light-bulbs, lab coats, and she gasped and sat up when the image of a scalpel also popped up. She wanted to throw up. Hand over her mouth she took deep breaths through her nose, only for her face to contort at the stench she was met with. Dirt, grime, and whatever else she didn't /want/ to know. Slowly getting to her knees, she fell forward onto her stomach, wobbly and her whole body in serious pain. Throbbing. Not just in her head, but /everywhere/. Groaning, she just put her head on her arms for a moment. "Zaaaan," she croaked, "Please stop for like, five seconds..."
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TMNT Done With Your Shit Empty
PostSubject: Re: TMNT Done With Your Shit   TMNT Done With Your Shit EmptyThu Nov 17, 2016 12:54 am

"Awesome! You're alive." Zan stopped her rattling. "I was wondering who else was brought in here. Kinda glad to hear your voice though, Cal-girl."

"Any idea where we are? What happened? My mind's already trying to block it out," Calla swallowed thickly, but her throat still felt so scratchy, "I want three of those giant hospital cups full of tea I swear..."

"No you don't." Zan sighed, as she walked over to the cot and sat down. "I don't know where we are, but I know that we're being experimented on. I have needle marks all over the crook of my left least, that's what I think is happening."

"Experiments..." Calla took another breath and tried to sit up again, going a lot more slowly this time and propping her back against the door to her cell, "Are you okay? I know I hurt everywhere..." she looked down at her arms, "Both of my arms look like pincushions. I guess they couldn't find any veins, and I have several bruises where veins must've popped or punctured."

"Dehydration. Awesome." Zan sighed as she leaned back. "I guess that explains the crying. Sounds like you been through the wringer."

At the mention, Calla touched her cheek, "We must not be alone? I mean, my cheeks and eyes aren't crusty or tight, so I wasn't crying in my sleep."

Zan felt her stomach ice and she got back up and she slammed her foot into the door, making it rattle. "HEY PERSON WHO WAS CRYING! MAKE A SOUND, YOU'VE BEEN SILENT TOO LONG!"

She waited, wondering if she was going to hear anything. The noise of the door being hit echoed and it was kind of a surprise that no one was coming in with tazers like in the movies to attempt to knock her out. Probably thinking that she was going to wear herself out first. She took a breath and was about to hit the door again when she heard a soft whine.

"Hey." Zan's voice softened just a bit, but kept up the volume so that she could be heard. "Hey you're alright, okay? My name's Zan. I'm a friend. My pal...somewhere is named Calla. I call her Cal-girl. You're gonna be just fine now. Okay? What's your name?"

But she didn't get a response, just another sob. Zan felt her heart break and she sighed. There wasn't anything she could to assure whoever it was that was in the room with them. She felt pissed off though. She slammed her foot into the door. "I'M GETTING REALLY FUCKING TIRED OF SITTING AROUND DOING NOTHING IN HERE! ARE YOU SURE YOU DON'T WANT TO FIGHT ME?! YOU'RE A BUNCH OF FUCKING DICKLESS COWARDS!"

"Geezus, Zan, did these experiments make you even more temperamental?" Calla teased, only to jump when the sobs in the cell next to her got much louder suddenly.

Zan sighed, "Shit I'm sorry." She said quietly. "I told you I was a friend and I'm scaring the daylights out of you." She smiled a little. "I think this is the first time I /ever/ been backed into a corner without a weapon. Wouldn't be surprised really if I am acting a lot weirder. This is a bad situation and I /should/ be keeping my head on my shoulders and not freaking out out. Can't help it though..this place creeps me out."

"Wow, whoever's down here sure is feisty! I heard them all the way upstairs!" An excited chirp echoed through the halls.

"Tch, yeah. I just hope these were the ones that guy at the library talked about, Donny," a thick drawl rumbled next.

"OH MY GOD VINCE TOLD YOU?!" Zan shrieked. She was so, so thankful about this. "NEVER MIND THAT. HEY! HEY!" She slammed herself against the door again. "THIS IS STARTING TO REALLY HURT AND I WANT OUT!"

"Hey hey, chillax," the same chirp got closer to Zan and baby blue eyes framed by vibrant blond locks peered in through the hole, bright and shining even in the dark, "I'm Mikey! Hello! We're gunna get you outahere in no time flat, 'kay?!" He disappeared to look behind him, "Did any of you guys grab the keys?! I didn't."

