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July 2019


 TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows

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PostSubject: Re: TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows    TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows  - Page 3 EmptyFri Aug 11, 2017 1:23 pm

"It means that I have to give up things too." Maddie sighed as she took a swig of her drink and she brought her knees together. "...The Foot is just as much as an enemy to me as they are to you. I had no reason to interfere. Why should I? It doesn't mean anything to me. Mikey and Cassidy are their own person. They needed someone neutral, not someone that you guys would know instantly. But blood's on my territory now. Basically, I'm fighting with you, but I'm also not. You have a no-kill policy and that's just not how I roll. It's unfortunate. But...I uh...I'd rather my enemies gone, than for them to be able to come back. It means a lot of innocents are gonna die. But I'll make sure they understand the score first. That way if they want to leave, they have a chance...a final warning. I can't be neutral anymore."
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PostSubject: Re: TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows    TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows  - Page 3 EmptyFri Aug 11, 2017 1:33 pm

"No, you really can't. I've killed people by accident, but not by actually...stabbing them or throwing my sai with the /intent/ to kill." Raph sighed deeply, "I am not afraid to, that's the thing. If someone was going to kill you, hell I'd gut them in a heartbeat. Same with Casey or any of my bros. I might be the first to abandon that policy, but I doubt any of them would hold it against me. We have to take down Shredder and Karai and Hun, all of them, permanently. People will rise to take their place, and we'll deal with them accordingly. If any of us have a /chance/ to have kids, even if it's one in a million, I don't want them to grow up with this giant shadow over their heads because we couldn't make it a safe place for them."
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PostSubject: Re: TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows    TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows  - Page 3 EmptyFri Aug 11, 2017 1:43 pm

Maddie nodded her head. Leo was the leader and undoubtedly was starting to see the same thing Raph was seeing. With Cassidy and Mikey already trying to have their family, it was kind of hard not to. Mikey was their blood brother. Any children was the whole clans responsibility, she knew that. She rubbed the back of her neck. "...You know, it's always this conversation too." She said softly. "It's always the same reason. It's always the same resolve." She took another swig of the drink before setting down and then letting herself fall backwards. "I don't think there's ever a fight we been in that our resolve wasn't the next generation. When did we start looking at the future like that? I wonder if anyone else does. Leo maybe...but he seems to be more goal oriented than the future is wide type of guy."
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PostSubject: Re: TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows    TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows  - Page 3 EmptyFri Aug 11, 2017 2:15 pm

"You wouldn't be wrong." Raph shook his head, "If you're talking about past lives, that doesn't surprise me. Children being in danger wouldn't sit well with me no matter what. This needs to happen. I'm glad you're not going to be neutral anymore. It was going to spill over to you eventually, you know that." He opened his food bag and pulled out a burger, "On a completely different note, Mikey was determined to make us dinner. He's real good at making burgers. If he was human he might've been a chef or somethin'."
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PostSubject: Re: TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows    TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows  - Page 3 EmptyFri Aug 11, 2017 2:17 pm

"He's always had a random talent that always changes." Maddie laughed as she sat up and crossed her legs as she pulled her food bag closer and opened hers. "Sorry about the past life thing. I know it bothers you and I try not to talk about it." She took a bite of the burger. "It's good. He probably could be."
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PostSubject: Re: TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows    TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows  - Page 3 EmptyFri Aug 11, 2017 2:21 pm

"As long as it's not about /me/ I don't really mind. Like the reason for fighting. That's all of us." Raph shrugged and pulled out his shell-cell, checking the time, "Fireworks should be soon. I don't mean to focus on such a heavy topic, I was...just concerned for ya, is all. I don't want to be left in the dark about anythin' either. Is that a promise that can be made?"

"It's a promise." Maddie said looking at him. "As long as you promise me you tell me what you're gonna to do, too. No keeping secrets from each other. But I do promise to keep a secret for you if I need to."

"Yeah. Same." Raph nodded his head firmly, "I'm glad that's not out of the question. I was worried 'bout that, too, that ya might run off to do somethin' stupid and I wouldn't have a clue."

"I mean, I was going to do something stupid...and I was going to do it in front of you guys as a cover...but uh...." Maddie scratched her cheek. "Now that I think about it, that was probably a bad plan to begin with?"

"Just a bit." Raph pinched his thumb and pointer finger together, then took a big bite out of his burger and watched the city go into a hush. The fireworks were going to be any minute now.

Maddie clicked her tongue and the moment she did the first fire work whistled up and snapped in the sky, showering the black background with blue sparks. Now that the fireworks began, there wasn't a need to continue the conversation, but to enjoy the night.

It was a fun time, and Raph finished his whole drink and his burger by the time they were over. Seeing Maddie was done, too, he reached out and caught her around the shoulders, flopping them both down across the blanket. Her noises of surprise were cute, and he caught green with amber, holding her gaze as he moved his arm from her back to rub his hand up and down her spine instead.

Butterflies started up in her stomach and she could feel her cheeks flush as she felt his hand go up and down her spine as he had her above him. She could feel the intensity of the moment like a live wire. The moment was telling her to pull down, to kiss, but something told her that she should lean just a little but then stop. Let it the moment further it's hold.

"So did you enjoy the show and the view?" Raph asked, his voice lower, husky, and he bumped his nose with hers, his other hand coming up to tug at the tie in her hair, pulling it free, but gently so he wouldn't hurt her or break the band. Then he smoothed over it, keeping it still out of his face, but he could play with the curly strands.

She swallowed, feeling her throat tighten. She hadn't been surprised when he had let her hair down, but she could nearly purr when he started playing with the strands. "I did." She said, her voice soft and just as low. "Did you?"

"With ya here? Ten times better." Raph smirked at her, and he finally leaned his head up further, catching her lips with his to the best of his ability. He could literally eat her face, and he didn't want it to feel that way. Slow and steady. Just a press of lips for right now, let her come to him now he made the first move.

Maddie moved her hands a bit so that she could arrange herself to get a little closer. It was going to be a bit hard to navigate. Cassidy was the one with the knowledge of how to do this, not her. But she tried to deepen it the best she could...awkwardly probably but she tried.

The sparks shot through all the way to the tip of his tail and then made his toes curl. His shell tingled, but he fought the tightening feeling. Raph felt like his heart was going to explode out of his chest, but he hesitantly touched his tongue to her bottom lip while he tightened his grip just a fraction, stopping his one hand on her hip and holding her flush against him. He didn't want to go too far. He just wanted to make out for a while.

Maddie let out a soft whimper when his hand cupped her hip. She could feel his strength and she knew it wouldn't take much for him to flip her over if he wanted to. She had a feeling though that she should nudge her knee up a bit to his elbow to block anymore movement. Not because she didn't want to go further, but because she had a feeling he didn't want to. That he didn't want to lose too much of himself. It made her lower abdomen tighten with the thought of it. What it would be like if he did.

"Mads...fuck..." Raph gasped when they finally paused to take a deeper breath than through their noses, "You're...hell. That was a great kiss. I could kiss ya all night. That's /all/ I want to do, though. We got a lot to learn...about...each other, so...taking it slow is a good idea."

"That's kind of why I stopped your elbow with my knee the best I could." Maddie answered breathlessly as she looked at him. His eyes were glazed over and he had a healthy flush going on, which was a little pleasing that she could make him react that way. "We can go slow. We have time."

"Yeah...I didn't say when we'd be back, so...we do.'d I do? Ya liked that, but is there anything...different we should do?" Raph asked as he stroked his thumb over her cheek, and brushed his mouth over her jaw and teased at her neck.

She whined as she felt him just casually do that. She tilted it a little further to let him go at her more, her heart pounding in her chest. "No..." She swallowed as she whimpered when he just barely breathed on her. "Have you thought of you being on top or am I asking too much for self control?"

"Only..." Raph had a full-body shudder, "Only if ya want ta, Mads. Just kissin'. Clothes stay on. I can do that."

"Roll us over then," Maddie pulled her knee down from his elbow to give him free reign and let out a squeak when he did roll them over. She laughed, mostly at herself. She had /asked/ after all, but it was fun.

Raph's knee landed between her legs, and he took the liberty to grasp her ass a bit before kneading circles into her hip. His lips caught hers with more confidence this time, and his elbow was by her head, keeping his body from crushing hers. "This what ya were after?"

Maddie let out a soft breath and then a moan when he placed his knee in between her legs. He caught her lips and she kissed him back till he pulled away to speak. He made her head dizzy and fuzzy and her body was filled with heat and wanting to be touched. She was very certain that she was practically arching to try to get him to touch a little more. "Yeah. Like that." She agreed, her voice practically a kitten's purr.

Raphael couldn't help the answering moan that fell from him and his head found her shoulder, his tongue searching for a sweet spot, lightly nipping at her skin, "I get...a sneakin' suspicion that next date won't be just kissin'." He churred.

"I'm not...complaining." She let out a soft keening sound when he did find a good spot for that sweet spot, her hands gripped at his shoulders before she lowered them down his plastron, but then moved them back up again. She didn't want to encourage...too much. Not yet. Next date though. "Should I wear something easier to take off?" She teased.

"Ah...maybe...let's...let's put down a boundary now, huh?" Raph rubbed his hand across her bare stomach, leaning more on his side, and the motion brought his knee up closer to her crotch, "Three-dates. That's kind of an old-school way of doin' it, right?" he nipped at her jaw, then soothed it over with a soft kiss, "We' it out, of course. Just...want to get a feel for each other. Next date, maybe we'll find out if I'm too scary for ya."

Maddie raised an eyebrow up. "Three dates." She agreed with a soft moan when he nipped her jaw. "But I don't think you're going to be that scary." Challenge accepted, though she knew that maybe she was being a little too cocky there.

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PostSubject: Re: TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows    TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows  - Page 3 EmptyFri Aug 11, 2017 5:21 pm

Andrea didn't want to admit it, but she very nearly got lost in the sewers. The only reason she even made it to the door was thanks to Donatello being discrete enough to track her phone and tell her via txt when to turn right or left. This was how often she /didn't/ come down here. Maddie was with Raph, and would no doubt just end up going back to her place rather than Raph coming down here. Cassie had said she would be with Mikey so she expected the perky brunette being festive for the 4th, and when she walked in she smelled chips and salsa and hotdogs and burgers and of course, three different types of pizza.

"Why didn't I get invited to the party?" She called into the lair, hand secure on her tan colored purse. Her outfit was simple. A blue tie-dye skirt that was striped white and dark blue that went to her knees, black half-boots with a slight heel, and a white shirt that had 'red white and cute' written on it in shimmery text. The only things about it was it was rather form-fitting, and her white lacy bra-straps showed. It was too hot to wear much else.

"That outfit looks like your stole it from Cassie." Mikey hopped down from the balcony, "Hey, Andy. Whatcha doin' down here? If this was a party, Casey and April would be here with their little girl. I just kinda went a little crazy cookin'."

"Excuse me, I can wear cute things, too. Cassie isn't exclusive." Andrea wrinkled her nose at him and stuck her tongue out, "It all smells pretty good. Were you guys going to watch movies?"

"Not...really..." Mikey furrowed his brows and glanced back up to the second story.

"Oh...uh, was I interrupting something? Sorry...I mean...I'm to give Leo something, anyway. If you point me where to go I'll leave you to it." Andrea's shoulders tensed up and she shifted.

Mikey's eyes widened and he waved his hands. Leo'd told them to be welcoming to Andrea if she came by, and he didn't want to get his butt kicked for making her feel uncomfortable. "Nononono, it's cool, it's all good. We can make it into a party if you'd like. It is a holiday, and that pizza isn't gunna eat itself, right? Plenty of burgers and hotdogs to go around. What kind of movies?"

"Uh...I like action, so like, Bad Boys and Terminator and some of the classics run and gun movies." Andrea still chewed on her lip, "You sure?" She was surprised when Leo came up behind Mikey and when he spoke, his little brother froze with a look of 'oh shit' on his face. Did she miss something? Probably. She hadn't seen the lot of them for a while.
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PostSubject: Re: TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows    TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows  - Page 3 EmptyFri Aug 11, 2017 9:57 pm

"Of course he's sure, aren't you Mikey?" Leo said, folding his arms and giving his brother a look that basically told him that there would be hell in training tomorrow if he so much as denied it.

"Yeah yeah, definitely, sure, mmhmm." Mikey nodded his head vigorously, "I was just asking her what kind of movies, bro, no biggie."

Andrea smiled softly and sighed through her nose, shaking her head. She walked up and put a hand on both their arms, "It's alright, Mikey. Go ahead and go wrap up whatever you were doing with Cassie. Ask her what she'd like to watch. We can get a list and a vote going once we pry Donny from his computers." She offered, then to Leo, "I came mostly for you, so it's fine. I interrupted something, it's not his fault. Donny's kinda the only one who knew I was on my way. Cassie just had a text asking where she'd be tonight. It's not like she had any idea, either."

"Thanks, Andy. I'll be right back, then, while you two, uh, have a chat or whatever you were gunna do." Mikey moved his finger between the two of them and bolted for the stairs.

"Cassidy told us that you might be with Killian tonight since Maddie's off with Raph. But she wasn't sure after the text if that was true or not." Leo admitted as he let his arms go down from its folded position.

Andrea's hand slid off him at the motion, and she nodded, "Yeah, I probably confused her. Killian practically shoved me out the door, saying he'd much rather be watching sports on TV rather than fireworks and told me to have fun with you guys. So that's where it all started." She shifted, a blush rising on her cheeks, "I got lucky that even though today's Saturday and a Holiday, it's the last day for post this week and my orders from Amazon came in. So...I just decided to take the opportunity to bring you a little gift. It's kinda why I took so long after our little chat. I had a reason."

Leo raised an eyeridge. A gift that could take her so long. He frowned a little. "You didn't have to."

"You're going to think I'm /absolutely/ ridiculous." Andrea's cheeks got redder and redder as she reached and fumbled through her purse, and pulled out a blue heavy duty camping carabiner and on it had several keychains along with a key in the middle. "A blue turtle, a mini katana, a music note, and blue braided parachute cord. The key is to my apartment. You...said you don't have anywhere to go, unlike Raph and Mikey. I wanted to give you a place to escape."

"You really went all out on this," Leo said with a blush on his cheeks as he took the key and looked at the turtle that was dandling. It was a pretty adorable little thing, and the katana was a nice touch too. "Are you sure you want to give me a key to your apartment? We don't talk much..."

"This is to change that. You're not only a leader, but you've been fighting a crappy ass war for a long time. If Raph's and Donny's comments were anything to go by, you've seen some freaky shit with magic, too." Andrea pointed out to him, "All of you have your sleepless days. I can't fully change my schedule. I was petty dead after patrol with you, but I just need endurance, so I'm not dropping it after just starting." She said quickly, "I to come see /my/ environment. My turf. See my paintings and watch me do my routines before class. I could teach you the Japanese ink paintings, if you wanted. We can drink tea and you can see my book collection, things we were going to do here we can do both places."

Leo thought about it. She didn't really come down here much, but he could go up there. He had ways just like Raph and Donny did. They knew the streets like the back of their hands and they knew where all the manholes led. He looked down at the key that she was giving him and nodded his head. "Sounds reasonable." He said slowly. "You rarely come down here, so maybe it is best if I go up there instead."

"I can text you the location of it. Uh...this is where I gotta warn you, though." Andrea shifted again, "It doesn't matter with Cassie and Maddie since we're all, ya know, girls, but it'd be best if, even though you have a key, knock before you use it, or text. It's my home, I tend to walk around...well...naked. So, unless you /want/ that, take precautions."

"Ah..." Leo's cheeks blushed heavily. "I'll make sure to text you before I head up and then knock when I get there so you have enough time."

It interesting sight to watch a green turtle turn red. Andrea ducked her head with a blushing smile and cleared her throat a bit, "You do you. Anyway, I see the wild ones of the family comin' down. We got movie ideas, guys?" she asked as she went and put her purse on a table, amused as Cassie was smoothing down her hair and behind the two of them was a woman she didn't quite recognize, "Who's this?"

"Suzu-chan!" Mikey beamed, "Donny brought her home. She was a little birdy in need of a place to stay."

"Just because my name means sparrow doesn't mean I'm a little bird." Suzume rolled her eyes at him. "I was told I need to coax Don from his experiments for a movie night."

"That's right. So, Suzume. Maddie's?" At her pause and slow nod, Andrea gave her a small bow, "Andrea Sanders and it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm sure we'll be good friends. Maddie's done you well."

