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April 2019


 Another Day in a Troubled Life - YYH Lynx/VC

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Another Day in a Troubled Life - YYH Lynx/VC - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Another Day in a Troubled Life - YYH Lynx/VC   Another Day in a Troubled Life - YYH Lynx/VC - Page 5 EmptyTue Apr 04, 2017 9:04 pm

It was getting on about midnight and the girls had taken pictures of each other's makeup, wiped it off, watched youtube using the data on their phones and Shika and Haru were trying on some of the clothes Hisako was starting to accumulate in her bedroom when the door /slammed open/ and the three of them jumped, Hau shouting a bit. Everyone's first reaction was to reach for a weapon, but the only thing within reach was the pillows. Haru threw hers first before she heard the 'oh shit' and realized who it was.

"Gah!" Yusuke shouted as the pillow hit him squarely in the face. He grinned as he picked it up and his face turned dark. "This is war!" He flung the pillow that hit him and threw it at Haru. Shika let out a surprised squeal and Hisako snorted in laughter as she tossed hers.

"This is supposed to be a girl's night. I don't recall inviting you." Hisako told him and Yusuke ducked the pillow.

"I just came here to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling attacked right now." Yusuke quipped as he grabbed the pillow and tossed it, hitting Shika by mistake.

"Eek!" Shika yipped. "I didn't want any part of this!" She flung hers and gasped when it hit Haru instead. "Oh my god I'm sorry! I have bad aim."

Haru was holding her sides from laughing so hard, "FEELING ATTACKED RIGHT NOW ARE YOU?!" She took one of the pillows and tossed it back at Shika before she scrambled for the nail polish box, "I'll make you feel attacked, you little shithead. You wanna be girly? Once I get a hold of you I'll paint your nails and put lipstick on you!"

"Ack! No thank you! I don't need any of that." Yusuke looked horrified at her and he ran out towards the door. "Jeez. I just wanted to be included!" He pretended to whine.

"Awwww. Maybe we /should/ give him a make over. Here. I'm the one strong enough to hold him down." Shika offered.

"We'll get Hisako's help and we'll make you so pretty even Kuwabara will wanna kiss you!" Haru added, dangling half off the bed, unable to give chase because she was cracking up.

"NO!" Yusuke yelled loudly. "I DON'T NEED THAT TRAUMA /EVER/ AGAIN!" It was the fastest Hisako /ever/ seen someone run out of a room before...and properly closing the door behind them.

"....Did he just admit that he and Kuwabara shared a kiss?" Hisako stared at the door.

Neither Shika nor Haru could answer her as they were properly dying on the floor.

"Yusuke wait!" Haru called between fits, "Yusuke you didn't really leave!" she sucked her breath in gulps.

Haru took another second to get enough air to ask, looking at him upside down not unlike how she'd looked at Hisako earlier, "You gunna be okay sleeping alone tonight?"

"I'll be fine." Yusuke blinked in surprise. "You girls need to relax, I get that. I just came in to annoy you."

"Awww." Shika squealed.

Haru's mouth went a little dry, but she did a crappy flip off the bed and went up to him, her face pink but not beat red. He was wary but she just smiled cheekily and leaned up on her toes to kiss his cheek, "You better get some sleep or I'll kick your ass and /definitely/ paint your nails. I'll even use some bright girly obnoxious color."

"Fine fine!" Yusuke waved her off, but he had a quirk to his lips, "I know when I'm not wanted."

Hisako raised an eyebrow. "What a shock."

The door closed and Yusuke actually left this time. Haru put her hands on her cheeks and the moment she heard a giggle out of Shika she dove for a pillow, "I'm going to get you!"

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Another Day in a Troubled Life - YYH Lynx/VC - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Another Day in a Troubled Life - YYH Lynx/VC   Another Day in a Troubled Life - YYH Lynx/VC - Page 5 EmptyTue Apr 04, 2017 9:54 pm

The power that it took to make a lake and to make a water trail had been enormous. He hadn't ever expected to use his powers like that, but it was needed if they didn't want to drown. The downpour was going on day three now, and the desert couldn't handle the flow. The more rivers, the better and with a man made lake, the water had somewhere to go. He wasn't sure how long /that/ was going to last, and maybe he wasted his power for nothing. But it made the people happy. They cheered when he stood on the pillar and chose one that would do the least amount of damage.