"I did since I knew that was the first thing to be forgotten." Donny tossed his brother the keys and looked at the cells. Vince said that three of them were kidnapped. He was really worried about a friend of his named River, and of course Zan and Calla. He moved his brown bangs away from his eyes for a bit as he surveyed the room. It reminded him of the times where he and his brothers stayed in these kinds of rooms for long periods of time, experimented and tested until they broke out. "Hey is there a Calla? A River? In here?" Donny called.

Calla grunted as she got herself to her knees and then grabbed a bar on the window of the door, bracing herself as her body shook from the effort and everything spun around in circles, "Yeah, I'm Calla. River must've been the one crying, Zan," she called to her friend, "The cell next to mine. Once I get my land legs back I'll be okay, but take care of River."

"Self-sacrificing, of course," the man with the cinnamon brown-red hair that Calla spotted rolled his golden eyes, sauntering over to the cell and grabbed the keys once Mikey was done with them.

"Don't be such a dick, Raph and get her out. Poor thing's probably so scared," Mikey pouted. He turned his attention to the girl he had just let out who had sandy blond hair and brown eyes, "Wow, you look fit as a fiddle after being through all that. You're really tough."

"Wait till I get home." Zan said tiredly. She didn't want to look in a mirror, she would bet that she looked like a freak show covered in blood and wearing a horrid hosptial gown. Thankfully her jeans were on, so she wasn't butt naked. Oh god that would be the worst at the current point in time. "I agree with Calla...if you can coax the River girl out of the cell...she's terrified. I don't know what they did to her, wasn't anything good I promise you that."

Raph undid the lock and threw the keys at Donny to release Calla, walking into the cell where he spotted a shadow curled into a ball. Rolling his shoulders he took a deep breath and let out out slowly, his sure steps becoming quiet and light. His expression changed from set and stubborn to gentle, eyes calm and understanding. Kneeling down he fully expected the flinch she made, "Hey, River," he tilted his head at her, "You're okay. No one's gunna to force ya to do anythin' now, okay? I wanna getcha outa here, but ya gotta come to me," he held his hand out to her in offering, his Brooklyn accent thick in his whisper, "Zan and Calla are waitin' fer ya."

Donny walked past the cell Raph just opened and peered inside. The poor girl was cowering, afraid. He wondered if she was here longer than the other two. He got to Calla's cell and unlocked it, "I can carry you if you can't get your legs back." He told her kindly. "I'm certain Raph's about to do the same to River...even though he said he'll be patient."

"I don't need to be carried," Calla took a breath and stepped forward, leaning on the wall, "If it comes to fire fight, if the adrenaline hasn't kicked in, I'll concede, but I'm alright for now. I remember I was like a wiggly worm, they couldn't pin me down. Which is probably also why my arms are beat the fuck up," she snorted, "Zan, you probably punched somebody and they drugged you ahead of time."

"In the nose!" Zan said happily, putting her hands on her hips looking proud of herself. "I broke it."

Mikey snorted and covered his mouth to stifle his sudden laughter and he had to put his second hand up because /that was too funny/.

"Geez Mike, look, it's another one of you." Donny teased his brother with a chuckle.

"You're just so /happy/ and /proud/ about that!" Mikey grinned a million watt smile at Zan, "Oh man. You able to walk better than Calla? Let's get outta here! You don't like enclosed spaces so the sooner the better!"

"Hold on," Zan held her hand up and approached the cell where Raph and River were in. The girl wasn't in a ball like she had thought, but she was watching Raph with a worried look. She couldn't blame her. Who knew what she went through. Poor thing probably didn't put up a fight at all, and they decided to test her limits with pain. She could smell the blood. "Raph...she can't come to you. You're going to have to go to her."

Raph squared his shoulders again and shot Zan a glare, before he looked back at River. Donny he could get away with, but he didn't know this chick and he'd been getting somewhere with River getting out of her cocoon. "Okay. I'm sorry," he whispered, but his touch was still tender as he slid one hand up and down her arm and then slipped it around her back, the other hooking under River's legs, "Up we go," he grunted and hoisted her up and stood in one fluid motion, cradling her against his chest.

"Okay so we have a man down, and we have four people up. Two in good health and two...not in so great condition. How do we get out of here without killing ourselves?" Zan asked, looking at Don and Mikey.

"Leo's upstairs so that's five!" Mikey told Zan, "He's our big bro and our leader. He's been keeping lookout."