"Yes she has. Alright, I'm gunna get Don." Suzu motioned towards the lab and headed for it.

"She used to be a Foot member, but that's done and over with. I'm still a little hesitant, but Cassidy won't hear of it." Leo explained as he turned to Andrea. "She has a lot of experience, changing people's lives for the better."

"Considering that's what she did. She has quite a bit of experience with it and has plenty of advice to give." Andrea nodded to him, "New name, new life, new beginnings. Isn't that right, Cassie?"

"I heard my name and was called." Cassidy said as she appeared over to them. She was wearing...well...everything that was red white and blue. Her eye shadow was blue, her lips were red, her hair was tied up in pigtails with red and blue sparkly hair ties. her skirt was the brightest blue there was. The only thing that she had one that were white was her blue and white star socks. She even wore a sparkler headband. "Whatever Andrea said was right."

Leo couldn't help but to smile in amusement. He didn't know who was rubbing off of each other more, Cassidy or Mikey considering that was such a Mikey thing to say. "Alright. I'll believe you. You're probably starving and we have a bunch of food that needs to be eaten. Why don't we start grabbing stuff and I'll help Suzume drag Donny down since she seems to be having an issue with that?"

"I almost mistook you for Harley-Quin, girl. Just bleach you hair or get a wig." Andrea laughed. "Yes, food, and you will do no such thing. Let Suzume handle it. If she's Donny's, she'll find a way to get him out here. Give her a little time. He might need to actually wrap up what he's doing so he doesn't blow up the lab, either."

"She's so got a point." Mikey grinned, "I'll re-heat the burgers! Cassie, you get the hot-dogs and Leo, you can get the pizza."

"Alright Mikey." Leo smiled and patted Andrea's shoulder. "Thank you for the trust." He said sincerely. "I'll keep it safe."

"Ooooh he'll keep it /safe/ for you, Candy-Cane." Cassidy teased and let out a yelp when Andrea hit her on the shoulder. She laughed as she ran away to get the hot dogs like Mikey asked her too.

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PostSubject: Re: TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows    TMNT-Vamp/Lynx Hiding In Shadows  - Page 3 EmptyFri Aug 11, 2017 11:02 pm

The dojo was packed with students. The first round of classes were a bunch of teenagers that were of different colored belts. The dojo didn’t exactly have a “style” to go with it, but he knew that it was basically a MMA class. The teenagers warmed themselves up with Andrea watching over them and then they started working on Katas. Andrea was quick to figure out mistakes, fast to correct them, and when she was shouting you knew you did something stupid. After the katas, she had them go to the dummies where they practiced their forms for real. She’d call out numbers and everyone either threw a punch or a kick and flowed from there. She didn’t have a set “rule” about which to do first, which was good. Students needed to be flexible during a fight. If their truth was that they’d punch first, then every fight would expect that punch to happen.

She was also kind to those who didn’t have confidence. Usually a yellow belt that just turned from being a white. She’d show them what to do kindly. She was fast with her punches and showed them where to rotate their bodies, how to aim their punches, what to look for in their opponent. She showed them how to obvserve.

Her last half of her class was sparring and she always paired up a higher belt with a lower belt, but only a rank lower. She never paired a brown with a yellow or anyone weaker than that. She also made sure to pair them up with weaknesses and strengths in mind. Was someone good at blocking? Then she picked someone that was relentless in punching and would force them to do react. Was someone good with kicks? Then she had someone really good knowing how to punch and block. Was someone good with punches? Then she made sure to have someone just as good throw a nice round kick to their face.

When sparring was over and the teenagers were done with the class did Killian’s students come in. Sometimes they had them close together so the white belts could learn from the higher belts about what to do, but Leo also noted that there were times where Killian wanted to teach the younger belts himself about what to do and take up the entire dojo. He understood why he would do it. The white belts weren’t all teenagers. A lot of them were tiny children who were just learning how to do this. Many of them were about five years old, which was probably the only age you could enter at.

Killian’s style of teaching was more or less technical. What does a punch look like versus what a hook looks like versus what hammer fist looks like and so on. He taught them how to do one move at a time and then how to flow with it to another move that they had learned previously. He used katas as a warm up, much like Andrea did, but unlike Andrea, he didn’t shout out mistakes. He didn’t help them either. He just watched, let them play with it.

Killian’s method of teaching was more or less to let the children see what their bodies could do. What were their limits? What were their strengths? There were many of them who were starting to get the hang of kicks before punches. There were some that were good at punches before the kicks. There were some who studied the katas and performed excellently without too much fun and a little more seriousness with it.

But when Killian started teaching the moves and what he expected, Leo was reminded of his sensei. A gentle tap with the cane, and him moving their feet wider. A reminder to not lock the knees. A reminder to watch the opponent for the opponent was always watching them, so on and so forth. Little beginner things that were the strongest foundation he could give.

Leo noticed that there were times where Killian would have to lean against the wall, and have one of his legs propped up against it as he started talking and teaching. The older white belts who knew more became the teachers then, and the younger white belts who were just starting were the students. It was interesting to see how Killian gave up reign sometimes and the white belts who been there longer were happy to show off their knowledge.

Which mean showing off new ways of doing things.

Killian never bothered to correct unless it was something serious, seriously wrong.

When the white belts were done with their practice, Killian had them bow and they left. For a moment, Leo thought that it was it. He was about to move away from his hiding place when the bell rang. A private student? For who?

But it wasn’t a private student at all. Madeline walked through the dojo doors with a confident stride. She walked onto the mat and started warming up by herself. Simple stretches and simple little things. If Andrea took on teenagers and Killian took on the younger, then maybe Madeline took on the black belts.

Tonight didn’t seem to be a night for black belts however. Tonight seemed to be the night for adults of all belts. White, yellow, red, brown, green, black, so on and so forth. They all lined up, a little nervously since Maddie was young looking, short, and clearly easy to take down if one looked at her the wrong way.

But Madeline proved herself to be formidable. If you were adult, it didn’t matter the belt you wore. After warm ups it was straight to sparring and she wasn’t afraid to get in the middle of one and show what they were doing wrong. She showed how to play up strengths, but she didn’t just teach how to do it for sport and show. When the show sparring stopped. Those who were only here for the sport, went off and sat down on the edge of the mat. But those who were there for self defense stayed and she showed the dirtiest trick.

How to help someone lower to the ground if they were already heading that direction. How to get up behind them and whack them. How to run away if they got them stunned fast enough. Maddie always stressed never to stick in a fight that could be done with in moments.

“You know, nothing we do here is secret.”

Leo sucked in a breath and whirled around. Killian was leaning against the door watching Madeline fight with the students as she taught them her dirtiest tricks. He didn’t even seem to mind that she was doing this in a dojo. He looked over at him and winked, and Leo couldn’t help but to wonder how old this guy really was. He had left face scarred up badly, and he had long hair that was tied in a ponytail, grey hair already peppering his locks. The wrinkles on his face were deep, but not many too.

“How did you know I was here?” Leo asked after a moment as he let out a breath. He had thought staying in the back, where most of the shadow was, was a good hiding spot. Probably not if Killian managed to find him.

Killian on the other hand didn’t look perturbed. “Maddie used to hide here when she was a little girl.”

Shy and probably eager to learn from watching like Leo was doing. Leo looked back over at the mat where the sparring was starting again, this time just for those who were doing it for the show. Those who were doing it for self-defense were sitting at the edge of the mat this time. “How many times does she rotate?”

“She does this a few times,” Killian answered. “Twice a group and then once as a huge one to show what they learned. Those learning self-defense can only use self-defense techniques while those doing it for the sport can only use the correct form and the correct way of doing it. She pairs them up so that they have a chance to practice on each other, and so that those who are doing it for sport understand that not everything they can use is going to work outside of it sport.”

“I see.” Leo said slowly.

“What did you think of Andrea’s class?”

“She’s tough. She’s quick to correct and she knows what she’s doing. I saw a few teenagers give her lip and she got them angry, or she got them thinking. I don’t think I seen her punish any of them yet.” Leo confessed.

“No such thing as punishment. If you got time to lip, you got time to use it for something useful.” Killian said cheerfully. “Push-ups might build up strength, but if you’re going to talk smack, you better be able to defend and fight with your fists too.” He looked over at Leo and then looked at him up and down. “Surprised you didn’t run away when I came up to you.”

“How much can you see?”

“Enough to know you’re not human. Enough to know that Cassidy and Maddie and Andrea are all hiding a secret from me. It’s alright you know. After a while you start thinking humans suck and those who aren’t human are more so than anything or anyone in the universe. It’s why I like animals, honestly. I used to care for strays.”

Leo didn’t know what to think about that statement. “Cats?”

“And dogs. Mostly cats since Maddie seemed to like bringing them home every once in a while.” He was quite fond of it. “You know, if you had went with the spar last month the way she had wanted you to, you would have learned a lot more than you had when you went against her whips.”

“I’m starting to see that I missed out on a big connection.” Leo turned back to the sparring ring where Maddie was instructing the self-defense and the sports belts to start pairing up. Like Andrea, she was careful to pair up a lower rank with a higher rank but only by one. A black belt fought with browns but that was all. “Maddie’s brutal.”

“She’s supposed to be.” Killian said darkly. “Her situation is much different from Andrea’s. Andrea will only fight if there’s no choice behind it. She’ll be merciful, but she’ll end it quickly. Maddie on the other hand will not show mercy. If you go up against her, you better pray she can knock you out, because if she can’t and she thinks that her life is on the line, well. She’ll end you before you end her.”

“I’m fearful of that.” Leo said softly.

“It’s not you who is her enemy, so you shouldn’t be too scared. Let her be the one that’s afraid. Her fear is what drives her to live after all.” Killian looked at Leo again. “Is Cassidy fitting in well with your family? I know from a few talks with her that she thought that you guys would be…well…unwelcoming towards her.”

Leo wasn’t really surprised that Killian would ask about Cassidy. Considering that he knew Andrea and Maddie, he wondered when she would be on the topic list. “Mikey knew how to keep a secret. We were all shell-shocked, but…we got over it. She’s fit in nicely, it’s like she’s always been apart of our family. Does she know how to fight?”

“Maddie teaches her somethings and Andrea teaches her others. While I can’t promise she can stand in a fight, I can promise that if she learns how to end one, she will.” Killian sighed.

That’s what he thought. He would have to tell Mikey that they might want to start considering training Cassidy themselves since she was always down there. “How do you know Andrea?”

“Hmm…” Killian smiled a little. “I’m her godfather. Her father was a good friend of mine who took me in when I was having some problems at my home. He was the one that helped me get rid of them for good and laughed at me when I picked my name when I was eighteen and was able to do something like that. I was at their wedding as a best man, and then I was at the birth, and well…I was told that if something happened to them, I was supposed to watch over her and take care of her. Well, I did it anyway. Andrea is very close to being my daughter, but I wouldn’t take her away from her parents. Good people they are.”

“They’re still alive then?”

“Oh yes. Comes down every odd holiday or so just to check up on things, though that’s getting kinda harder on them. But I got her back.” Killian grinned.

Leo was a little relieved. “So what about Maddie?”

“She is my daughter. Legally and everything. I took her from that home and gave her mine. Of course I told her if she wanted my last name she could have it, but…she’s a stubborn mule that girl is.” He looked out at the sparring ring where it was Maddie who was watching with a critical eye. She stopped a lot of fights from getting too rough and when she saw someone get knocked down to hard, she was there by their side in an instant. “She wanted to have her own, and…well…I agreed that it was probably for the best. Her parents are vengeful fuckers. If they found out I took her from them, god knows what they’d do. Best to let her…have her own.”

So that was why her name was Black then. Leo nodded his head and then heard his phone vibrate. He took it off of his belt and flipped it open to see a text from his Master.

"You should come home soon. Your brothers are up to no good, as that one Harry Potter reference would be."

Leo wasn’t one for being reckless. Hell he wasn’t one for inviting people just randomly down to the lair. But he looked at Killian and he could see that he was someone that was worth something to the fight, to the war, to his family. He was Andrea’s godfather, Maddie’s father, and Cassidy’s something or another. Probably mentor if anything. “Do you want to come down to the lair with me? My brother’s are up to something and…well...”

“Me? Go down to the lair wth you? You sure kid?” Killian turned to Leo and watched as the blue bandanna turtle nodded his head. “Well…alright then. Maddie will probably think that I decided to turn in early. She knows how to lock up and turn off the lights. All that jazz. She’s almost done anyway.”

“Good, because I think my brothers are up to something and I don’t like the timing of it.” Leo explained. “Come on, the sewers are hard to navigate in the dark. I’ll lead you.”

Killian laughed good-naturedly and didn’t deny the help as they walked out of the dojo without anyone seeing them and disappeared into the night.

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"There you are. Well. I would like to inform you that all those years of working quickly and efficiently have come in handy...and our home now smells like dirt and grass." Splinter was the one to greet Leo at the door, his hands behind his back. His ears twitched as he saw Killian leaning heavily on his cane. It was quite a walk here from what he understood. "I see you finally decided to jump on the bandwagon on bringing a friend home with you, Leonardo."

"This is Madeline's and Andrea's sensei, Killian Ryder." Leo explained as he introduced the two. "Killian this is my sensei, Master Splinter."

"I hope my girls aren't causing you too much trouble. Though I suppose that I should be worried about the boys huh?" Killian teased lightly as he bowed. "I'm sorry to say, I didn't hear much about you so I can't say if anything I heard was good or bad, but I'll assume everything's good. It's safe enough."

"Killian-san, then? I hear your name spoken from time to time, mostly by Andrea and Madeline. Pleasure to finally meet another father face to face." Splinter bowed back, looking pleased, "Yes, my youngest sons have seemed to have gone on an intervention mission. Donatello even got roped into it, being the getaway driver."

"I heard something about dirt and grass, and if my suspicions are correct well..." Killian's lips twitched. "It's not my temper they have to fear. Just Killian. Us fathers and senseis got to stick together you know."

Leo was pleased to see how easy Killian just reacted to Splinter. Then again, Killian acted quite easily with him as well. He wondered if it was a past life thing, or if Killian really didn't care about things like that. Appearances, it seemed, mattered very, very little. However, he had to groan when he figured it out about the plants. "You stole Madeline's plants."

"All I did was help move things!" Suzume suddenly appeared, her hands up, "I didn't do anything wrong!"

"They stole Maddie's plants." KIllian agreed, looking highly amused and looked at Suzume. "Maddie told me that she helped a young girl. I guess that must be you. Good to see you looking well."

Suzume dropped her hands and looked sheepish. She certainly did look a lot better, her hair in a braid over her shoulder and she had a better, healthier flush to her skin, wearing brown cargo pants, sandals, and a purple tank top, "Yeah. Suzume Yumi. Good to meet you. Uh, anyway, Leo, it was all Raph's idea."

Leo took in a big inhale and let it as slowly as he possibly could. "Excuse me." He said quietly as he walked off to find his red-bandanna brother.

"Would you like a cup of tea?" Splinter looked at Killian, highly amused, "We can watch this play out from my little hidey-hole." he motioned to where a medium-sized bonzai tree was in a circular cut out, a simple screen door separating the room off.

Killian grinned. "I would love one. It sounds like we'll be spectators of a very amusing comedy."

From where Raph was with Donny and Mikey, he was heaving the last planter box out of the elevator when Leo came storming over to them. He set it off to the side and jumped in front of the haul. "We're not taking it back."

"Maddie's gonna be ticked off at you, Raph. What on earth do you think you're gonna accomplish by stealing her things?" Leo demanded, folding his arms. "She's at the /dojo/ for Christ's Sake. She's gonna think her home's been robbed."

"No she's not! We left a note and we only took /half/ the plants." Mikey beamed at Leo, looking quite pleased with himself.

Leo shook his head from side by side. Unbelievable. "I'm not saving you from Maddie's wrath, Raph. I'm not saving /either/ of you." He pointed at Mikey and then to Donny. "If you don't fix this, I'll let her decide what she wants to do with you and considering she's just coming back /home/ from /work/ and this is the last thing she /needs/ I'm more than /happy/ to assist her if she /wants me to/."

"Who needs to watch soap operas when my daily life is one?" Splinter asked Killian as he put the kettle on his hot plate and sat on his cushion cross-legged, hands on his knees.

"Leo is very much like Andrea." Killian grinned. "That's exactly what she would say if Cassidy did this to her. Though I wonder Raph's motivation...not enemies..."

