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April 2019


 What It Means to be a Family

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PostSubject: What It Means to be a Family   What It Means to be a Family EmptySun Jan 29, 2017 1:27 am

"Hey, man, so your mom stole her granddaughter for the day?" Sam asked as he hung his coat on the hanger.

"Yeah, I asked her to so I could clean the apartment up and move things for Steve when he gets here tomorrow. We're going to need plenty of room to get his stuff through the door and to his room." Bucky explained as he eyed the line between the door and the hallway critically before shoving the couch over another couple inches.

"If you need me to come over tomorrow, too, I can help. Get all the boxes and furniture up here in one day so you don't have to worry about it." Sam offered.

"Dude. You are the best. Ever. I'll convince Steve to help me make dinner tomorrow for the trouble." Buck heaved a heavy breath.

Sam laughed and patted his shoulder, "It's cool. I gotcha covered. Good thing it's not a drill weekend."

"Yeah. Hey, anyway, you came over for something specific, though, not just to clean, right?" Buck furrowed his brows at Sam and they went over to the couch.

"It's about joining the military." Sam got straight to the point, and he watched Buck's face do several different things. "I know. I know you don't want to fight. It's the last thing you want to do, even. Yet, you got a baby to care for. If you join the military, they'll pay for your college. I even talked to my drill Sargent and we can take a new recruit on our squad, if you want to pair up with me so I can help you out. Riley's down for it, too."

"Aren' on some sort of...secret thing that's all hush hush and classified?" Buck chewed his bottom lip.

"Yeah...and that's what I'm also talking about. My Sargent swore all you'd do is training, however, so you can focus on your college. You'd have to quit your current job, but when you put my name down on the form, I'll get the bonus money. I'll give you four of the five thousand. That'll hold you over until you start getting paychecks from the Army." Sam smiled as Buck's jaw dropped, "I told you, I got your back."

"That...I do I even /respond/ to that?" Buck's stomach twisted. "I'll...think about it. I'll at least wait until I get accepted before I quit, too. This is a big deal, Sam."

"I know, I getcha. We'll figure it all out, though, I promise." Sam patted his leg and stood back up, "Let's get cleaning this pig's sty then!"


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Posts : 3037
Join date : 2013-12-14
Age : 26
Location : South Dakota

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PostSubject: Re: What It Means to be a Family   What It Means to be a Family EmptySun Jan 29, 2017 3:29 am

"Today's been such a long day, but I'm glad we got everything in here at least before Ma came by with Angel." Bucky was slowly swaying in pace as he supported his daughter with one arm and held the bottle up for her while she dank her formula, "I hope you're prepared for this, Stevie."

"I don't think that there's ever a such thing as being prepared when you have a baby." Steve said, but watched Angel's eyes flutter open and close as she was being fed. "She's a pretty easy kid so far...though I bet I just jinxed us for tonight."

"Probably," Sam snickered and he patted his stomach, "I'm stuffed, but I'm pretty sure I should head home. Watching that baby look like she's about to pass out makes me want to sleep."

"I'll walk you to the door," Steve said, standing up and waited patiently for Sam to get up. "Thanks again fo-" Angelina chose that moment to turn her head away and start whimpering. "And either she's stuffed too or she knows your saying goodbye."

"Aww, baby Angel..." Sam cooed as he came over and reached out, rubbing his finger against her chubby little cheek, "You'll see me again, I promise. You'll understand bub-bye eventually."

Steve couldn't help the soft smile that started to form on his face and he shook his head. Angelina didn't understand, she probably didn't know what Sam was saying since she was still whimpering and starting to fuss. "We'll get her settled. She's probably wanting to sleep but Bucky's hogging her and not wanting her to sleep in her crib."

Buck stuck his tongue out at Steve and then lifted Angel up closer so he could kiss her forehead. "You'll be seeing her plenty, Steve. C'mon, Sam, you said you were tired, too. Don't wantcha passing out at the wheel."

"Haha, I'm not /that/ tired, good grief." Sam rolled his eyes but he headed for the door finally, throwing his jacket on, "I'll see ya next time I get the chance."

"Text more often so we can hang out," Steve laughed, "We'll see you later Sam. Thanks for today."

"I will and no problem. You guys have fun!" Sam waved and headed out, leaving them to their own devices.