"Well, at least we have a decent chance at sneaking out," Zan nodded. "We'll follow you guys. Since Raph's holding on to Riv, I'll say he's made for bigger better things than to fight right now." She beamed brightly. "And we can all go home, or sleepover. I have no idea the time."

"Two in the morning." Donny replied checking his watch. "We should get going now. Leo was only gonna wait thirty before coming after us."

"Up, up, up the stairs we go," Calla grunted as they reached the end of the hall and groaned, but she started up after Mikey and Zan, Donny behind her in case she fell, and Raph with River at the rear to keep her protected.

"Lord of the Rings! Haven't seen that in ages. Should totally do that," Mikey laughed and he reached for the door. He stopped and that haulted the train, but his entire demeanor changed. The bubbly attitude disappeared and his face went serious, "I hear Leo's swords. Shit, there's a fight," he hissed and heard shuffling as Donny ran around the two girls to join him, "Raph, you lead Zan and Calla once we get out there."

"Booking it, sure thing," Raph growled.

Calla watched Mikey turn the door hinge and shove it open, reaching for his sides where he whipped out a pair of nun-chucks and he was gone in a flash, Donny's Bo on his back in his hands like a barricade while Zan rushed out behind him. Raph was out next since she was the slowest, but there was no way she could let the only able fighters take care of her or Zan would be right, they would end up dying. Taking a deep breath, she squinted her eyes against the light and finally reached the top.

Raph was already with Zan at the end of the rooftop. Calla let out a chuckle and slammed the door behind her. She stretched her arms and cracked her neck, taking the hospital gown she had on and re-tied it so it was in a knot at her stomach instead of tied behind her back, and she was glad she still had a wristband on, reaching up and putting her raven hair in a messy bun, "This is gunna be fun."

Leo was practically dancing, surrounded by at least five of the “medical” assistants that had taken them hostage. His swords were out, but so were theirs. Their weapons ranged from swords to bats and random things that could be used as momentarily weapons. Both Mike and Don jumped into the fray without much thought, surprise attacking at least two of them, leaving Leo to deal with three.

Two, Zan body slammed one of the assistants with her head and was rearing back to do a punch squarely in the jaw. The two became only one when Leo realized that someone else was taking on the assistant as well. The sword came deadly close to hitting him, and he blocked seconds late but enough to keep the sword from hitting anything vital. He skirted a bit across the rooftop, but he changed his footwork and went at it again, gritting his teeth and hoping that he could get the girls and his brothers out of here asap.

It was kind of a shame Raph had to leave, but he saw a glimpse of the girl. No, it was best that Raph was with her. She was the weakest out of them all, the other two girls were holding on just fine. Tired and exhausted and probably were going to complain of bruises and torn stitching later, but fine. Alive. Leo had to admire Calla’s way of fighting though, she was really eager to lay one on them.

Calla wasn't a martial artist like the brothers and she didn't have the tactical training Zan did from being a military daughter, but she grew up on the streets. A dip and a swipe, a fein and a punch, twist and grapple, using her body against her opponent and toppling them over. Then, just as they tried to get up, she kneed the person square in the face and they fell over limp.

"Yeah! Whoop!" Mikey was back to his happy self as he had smacked his opponent clear across the temple and also knocked them out good and proper. Donny ended up smacking his Bo across the stomach, effectively winding them and swiped them in an upper-cut. Mike winced at the sound of teeth clacking together, and his attention turned back to Zan who's hair was waving in a fury as she punched the guy she was against a few more times. "I think he's out," he called to her, appearing at her side with ease and grabbed her wrist.

"Oh." Zan looked a little shocked and dropped him without much ado. "Oops...I guess I didn't realize that. That' Okay." She took a harsh breath and she looked over at Mikey and then at the brothers who were banding together. Donny taking a look at Calla probably to make sure she was alright and Leo smiling at the help that he got. "Can going? I think my adrenaline's about finished."

"Ha, I'll take you up at that offer now, Donny," Calla laughed breathlessly, hands on her knees as a way to support herself, "No way I'll be able to jump off this roof now."

"You wanna be carried, too, Zan?" Mikey asked, still holding her arm, though it was more his hooked with hers than anything else.

Zan without much prompting, unhooked her arm away from Mike's and wrapped it around his neck instead. She threw her legs up in the air and landed awkwardly in his arms. "Yeah if you can carry me. You think Raph took Riv to your guys home you think he managed to coax out an address?"