"I /want/ her to come down here!" Raph got up to his full height like he usually did when he tried to be intimidating to Leo, even after all these years. He threw his hand back at all the plants, "That's de whole /point/ of this. I /gave her/ one of de /blankets/ I knitted that one bad night 'n' she's never 'ere to use it! She /always/ sleeps better down 'ere but does she ever take advantage of it? No! She too worried about de goddamn plants that she's gotta be up there all day every day just ta take care of de stupid things. Cassie even says it's like pullin' teeth ta get her ta go out for a /girls night/!"

"So I uh, told Raph I'd take care of them when she's not here and when she is she can and yeah, that's my whole contribution." Donny hesitantly held his hand up and then shrank back down again.

"Jealous over plants," KIllian mused as he looked over at Splinter with a raised eyebrow. "I mean, I understand jealously, but.../plants/. I think it's interesting...she sleeps better down here huh? And a blanket he knitted? Must be talent."

Splinter stroked his beard, "Hmm...well when they were young, to teach him some humility I would have him knit while balancing and he made several scarves and blankets over the years. He did indeed do that. He helped your daughter with a night terror, and even risked the teasing from Michelangelo to give it to her. She really hasn't used it since and I'm pretty sure for Christmas he's making her a completely brand new one secretly in his room."

"Your son's very sweet. Though he certainly doesn't match the exterior. Kind of like Maddie. Cold but warm inside." KIllian nodded his head and he sighed. "Yeah she has those things a lot. The doctors aren't sure what causes them. She used to be on sleeping pills but that made her drowsy all day everyday so she stopped taking them and never went back to them."

Leo lowered his head and took a breath. "I think you're blowing things out of proportion, Raph." He heard Donny about his contribution and he knew that Maddie, if Maddie gave permission would only let Donny take care of the plants. No one else had the ability to keep up, but Donny certainly would. "Why don't you talk to her like an adult and-"


"And the daughter in question makes her appearance." Splinter smiled as his kettle went off and got up to make the tea.

Killian peeked over where the door had slammed shut and Maddie was striding through the room. She was still covered in sweat so it was clear to him that she didn't get a chance to shower after coming to the dojo. She was shivering, whether in anger or in cold, he wasn't sure. Her eyes were narrowed. "What the HELL kinda PRANK is THAT?!"

"I tried telling them to bring it back before you noticed." Leo sighed. "I also told them that if they made you angry, you can do whatever you want with them. I'm not apart of this."

"I am!" Mikey waved happily at her, "Hi Mads!"

"Why /are/ you so cheerful about this? She's about to bite our tails off." Donny gave him a look.

"Because Raph's idea was the most fun we've had in a while and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself and the thought of you, Leo, and Sensei having some real herbs to make stuff with, be it tea or whatever random experiment you need it for." Mikey's grin was bright and split his face from ear to ear.

"I...didn't entirely think of that but that makes sense, too." Raph admitted his one-track mind and he deflated from when he got in Leo's face, but he still stood his ground as Maddie came up to him. "Donnie agreed to take care of half of them and he drove the truck. Don't be too mad at him, even Leo agreed to that one." He huffed, "I want you down here more often."

"Oh, and he's point-blank with it." Splinter hummed as he poured the tea and stirred it around, letting it steep and soak up it's flavor.

"Good, it saves Maddie energy." Killian mused as he watched Splinter work his tea, keeping in mind as he took the cup that was offered to him and looked back at the scene before them.

Maddie's anger deflated just a bit. Mikey had a point, her herbs could be used in different ways for medicine, for tea, for a lot of things. Donny could even use it to experiment with in case there was something that they came into contact with and needed natural healing rather than chemical. She looked at Raph straight on. "And you took my plants for it?"

"You don't take advantage of sleeping down here," Leo decided to at least give her some insight as to what was going on in his brother's head. "He thinks your obsessed with the plants."

"Yeah. That's the gist of what I just told Leo." Raph looked back at the plants and then back at her, "You have too many of them. This, that, and the other thing. Even with your magic you're always in your safehouse taking care of the plants. You fight tooth and nail with Cassie for girl's nights, and if you've had any night terrors since that first one I sure as hell haven't heard anythin' about it and you /promised/ and I /gave/ you something of /mine/ to use when you're here, not to mention you can use me." He thumped his chest, refurring to wrapping her up in his arms and letting her cuddle with him.

"Oooh, there's a /promise/ somewhere in all this mess?" Don arched a brow at Maddie.

Killian cracked up. He couldn't help it. He started laughing so hard he had to set the tea cup down and just doubled over. He knew Maddie's intense need to keep promises and for once. For ONCE she managed to break it.

"What the fuck?" Maddie turned the moment she heard laughter and she raised an eyebrow up and then she turned to Raph again. "YOU TOLD KILLIAN ON ME?!"

It was Leo's turn to start laughing. "That was me. And I didn't tell him anything. I just met him tonight."

Raph had held his hands up at the accusation and he huffed through his nose when Leo admitted it, "I was about to say, don't look at me. I was too busy with all this to go get your sensei and he doesn't even know me."

"I suppose since it's my name that's called, I should enter the stage. Be rude not to." Killian grinned at Splinter before he stood up, taking his cane with him and walked out. He snickered at the dumbfounded look on Maddie's face. "Well now. I see you made a home for yourself." He was going to rub this /in/ as much as he /could/. "Your plants are here. You got a place to sleep that's apparently good for you. It's a good thing Leo brought me down. I was wondering when I was going to meet the family."

Leo had to admit, Killian was /good/. Raph was good at poking the holes, but Killian was a master at driving Maddie to a corner. Killian continued. "But apparently you promised that you'd be home more often. You should've told me that you needed to be here by a certain time. I would've shaved off time for you at the dojo if you needed it."

"So where do I put the plants?" Mikey looked at Donny who sighed and shook his head before picking one up.

"We can sort them in my lab and spread them through the lair, between me Leo and Sensei to use properly as they're meant for. Give me some exercise to walk around every day." Don explained.

Raph watched as Mikey and Donny headed for the lab with what they could carry, and it seemed with Killian's input the decision was made. He looked at Maddie who hadn't said anything yet, "So what's my punishment?"

"None." Killian said before Maddie could even speak. "Considering she broke a promise first, I think it's up to you."

"Oi." Maddie finally managed to get her mouth to work. "No. That's not how this is going to go down. You want me here, tell me you want to be here. Jesus. I'll take the hit for not keeping my promise, I admit that I fucked up on that. But you didn't have to break into my home to do something like it. I'll keep my plants here...the ones you /took/. But I swear to god they better not die."

"They won't." Raph shook his head, "If...uh...what Killian said has some merit to it, Mads, we'll align when you sleep down here when Donny sleeps. Every three days, unless there's a big fight of course. The Foot's getting antsy now, after all, since they gave up their search. If you want to put your plan into motion, you need your energy and you need /good/ sleep for that."

It was pretty interesting that Raph was using the same suggestion that he had a long time ago. She rubbed her fingers together in silent thought. Killian didn't say anything but he was concerned about that plan. The Foot were bad news and he didn't want her to do anything stupid...or reckless. Then again, that was probably the plan. Stupid and reckless. He could only be there for the fallout. "...Alright." She said quietly. "And since I did break my promise about coming down here more often, I'm tossing in sleeping here after patrol, too."

"We'll figure it out as we go." Raph nodded, "I'm sorry, for not talking to you. I'm not very good at that, ask Leo."

"He's really not, but neither are you." Leo smiled warmly making Killian rolled his eyes and slapped him on the shoulder.

"Alright alright, enough teasing." Killian looked at Maddie fondly. "It looks like you got some good people on your side. I can rest easy now that I know you're not going to go crazy any time soon."

"Are you going to come drink my tea or not?" Splinter called to Killian from where he'd continued to sit and watch.

Killian grinned. "Can't keep a new friend waiting. You kids have everything under control." He walked back over to where he was hanging out with Splinter and grinned at him. "Everything solved peacefully. Lucky us."

"I can see that. It's rare to hear Raphael say those two little words. He really does care for Madeline." He handed him the tea he had set aside earlier.

"I can tell." Killian took the tea and blew on it before taking a sip. "He's a good kid, big heart. It's nice she has someone like that watching her back. I like him. He has guts. Doesn't back down. Isn't afraid to stand up for himself and his reasons. Mikey certainly helped a lot there, too. I'm supposing those two are the ones that get along the most?"

"I have heard Andrea equate Raphael and Michelangelo to Cassidy and Madeline." Splinter helped clarify.

Killian snickered, "So, we have someone that has a bubbly nature in your family as well? I only saw him for brief moment, and I know I should introduce myself to him while I'm here. Cassidy wouldn't forgive me otherwise."

"He is the heart of the family, Leonardo keeps them working together, Raphael is the brawn and the staunch protector of them, while Donatello is the brains and the therapyst for the lot of them. He helps Leonardo think through his plans the most." Splinter sipped his tea, "It's a system they took years to perfect, but they would fall apart without each other. Leonardo has gone off to train multiple times, and they all lose their direction and sense of purpose. Raphael has gone off on /his/ own and they all become bored and lazy, same with Michelangelo. The two of them keep everyone on their toes and keep their minds quick-thinking because of their unpredictability. Donatello...he has told me, of a nightmarish possible future we have been able to avoid so far, where he was gone for years upon years and it all fell apart at the seams because he is the one they go to for mental support."

Killian sighed, "He's a strong one, that Donatello. To see a future fall apart, and not fall apart himself. I'm sure he had his moments. But, he's a good kid. He'd definitely someone Maddie respects if she's letting him care for the plants even if he did volunteer first." He sipped the tea and leaned back a little. "Raph's a good motivator. He's not afraid to speak his mind. And Leo certainly isn't afraid to corner someone too." He smiled. "You raised good kids. Real good kids."

"Thank you. They are my pride and joy, and I am glad to welcome you into the fold as I have welcomed your daughters." Splinter smiled at him. "I was beginning to worry for them, if I must admit. Yet they have all taken the appearances and this war in stride and are still by their sides. I suppose that is where Leonardo was, watching Andrea and learning."

"Watching Andrea first. Then me. Then Maddie. I think Maddie's startled him a bit since her and Andrea have different methods." Killian agreed as he blew on the cup and took another sip. "I think he was also quite surprised I let them in my dojo but...I teach whatever needs to be taught really. I can't do as much as I used to, my knee's not the greatest shape. But come this war, I am on your guys' side."

"I appreciate all the support we can get, in all forms." Splinter gave him a respectable nod, and they continued to sit in silence for a while, watching the daily life of the lair continue on.

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"It was a good night to do all of us, Leo." Donny hopped up closer to Leo on the roof their whole party had parked on, "I picked up some activity at a museum. Looks like the Foot are finally on the move like Maddie's intuition said. They might be after some powerful artifact again."

Once more, Leo had to hand it to Maddie for figuring out what the moves might be. Firearms were hard to get in now that people were looking out for them. However, he worried about that artifact. It could be anything, and Maddie only had intuition, not future seeing. "Alright. We need to split ourselves into teams in order to get this right. First wave will take one way in and the second would take the other way. We get them surrounded and cornered and recovery should be a snitch." He frowned. "The question, is what team goes where and how we split."

He paused, thinking about this for a moment before nodding. "The girls should go in first. They're the least likely and guards could be dropped with the surprise element. They could think that they're a vigilante team. Distract them long enough for us to get in. Maybe even recover that artifact before they know it's even taken."

"I can go along the rooftop and handle you from above." Suzume came up beside him next, dropping her shadows. The outfit she'd chosen was a green cloak over a brown combat suit that looked like hard leather straight from one of Mikey's video games, purple ribbons on her arms and a purple sash around her waist with a purple bandit mask over the lower half of her face, the goggles on her face green. On her back was the bow and quiver she'd taken up. "I can give you the signal you need to cover the Witches Three." It was all Raphael's fault she'd started calling them that, too.

Leo sighed, but nodded his head. "Sounds good. You're not supposed to be around the Foot anyway, so the farther you are the better." He turned to the others. "Sound like a good plan so far?"

"As basic as basic can be, leaving room for modifications as we go." Andrea pushed on her earpiece to make sure it was in and she nudged Cassidy, "You ready for a real fight if there is one, girly?"

"I'll cover you if you freeze." Maddi said, gently patting Cassidy's shoulder before she could respond. She threw her hood up over her head and she pulled up a black mask on the lower half of her face. Without further ado, she ran across the rooftops, not doing any tricks like she normally would.

Cassidy let out a groan. "I'll be alright. Let's chase after the idiot."

"Our idiot." Andrea gave her shoulder a playful shove, but she took off after Maddie and did a flip off the rooftop.

"That sounded way too much like what we say about Mikey." Raph snorted, "Alright, lead the way, Leo. Around the back we go." Suzume had already disappeared, but he watched Don watch where she was 'supposed' to be with his eye movement. It was weird having his brother be able to see something no one else could.

It didn't take long to get inside of the musuem. They weren't enemies yet and they certainly weren't allies, so the Foot really didn't know what to do with them. A few attacked, but Andrea and Madeline were pretty quick to at least knock them out as they made their way confidently through the muesum floors. They didn't take the elevator, since one, that was just stupid and two, the stairs could easily be used as a weapon in partner with Andrea's whip if they came across any troubles. By the time they reached to where they needed to be, Madeline was not surprised to see Karai in the middle with a hoard of her "loyal subjects". She turned to the girls and signaled them to stay behind her as she approached, pushing her hood down and lowering her mask. "Karai." She greeted, making the guards halt.

Karai also held her hand up to signal a stand-down, and she narrowed her eyes at Madeline, "What are you doing here? This isn't your territory. I'm not breaking the agreement."

"No. You're not." Maddie agreed before she reached into her pocket and pulled out an envelope. "I've been looking for you to give you this." She handed it to Karai. "Sumiko Yomi's dead. She committed suicide on my doorstep."

Karai's face paled as she took the blood-stained letter and unfurled it. There were dots where tears must have hit the paper as well. She stepped back into the mist of her soldiers to read the letter uninterrupted, and even had to turn her back as she gripped it tighter. It was in Japanese traditional tategaki, vertical writing, and some of the letters blurred together, but she understood it all. It was certainly the whispy way Sumiko flicked the brush with each stroke and her hand went to mouth as her eyes pricked. Karai didn't cry. She couldn't show that among her men, and she sucked in a breath, fighting it back and shaking her head. "No. This can't be." She turned back to Madeline and bared her teeth at her in anger, "This isn't possible! You have her! She took all her things...her camera..." She looked back at the letter and wrinkled the paper as she gripped it.

"Why do you show emotion now when she could've used that big sister ages ago?" Madeline knew that her words were going to cut deep, but she wasn't going to care. "You're so afraid of the shadow that looms over you, that you sent her to her death rather than caring about her emotional well-being. You searched and searched and searched until you finally had to give up. I wondered if I should even had bothered, but she did beg me to give it to you. We both wondered if you'd even care. She certainly didn't think she was worth a lick of your time and your support."

Cassidy could feel the guards tense up. They knew that this was a fight that was just on the edge of brewing and she worried about what Maddie was fucking doing. Psychological torture was one thing, but...this wasn't it. Maddie was gauging something. She was gauging it in her people, in Karai...what though? What was Maddie looking for?

"You don't interfere with battles that aren't your problem." Karai stepped forward again, widening her stance and faced her full on, "I pulled back last time because I was on your territory. I'm not this time. Blood was spilled and that's against your code." She was stating facts, not asking questions and she narrowed her eyes at Madeline, "The time for standing by is over, isn't it?"

"Very much so. So, I'm giving one last chance to you, your guards, and to anyone you know that may or may not be thinking about leaving the clan. You want out? Go past me. Walk out those doors. You won't get hurt, you wont' be harmed. If you need a place to stay for the night, I have a home you're welcome to. However, after this night, your blood will spill. The brothers you fight may be light and easy. They may not kill you. But rest assured. I will. And I won't show you any mercy. Not even if you beg. So. If you want out? Go. Get out now. Otherwise...don't say I never told you I was going to kill you."

"Get ready to move in." Suzume's voice was thick as she whispered through the com as she watched from the rafters. She knew Karai's response. It was never a question.

Karai's answer might be what they all expected, but some of the guards did look hesitant. They lost Sumiko. There were were some of them that did /care/ about the girl and were upset, really upset, that they didn't realize what was going on. Maddie might've not gotten Karai to stand down, but the effects of her little speech was enough to shake a few people's resolve.Whether they'd leave after tonight or they were going to leave soon, she didn't know. But there were others who were /fiercely/ angry. Livid even about what Maddie was suggesting. Cassidy got herself ready for the fight, mentally going through what Mikey and Leo taught her during her time there.