He could feel himself drained, and he wanted to bang his head. He should be stronger than that. If a lake tired him out, then jeez. He needed to train more. He blinked when he saw something laying, and noticed it was Hisako. Her legs were up on the wall and underneath her head was a pillow. She had her DS out.

"What are you doing?" Yusuke asked, walking over to her and stood over her.

"You're dripping water on me." Hisako replied, not looking up at him. "Aren't you cold?"

"Cold and wet sure." Yusuke sat down before mimicking what he was seeing Hisako do. He let out a sharp cry. "Jesus. This hurts!"

"It stretches the back of your legs. Your hamstrings are probably overly tight. You crouch down a lot in your fights and you just did something that did a powerful boom." Hisako closed the DS and looked to her side. Yusuke didn't put his legs down. Instead he pushed himself closer to the wall. "Don't over do it. If you overstretch the hamstrings, you'll hurt more."

"How do you know all of this?"

"I hang out in the human world. Learning things." Hisako said slowly. "Yoga is one of them."

"Ugh. I can't do that." Yusuke made a face. "I'd look like an idiot."

"Keep your eyes closed and no one knows if you are or not." She answered and got a glare in return. "Though I am glad you decided to relax with me. Haru wants me to talk to you about something."

"What?" Yusuke asked, pillowing his head with his arms.

"She wants your opinion on me taking over being your bodyguard. I also have a change of plan for the Underground."

He blinked slowly and looked at her, "Why do I care about the Underground? I thought you and Hiei were handling that?"

"It depends." Hisako said slowly, "On whether or not I should go there as an entertainer or as something else. I can dress more human-like, more feminine and have Tikei recongize me. Or I can go there as an entertainer and get more information from the purple coats. However, if I'm an entertainer-"

"-Hiei might go nuts?" Yusuke nodded, "I could see it happening. He'd probably only want you to dress up for him and things. He's not used to sharing anything. He's a territorial man."

"He warned me." She agreed.

"Torga's not going to help you out either, is he?" He asked.

"It's not a possibility. He wants Tikei dead."

"What for?"

"For nearly killing me." Hisako answered and Yusuke raised an eyebrow. "I was younger back then, stupid." She explained. "Torga thinks that him nearly killing me is enough to hang him on Traitor Tree." Yusuke's complexion turned pale. "Exactly my thought."

"You don't agree." He said slowly.

"It was my fault. He reacted and that's all that happened." Hisako sighed as she looked up at the ceiling, and adjusted herself so that she was closer to the wall. "I reacted badly too. That's why we're in this mess."


"...There's things that Hiei doesn't know." She said after a moment of letting the silence hang. "I know I need to tell him before we go Underground but...I don't know..."

"...I can't come with." He sounded dejected. "This sounds more like it's my alley than it is yours. I'm not saying you're not capable. But I'm better at detective work. I /worked/ as a detective."

"I know." Hisako said soothingly. "And honestly if I could give you this, I would. But you were almost killed by someone that claims to be from my town. If that's the case, I'd rather hear it from Tikei about what happened...why everything's going to hell the way it is...and see what we can't do. Worst comes to worst? He's a traitor and must be hanged. Best outcome I can hope for is that he's alive, a little dinged, a little worn, but alive. We did swear an oath neither of the three would die without the other's hand in it."

"You vowed to be the only ones to kill each other? Really?" Yusuke stared at her. "How old were you when you made that kind of promise?"

"Um...nine? Eight? We were hold enough to grab a knife." Hisako shrugged. "Torga likes doing blood oaths and that's one of them."

"How many did you do?!" Yusuke's voice went up.

"Not that many chill." Hisako laughed, "Just two. The second was just to amend the first. That's all. We had Tiki."

"Oh." Yusuke relaxed a little. "Does he know?"

"That his brother might be a traitor? No. If at all possible, I'd like to keep that from him. If that means finding out Tikei is indeed a traitor, I'll do my best to kill him swift and say he's already been dead. It'll save heartbreak." Hisako pursed her lips together. "But it might drive Tiki to take revenge. Or maybe he'll stay the way he is. I don't know."

"You don't think Torga would tell Tiki that his brother's a traitor would he?"

"He wants Tikei dead, but he doesn't want Tiki's heart hurt." Hisako shook her head from side to side. "Our oath prevents that. We swore that if something were to happen we protect whatever young ones that we had. For Tikei, that's Tiki."

"..." Yusuke looked away. "So if you and Hiei had children, then Tikei and Torga would look after them if something happened to the two of you."