"Here." Leo said before Donny could open his mouth to say that he could. "Climb on, it's easier to jump this way." He presented to her with his back and crouched slightly.

"Home," Mikey shifted her so it was more comfortable for them both while Calla took Leo's offer, chuckling at how she stumbled two steps and practically fell onto his brother, trying not to choke him when she got her arms around his neck, too, "Donny, might wanna call April so she can help, being a girl and all."

"Already on it," Donny assured as he reached into his pockets and found his cellphone. "Let's run. I can talk while jumping."

"Yay parkour, Angelina's going to be so fucking thrilled." Zan said tiredly.


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PostSubject: Re: TMNT Done With Your Shit   TMNT Done With Your Shit EmptyThu Nov 17, 2016 8:03 pm

"MORNING SUNSHINE!!!" Mikey's voice screeched in Calla's ears and she winced, curling into a deeper ball and putting her pillow over her head.

"CAN'T YOU NOT?! IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT INJURED PEOPLE?! CAN'T YOU LET ME SLEEP?!" Calla tossed her pillow at Mikey who screamed and ran out of her room, "YEAH YOU BETTER RUN!" There was someone cracking up in the background and she had no idea who it was, but as her eyes adjusted to the light and she took a better look around, she noticed a pile of clothes on the desk in the room she had been placed in. She had passed out on Leo's back on the way here, and barely remembered being woken up and thrown in the shower to clean off.

She was in an over-sized blue shirt and a pair of black boy's shorts so she deduced that their rescuers must have loaned them clothes. Then who brought the ones over there? Getting up on shaky legs, Calla limped over to the desk and picked up the shirt on top. It was hers, a bohemian ruffled light blue one with lacy hems.

"Just look at that rat's nest!" came another cackle of laughter and she turned around, spotting a man who was tall, long and lanky build with hipster clothes and hipster glasses, his brown hair a mess no doubt from running his fingers through it a bunch.

"Vince! Oh my gosh, you're here! Did you bring us all clothes, then?" Calla stepped away from the desk and hobbled over to her friend, throwing her arms around his waist.
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TMNT Done With Your Shit Empty
PostSubject: Re: TMNT Done With Your Shit   TMNT Done With Your Shit EmptyThu Nov 17, 2016 8:26 pm

"April wasn't answering the phone, so I went to your guys' apartment." Vince grinned as he hugged her back. It was sparse, with just a bed, drawers, and a desk, but it was homey as well. The curtains were drawn, so undoubtedly Mikey had thought that they would wake up first. "So I was your clothes savior." He pulled her away from him and smiled. "It's lucky River lives with me. Otherwise, I'd have a hell of a time trying to find something for her to fit into. I dunno if Zan's clothes would'v worked or yours."
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TMNT Done With Your Shit Empty
PostSubject: Re: TMNT Done With Your Shit   TMNT Done With Your Shit EmptyThu Nov 17, 2016 11:28 pm

"Who's April?" Calla asked before she shook her head and dismissed it, "Thank you for the clothes. I'll go put them on. Is anybody else awake?" She headed back over to the desk and pulled the bundle into her arms, and noticed the bathroom attached to the rather spartan bedroom. Vince could talk to her through the door. "How long were we gone? Do you know anything about what happened?" He probably knew less than she did, but it didn't hurt to ask.

"April's a friend of Donny's. I haven't gotten a chance to meet her." Vince said as he leaned against the wall next to the bathroom door. He propped his leg up and folded his arms, leaning his head back. "You were gone for two weeks. I noticed River missing before I noticed you guys and I'm really, really sorry. I had to beg Donny to get his brother's involved. They don't like outing themselves that they're actual legit ninjas from one of the last people who know ninjutisu. It's not a good thing to broadcast. I'm really sorry, but the only thing that I know that happened to you is that you have cat ears."

"I...what...?" Calla's voice was meek for a moment. There was a pause while she looked in the mirror and then she shrieked. It was quickly cut off as she put her hand over her mouth, but she muttered 'oh my god' in a chant as she looked herself over. Vince had grabbed her brush along with her clothes thank god, so she quickly straightened herself out and looked even closer. Sure enough, they twitched, flattened, and perked. They were the shorter round cat ears...hell they were thicker than a cat's, so maybe she was some sort of wild animal? Peering at her eyes as well, she noticed as she flickered them up towards the light and then back down, when they constricted they narrowed instead of turning into smaller circles. "I don't just have ears, Vince..." she called out, and once she finally finished dressing and folding the boy's clothes on the counter, she stepped out and looked at her friend squarely.