"You and Leonardo both. The same plea every time. Very well." Karai pulled her sword from it's sheathe. "No more mercy. To you or to them. My duty is to the Shredder, and he wants their heads. If you work for them, no matter how powerful you are, he will want your death as well. Lily-Anna Hendricks."

Andrea sucked a breath in, her eyes going as wide as saucers, and her jaw might as well have dropped to the floor. "She didn't."

"YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Cassidy shouted, suddenly shoving Madeline out of the way. They were /all/ expecting Maddie to react, but Cassidy summoned a light ball and threw it on the ground, blasting light up and into their eyes, much like how a flash bomb would work. Using the temporary blindness to her advantage, and her speed from doing track, she ran up and punched as hard as she could across Karai's face. She knew she did the punch wrong, she felt one of her fingers bend too much and she felt the bone snap rather than heard it. "SAY IT AGAIN BITCH! SAY THAT MOTHERFUCKING NAME AGAIN AND IT'S NOT MADDIE YOU'LL HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT. I'LL FUCKING STRANGLE YOU! YOU WHORE!"

"CASSIDY!" Andrea ran up behind the youngest female and hauled her away while the light still disoriented the soldiers and she barely managed to roll and avoid a kunai as well as a katana blade, "Shit!"

Madeline's heart leapt into her throat and ice fell into her stomach. She couldn't believe that Karai knew that, but Cassidy's reaction scared her the most. She was about to run over to help, but Andrea got it covered. Now it was just trying to make sure they could get out of this alive while Cassidy was still trying to claw her way out of Andrea's hold in a blind rage. She needed to jump in to the fray and she needed to do it now.

"It just got real, get in there!" Suzume readied and arrow and also used the light distraction to take down a Foot. She would do her best not to kill any of these lackies tonight. They could want to run away, as she had. Any that fought after tonight would not get the same treatment.

"We're going in." Leo's answer was swift and he signaled to his brothers to move and to move now.

"Cassie's got a broken finger!" Andrea tapped her com after rulling behind one of the solid display cases. She used a simple binding spell Madeline had taught her to get her under control and that was when she saw the awkwardly bent digit. She looked at the furious face with a deadpan expression and since things couldn't get much worse for Cassie's rage right now, she said with a straight face as she quoted Twilight, "What were you thinking, punching a werewolf?"

"I mean she might as well be one." Cassidy snapped, glaring over at the fight that was happening. She could hear the metal crashing and glass breaking. She could hear grunts of pain and she couldn't tell who was who and who was getting hurt the most. Maddie was practically by herself with Suzume for cover, and the guys...when where the guys going to get in there? "I fucking hate her. She...she should be stabbed with a stake and a shot through the heart with a silver bullet and have her brains go out and..." She noticed Andrea's increasingly amused and grossed out look. "What the fuck do I know?! She's a zombie vampire werewolf nightmare of hell! She's sure as hell ain't Lucifer's golden child."

"That is quite true. She must be Azazel's then." Andrea patted her head and she looked up as green feet came in her vision and it was Mikey, "Might as well just take her home. She's too clouded. My spell will break when you leave the building."

Mikey nodded and hauled his girl over his shoulder, "Alright, be careful." He tapped his mic, "Leo, I gotta bolt."

"Okay. Andrea you still in the fight?" Leo asked as he blocked one of the members from trying to cut him down and managed to kick them off of him. He knew the gist of what was happening, but this was absolute chaos. Whatever happened, something didn't go down as well as they thought it should.

"Yeah, I was just protecting. I'm free now that Mikey's got her." Andrea gave Mikey the thumbs-up and while he took off one way she went another and did a cart-wheel to avoid ninja-stars, wincing as the sound of broken glass reached her when the stars broke some displays. On her feet, she snapped her arm and wrist forward, her fire whip appearing and catching the one who'd thrown them. She got it around his waist and threw him into a few other people before towards one of the displays, knocking it over with the force of his body. He screamed as his clothes had caught on fire, but was able to do the stop-drop-and-roll to put it out. She let the whip fade and went to go hand to hand instead with another fighter.

"What the hell caused all this? It wasn't supposed to be this way. We were going to get the drop on them!" Don called as he made his way around, knocking heads with his Bo.

"Remember what we talked about? Karai found out about Maddie's old name." Andrea answered him. "Cassie flipped shit. My anger got distracted trying to save her from getting cut to pieces."

"What? Old name?" Raph landed next to Maddie after doing a flip over some Foot and he got one in the gut with a punch, then kicked another and sent him flying into someone else.

"Black is from Harry Potter, it wasn't just coincidence. That right?" Don shocked one and watched his body convulse before dropping like a rock.

"Thanks." Madeline said as she wiped her mouth. Blood smeared across the back of her hand, but she saw one of the soldiers come up behind her and She didn't waste time to raise her elbow up, gripping her shoulder with her hand and letting the guy just run into it since he was confused. Probably still blinded from the light thing. Honestly, with the way this fight was going, the former was more likely than the latter. "That was Cassidy's idea." She said. "Madeline's from Killian. He liked the name. He said it was better than Madison. Sounded too close to Medicine."

"That's...actually kinda funny. Madison, medicine." Raph snorted, "I like Maddie better than Liliana."

"Lily-Anna, not Liliana. Liliana's from Dragon Age." Donny corrected.

"Whatever! It don't matter!" Raph snapped, throwing his sai and pinning a guy under the armpits to the wall, then he went and punched him square in the face and he slumped when he pulled his sai away.

"It doesn't matter." Maddie agreed as she ducked down when one of the soldiers came at her. She elbowed him in the gut and as he leaned over she helped him to her knee and let him fall to the ground, giving him a good kick to the side. "I like her. She's so pretty, I'd want to cosplay. Though I think Cassidy would look better. I'm more of a Morgan."

"Uh, guys, where's Karai?" Andrea asked suddenly.

Karai had used the mass of her soldiers when the turtles arrived to fade away and run towards the crates in the back where new additions to the museum were, and she was prying them open, trying to find what she was looking for. Half of them were open and some had toppled to the ground as she moved them to get to what was underneath, working her way through the pile.

Andrea saw her while Leo cursed and she hurried to run over to the second in command of the Foot Clan. "Karai! Put that down!" she snapped as Karai pulled out what looked like a necklace in a glass case from one of the crates.

"Whatever you say." Karai smirked at her and raised it above her head, throwing it hard towards Andrea, making her jump back as the case shattered and then cried out as Karai flipped off the crates she was standing on and landed with both booted feet to her chest, sending her skidding across the floor.

Leo quickly got done with the soldiers that he was dealing with and went after Karai. He didn't know what that amulet could be used for and he honestly didn't want to find out if he could stop her in time. Jesus, how many guards did she bring? She was going overboard with this. What could that amulet be?! Damn it! He couldn't reach Andrea like this.

Karai picked the amulet up and she smirked as she dangled it, the moonlight through the windows making it glint, "Lily-Anna, do you know what this is?"

"Stop...calling her that!" Andrea grunted as she wheezed, heaving herself up off the ground and coughed a chest-rattling cough, "Go from being honorable to a complete bitch. Call her Mads or something at least, my god!"

Karai sneered at her and she put the amulet on, "Why don't you try to bite me with your whip instead of your tongue?"

"That's the most obvious trap if I ever heard one! Don't do it, Andrea!" Don called over his com having heard Karai's words thanks to Andrea's.

"No shit, Sherlock." Andrea finally managed to get to her feet, her hand over where she'd been hit. She was going to have bruises on her bruises.

"Did you hear someone?" Madeline was actually going to be just as petty. She looked at Donny. "You and Andrea must be able to read minds, because I don't think I heard a word come out of her mouth."

Raph smirked and offered his hand to Maddie for a high-five, "Nice one."

Maddie gave him the high five with a smile on her face. "Thanks."

Karai rose her voice as her soldiers started to make a barrier between the others and herself, trapping Andrea close to her as well, "This amulet means any magic used against me is null, and with my armor the only ones who can fight me are the turtles."

"I don't want to start the building on fire just to prove that." Andrea narrowed her eyes at her and stepped back as Karai took a step towards her.

"So you're going to run away? You came all the way over here just to stop me." Karai's smirk was devilish.

"I'm not so easily goaded, Karai." Andrea shook her head and jumped back a little further, just as Karai swiped at her with her sword, "I'm not afraid to concede my fight against someone is a bust. You shouldn't attack me, though."

"Oh really why is that?" Karai growled.

"Because you'll make two people very angry." Andrea dove out of the way just as Leo busted through the line of Foot, his katana at the ready, some sprawled on the floor with gashes. No deaths, but serious injuries.

"Stand down, Karai." Leo snapped at her as he turned to face her, getting into a stance. "She told you we were going to retreat and yet you still harbor us here. I suppose honor is no longer a word you associate. I don't know what Maddie said to you, or what you did to Cassidy, but your endless violence stops here. You got what you came here for. You did your bragging. You won your fight. Move on."

"Man what is up with everyone reading your mind today?" Maddie said easily as she walked over to where Andrea was cornered. "I'm seeing your mouth move but no words are coming out of it. It's a little amusing to me to see." She looked at the guards. "But I feel bad for you guys. I really sincerely do. To have such a selfish leader who will only protect herself, but won't give a damn about you. She killed Sumiko you know. She'll kill you next if you don't get out and even if it's by my's her fault not mine. Considering she's only protecting herself, and damning you."

"If they've been dealing with the abuse so far I don't think much is gunna change." Raph growled, also moving to Andrea and his big body shielded the two women. Donny went on the other side of them.

"The police are on their way. Unless you want to be caught and they have the proof they need finally." Don gripped his Bo tight.

Karai sneered at all of them, and she took the note she had put in the gooves of her armor before ripping it and tossing it on the ground, "The next time you hear from us, we're going to make you suffer." And they thought she meant a fight. Oh no. They were going to /take/ and she knew just who she wanted. Turning, she motioned to the soldiers who were standing, leaving the ones who were unconscious on the ground or bleeding all over the floor.

Maddie looked at the ground of the bodies and she bit her lip in anger. Seriously. Just leave them for the police? Ugh. She turned around on her heel. "We should go back down to the lair. Cassidy's probably worried about us. And I got to assure her that I'm alright."

"Right." Leo said slowly and put his sword back. He turned to Andrea. "You okay Andrea? I'm sorry for not asking before hand."

"I'm just gunna be out of breath for a while." Andrea told him honestly, "Besides that, I'm okay. How's everybody else?"

"I'm fine. Not fine 'bout her using Maddie's old name like that, but nothin' we can do about it." Raph shrugged and he headed off after his woman.

"I'm in the same boat as Raph." Donny nodded, "Let's go home. The Battleshell is in an alley two blocks down. I can give you some pain patches, Andrea."

"Good, I was worried about a slow jaunt over the rooftops for me. Thanks, Donny." Andrea patted his shoulder, relieved.

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Once everyone was in the lair, Cassidy flung herself at Maddie and hugged her tightly. "She's such a stupid bitch for doing that to you. I'm so sorry Maddie." She pulled away. "That had to have /hurt/. Are you okay? I should've punched her harder and-"

"I'm alive." Maddie promised, grabbing Cassidy's shoulder firmly. Cassidy must have been flipping between crying hysterically and getting angry and worried. Her eyes were red rimmed and her cheeks blotchy and tear-stained. She ran her finger down Cassidy's cheek. "She's just being dishonorable to the dead, Cass. It's not like she knows what she's gonna do with it. It's not like anyone's gonna go searching, too. She's dead, hon. Let her rest, yeah?"

Cassidy shook her head from side to side. "We don't /know/ what's she's gonna do with that information! We don't /know/ who she's gonna tell. Just because you think it's a shut case doesn't mean it is. I mean you're buried in a coffin and your mother-." Cassidy took a sharp breath in. "Evil, evil, /bitch/. now you're gonna get night terrors and you're gonna be freaking out more and you're gonna come home with bruises and-"

"She won't get night terrors cuz she has me. I'm right here. She'll sleep just fine, no matter what Karai did or said to her." Raph huffed.

But Karai wasn't acting like herself either. Or maybe that was exactly what she was like, with how everything turned out. It hurt that the word honor meant so little now. It hurt that Karai finally took that final leap and Leo knew he couldn't save her from it. The Shredder had done more than just toss Sumiko to the side. Karai was lost to the abyss as well and Cassidy certainly seemed to think that her knowing a dead name was going to bring about something too.

"You don't know that!" Cassidy turned to Raph. "You weren't there!"

"Guys, Suzume's hurt, too. Karai basically made it sound like she didn't care about her at all." Don pointed out from where he was with Suzu on the couch, his arm around her tight as she had her head in his shoulder.

"Which believe me made me want to slit her throat then and there. I hope what I said wasn't too over the line." Maddie looked over towards the couch to see Suzume. "I was trying to get her riled up, but I was also trying to open eyes. So glad I found you before you got caught up in that...I thought Karai had something to her."

"Obviously not and now I don't know how /your/ intuition's going but mine's certainly bounding off the walls" Don pointed out, "She made a threat and she tossed aside everything she's stood for until now. She's going to be out to /kill is/ now. That's terrifying. She's let us go and let us live all these years and we won't have that anymore."

Leo sighed, how long was that going to continue? With the Shredder always on their tails, it was always going to be a stand still and this was the tipping point to it. They were going to be facing some real adversary and he knew that they would have to do a lot more to survive. Donny was right. This was terrifying and could he lead them into that.

Andrea was feeling so dizzy and she pressed her hands to either side of her head. Ringing. The ripping sound of records being stopped and restarted. The blaring of so many notes. Ringing that sounded like screams. When she opened her eyes she could barely even see where everyone was and her breath was already short. She was going to pass out. "Stop." She called, even though there had been a short lull in the physical words. It kept going. Bouncing back and forth and she gritted her teeth, "Stop it, damn it!" She couldn't see who it was, but she stalked over towards them and grabbed their face, "Stop, stop, stop!" she bought her forehead towards theirs, her head hurting too much to do any sort of impact, and she used feeling to find where their temples were, rolling in circles and she tried her best to breathe. In. Out. Calm. Be the calm no one else would be. In. Out.

Cassidy was a little surprised at the shouting let alone that Andrea had came up to her and grabbed her by the head and started to massage her temples. It wasn't a conscious thing, but Andrea was looking for calm...and Cassidy wasn't calm, which was clearly affecting everyone. She shut down her eyes and started to breathe with Andrea. In. Out. The world was still gonna turn. It was going to turn.

This seemed to be what got the others in gear, and Donny coaxed his still sniffling girlfriend off the couch and he took her upstairs to his room where he could properly care for her.

Raph frowned at the sight and looked at Maddie, "Should we do the same?"

Maddie nodded, "Yeah. I'm....I'm exhausted." She admitted quietly. The night's events were starting to come to her now and she was emotionally drained. She tried not to let it bother her, but Cassidy's fear was a lot stronger than hers. "Let's go. I could use a cuddle."

The ringing was fading as everyone separated and went to go deal with their problems themselves. There was a mew and that was what finally got Andrea to pull away and she looked down to see Klunk.

"Sorry, I couldn't hold him still." Mikey flinched.

"'s good. He wants his mommy." Andrea moved back as Klunk rubbed against Cassie's leg, and she could hear his purr.

Cassidy looked down and saw the little orange cat look at her with pleading eyes. She probably scared the poor thing worse than she scared everyone else. She bent down and petted the cat a little before lifting him up and securing him in her arms. "...Thanks Candy-cane. I'm sorry I let my powers go haywire."

"That's what you got me for, to counteract it." Andrea nodded, "I didn't mean to be so harsh. I couldn't hear or see anything, just ringing. I didn't even realize it was you I grabbed right away."

"Well, if it's me being loud, it's usually you or Maddie shutting me up but I just..." Cassidy sighed as she gently rubbed Klunk's neck and listened to him purr. "I'm so scared for Maddie and I let it consume me. I really got carried away...I'll talk to Maddie about it later...when I'm a lot more focused. I really should be in my room next time."

Andrea patted her head, "Go to your room now, then. Things can be sorted out in the morning." Mikey took that as his cue to come up and steer her towards the stairs. Andrea turned to look at Leo next and she went up to him, tugging him down by the tails o his blue bandanna. "And /you/ are the most repetitive of them all. Spinning round and round. Stop, start." She tugged him a little further and did the same thing she did to Cassidy, rolling in circles over his temples. "You won't figure anything out like that. You need to take it from the top and take it apart piece by piece, but you need to /slow down/." It was said much different than before. This time it was more of a pleading whimper. "So dizzy...With the others gone, I can tell it was you and Cassie who were the loudest."