"Only if Hiei allows it." Hisako shook her head from side to side. "He may want his sister to raise our kits. I don't know what he'll decide to do. We're not that far along yet."

Yusuke turned to look at her incredulous. "What do you mean?"

It was her turn to be confused. "Huh?"

"Okay so I can't believe I'm saying this, and honestly it'd be weird to see, but Hiei would want kits with you. I know that the demon courtship is about you guys, but isn't it also about how you'd provide for your young too? I don't pretend to know everything about the demon world and the customs, but that makes sense right? Hiei wouldn't just court you for the sex. I know he's feeling it. With the war that Mukuro's thinking about, I think it's animal instinct to want to know that you have a legacy. That you're not forgotten. You left your mark. Isn't that the animal kingdom in a whole?"

" just compare a pack of demons to a pack of /animals/." Hisako asked dryly.

Yusuke ignored her, "Not only that. I know Kurama wants to do everything the human way this time because of his mom. Otherwise he'd probably already have a baby on the way now. Have you /seen/ the way he looks at Shika? I'm shocked I haven't seen them make out in a corner yet."


"And you and're good for him you know? Here's this kid that's the saltiest thing in the world and now he's relaxing little by little. He's opening up to you far more than he ever opened up to me and I see the way you try your best to reciprocate. Sure, it leads to misunderstandings and it makes him uncomfortable but he understands your intent and purpose. You and him want the same thing. You want a home. Hiei never had one, and you lost yours. Wouldn't it be nice to get that again? At least...that's what I think is happening there."

"So what does that mean for you and Haru?"

"Fuck if I know." Yusuke said slowly. "I already did the marriage thing. I don't think I'd want to do that again. It's so..."

"...Easy to take back?"


They fell silent for a moment, and Yusuke stretched his legs a little before relaxing. He could hear the quiet of the video game music playing from her DS. "What are you playing?"

"A dating game I'm fond of. It's not the same as the one on Playstation Three, but it's cute." Hisako answered as she flipped open her game. "Right now I'm trying to get together with this person."

"He looks like a well-dressed Hiei and that's saying something," Yusuke mused as he looked at the character. "Is that all you're into?"

"...Are we talking game or character?"


"No and no." Hisako replied as she closed the DS and let it rest on her stomach. "I like RPGS the most. I like being the hero. I like having my story told. I like saving the world, being smart enough to do all the puzzles, be strong enough to take down evil. I mean...I told Hiei this before, but there's a reason why Tikei was our friend. We all wanted to rule Makai."

"You? Ruling Makai? Scary." Yusuke whistled. "Torga too huh? What were you guys going to do? Over throw the new leaders?"

"I'm biased. I would've killed Mukuro, alliances with Yomi and killed the bitch who was on your throne before you took it back."

"Jesus...that sounded a like a marry, fuck, or kill."

"Well...It would've been a fuck, kill and kill. I don't like Yomi in that way, and Yomi certainly thinks I'm still a child." Hisako snorted.

Yusuke fell silent for a moment. "Can I ask you something?"


"...If you and Hiei did mate, what happens to your leadership?"

"I'm still leader."

"Okay, but where does that leave Hiei?"

"He's leader too. We share the position." Hisako blinked and looked at Yusuke. "Did you think I was going to have him be my second in command? He already told me how much he hated that with Mukuro. Why would I do what he hated with her? It doesn't make sense."

"I'm starting to understand that if Hiei told you she dressed a certain way you'd go so far opposite it'd be terrifying." Yusuke snickered a little. "Jeez you hate her."

"I'm not fond of the woman. Especially after how she treats my mate."

"....Yeah I'm not really looking forward to that war either. I don't think she'll attack me, she supported me from the get-go, but..."

They fell silent again.

"You know how you were talking to me about being my bodyguard?"


"I don't want you to be my bodyguard, but I want Haru to quit and be my girlfriend." Yusuke said. "We can protect each other, and that's enough. Kurama and I...we know what peace is like. We know what home is like. You need to focus on building that with Hiei and I don't feel comfortable thinking that you could be pregnant at any given moment."


"He deserves a know? To go through the whole thing Yukina's going through. Maybe it's too soon. Or maybe it's not. I don't know what demons think too soon is. But I think Hiei would be interesting as a dad and I know that he needs a place where he can chill. So...I think instead of focusing on me, you ask Hiei to move with you."

Hisako blinked in surprise.

