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May 2019


 A Darkened World

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PostSubject: A Darkened World   A Darkened World EmptySat May 03, 2014 2:07 am

A world where the stars have not shined and the moon has not cast it's glow for a millennium due to a dark magic spell cast over the land. Plants and animals as well as the people have adapted to how everything has changed. One Vampire Sorceress however, has decided the time has come for change, for the world to become bright and glorious again. Five companions will be randomly chosen to fight the Evil in this land, and restore it's wonder.

Ketai uses as much power as she can muster to attempt something what has never been done before. Teleporting these five companions through dimensions from their world to her own. The story begins with this magic spell, and the companions before they meet.

((This journey will take 3 years))

~*~ Five Companions ~*~

VC92 - Red
Lynx - Blue
Sarah - White
Lunar - Cyan
Open - Bold

Katrani Halar, the Elvin Princess (21)

______, Katrani's dragon companion who can change sizes

___ ___, the White Witch (elf) (18-20)

___ ___, the Rogue Thief (17)

___ ___, the innocent farm girl who has yet to discover her path (16)

___ ___, the half-elf archer

~*~ Lucifer's Side ~*~

Lucifer, King of Fallen Angels

Kokoro, Lucifer's Daughter

Persephone, Lucifer's Wife

Ketai Ephrata, the Vampire Sorceress (looks 21, really 125)

Etalon ____, the Vampire bodyguard (looks 23, really 130)

______, Fallen Angel (looks young 20s, really 200+)

________, Fallen Angel Bodyguard

~*~ Azazel's Side (Evil of Evil)~*~

Azazel, King of Demons

Lilith, Queen of Demons

Princess Grenadine, Princess of the Demons

______, Grenadine's son

~*~ Character Skeleton ~*~

Age: 16-25 (unless previously discussed)
Picture: (Must be realistic, free to use an actor/actress if you think they'd fit the part if it was a movie)

Race: Elf, Human, Half-Elf, Dark Elf, Fae (Dark World Only - Vampire, Fallen, Demon)
Race Sub: Fae - Fairy/Pixie/Nymph ~ Vampire - what were they before they changed? ~ Demon - Element
Ruler: (Lucifer or Grenadine)
Profession: (Rogue, Witch, Sorceress, Bodyguard to name a few examples)


Difference between Sorceress/Witch - Witches use Magic and Spellcasting. Sorceresses use Elemental Magic

Vampires - Use blood magic, hypnosis, shadow...and some like Ketai can be a Sorceress but it depends on what they were before they were turned. Born-Vampires, with either one or both parents being a Vampire, are special because they live longer and their powers are stronger because they are pure.

Born-Vampires - Tend to be arrogant, taking their immortality for granted. They have less weaknesses than a regular vampire. Where later in the story, regular vampires burn in the sunlight, Born-Vampires can "daywalk" but get weaker the longer they are out in it.

Demons - Can use elements, but it's different than a Sorceress. A Sorceress can use all elements to a certain extent. Demons have their element in their blood. It's a part of them, and they can generally only use one. However, they can train to use branches of their main, such as an older Water Demon can use Ice. If two elements breed, for an example, earth and fire, their offspring could make magma bombs, rocks infused with fire. Most tend to focus on training one element over the other, but the older ones can use both.

Elves - Porcelain pale to mocha skin color, natural hair colors from white-blond to blackest of black, vivid red or ginger. Tend to have more vivid/light colored eyes. More Light powers such as sunlight/moonlight, plant abilities, water and wind powers. Kind, peaceful, friendly, party animals, enjoy wine and champagne to hard liquor, artists and scholars, sharp tongues, cunning. Their continent, where the five companions are from, is full of lakes and sparkling streams, farm lands, hills, "soft" trees like maple and warmer climates.

Dark Elves - Ghostly pale to mud brown/black skin color, more un-natural hair color from purple to green, and dark colored eyes. Dark powers such as shadow, rock and fire abilities. Quiet, keep to themselves, prefer family gatherings to large festivals. Blunt and honest, stubborn, strict, enjoy alcohol from whiskey to beer and hard cider. Their continent is mountainous with "hard" trees like pine with colder climates and harsh winters, but beautiful waterfalls and rivers.

Male Name references

Female Name references

Weapon's references

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Posts : 3037
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PostSubject: Re: A Darkened World   A Darkened World EmptySun May 11, 2014 12:15 am

Name: Ketai Ephrata
Age: Forever 21, really 125
Personality: strict when it comes to orders and missions often being the one to dole out the punishment even to herself if necessary, doesn't talk down to those who are under her command instead treating them like equals, thoughtful, curious, enjoys children, hopeless romantic often reading romance books, witty and sassy
Appearance: ginger hair, gold eyes when powered up, green normally
Picture: A Darkened World Ketai_zpsceb2f074
Armor: except it's black
A Darkened World Armorq_zps4f7909b5

Race: Vampire
Ruler: Lucifer
Profession: Sorceress, Captain of the Guard
Powers: Fire Sight, Wind, Shadow, Sorcery
Weapons: a blade bow. She creates the string with her magic between the blade points, but only uses magic arrows when she runs out of normal ones. She tends to use her Sorcery Magic when it comes to her arrows, transforming them into flaming ones, poison, ice, etc
A Darkened World Darkbow_zpsd0f000c2
Skills: agility, acrobatics, speed, close combat and long range mastery

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PostSubject: Re: A Darkened World   A Darkened World EmptyMon May 12, 2014 12:04 am

Name: Nayru Calibur
Age: 16
~ Compassionate
~ Considerate
~ Faithful
~ Friendly
~ Generous
~ Gentle
~ Honest
~ Independent
~ Intelligent
~ Polite

~ Gullible
~ Impatient
~ Jealous
~ Nervous
~ Overemotional
~ Quick-tempered
~ Secretive
~ Stubborn
~ Timid
~ Touchy
Appearance: With shoulder blade length blonde hair and light green eyes, Nayru is rather short for her age, reaching the height of 5 foot and 3 inches. She weighs around 115 pounds, due to constant exercise. Her attire includes a light blue dress that is made to withstand the harsh weather of each season, and knee length brown boots to give her the ability to walk on any form of land. During the winter season, she wears a hooded cape made of the finest wool, able to keep her warm.

A Darkened World Llve

Race: Human
Ruler: Katrani
Profession: Farm Girl
Powers: None
Weapons: Pitchfork
Skills: Cooking, Cleaning, Rope Knotting, Herbal Healing

Bio: Nayru was born during a crisp Autumn afternoon, becoming the second child to Murdock and Ariana Calibur. Being raised on a farm in the middle of the countryside gave the young girl responsibilities, such as tending to the farm animals. She had always been fond of the forest and its air of mystery, and had a strong sense of wanderlust. However, her life was not without tragedy. Her older brother, Alexander Calibur, had gone missing by the time she had turned 8, and two years later, her mother passed away of leukemia. Her father was all she had left, but she refused to let her smile fade. By the time she turned 15, Murdock had left the farm to go exchange fresh produce for gold coins. However, the next day, news reached Nayru that her father was killed while in the nearest town. Alone to fend for herself, a year had passed and now tends to the farm in her parents' place. Despite the losses and hardship, Nayru continued to remain positive and keep her smile bright. Little does she know what fate has in store for her...
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A Darkened World
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