"Sorry," Leo said quietly, a little surprised at her admission. "I didn't realize that you were an empath too. I should've figured that out...." He let out a soft sigh. "I should have figured out a lot of things."

"Stop..." she whispered, stopping her massage and just held onto his face, her eyes closed. Her chest tightened and this time it didn't have anything to do with shortness of breath. "I don't make it obviously known. I don't want your guard to be put up because you know I can read you. That's a problem Cassidy has. She doesn't advertise it, but everyone knows so they're careful when they can be. She also has a natural knack that I don't, to get people to talk to her without having to try. So, you win some you lose some." She didn't want to let him go. She was so tired. Yet, they were far from that level of trust and comfortableness that the others were, and she knew she might as well just go to the stupidly comfortable couch now rather than make this awkward. She couldn't force Leo to do anything. She also refused to guilt him, either. His song was already so sad and betrayed. He was probably going to meditate and be alone in his room for a while before he slept. If he slept.

Leo brought her into a hug. He didn't have Maddie's inutition, and he didn't either one of their abilities in Empathy, but as a big brother he just knew that a hug was sometimes all someone really needed. And everyone else had people /to/ hug, to hold, Andrea didn't. "Thank you, Andrea." He said softly. "You did good. We'll get better tomorrow."

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she gave as good as she got. With his heart hurting at the loss of Karai, he needed it as much as she did. They could lean on each other, and it made Andrea relieved that she had at least accomplished that much. "Do you...mind if we just...go to your room? Or is that...too forward?"

"I don't mind. You gave me your apartment key that I have yet to use. Do you want any tea? I can make some. Heaven knows I could use some." Leo said as he gently let her go with a soft but a little sad smile. "You can make yourself comfortable. It's not much..."

She tapped his lips with her finger to make him stop talking, "It's already better than the couch, so don't even. Yes I would love some tea, as long as it's not oolong."

"Green, then." Leo said as he wrapped his arm around her waist, his hand gently pressing at her lower back to guide her towards his room. "I'll have to ask Maddie, when she's feeling better, what herbs of hers are good for tea. I'm sure everyone could use a little distraction after this."


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Mikey rolled onto his shell, his chest heaving and his body shuddering from the aftermath of the fun he and Cassidy just had. They were in the middle of her mostly empty apartment, boxes stacked around them, and he stared at the ceiling above. "Damn. Every time. It's always so good." He finally rolled back to face her while on his side, running his three-fingered hand over her bare belly, "How are /you/ feelin'?"

"Like I ran a marathon and then went to a party." Cassidy said as she shuddered when she felt his hand rub her stomach. She looked at him, her smile wide and her healthy flush hadn't gone away. She rolled herself to her side as well and gave him a kiss on the cheek, shivering slightly as she felt the stickiness between her legs. It was nice to feel comfortable, naked with him. She didn't have to feel like she needed to hide herself. He always made her feel beautiful. Sexy. Goddess like if she wanted to go that far. "So we christianed the apartment we're never gonna use. That's one down our list."

"Haha, well when you don't have to renew the lease, why not?" Mikey kissed back lovingly and he just pulled her close, "Are you ready to talk about what happened last week with Maddie's old name? You just got /so/ angry and you /broke your finger/ over it."

"Maddie won't stop laughing at me for it, too." Cassidy looked down at her finger that was in a metal and blue colored splint. She had been lucky that the damage wasn't too bad, certainly did throb and hurt here and there. She looked at Mikey with soft eyes. "...I'm surprised Maddie didn't..." She let out a breath slowly. "...I was friends with Lily-Anna." She said quietly. "She was the best friend anyone could ever have. But she wasn't popular. No one liked her at school. They all said to me that she had a "weird" vibe going for her, and that people like her either belonged on the streets, in prison or shot."

She shrugged after a moment. "Her parents had the same...the same thoughts sadly. She'd come to school with bruises, bleeding, scratch marks. One time she came to school and past out, turned out she had a concussion. Her parents didn't pick her up, but Killian did...she was thrown down the stairs into the basement and was locked up for a few days it looked like. It wasn't like anyone was calling Child Services either. I mean...why would they? The teachers turned a blind eye to the bullying, they turned a blind eye to the beatings." She fell silent. "Lily-Anna had a rep with the police for being a chronic runaway too. She never got caught for juvenile, I think some of the officers had a suspicion that she was just trying to get away from home. That "home" wasn't even in her vocabulary."

Mikey and his brothers had crossed their fair share of runaways and kids who thought a life of drugs was better than home. A lot of them were able to be talked down. Hell, if they were high it was really easy to pretend they were just warped versions of reality than actual turtles. Leo and Raph had the best track record of taking runaways and kids who could've gone to jail for a crime to the station to turn themselves in or right back home before anything really bad happened. Raph with sympathy, Leo for being a damn good negotiator. He rubbed Cassie's back and kissed her forehead, "I'm glad she never got into any real trouble, but that must've been horrible for you to watch. I know Andrea didn't go to the same school as you two and met her later. So what happened next in Lily-Anna's story?"

"Andrea met Lily-Anna later. Right before she became Maddie, but she heard the stories. She saw the bruises and stuff. She found her twice." Cassidy took a breath. "What made Lily-Anna leave the household for good was when her mom nearly succeeded in drowning her. She got out of it by using magic, she hated using it against her parents, and ran into her room. She grabbed her backpack, a change of clothes and just...high-tailed out of it. Andrea found her trying to get in to the dojo. It was locked because Killian was out doing something or another. I guess Andrea had his phone number or something 'cause he came straight back. He basically told her that if she went back home, he /was/ going to call Child Services and she freaked out. She didn't want to go back. She didn't know where she could go...but she wasn't ever.../ever/ going back there. But she also didn't want to go to court for anything. So...she figured out a way to fake her death. She left her shoes by the river as well as a note. Her mother didn't even hold a wake. She didn't buy a plot or a coffin or anything. She just put a cross on the river bed and then kicked it into the river."

Mikey gripped her tighter and nosed her neck, "Kami." He muttered, "Wow. Just...I'm beginning to understand. All these years and I didn't know any of that. Evil woman, just as you said. I do wonder what Karai plans to do with that information. Trace her past, find the people she knew?"

"I wish I knew...." Cassidy whimpered. "Of course you were there when Maddie accidentally hurt Killian...I mean you weren't /there/ but I told you about it and stuff. She really felt so awful. She hated her magic for a while there. But Andrea and Killian set her back straight after that..." She trailed off. "That's why she's know....she tries to not interfere unless it's a reason and if she has one she goes all out. It's why Sumiko and Suzume hit her so hard...she was /in/ that environment. She nearly /died/ in that environment. That's why I blew up. You can' that to her." Her voice choked a little. "She suffered too much already and she has her own demons to fight. Why bring literal ones into it?"

"I don't know, babe." Mikey sat them both up, "I love you, sweetheart. We don't know what they're up to, but we'll figure it out. It's almost August already, which is so crazy. So much has happened in such a short amount of time. Karai has a plan, and she's going to need time to put it into motion. It sucks so bad that we can't just storm the Foot Headquarters. We'd never make it. Now Karai has that magic nullifying amulet. If she wanted to try and capture Maddie, she could do it since her armor's too thick for normal martial art attacks by her or Andrea. It was built to withstand us, after all."

Cassidy leaned against Mikey's shoulder and scooted closer to him, letting herself press against his body. "...I wish that you guys could just live in peace...and just telling the Foot to fuck off was good enough."

"If it worked like that this would've been over ten years ago." Mikey agreed, "We should finish packing. You're almost done and outa here."

"And then we're a true married couple." Cassidy teased lightly. "Your brothers have to deal with two of us...though I'm sure they saw it coming a mile away."

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"We talked to you briefly before the ceremony, but we can actually sit down and talk to you now while Mikey gets dog piled by his brothers." April smiled at Cassie as she sat next to her at the table. Abigail had run up to her first chance she got, the little seven year old bouncing up and down excitedly. Abby was dressed in a dark green flower girl dress that went to her knees, her ever-present white tights and black flats. Her short black hair was pinned back with flower barrettes, too, and her green eyes were bright.

"You looked like a fairy princess and Mikey-nii-san was your prince!" Abby cheered at Cassie.

Cassie's cheeks pinked and she turned to Abigail. "Thank you." She beamed brightly. "I used to collect fairies when I was younger, so I'm so happy you thought me as a princess. Though it's funny because I had the same thought about you being one."

"I'm no princess, I'm a fighter!" Abby said defiantly, hands on her hips, "Even fighters need to get dressed up for ceremonies, though. Leo-nii-san told me that. I want to be just like them when I grow up! Oh, oh, oh!" she lit up as she grabbed Cassie's dress, bouncing again, "Is it true that Maddie and Andrea work at a dojo?"

"I gotcha." Cassidy beamed and she gently pointed over at a man who was talking to Maddie who was wearing a green mermaid style dress. "You see that man with Maddie? His name is Killian. He's the Master of the dojo that Andrea and Maddie work at." She grinned. "He only takes the most dedicated of students, too."

"Oh no, now you got her started." April laughed as Abby straightened up and marched over to Killian, "She's got her most serious face on. She uses that mostly with Leo. Raph taught her his best angry face. Looks like I'll be giving Killian a new student. She's going to be one tough little cookie, learning from different people how to fight. I already said I expect her to take up the sai, since Raph's her favorite."

"Maddie's certainly amused," Cassidy grinned as Killian turned to pay attention to Abigail and what she had to say. She turned to April with a smile. "I was also about to encourage her to talk to Maddie, but...she's a little terrifying. Wasn't sure how well that'd go over with you."

"I'm not too worried. The brothers have taught her well. She could probably even start at a higher belt than white. Maybe orange or green, I don't know how he does his levels, but she's been copying them since she was three. I also do katas at home, so I keep her practicing even when she doesn't go down to see them." April explained, watching Abby bow and Killian seemed to be impressed so far by how her daughter was acting. "She has good role models. It was really funny when she was a baby how they'd fight on who got to hold her. They had to set up a system to take turns on babysitting, too."

Cassidy laughed. She could see that happening with their own if they had any, /when/ they had any. "That sounds about right. I never seen Maddie around kids very much, but I know she's protective and Andrea's all about tough love. She handles the teenage class. Maddie doesn't have the patience for their attitude so she teaches the higher belts and self-defense. She and the brothers have recently started teaching me how to fight. So far, I'm just an embarrassment to the clan."

"I don't believe that one second." April told her firmly, "This is going to sound cliche and you might've heard it already, but everyone learns differently. You have the ability to be really good, you just need to find your groove. Your own way of learning. You might have an unorthodox way of thinking and processing whatever they're teaching you. Do one on ones, maybe, and go into each one like it's your first time. Have each of them explain it in their own way, and something somewhere is going to click. There's six people, seven people, you can take lessons from."

Cassidy smiled warmly at April. "It's not often I get to talk to the brothers one on one. Donny's easy. Raph and Leo though not so much." She mused. "But it's a good idea." She looked over at Abby who was now sitting at Killian's table, Maddie amused and engaged with the conversation. She turned back to April. "Was it ever...difficult to explain to her about her uncles or...did you just let her figure it out on her own? Why they have to hide, I mean."

"There was a /lot/ of crying and repeated broken hearts." April wasn't going to sugar coat this kind of topic, "Until she was about five, when she started going to school, she didn't understand. It, unfortunately, took her interacting with other kids to figure out that maybe only two or three other kids out of thirty would probably accept them. If she's lucky. Because of how they treated her. She loves Buttercup the PowerPuff girl, and got made fun of for it. Even so young, she figured out if something so small and petty would cause them to act that way, she wouldn't tell them anything about her uncles. The biggest thing I'm grateful for is how tough she is, because she didn't change how she dressed or acted because of them and was very vocal about calling them bullies. She's very proud to be called a teacher's pet or a tattler."

Cassidy nodded her head, she had a feeling that her kids would have a bunch of broken hearts, too. She knew that it was something she needed to be prepared for...and Mikey. They both agreed that if it happened, it happened and that she had to be prepared to make a lot of sacrifices. "Mikey and I are talking about having children someday." She explained slowly, carefully. "We don't know if we're compatible in that way, and if we're not then we have other options." She looked over where Mikey was with his brothers, being teased and laughed at, Casey was with them, also sharing his congratulations. "That's why I was asking what you went through when you had to tell her about it. I know, I knew it was going to be difficult...and hard. Of course, just knowing and going through it are going to be such separate things. Kids are all different and react differently."

"That is very true." April smiled softly and patted her knee, "If you are, then you'll be well taken care of. If the brothers did it, so can any kids you all have. Abby is doing fine so far, too. Next generation is going to have a lot more hope than the brothers did. They'll still be able to make friends. I know Angel is starting to rule the streets now, too, when she's not worried about school. She'll be more than happy to be a guide when they're old enough. The future is what we make of it."

Cassidy nodded and leaned over to give April a hug. "I should go continue making my rounds with everyone. Let them bask in the glory that is me." She gently let her go with a smile on her face. "You might want to rescue Killian and Maddie from Abby before she starts requesting a knife show or something." She teased as she stood up. "Thank you for listening to me, April. It's so nice to get another perspective on things."

"It's no problem at all." April assured and stood up to go break the boys up so more mingling could be done on their end.
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"I see you made fast friends with my little girl." Casey slid into a seat beside Maddie as April and Killian moved away somewhere else to discuss getting Abby added as another student. "You like kids?"

Maddie thought about it with a soft hum. "I don't really hang out with them much. I like Abby." She shrugged as she looked at the girl in green, who was smiling brightly. "I was just telling her about how I fight." She smiled, "With knives and magic and some other things mixed about."

"She sees Raph and Leo with their weapons so that probably wasn't much of a surprise to her." Casey grinned, "So you thinkin' bout all this for you and Raph someday? He's been a great uncle for Abby. If it was possible I would've named him the Godfather legally, but as it is everyone just agreed to take care of her if anything happened. Anyway, though, he's real good with kids."

Maddie leaned back in her chair. They hadn't really talked about it. They were trying to take things somewhat slow, but she knew that they were very passionate people. They had one tracked minds and everything. "I wouldn't doubt it." She said after a moment, "Him being good with kids I mean." She rubbed her lips together and she looked at Casey. "Why, do you think he wants kids someday?"

"It's not a conversation we had yet," Maddie admitted as she watched Casey balance back in the chair. "I'm going to laugh at you if you lean too far back and fall." She warned him. "Right now, I think he's still kind of amazed I said yes to dating him."

She nodded her head sadly and looked over towards where Raph was talking to Andrea. She smoothed out her dress with her fingers. It was a sad thought. For any of them to just get up and walk away. Donny and Suzume were growing strong. Leo and Andrea were working towards it. Piece by piece, inch by inch. Raph and herself just didn't have restraints. "Luckily they're all soulmates so we don't have to ever worry about them saying no. Luckily we all found who we were looking for in the end. Cassidy just found hers first and the moment she got accepted boom. Everyone else just fell into place, which is rare, but nice." She sighed softly. "I don't think thinking about kids...or a wedding is too far ahead. Maybe it's a conversation that needs to happen sooner than later. I mean, it'd be nice to get high expectations out of the way first."

"That way you're not blindsided by them later?" Casey nodded and he brought his chair forward with a thump, "Raph doesn't really have expectations. He's taking whatever you give him at face value and I can guarantee you, whatever insecurities or worries you've had about him, he has them about you. From misunderstandings turning to hate to you leaving him in the dust, soulmate or not, because he really fucked up something. He told me about the plant thing and the promise of no secrets. Raph is a really anxious person, he's just very good at hiding it."

Maddie sighed softly, "Always the best at it." She muttered to herself. She looked over at Raph who Abby was talking to and watched him interact with the little girl. It made her smile, how he brightened considerably and gave her his attention and without it being divided by his brothers. She looked back at Casey. "I'm not surprised he told you about all that. Though I am sad that I completely missed how he was feeling."

"He takes his commitments seriously." Casey scooted his chair out and he easily came over and gave her a big hug, "I think you two got it made, but try to take that lesson and get him to talk to ya before anythin' like that happens again, yeah? He obviously won't, so it's up to you to break the ice."

Maddie got out of her chair and hugged him back tightly. "Thank you for your advice. You always give it sound." She gave him a kiss on the cheek and patted his shoulder. "Off with you now." She teased. "You still have a bunch of people to talk to."