"He's going to hate that I suggested that, but I'm used to him coming at me." Yusuke chuckled. "But yea. No bodyguards." He flipped himself backwards and rolled onto his feet. "You and I should hang out more often. We need to play games together."

"...Yes. Yes we do." Hisako said fondly as she watched him go and looked back up at the ceiling before she flipped open her DS again and started playing.
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Another Day in a Troubled Life - YYH Lynx/VC - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Another Day in a Troubled Life - YYH Lynx/VC   Another Day in a Troubled Life - YYH Lynx/VC - Page 5 EmptyTue Apr 04, 2017 11:05 pm

"Shika!" Haru's voice called through the door. Kurama was already away at the study, but Shika was still in bed. Haru had tracked her energy. Honestly, it was still so damn early that it was a shock /she/ was awake.

"Hmmm?" Shika peeked over her arm to see her friend standing there in the doorway after pushing it open. "What?"

Haru's short hair hadn't been combed, still sticking everywhere with bedhead, and she looked concerned. "Yusuke's sick." She frowned, "I dunno I were the first person I thought of to go to. You took care of your villagers right?"

"Yeah." Shika sat up and rubbed her eyes and she pushed her covers off. "Is it just the flu? Is it a cold? Do you know what the symptoms are?"

"I think it's just a plain cold, from being in the rain all day making the river canals through the ravine into the lake he made." Haru explained, "He can't decide whether he's hot or cold, tossing and turning way too much. He just basically accidentally kicked me out of the bed. Sniffling and a light cough."

"Ah, okay." Shika found her clothes and started putting them on and headed out of her room. Her hair could be fixed later. "We'll start with a light breakfast then, and we'll see how he feels in the afternoon. Some soup then should help and then a heavy portion of it at night. A cold can't be starved, but it does need to be taken care of with a good meal and some medical tea. I know how to make that easy. I'll show you."

Haru's tense shoulders relaxed and she smiled in relief, "He's going to feel so special, getting breakfast in bed. I'll wait until he wakes up a bit to ask Hisako for her 3DS and see if we can play together or something."

"I heard that he and Hisako had a long talk in the hallway after he made the lakes and stuff." Shika grinned as she followed her towards the kitchens. "They weren't aware because they were too busy staring up at the ceiling. She still does weird things like's a little comforting to see."

"You mean her yoga?" Haru'd seen Hisako put her legs on the wall before so it was easy to picture, "Yusuke was hanging with her? That's good. Also probably why he's sick, he didn't get warm right away. Well, considering how /long/ he was outside, he would've gotten sick anyway but it wouldn't be as bad as becoming basically immobile overnight. When men, especially when demons, I've noticed when they get sick they are down for the fucking count."

"Well, Yusuke also has a strong case of what we'd call /stubbornness/ so I don't think a cold's gonna keep him down for /anything/." Shika said with a little wince. "Hisako's going to laugh at him though."

"Probably. Okay, so what do I need to get out of the fridge?" Haru asked as they finally reached the kitchen area and she headed for the fridge.

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Another Day in a Troubled Life - YYH Lynx/VC - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Another Day in a Troubled Life - YYH Lynx/VC   Another Day in a Troubled Life - YYH Lynx/VC - Page 5 EmptyWed Apr 05, 2017 1:10 am

It took quite a bit of time before Haru was able to get up the stairs back to her bedroom with Yusuke. It wasn't really that breakfast took so long, but they had thrown everything together for the soup and it was simmering in the crockpot now. They wanted it to be nice and soft, easy to chew and swallow in case Yusuke's throat hurt. Wrestling the door open while balancing the tray, she whimpered a little when she heard Yusuke cough and groan. It was worse than it had been. She closed the door with her foot once safely through the threshold and went over to him, setting the food on the nightstand.

Tenderly she stroked his hair from his forehead and felt his temp. Currently he was curled up in a ball with all of the blankets, but by the state of the bed he'd be throwing them off soon. Bleary, miserable brown eyes blinked open and she smiled, "Hey babe." She cooed softly in case he had a headache on top of it all, not even registering what she said, "Guess who gets breakfast in bed? Also tissues, to blow your nose."
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Another Day in a Troubled Life - YYH Lynx/VC - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Another Day in a Troubled Life - YYH Lynx/VC   Another Day in a Troubled Life - YYH Lynx/VC - Page 5 Empty

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Another Day in a Troubled Life - YYH Lynx/VC
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