"Yeah you have the eyes." Vince winced. "But I wasn't certain if you were going to believe me if I said the eye thing. So I went with the thing. Sorry." He sighed. "Anyway, so far Mikey's awake, Donny's probably awake, Leo. Raph? I don't know. I think he and Zan might be sleeping in. I dunno if Riv's awake or not."

"Let's go find out. You know, this explains why when people yell or anything it's a lot more intense than it should be. Zan's banging, Mikey's yelling, that sort of thing. I could hear you laughing, but you must've been further away than I originally thought." Calla smiled at Vince tenderly, "Thank you. Who knows what would've happened if you didn't get Donny's help." She hugged him again, "River will be very glad to see you. I hope you don't blame yourself."

"Riv'd kick my ass." Vince laughed, rubbing his neck. "I'm glad you're alright. I bet everyone's waiting downstairs, so go." He gently shoved her towards the door. "I'll go find Riv and if I need to, I'll do you a favor and wake up Zan....unless-" "MICHAELANGELO GET BACK HERE!" "Oh she's awake."

Laughing, Calla headed downstairs while Vince began the search for River and she heard Zan's happy little cry about her clothes. The smell of breakfast reached her nose and she followed it, arriving in a rather large dining room area, the kitchen through a double-wide doorway. At the table was the man who carried her, Leo, and now that he wasn't wearing a mask or his ninja gear, her breath caught at just how...freaking goddamn handsome he was. Black hair that wasn't too short or too long, not messy but not sickeningly neat either. He looked up at the presence of someone new in the area and she was absolutely taken by the blue color of his eyes.

Mikey was hanging off of Donny as the brunette sat in a seat opposite of Leo and he smirked at the sight, "We're going to have loads of fun with our new friends, Donny."

"Speaking of new friends, where's Raph?" Donny asked looking over at Mikey and absently continued, "Your ears are twitching Cal."

Leo had to bite back a laugh, but couldn't hide the smile as Calla blushed a little. "I'm glad to see you up."

"Blue mask, I take it that was your shirt I was donned in?" Calla arched a brow and patted at her ears as if they were stray pieces of hair she could flatten.

The smirk Mikey had grew wider as it was Leo's turn to blush even the tiniest bit, "That sure was! Though you slept in the guest room because if Leo doesn't sleep in his /own/ bed he most definitely won't sleep. I gave Zan one of my shirts and let her sleep in my bed since I can like, totally sleep anywhere and crashed on the couch. Though since she was more awake than you were, she said purple was River's favorite color so she got one of Donny's instead and she slept in Raph's bed while Raph conked out on the living room carpet. Anything to make her feel better, right?"

"That's sweet, thank you guys," Calla told them honestly and came over, pulling up a chair. Donny mumbled 'you talk too much' under his breath and she just hummed as she looked over to the kitchen, a middle aged man bustling around from stove to fridge to counter, clinking sounds here and there.

"In answer to your question, Donny-boy, I don't know where Raph is," Mikey added, "Probably went to shower off all his drool."

"Donny-boy is a good name." Zan said as she walked into the kitchen stretching. Her hair was brushed back into a braid, but she had horns that were curved like soft blonde hair behind her ears and protruding a little so it was obvious on what it was. "Oh my god." She looked at Calla, stricken. "I's cute...but...I thought they just did it to me! I mean I knew they were going to do goat since they called me devil woman and what not, but you? A cat? It's cute...oh my god River's like us." She clapped a hand over her mouth to stop herself from word vomiting all over the place.

Donny could only nod, "Panther, actually."

"I'm...not sure that makes me feel better, Donny-boy." Zan winced.

"Is that going to be my nickname now?" Donny asked, raising an eyebrow at Zan.

"I don't know Donny-boy, is it?" Leo quipped back and grinned teasingly when Donny gave him a "look", complete with his arms folded. It was kind of ruined since Mikey was still holding on to his shoulders. "I'll go find where Raph is and tell him breakfast is ready...I'll let Vince and River know, too."

"That's alright, stay here!" Mikey chirped, "You look pretty radical with horns, Zan, did I mention that? Because if I did I'm saying it again," he laughed and bounded away from Donny, but not before he reached over and poked his finger on the tip of a horn, "Oh damn, they're sharp, too! Don't poke yourself with those when you sleep or nothin'," he gaped and then ran away, "RAAAAAPPPPHHHH!!!!!"