"So do you." Casey grinned, but he ran off to go jump on somebody.
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"So you gunna help decorate the Halloween House you've been comin' to for years?" Raph nudged Cassie and gave her a side-hug since they both had a drink in hand.

Cassie grinned as she hugged him back, "It took you long enough to figure that out." She teased as she let him go. "I'm really excited to do it, too. I've been wanting to be apart of it /for/ years, but always assured myself that it was a family thing and it'd be rude." The look in her eyes turned mischievous. "You think you might propose to Maddie on Halloween?"

Raph's face tinged, "We haven't even gone farther than kissin'." He rolled his eyes to cover it up, "Propose, no. All the way, maybe. But I dunno, I might change my mind. I'm not the type to wait a whole year for Halloween again just to do so. Lemme guess, Mikey asked you out on Valentines? He's a sap like that. Donny might propose on Christmas or Valentines. We might end up waiting a year for Leo, in all honesty. He's going at a snail's pace as it is."

"He asked me out on Valentine's, yes." Cassidy smiled warmly and shook her head. "Donny might do Christmas. He's not the type to take away another person's anniversary even if we told him he could." She looked at Raph curiously. "So you two might be next for kids, then. Or first depending on how long it takes Mikey and I."

"I'd ask Maddie first and see if we should use condoms or somethin'." Raph shook his head. "I'm not about to have her have any of my kids if she's not ready yet. I know you and Mikey are, and I wouldn't mind, really, but Maddie inserted herself into this war, so that would be a dangerous thing to do. I won't have any miscarriages on my watch caused by fighting. If they're...natural, that's one thing. We can keep trying, but as soon as I find out you're pregnant you're benched."

Cassidy smiled. "Yeah that's the same rule that comes with me,. You'd be a good father." She looked at him warmly. "So you thought of it then? Having kids I mean? That was a well-thought out plan."

"Yeah...ya know the whole late night thoughts before bed sort of thing." Raph shrugged, taking a sip of his fruit punch that was secretly spiked thanks to Casey, "With you and Mikey tryin' I's a good thing to think about. The what-ifs. Donny might be able to do periodic tests for ya, too. That just has to do with your blood. Be better to prevent anything bad happening before it even starts."

Cassidy shuddered, "I agree on that, a hundred percent. I don't like being blindsided unless it's for a surprise or for a good reason. Mikey always blindsides me, but...that's what makes him him." She smiled lovingly before she let her smile fall a bit. "You don't mind, that Mikey and I are trying...right? I mean, I know you probably /don't/ mind, but...I know from talking to Mikey that maybe you guys aren't...comfortable with the idea? That maybe we're in over our heads 'cause it' has to be a secret."

"No, I don't think so." Raph told her as he hugged her tighter than before, "We're all happy, and even secretly excited. We're just thinking hard about it and want to make sure you're both prepared. I think you are, so don't worry about it too much."

"Hey at least you guys are thinking about it." Cassidy teased as she hugged him back, happy and pleased that he was holding her so tight and gently let him go. "I want you guys to be happy. I'm glad that Maddie has you watching out for her Raph. She's terrible at watching out for herself, even if she does seem like she's put together. So don't be too upset...and when Leo's done with her, take her for a spin."

Raph smirked and winked, "Sure thing, girly."
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Leo watched as the party continued at full swing. Mikey was talking to Donny and Suzume. Cassidy was mingling with Raph and Andrea was talking to April and Casey about one thing or another while Abby was pleased as peaches to just go around to different groups and see which ones would give her the most attention. It wasn’t too surprising to him when Maddie came up to his table and sat down.

“Enjoying the party?” He asked as he took a sip of the fruit punch that had a tingly taste of vodka. Unsurprising since it was probably Casey’s and Raph’s idea. He’d yell at them for doing it, but it was a party and a very special occasion. “Cassidy looks beautiful.”

“She’s gorgeous.” Maddie agreed, taking a sip of her own drink as she crossed her legs underneath the table. She smiled softly as she watched her and Raph converse. “It looks like they’re talking about something serious or another.”

“Probably. Raph’s been on pins and needles since that whole fiasco went down.” Leo shook his head from side to side. “It’s been nuts.”

“I am sorry that the plan had went astray. I hadn’t expected Cassidy to react the way she did.” Maddie sighed softly.

Leo nodded, he didn’t think anyone expected Cassidy to flip her lid the way she did. No one asked Maddie what the deal was, and while he was curious he knew that it wasn’t a conversation that needed to happen. Karai just knew someone that no longer existed and honestly, that was enough of it. “It’s supposed to be a celebration, so maybe we should stay clear of the heavy topics.”

“Aw, but we’re so good at those.” She teased as she took another sip of her drink. “You and Andrea huh?”


“You and Andrea. I noticed that you two are…well…friendly but with a side of maybe/maybe not romance.” Maddie explained, gesturing towards where Andrea was with her glass.

Andrea looked beautiful in the green dress. It was a small bridal party, but it was enough. She was smiling, looking radiant as she always had. “Maybe. I don’t know, it’s nice to take things slow.”

“That’s true,” Maddie nodded her head. “You have a rush and she wants to slow you down, but I wonder if she’ll try to make you speed this up…and if you’re the one to tell her to slow down.”

“Hmm. What about you?” Leo looked at her curiously.

“Everyone’s on that topic it seems.”

“Well you’re the one that caught the bouquet so you’re up next for marriage. That’s why we’re asking all the weird and uncomfortable questions.” Leo answered as he sipped his drink.

Maddie rolled her eyes, but took her own drink. “I like the pace we’re at. I like that it feels natural. Not forced.”

“I got a sneaking suspicion that you and Raph are gong to do everything backwards.” Leo said slowly. “And we’re not even going to be surprised at it.”

“Kids first, wedding later that kind of thing? I wouldn’t be surprised.” Maddie shrugged. “Weddings weren’t really ever my jam, but if he wants one, I don’t mind doing one.”

“Just like the kids huh?”

“That’s a different story.” She looked at Leo. “You think I’d be good?”

“I think Andrea would be better.”

Maddie cracked up laughing. “That’s the vodka talking.”

“I’m pretty sure that they put in a strong type of it too.” Leo glared at the drink making Maddie laugh harder. He hadn’t realized that it was hitting him so hard till he let that slip. Damn. He needed to back off now. Light weight or not, he wasn’t the type to drink so much he started talking nonsense.

“Well, Andrea would be better. She handles the teenagers at the dojo.”

“I know I saw her.”

“Oh? Does she know you stalk her at her work?”

Leo glared at her and Maddie grinned widely. He didn’t say anything and he didn’t have to. Maddie already knew and she leaned back, pleased.

“You know, you should talk to Andrea more about the important things in life.”

Leo softened his look. “We don’t talk much that’s true.”

“You should change that.” Maddie gently patted his shoulder as she stood up and then hugged him around the shoulders. “Thank you for accepting Cassie into your family, Leo.”

“I”m glad she’s apart of it,” Leo said as he hugged Maddie back and let her go. “I’ll think on what you said. I suppose you’re going off to mingle with someone else?”

“Whoever takes me.” Maddie waved as she walked off.
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"Whoo!" Donny laughed as he caught Cassie about the armpits and lifted her up high, spinning her around. For the party he was only wearing about half his gadgets, so his face was void of his usual goggles and he just had on his glasses. His face was definitely flushed and he set her back down on the ground with a beaming smile, "How's my lil' sis? I may or may not have had too much to drink, but that's okay. Leo's got a permanent loopy smile on so Casey and Raph's plan to spike the punch worked."

Cassidy laguhed as she was set down and grinned as she looked over to see that Leo was wearing a loopy, crazy smile. "I'm doing good Donny. I'm happy. I finally get to call you a brother. Isn't that neat?!"

"Well, you could've called me brother before, but that's fine. I'm happy for you, too! This party''s starting to wrap up and that's probably a good thing before Mikey starts singing." Donny giggled and patted her head with an adoring expression on, "Raph and Maddie disappeared to probably make out in the barn like they're fifteen, not twenty-five. I'm glad the battle-shell's got an auto-pilot otherwise we'd never get home. April's a good driver, but with Casey getting hammered she might take off soon. Killian's already left. Suzume's so pretty, isn't she? All you girls are, really. A short dress suited you real well. I think Abby called you a fairy princess, and I'm inclined to agree. How was my bow?" he tugged at his purple bow trying and failing to look down at it.

"It looks amazing on you." Cassie's cheeks flushed in pride when he told her that he agreed with Abby's statement about what she looked like. "Suzume's gorgeous. You hit the jackpot with her. I'm glad that you two like each other so much."

"When you and Mikey announced you two were boyfriend/girlfriend I thought about her." Donny nodded enthusiastically, "It's also why I wasn't about to give you any lip like Raph was or question you like Leo. It would've made me a hypocrite and I just wanted what you guys have." He suddenly placed his hands on her shoulders and leaned in to whisper, "Oh my God, though! Mikey and Raph never told me how awesome kissing is!"

"Just wait till you guys have sex." Cassidy was fairly confident that he wasn't going to remember this conversation at all by the time he woke up tomorrow, but would be fairly surprised if he did. "It's mind blowing if you treat her right."

Donny just nodded his head and he looked like a bobble-head doll, "Yes, yes, of course! Wouldn't be any good for me if it's not for her. Okay, I'm gunna go attack Leo and tell him we should think about going home. You get ready to go, too!" he hugged her tight and lifted her up off the ground when he did so before he bolted towards Leo's table, arms up like he was going to run and jump him for a hug whether he was in a chair or not.

Cassidy watched him jump on Leo and she winced a bit. Maybe he wasn't as drunk as he seemed and /would/ remember that conversation tomorrow. It'd be kind of funny to find out. Though she should see how drunk Mikey was and maybe stop him from doing a bad karaoke session. She loved him, but she had the better voice and they both knew it.

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Madeline was pretty thankful that her home was well stocked and that she knew how to cook, otherwise this date could end up as a disaster. She had everything planned out. The coffee table had a white cloth on it like those at fancy restaurants and she had two white candles burning on it to banish negativity, to bring in some peace, and obviously to make it look a little bit romantic. Pink was just going to go overboard and it wasn’t Valentines Day. She was nervous; she cooked for Andrea and for Cassidy and Killian before. But this was different. This was like…a big judgement call.

She rubbed her hands anxiously on the dish towel that rested against her shoulder as she looked at the timer for the noodles. The sauce was still going, and the noodles were about done. She just needed to strain, rest and prepare. She decided a white-sauce pasta was better than a red. She didn’t know what he liked, if he didn’t like acidy food or creamy or what. So she went with her gut.

Damn, it was a lot white. Some green. Some brown. But a fuck ton of white. She winced a little. Maybe she should have changed the cloth to something…less white. Red maybe? Was that too much? She walked back into the living room and gave the cloth a good look. She snapped her fingers and the candles floated upwards. She waved her hand over the cloth and it folded itself perfectly back up into a square. She waved it back towards the kitchen and onto shelf that was filled with different cloths. Mostly for the alters that were sitting in her garage.

She pushed the white one back, grabbed the red and she laid it back out on the coffee table. Snapped her fingers and the candles floated right back to place.

Good. Now she didn’t look like she was about to embarrass herself too badly. The timer dinged and she quickly went back into the kitchen to strain the noodles. She could feel Raphael’s energy come near and she didn’t doubt he was going to either jump through the window or go through the door. He probably brought drinks, too…she had a bottle of wine somewhere if he didn’t…

"You're thinkin' too hard." Raph was sitting in the window, using his ninja-skills to appear noiselessly and he smirked at her, "You're doin' that thing with your lips, rubbin' them together like ya just put on lipstick."

Maddie stuck her tongue out at him, but her smile was already on her face. "Hey, didn't hear you come in. Should I get down glasses or coffee?"

"No coffee, but ya gunna make me feel dainty with some wine glasses again?" Raph hopped all the way in and closed the window, coming closer and looked around. He picked up the wine bottle that was out and clicked his tongue, "The flavor of this sounds good."

"You can't tell me you and Casey didn't have fun with that." Madeline teased as she glanced over at the wine bottle that was holding. "Here." She snapped her fingers and wiggled her fingers and one of the cupboards opened. She pointed her indext finger up, added a second finger and then pointed them sideways and did a backwards wave motion, which caused two wine glasses to come out of the cupboard. "Grab those will you? And pour us some? I'm going to strain the noodles and then put them into bowls."

"Yeah, no prob." Raph snatched them out of the air with ease and he set them on the table, then took the wrapper off the wine and then popped the cork, pouring a good amount in each, "I won't get drunk off just wine. Probably a good thing, don't want to do anythin' we're too smashed to remember, yeah? No regrets here."

"That's a good point, but a loose tongue helps us both I think." She called to him as she piled the noodles on the plates, set the pan down and then worked the sauce over it. She put the forks on the plates and then carried them over to the living room. "Sorry I don't have a traditional dining room, my garage takes up most of the space."

"Pfft, I don't care. This is better than any stupid restaurant anyway." Raph gave her a thumbs up and sat down, "Feelin' Alfredo tonight? Got salt?"

"Yeah." Maddie beamed as she turned towards the kitchen and used her magic to bring it over and she sat down as well. "I wasn't sure how you'd like spaghetti so I decided to play it safe."

"Red sauce all the way. I mean, we all like pizza." Raph pointed out but grinned back at her, "It's cool. Alfredo's good, too. You're usin' your magic a lot tonight. Showin' off a little?" he smirked.

"A bit," Maddie sank back into the couch and brought her plate with her. "I use my magic most when I'm up here. Depending on my mood, too. Cassidy tells me that my magic's the easiest way to tell what mood I'm in without me having to say anything, though I think that's just her Empathy talking."

"I'm glad you're relaxed. I think you're magic's pretty cool. So, tell me about some other things you do? Have you hexed people or anything? I've seen your altars plenty of times, but how do they work?" Raph stabbed the fork she'd given him into his pasta after he'd salted it and stuck a good helping in his mouth.

"I use my entire garage as a circle since I don't usually bring my work to home. I used to work out of my garage, but Kyle took me under his wing, so I have a workspace and a home space. Though there are times where I do bring it." Madeline confessed as she carefully twirled hers and brought to her mouth, she chewed and swallowed before she turned to him. "I have hexed people before. My moral code is if you did something physically, emotionally, or spiritually to hurt me and I know it's you without a doubt as in you did it to my /face/. Yeah you're gonna get cursed or hexed. Depends on how badly I feel slighted."

"I hope I never do anything to deserve that." Raph winced and shuddered, "Okay, so this is the first question I'll ask about past me, but I'm gunna be very specific if I have any others. I know what I do 'n' don't want ta know. So, was I ever magically inclined or was I just knowledgeable?"

"You were knowledgeable. You always found fascination with the magical world." Maddie twirled her pasta again with a fond look on her face. "But no, you never had a magical inclination. In the words that you told me a long time ago, "you do it better, I'd just burn down a building and then drown the entire city trying to put it out"."

Raph tried not to choke on his food as he bit back a laugh and had to thump his chest and clear his throat, and his voice was a bit raspy anyway, "Oh damn, that sounds about right. That's real funny." He shook his head and had to take a drink of wine.

"I had the same reaction." Maddie laughed as she shook her head from side to side, reaching over and picking up her wine glass to take a sip and then set it down. "...Casey told me somethings at the wedding." She winced a little. "I never knew when there was good time to bring it up."

"Oh geez, what did that bonehead say? Spillin' my dirty thoughts is he?" Raph rolled his eyes and took another bite.

"If the dirty thoughts are weddings, kids, and how I hurt you...yeah." Maddie said softly.

Raph froze mid-bite and he took a breath before setting his fork down on the plate. He finished eating and shook his head, "Yeah...I talked to Cassie about the same things. The first two, at least. I didn't think the last part needed to be brought up again."

"Casey thought otherwise," Maddie rubbed her lips together as she set her plate down on the table and turned to face him. "I don't really know where to begin this conversation..." She scratched her cheek a little. "But I'll start off by saying that I am sorry that I hurt you. I react badly to change and that's not any reason for me to lash out on you. I don't want you to ever be fearful of me."

"I already apologized to you for my actions." Raph re-acknowledged and took another sip of wine, " about you. I do. Nothin' close to love, not yet. I don't have...the best way of expressing that. Never have. I try my best in small ways. Little shoves, pats, shoulder-bumps. That's to my bros at least. With you it's all the little touches, besides when you sleep next to me and I wrap you up. It's...not just you that sleeps better."