Angelina started to sob a little now instead of whimper since Sam was out of sight, and Bucky set the bottle down so he could put her on his hip, "It's okay, Sam will be around. You looked so tired before, so how about we put your little booty to bed, huh?"

"She had a long day," Steve said, watching as Angelina cried. "Look at all the excitement and then Sam left. Do you want to put her down you need me to?"

"You can do it if you want to. I'll clean up the leftovers and stuff." Buck grinned and got closer, shifting Angelina so he could and her to her Uncle Steve, then booped her nose, "Cheer up, now, baby girl. You're gunna be just fine."

Steve couldn't blame her for crying a bit louder for being transferred. Bucky was the one who mostly held her unless it was one of the sister's. Steve gently adjusted his hold and stood up, carefully bouncing her and talking to her. "I know sweetie, we're just not making anything easy on you are we?" He murmured. "Come on, sweetheart, let's go to bed. You'll feel a little better with sleep." He walked into her nursery which, admittedly, was the most /girliest/ thing Steve had /ever/ seen and he had walked through the girls bedrooms before. Bucky went all out decorating the nursery with animals. Mostly Peter Rabbit things.

The splash of color that the nursery had was a pink color Steve couldn't figure out if it was cute, atrocious or both. He shuddered to think of decorating a little girl's nursery with it, but hell...Winifred probably picked it. He sat down on the rocking chair, knowing too well that he needed to get her to go back to a sleepy state and was /thankful/ that George was the one who thought of it. It was a fucking /godsend/ according to Bucky. Steve was the one who got to test it now.

He gently moved her so that her head was on his shoulder and he started rocking in the chair, humming softly under his breath while he patted her back. "I should ask my mom if she knows any of the lullabies she sang to me. I'm sure she remembers them all,'d be nice to be able to give you something. I don't think you met Grandma Sarah yet have you?" Angelina made a soft cry. "I guess not." He continued to pat her back till he heard her burp and he laughed.

"Bucky doesn't know when to stop feeding you does he?" He continued to pat her just in case, but she didn't cry. "Fatherhood looks so good on him, Angel. You make him look /so/ good. You make him shine in ways I don't think /I/ could. He's so head over heels, it's scary and hysterical." He took a breath and gently stopped rocking and walked to her small bassinet and carefully placed her down. She shifted and made a soft sound, but she stayed blissfully asleep and he carefully placed a blanket around her body. "I love you, little girl." He murmured softly. "Thank you for being apart of our lives. Of his life." He amended softly. "Sweet dreams, Angel." He gently rubbed her cheek before slowly backing away from her sleeping form and shutting off the nursery light.

Buck looked over his shoulder when Steve came back out and he grinned, "Hey, she passed out rather quick. You're a natural." He winked, "At least you'll have plenty of practice whenever you finally find yourself a pretty little gal."

"I think she found my talking really boring," Steve answered as he went over and sat down on the couch. "Has my mom gotten a hold of Angel yet?"

"She's been so busy at the hospital, but I'm sure if we catch her and get her to come over on one of her few days off, then she can meet her." Buck hummed as he finished washing dishes, handing Steve the towel, "I miss your mum. I can't wait until she comes over."

"I'll talk to her tomorrow and see what I can't do." Steve took the towel and started drying the dishes, his mind going elsewhere for a bit. "Are you still thinking about the future?"

That made Buck's peaceful expression turn into a frown. "Actually...yesterday Sam mentioned joining the Army..."

"That's not an easy decision..." Steve said slowly.

" it's not." Buck sighed and set down the plate he had in his hand down. "He said they would pay for college. I know some kids joined just for that from high school, too. Sam also...promised me I'd be with him and Riley on their team."
"At least Sam will be able to watch out for you," Steve said carefully drying the last dish and setting it carefully in the dish drainer, not certain of what to think. He thought about Angelina, sleeping in the nursery. He thought about Bucky struggling to make ends meet. He bowed his head. "I think," he said after a moment. "You should do what you think is best, and I'll do the same."

"In the end, that's all I can do..." Buck murmured with a nod and reached over, hugging Steve, "You're the best, and I'm lucky to have you around."

Steve hugged Bucky back, "Same here, though you're a bit of a jerk."

"Says the punk." Buck smiled just a bit and smacked Steve's arm, "Let's go get ready for bed. We have a long road ahead of us."

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What It Means to be a Family
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