"You know he's been complimenting you up the ass since he first met you. Is he just that way or is he totally into Zan?" Calla directed that last line towards either of the brothers.

"I'm not sure," Leo said slowly. "It'd be interesting if that was true though."

"He's gonna tell you if he is or not." Donny offered. "He thinks telling someone straight with no bush to beat around is a lot better than trying to woo. Then again, Raph is a disaster at it, so maybe Mikey's approach wouldn't be too awful."

"Boy talk about my love life when I'm standing right here," Zan raised an eyebrow. "Do I get a say in any of this?"

"You could turn him down when he asks you out," Donny looked at Zan with a shrug. "Or you could say yes. There's your say."

"You're a smart alec aren't you?" Zan's smile curved a little.

"A little sarcastic. I haven't really had enough coffee yet." Donny admitted.

Zan's cheeks paled slightly. "We've been missing for two weeks. Oh my god how are we going to find a /job/?"

"Well..." Calla put her elbow on the table and then her chin in her hand, "You've been wanting to make your own cafe for a while. I have an idea but I'm not sure if you'll be offended or keel over laughing."

Zan braced herself and waited for Calla to continue. Donny and Leo exchanged a look, also prepared to either be holding Zan back or...something.

"Well, we can call it Devil's Advocate first of all, and then have anybody you hire wear animal ears or costume, cosplay whatever as their uniform," Calla watched Zan carefully.

Both Leo and Don weren't sure on how to react either and looked a each other, trying to figure out if this was a joke or....if that was offending.

"They're going to think we're Satanists." Zan said slowly. "I mean, we could...I dunno...I guess we could go the whole bloody goth route..."

"You could go Wicca?"

Zan jumped and turned around. A purple haired girl with black streaks was standing behind her, wearing torn jeans and a black shirt that said "Ignite the Stars" in pretty white script along with white stars going everywhere on the shirt. Her eyes were bloodshot, probably from all of that crying last night and Vince was standing next to her, hand on her shoulder and a sheepish grin.

"Ooooh, yeah, for sure. I mean, we're in /New York/, who's going to think twice about a cafe catered for the Wiccan community? It'd be super easy to connect with them, too, on social websites and the like. Wiccan decor and we can even throw some Greek deities in there for shits and giggles," Calla smiled tenderly at River, "So what're you?"

River reached up and touched one of the black streaks that Zan came to realize were her ears. They were long enough to look..oh wow. "I'm a rabbit." She smiled a little. "It still hurts so...I'm trying not to move them too much." She let her hand fall. "Are you two still hurting?"

"I'm numbed a bit." Zan offered. "But I'm not hurting all that much. I think it's cuz they decided that I was better off knocked out...I'll probably feel it a lot more later on."

"Sitting's nice. I'm most certainly still sore everywhere," Calla pointed at her ears, "River, lookie! I'm a Panther! Hey, hey, you can touch mine if it's okay for me to pet yours!" she made grabbing hands for her friend to come closer.

Donny watched as the girls sat down and River allowed her ears to be stroked while she touched Calla's. Zan sat down too, and smiled softly as River relaxed. It kind of surprised her. She would've thought the poor girl would be still upstairs and terrified. Vince was probably a miracle worker, or maybe, just maybe, she was that strong. Break down, then get up. No sweat.
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PostSubject: Re: TMNT Done With Your Shit   TMNT Done With Your Shit EmptyThu Nov 17, 2016 11:28 pm

"I've brought Raph!" Mikey called as he came back. Raph had indeed taken his shower, and his hair was sticking up in all sorts of places. He yawned widely and was about to sit down when the older man in the kitchen called to them.

"Michaelangelo, Raphael, as you two are the only two standing up, come assist me with bringing breakfast to the table."

"Hai, hai, sensei," Mikey and Raph chorused, disappearing for a moment. Before long, everyone had a plate of bacon eggs and hash-browns. Salt, pepper, and ketchup were all placed in the middle of the counter as well.

"Now, excuse me for taking so long as I do not usually have so many mouths to feed in the morning. Allow me to introduce myself," the older man bowed to his guests politely, "I am Riichi Yamato, but you may refer to me as Splinter."
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PostSubject: Re: TMNT Done With Your Shit   TMNT Done With Your Shit Empty

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TMNT Done With Your Shit
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