"Casey was under the impression that I gave you a real bad anxiety attack, or maybe it was just my interpretation of what he was after." Maddie's shoulders relaxed. It made her feel happy that she wasn't the only one that was sleeping better. It was nice to not be plagued by night terrors when she was able to sleep. "I care about you too." She said sincerely. "I like being touched by you, it's comforting and soothing. Though...should we have that conversation? The wedding and kids one, or should that be put on the back burner?"

"Cassie asked me if I was gunna propose to you on Halloween? Does that count?" Raph laughed weakly, and took a bite of his food.

Maddie snorted as she reached back for plate and started eating again. "Oh jeez. She thinks that proposals need a holiday to go after it. I bet we'll find out she's pregnant on a holiday, too, because that's just how she rolls. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was that quick."

"I wouldn't, either." Raph agreed, "I did tell her I'm too impatient to wait a year to propose on Halloween again, but that I might change my mind. I probably would just wait for the best moment, though. No tricks, no silly outings. Just carry the ring on me at all times and pop the question when it's a good night."

"So the right moment is one." Maddie ate a few more bites before she looked at him. "So the tricky part are kids."

Raph nodded as he chewed, thinking through his head before he finished and took one more drink. "Maybe not so tricky."

Maddie raised an eyebrow and tilted her head, silently urging him to continue.

"See...uh..." he rubbed the back of his neck, "Ya alright if I get...technical and just a bit real talk on ya?"

"Yes." Maddie said, putting her plate down and giving him her attention. "Take your time."

It shouldn't be embarrassing to talk about, but, actually it was getting him just a little hot thinking about it. He had to clear his throat as he did the same and faced her, "Okay, so...I'm gunna lay this out first. Tryin' for kids is way outa the picture for right now. We get past oral or anything like that, I'm gunna play it safe even if it takes a while to take effect. No risks. You set Karai on a vengeance path and it might seem like you're escaping after just throwing down the gauntlet by getting pregnant. I told Cassie this, but no miscarriages. Not by fighting. Natural we can hold on and work through together, keep trying, but not by being reckless and fighting."

Maddie's eyes softened. "I wouldn't risk a child in a fight." She shook her head from side to side. "The minute I find out I am, I'll go into hiding if I have to. I'm not going to risk something that precious. That being said, I don't mind if we play it safe. Cassie wouldn't risk a kid either after eight years." She rubbed her lips a bit and then licked her bottom lip as she spoke. "So should we just stick to the making out and oral for a while? I don't mind waiting."

"There /are/ condoms, you know, but if ya want ta, that's fine, too." Raph chuckled, "Anyway, what I wanted to say was...that when we do get around to that, I think sleepless nights would have a new meaning. Our...uh, well, animal cum is thinner, runnier, than a human's. Which is why there's knots. We don't have that, but I counter that, repeated sessions would"

Madeline's cheeks turned a bright red and she nodded her head a few times before swallowing. "Oh. Uh that does make a lot of sense." She scratched her cheek. "Sex on the table, kids a no go for right now, and marriage may or may not be on the horizon. I can understand that. I was going to offer condoms...or for me to start taking something to help that out...double down you know...but I wasn't sure what you wanted to do...or felt comfortable with."

"Birth control if ya want the whole package. If it's a slim chance already, then that'd knock it down ta zero, I'm sure. Only problem with that is we'd have ta wait for it ta wear off when we're ready. So, it all depends on what /you/ want." He stressed it, not using his drawl, "I'm cool wearing condoms. It's not like I'd...have a sensitivity issue. You'd always end up being tight to me. I'd just worry more 'bout hurting you at the start."

"That's true." Maddie thought about it carefully. It was important. She also knew that the longer someone was on birth control, the longer it took to wear off. For all she knew, she'd only be on it a few months to maybe a year. Was it really worth getting? The chances aren't looking to good already, but Maddie had a feeling that while Cassidy was having a hard time catching, Maddie would just be way too fertile. "Let's...go ahead and do condoms for a safe side for now." She said slowly. "And everything else is just jake. I won't worry too much about the pills."

"Sure." Maddie beamed as she summoned her remote and handed it to him. "Guests get the first pick of the Netflix."

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Raphael rubbed Maddie's back as he just held her close, watching her watch him. In the moonlight, her green eyes had such an interesting sheen to them. Stroking her cheek, he hummed, "I think your eyes are awesome. They kinda look like they're glowing right now."

"Do they?" Maddie leaned her head towards his touch, arching her back a little to get more of it. She liked being petted, being touched, it was the easiest way for her to calm down, to melt, to feel. She looked at him through half-lidded eyes. "The shadows make you look dangerous. It's enticing."

"Is it now?" Raph smirked at her and leaned in to bump foreheads with her. He'd shucked off all his gear beside the table, and was now just in his mask and his shorts. "Let's just take this as it comes ta us. Ya can touch me anyway ya want, alright?" He got that out of the way before he slipped his hand through her hair and tilted her head enough he could kiss her.

He definately had more confidence in the kiss and it only continued to grow the more often they did. She leaned in a little more letting her hand cup his cheek before running her fingers down his neck, just to see if it felt good. Now that she had permission to explore rather than to wonder where to her put her hands, it was nice to see what made his body and her body so different. Men were always full of hard planes and sharp lines, but while he was the same way, there was texture and differences that made her curious.

Raph moved his hand along her sides and when they broke away a moment, he chuckled a bit, "Ya gunna make me fumble with those hooks?"

"You want it off?" Maddie teasingly asked back as she slowly sat herself up. She brought one hand behind her back. She was kind of glad that she already had thrown her shirt to the side...that had been a good idea.

"That's it..." Raph's breath hitched as he watched her breasts fall free of their confines, bouncing a bit and jiggling as she moved to throw them off the bed. Now she was just in her comfy basketball shorts, and he rolled until his shell stopped him, reaching for her to come back and then dug his fingers to massage everywhere his fingers could touch, going slow up and down her back, to her sides where he had last let off, and he caught her lips as he brushed his thumbs on the underside of her breasts.

Maddie shivered as his hands touched her sides and then she moaned when his thumbs massaged her breasts. She was more sensitive underneath than she was on top. She could feel the heat go down her spine and pool at her abdomen. She gently pulled away from his lips and slowly worked down his neck, seeing what he liked, what he didn't. Teeth? No teeth? Sucking? No?

Raph let out an undignified chuckling giggle snicker noise and shook his head, grabbing at her hair, "Careful...I'm...uh...ticklish there."

"Sorry." Maddie pulled away a little with a soft rasp to her voice. "Do I need to...put more pressure or something or stay away all together?"

"No,'ve kissed there before, so I guess...yeah, more pressure. It's a natural place to like, ya know? I'll just hang onto your hair for ya." He tilted her head for her to have access and started working his other hand to massage her breast, but sticking more to rubbing the underside of it.

She laughed a little before whimpering when he massaged a good spot and went back. This time with a little more pressure. When he still snickered, she went a little harder with her biting and with the sucking. She had to remind herself that reptiles had tougher skin than humans did, so whatever she thought a normal human could handle, times it by...however many it takes for him to stop snickering at her.

" the...teeth...yeah, that's good." Raph rumbled and then a different kind of noise left him. He churred and he let out a shuttering breath, "I sound like a fucking kitten when I do that." He muttered under his breath, then huffed, "It's...a good thing. Means you're doing a good job."

Maddie pulled away, her cheeks healthy with red and her smile wide. "I /like/ that noise." Her eyes were sparkling with mischief. "No /wonder/ you call me black cat. Should I call you kitten, hey!" She yelped when he pinched her nipple in retaliation, her cheeks brighter and her teeth barely scarping her lip, clearly biting back a noise she had wanted to make.

"I'll call /you/ my little kitten." Raph growled at her, and he hauled and shifted her further up and back against the pillows. He got over her, knee between her legs, and he licked a stripe against her neck, nibbling lightly since her skin was so much softer than his own, then sucked, also careful because he had to experiment to leave a hickey that wouldn't be harmful in any way. The more they did this, the more confident he'd be, but for now, he moved from her neck to nip at her ear, then across her jaw and kissed her hard while he massaged both breasts, testing strength until she whined and then letting up, finding the right amount of pressure to use on her.

Maddie groaned softly as he found the right amount, making her arch and gasp when he continued to tease her senses. Her arms were around his neck, her fingers digging to his shell though she knew he couldn't feel that even if she tried. It was just more of a way to brace herself to hold on to. "You can do more if you want."

"Yeah?" Raph churred again, and he made his way down the other side of her neck, and he shuffled his leg up to press against her crotch while he teased her collarbone, and then he finally curled his tongue around a nipple and sucked his mouth around it, pinching and rolling the other one between his fingers. Her core felt so hot, but he knew he could make her hotter, and this time he shuddered and let himself feel the tightening of his skin and his shell.

"Hmm yeah like that...." Maddie purred as she let her hips move against his thigh, trying to get a little friction in for some relief. He was careful around her breast, much like he was careful with her neck and her mouth, but she liked that he wasn't afraid to pinch. Not too hard to cause her unpleasurable pain, but enough to make her arch and try to get more. Whatever more was. "You're good. So good.'

Pulling away, he made some more churring sounds, but only licked her other nipple as he moved his hand down her stomach, taking note of how her breathing shifted and rubbed the spots that made her twist, smirking and chuckling at her, "You really wanna know what I'm like?" he cooed at her, playing with the band of her shorts.

Maddie swallowed thickly, her mouth dry. She looked down at him, knowing that she probably looked more aroused and unaware than she did anything else. "/Yes/." She breathed. She wanted to know. She knew that they might be afraid, that it might come to be too much, but they could always take a step backwards if they need to. She trusted that.

"Alright, then." He pulled back away from her, shuddering at her whimpers, and shoved his own shorts down and off, tossing them to join the rest of his gear. He crawled back over her and he grabbed her to roll them over, her on top now, his body propped up by his shell, and he was gentle as he took her hand. His tail was visible now, too, "The opening's right here." He breathed as he guided her to the spot between his legs, before his tail, "I just...need a little more coaxing."
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Maddie's eyes darkened as he let her to his opening and she nodded. A little more coaxing. She swallowed as she started working on his neck again, but that wasn't the only sweet spot she could assault. His plastron probably didn't have a lot of feeling to it, so it was everything else that was fleshy. She doubted his arms would be, since he used them a lot in a fight. No, something else. His legs? Hmm, it'd be fun to see what kind of reaction she could get.

Raph continued to make noises of pleasure as she attacked his neck with more gusto, and the churring got deeper and more insistent while she massaged and played with his opening. Then he gasped as she moved her body down, and her teeth scraped against the V of his hips, causing him to jerk and buck, "Ah...that's...that's nice." He breathed heavily and blinked at the ceiling, "My...inner thighs and the insides of my pelvis, along the outside of my plastron, shouldn't be much different than a human's...feels good anyway when I please myself. My tail, definitely, like the tip..."

Maddie took this to mind as she decided to lower herself first to his thighs. She didn't want to startle him by going to something that might be really sensitive like the tail or the pelvis. Best to work up for now. She used her nails first, just to get him used to her going down there. It was always startling even when you knew since she knew that she might accidentally come across a spot that was super sensitive, or maybe he started to get worried about it. She bit his inner thigh to see if it was something that he liked before licking the bite to soothe it.

He made encouraging noises and spread his legs a bit more for her to explore a little more, and his tail even thumped and wiggled on the bed. His breathing was shallowing and increasing, "I think...I'm about to...uh, slip out..." He'd been holding back too much and it was starting to hurt. He needed to relax, but he wasn't letting himself.

Maddie looked at him curiously as she went to his pelvis. Outside the plastron, she remembered. "Relax." She cooed softly as she brought her lips back to his pelvis. "Unless you want me to stop?"

"Just...self-conscious. It's cool, I'm good." He took a breath, and then groaned just a bit as he felt his cock unfurling, "It's...just kinda like when a dude's flaccid and then it grows. Mine's my body." He explained and arched as he finally came out, heaving and closing his eyes, waiting to hear her gasp of disgust.

It was indeed pretty good sized dick. She could see ridges on the top of the penis and it had an interesting shape head, rather than the mushroom that she was used to seeing. She didn't know how sensitive his dick would be compared to humans, so she was very careful in massaging it. Unlike a humans dick, it was softer and a little more muscle. It certainly wasn't the most typical looking dick, and she could see why someone would be afraid, it wasn't exactly human, but it wasn't exactly animal like either. "Hmm....I could put in my mouth if you want me to."

Raph was already whining at her hand on it. It was so much different than when he did it, of course. her hand was smaller, softer, and with his own personal slick her hand glided quite well over it. He groaned deep when she suggested oral. "Ya...sure ya that?" One hand moved from gripping the sheets tight to her shoulder, rubbing it gently and he opened his eyes again, looking at her with shock and amazement that she hadn't been too freaked out, "Don't do anythin' ya don't wanna do."

"We can tap out if it gets to be too much, how about that?" Maddie offered. She didn't want him uncomfortable, and it was a way out for the both of them. She wanted him to enjoy it, and she knew that her anxiety could cause her to back off without meaning to since she was so eager to want to please. She'd much rather have them a way to get out of it together, than for him to worry and then for her to worry and then for it not to be fun.

"Yeah, sure." Raph nodded and tried to settle back again, swallowing thickly as he watched her, curious and hesitant. He was 100 percent ready to flip them over and please her instead if she didn't like it. It was fine.

She rubbed his dick a few times, getting a feel as well as to just...try to get him to relax a bit. She lowered herself and gave him a tentative lick against the slit. It was a weird taste. Not like human and skin and sweat. More muscle, more of a strong arousal for a scent and it was rougher against her tongue. She placed the head in her mouth first, getting each other used to the feel, her tongue tracing the edges of the head.

"/Fuck/..." Raph gasped, his head thumping back as the curse slipped out easy, "Shit that feels good..." he churred loudly, unable to help it. It was wet and warm, as if it was inside him like normal, but her tongue added a whole new world of sensation and his tail was going crazy.

She grinned inwardly and moved her mouth down a bit. She couldn't take all of him in her mouth. She didn't have the best sized jaw for it, so she had to use her hand a little in order to coax. His churring was getting her hotter and she was pleased when he encouraged her to do different little things. It was nice to see him finally let go, finally /be/. It was a good look. It was a /damn/ good look.

"Gunna try 'n' make me cum, babe?" Raph's chest was heaving, and he shifted he hand from her shoulder to try and grasp her breast, kneading it while she played with him. He bucked a bit when she increased the pressure of her hand by reflex at his actions, and groaned again as her teeth dragged against the ridges on the top of his dick, "It's fine, Mads..." he panted as she pulled back, about to say sorry, "Ya didn't hurt me." He wiggled his fingers at her, "Rough scaly hand. I think I can handle a lil' bit of teeth."

"I'll keep that in mind," She rasped a little, her lips swollen red from her sucking. Her eyes were a little glazed over at the name. "Babe," like she was his sweetheart, like she was someone closer. Closer still. "Do you want me to make you cum?" She asked, her voice light with a challenge, but also curiosity. Would it be too much?

Raph shuddered and his cock twitched in her hand, "I'm sure you'll try ta swallow, but if ya hate the taste I won't be upset if ya get up ta spit." He told her honestly, and he shifted a bit to get a little more settled, "Ya could use yer other hand ta play with my tail, that might make me cum faster. Then I can work on /you/."

Maddie's cheeks reddened at the offer and went back down to work on him, obeying his little suggestion about playing with his tail. She found it kind of cute, too, that his tail was so easy to mess with. She ran her fingers, gently rubbed against the tip, and just petted it like she would a cat's.

"Oh damn..." Raph's breath hitched and he tried to keep his hips from bucking, but as he let his mind go blank he started churring again, letting it happen, all the natural noises of pleasure, along with whispered; "Hell yeah...just like that..." Since he had no practice with this, and usually didn't take too much time when trying to get himself off, he was starting to roll his hips since he couldn't buck, and he groaned and whimpered, feeling it in his gut. Both hands wound into Maddie's hair and he helped guide her speed without forcing her down, "Lil' harder, babe..."

She took his advice and his direction as much as she could. She purred softly when he wound his fingers into her hair. It pulled a bit, but that was fine. It didn't hurt too much, so she was able to ignore it. She continued to pull, suck, play she listened to his churring and encouragement and she could feel him getting harder and more swollen in her mouth. She wanted to at least /try/ to swallow him down, much like he said. Even if she hated the taste, she at least wanted to do it /once/. Maybe it was a pride thing, she didn't know.

"Fuck...fuck, Mads...babe, I'm gunna..." His breath caught and he arched, sparks flying behind his eyelids and he felt his world explode. He knew he would cum a lot, and hoped he wouldn't choke her. He loosened his hands and gripped the sheets instead, roaring a bit and his entire body convulsing. He was too lost in the dreamy feeling of cumming the hardest he has in his life to notice if she swallowed or not, but he didn't feel her move off the bed, either.

It was a lot, it was hard to even choke down till the next wave showed up. But she did her best to swallow as much as she possibly could. The taste wasn't horrid, but it wasn't exactly a favorite and something she'd just get used to with practice. She felt a lot of it drip down her chin and when it was done and over with, she let him go and used the back of her hand to wipe off her mouth. She was pleased to see him look so...fucked out was the best way to put it. Relaxed. Vulnerable. She leaned over him and kissed his neck, not sucking, not doing anything to arouse him since he already went through a lot, but just a little something.

"That was...fantastic." Raph heaved, humming in approval as she kissed him. He felt his cock starting to slip back in, and he rolled them over so he was on top of her. He didn't waste any time pulling her shorts and underwear off, but he kissed along her chest down across her belly first, "Yer turn."

"O-oh." Maddie hadn't expected him to actually want to...she was embarrassed to be lying before him, completely naked. She felt like he could see straight through her, her soul her everything. It made her hot, her made her feel vulnerable, but she trusted him. Just like he trusted her to take care of him. She giggled when he kissed her belly and she blushed hotly. 'That's where I'm ticklish." She admitted, her cheeks on fire.

"Heh...I'll keep that in mind." Raph rumbled at her, and he rubbed along her sides like he had done earlier, then down over her nicely toned thighs, "I like how yer fillin' out, workin' at the dojo." He kissed a hipbone and had an after-shock as her scent filled his nose, "Might haveta do this first next time."

She had a feeling that if he did this first the first time, he might get overly excited and they'd actually have sex. Her cheeks reddened at the thought and she felt herself get a little wetter. She whimpered when he spread her legs, the cool air hitting her was enough to get her to bit her lip, though she did whine. "Raph..."

"Yeah...definitely first next time. Love how yer voice sounds like that, sayin' mah name." Raph cooed, and he rubbed his thumb first up and down the length of her vulva, pressing against her clit when he went back up and then he did gentle circles, "I've looked up stuff other than porn, just fer this. Not too sure ecchi manga doesn't count as porn, but whatever."

Maddie flung her arm over her eyes as her cheeks burned a deep red. She knew it was natural for a guy to like porn, hell sometimes she watched it just because she fucking could. It was nice that he looked other things up, but she felt bad for Donny who probably had to answer half of these questions. She wasn't able to say much though since he was teasing her so well. Those gentle circles he was making against her clit was enough to make her hips buck and make a sound she didn't know she was able to /make/.

"Mm...just like that, huh?" Raph purred, and he rubbed his two main fingers up and down around the outside of her vulva, just massaging her gently, using her juices to guide his way, and he leaned in to lick a stripe along the same path he took in the first place, pressing hotly against her clit with the upper part of his tongue, sealing his top lip over it, and then he wiggled the tip of his tongue where her vagina opening was, teasing and rubbing and dipping.

She arched into his mouth a bit and sometimes arched away, mostly trying to get friction but also to try to escape from the onslaught. "Fuck." She gasped as he continued to tease her with his tongue. She /never/ had a guy go down on her before and it was strange. His tongue was clearly a lot more slippery than his dick, but it was also more wet and just....the sensations were different and she didn't know what she wanted him to do. Attack her clit more? Touch her more? Tongue fuck her? She let out a high pitched keen at her thoughts /and/ what he was doing to her. "Jesus Christ you're killing me." She gasped. "Fucking....oh my god."

"I take that as a yes." Raph smirked up at her, his amber eyes hooded and burning in the moonlight. He closed them and pressed further, slipping his tongue deeper little by little and went back to using his thumb to rub her clit, testing pressures and movement, using his other hand to grip her hip and keep her still. If he had five or even four fingers he might've been able to finger her , but they were the same thickness as two of Casey's put together, so he wouldn't risk hurting her even if she was so wet. Maybe after they had sex the first time, and she was stretched and used to it, but not now.

She felt her abdomen curl with fire and she felt her body just burn, burn, burn. She scratched at the sheets, sometimes tried clawing at him but deciding against it to go back to the sheets to gripping the pillow to biting her arm to stop /blabbering/ holy hell she was embarrassing. She whimpered, keened, and he wasn't letting her go. He was hella determined to see her fall off the edge and...fuck, fuck. /Fuck/. "Raph, sweetie, please. Please, fucking hell."

He pulled his tongue out of her to flick at her clit, to be a shit and also to purr, "Lil' kitten can use her claws. Go right ahead." He even brought one of her hands to grab his bicep, letting her decide where to put her other hand, and he just snaked his tongue right back inside her, amused and he also wished he could get turned on by the way she arched and wiggled. She /really/ liked him moving his long tongue inside of her, and he even was able to reach the bump inside her he just /knew/ was her G-spot. So this was what his brother meant when he said Cassie liked it.

"Fuck...." Maddie's nails dug into his skin and she let her other hand grip the sheets. She was afraid that if she grabbed him with both hands, she'd force him into something he didn't want to do, so one hand was safer right now. To be honest after that, she didn't know what she was saying anymore. She knew that she was talking, hell a few times Raph stopped and would look at her and she melt into pleases and don't stops and all that jazz. She didn't know all she was saying. She knew his name, a lot of praises, and a few random facts about lives that she wasn't supposed to talk about or maybe she was reciting how to make a decent protection spell...honestly she didn't have a clue. What she did know was that she was five steps from the edge, her abdomen was threatening to curl. "Gonna cum. Oh god you're gonna make me cum. You're amazing, so amazing. You're awesome. I love you." She blabbled.

Raph wasn't expecting the last part, and it punched him so hard in the gut he leaned further into her and /churred/ right against her very center, his tongue curling and pressing against that swollen spot inside her, willing her to drop off the edge.

Maddie was no screamer, but she did arch like a bow as she came, making the same noises she didn't know that she could make. She didn't even know what they'd be called. But when the fire subsided and the blackout finally had lights come on in her eyes, she was left gasping, panting, trying to find even a fraction of sanity. "Come up here." She pleaded, tugging Raph's shoulder to get him to come up. "Come here. Fuck you were amazing."

The clamping on his tongue had left Raph shuddering, imagining it on his dick, but his body couldn't muster another round. He did as she asked, and when they were side by side again he brushed his lips over hers, offering a kiss but doubting she'd want to taste herself.

Maddie was way too out of it to even care. She took his offered kiss and pressed her lips back. It might have been sticky, but god it was the best kiss she had all evening. "Hi." She said, when they pulled away, her voice light, airy and dazed. "You did real good."

"So did you..." Raph nosed her cheek tenderly. He wasn't about to say it, or ruin the moment by seeing if she remembered it. If she said it again, he'd respond in kind. For now, he let it be, "We're going to have the best sleep ever." He chuckled lightly and relaxed further against the pillows, his arm draped over her side. Thankfully it was still warm enough even though it was August now that the covers could go unneeded. "I'll help ya do laundry tomorrow."

"Hmm." Maddie hummed, pleasantly happy when he held her close. "Thank you."

Breath hitching, he closed his eyes a second, not expecting that at all, and when he opened them his expression was adoring, "I know we just talked about it earlier, but...I think I can say the same. It's hard for me to say I love ya ta even my bros, so when I say it I mean it. So...I love ya, Mads."

Maddie smiled softly and she kissed his cheek softly before snuggling into his arms. "Goodnight." She murmured, happy to have heard it, knowing that he wouldn't say it often, but knowing his actions were always going to be his way of showing it. She never doubted that he would love her. He always had showed it to her...even now.

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When Leonardo came in, he was presented with a small hallway. There was an archway that lead to the kitchen to his right, and the further he went, he got into the living room. There was a lot of windows and there was plenty of space, the couch and TV and a stereo were against the far wall, a colorful rug underneath it all and bringing some pop to the dark wood floor.

Then against the other end there were at least three different easels, one empty, one with a landscape, one with a wedding scene. Underneath the easels was a clear tarp to keep the paint from staining the floor, and a stool with a short back. There was a small table with supplies on it, but the rest of it was neatly organized on two different shelves. There were watercolors, oils, pastels and charcoal all with their own nooks and labels.

As he came further in, there was obviously a second hall and a door that might lead to a bathroom. Andrea came walking out from the hallway, dressed in a black high-neck tank top that stopped mid-belly and blue scale textured yoga pants. Her feet were bare, so was her face of makeup, her hair tied up in a messy colorful fiery bun, and her smile was chill, her posture relaxed, "Hey, Leo. Glad you finally decided to come see me. 'fraid you'd catch me in nothin' but a towel?"

"After you warned me about your ability to walk naked through your home, I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable." Or him presenting a problem. He wasn't Raph or Mikey, he could control himself, but it'd be hella awkward. "I love your place so far, it's nice." Homey in a way that he'd never achieve considering what he was...what they all were. "The wedding painting your doing, is that a gift or is it for you?"

"It's a gift for Cassie and Mikey. I had lots of reasons for keeping my camera hanging around my neck the whole party. It was fun, talking cameras with Suzu." Andrea giggled, "I'm more technical with mine, using it for references while hers is a hobby slash job. As you can see, I am not blowing anybody's cover. Everyone's human." She smiled, "I love the thought of Mikey being blond and the classic surfer dude."

Leo hadn't noticed that they were all human and he decided to go back to the picture to actually see it for what it was. Indeed, Mikey was human with sun-kissed skin rather than the green and his hair was sandy blonde, which would match the beach. He wore a tuxedo and Cassidy was looking radiant in the short dress she wore for her wedding. "You picked the cake scene huh?" He was a little amused, but he could see why. If anything portrayed what their relationship looked like, it was that scene right there. The way Mikey had held her at the waist as he held the knife with her and how Cassidy was so focused on trying to cut the cake to perfection. A lot of work. A lot of love and support. "You did an awesome job changing it up. Mikey's gonna love that human persona you chose for him." He looked back over at Andrea with a smile. "Were you going to be going to the gym or something? You're wearing things I'd associate with yoga or something that has to do with gymnastics, or stretching."

"I actually own way more yoga outfits than I should." Andrea blushed and rubbed her neck, "Sports bras, a million yoga pants, light shirts like this. They're quick and easy to put on when I'm here at home, like if I need to answer the door for pizza, the mail, or to run down to the main office to deposit rent. I also don't feel like I'm suffocating in my own skin. During the winter you'd see me more in a robe, I have a ton of those. I figured wearing a nightgown slip would be a bit too provocative. I wear those more with the girls." She shifted, her blush darkening, "These though...I uh, was already wearing them. I saw them at the store and, thought of you, I guess. What do you think?"

Leo looked at the scaly bra and yoga pants and tilted his head. He could see where he was thought of with the color. "If you hadn't told me I was the inspiration, I would've thought a mermaid vibe. I like that shade of blue, it goes well with the kind of aura that you have."

"Yeah, they were more meant to be mermaid-style, but I do what I can." She paused and tilted her head, "I'm glad I have a good vibe goin' on. Um, so, would you like anything to drink or eat? You gotta leave for patrol later or you just here to chill tonight? There's two hours before Dancing with the Stars, so we got time to kill."

"I was here to chill if that was alright, Donny and Mikey are taking to the streets. Raph's with Mads and Cassidy's doing a craft." It was interesting how fast he got to know Cassidy. If Maddie was a gardener, and Andrea was an artist, Cassidy did /everything/ crafty. Sewing, crocheting, beading, it was a no wonder Mikey was decked out in the number of necklaces that he had. Cassidy probably had them all blessed too by Maddie, he wouldn't doubt it. "I haven't seen Dancing With the Stars for a long time, if you don't mind the company. I'd like to see it with you. Who taught you how to paint?" He looked back at the picture. "You have amazing technique, Mikey might want to pick your brain about it."

"My art teacher once I reached junior high and high school helped me with getting into different events and projects and forcing me out of my comfort zone until I learned what I liked and branched out from there." Andrea was happy he was going to stay, and she headed to the kitchen, determined to make him some of her tea since he had made her his last time. "Watercolor's one of the easiest things to learn. After I got my fundamentals down and stuff, I was able to apply things like color theory and color harmony to it. But, a lot of that stress gets knocked down with inking because it's just black and white and grey. I got into oils slower, since they're more expensive and I was a bit intimidated. I hate acrylics, though, unless it's certain types of acrylic ink. Acrylic dries way too fast, and even with mediums I just couldn't get it to work the way I wanted it to."

"Mikey used to bitch about them and that's what made him stop with the painting." Leo said, following her into the kitchen. He found it amusing that her kitchen was so pristine and yet still had an "arty" vibe going for it. She moved around like a dance, easy and relaxing and he felt a little large. A little out of place here, but at the same time he didn't know where else he would rather be. "Colored pencils, pencils, sometimes markers. It took a lot of patience. Your teacher sounded like a good one. Forcing you to expand your knowledge so you knew what you liked and didn't."

"I wasn't a complete natural, I fought a lot with proportions, but my realism with the landscape painting we did one course caught his attention." Andrea beamed. She had set her coffee pot to run water when she'd gotten his text, and she got her step-stool so she could reach the high shelf where the glasses were, bringing down two and then she opened a cupboard full of lots of different flavors of tea from pumpkin, mint, apple, caramel, and several berry flavors. There were also tins that had faces of characters or pictures of potions from Harry Potter. Custom teas. Green teas and black teas. "I have a bit of a collection." She laughed a bit, "Whatcha feelin' today, Leo? Pick a flavor, any flavor."

"How about I let you decide." Leo said with a smile on his face. "And we'll see if I like or not. Start making a list so that when I come here more often, we got a general idea going. I'm surprised to see that you got a tea cupboard. Maddie seemed to be more the a coffee person like Donny. Only with more cream and milk and sugar...those are Maddie's words...not mine."

"Haha! Yeah, she makes a horrid noise of disgust every time. I do love coffee, it's true. I like hers, but for me I have a bunch of bags with coffee beans and my bean grinder is right there by the pot." She pointed, then tapped her chin as she looked at her selection, "I guess the best way to describe it is I go through phases. I also drink tea more at night, or when I'm sick. I have a thermos I take with me to the studio and I can have either coffee or tea in it. Coffee mostly, or mocha in the winter. Then there's times where I'll drink nothing but juice for a month and won't touch either. I'm a strange one." She finally plucked a box from the top, an apple cinnamon one, and then a blackberry sage that was in a circle container, both from different companies, "I'll make two different ones and you can try both." She plopped a tea bag in either cup, returned the containers, and poured the hot water.

"I'm pretty certain you and Donny are made up with nothing but coffee." Leo couldn't help but to tease. "But I understand having a time for everything or anything. Donny is like that with tea, he only drinks it when he's sick. I don't think any of us drinks juice besides Mikey and Cassidy. I'm always the tea drinker, I get it from my father." He accepted the tea that she handed him and he took a sniff of it. Blackberry sage was the one she gave him. He dipped the bag in and out of the water, out of habit mostly and since he was still talking it gave him something to do with his hands. "Donny and Raph are coffee all the way. I still don't know who got who into it."

"We may never know. They might've even forgotten." Andrea smiled, putting just a few scoops of sugar into hers and stirring it before taking a sip, "So besides tea and martial arts, do you do anything else?"

"Reading." Leo admitted, "It's not a lot, considering we have to sneak the books out of the junkyard, but I do like to just sit and read from time to time. It's nice to get swept up in someone else's problems and know they can handle it without you. It sounds bleak, I don't mind being the leader, but you saw how I fell apart when the plan went to chaos." He was still ashamed of that. "I hadn't expected Cassidy to react the way she did...though she admitted to me later she hadn't expected it either. It was just...a bad blindside of everyone's part, but still. I'm supposed to plan for things so that they don't."

"It was overwhelming, yes." Andrea agreed softly, "I love reading, too, but I don't have much time for it lately. I don't even listen to audiobooks. If I listen to anything while I paint I listen to music or to podcasts. You look like a mystery type of guy, a little bit of a challenge, trying to figure out who the badguy is. I have a possible series for you, and they're set in Feudal Japan."
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"Is it Sano Ichiro?" Leo was grinning. "I love that series. It's one of my favorites, and it's...kind of weird. I've been meaning to talk to Maddie about it...but I always get the feeling that I've been to those places before...or I know what it was like way back then. Of course, I'm always fascinated to learn that what I know may or may not be true...but it's always nice to read. I don't listen to audio books, I find it ruins meditating or trying to go to sleep."

"May or may not be a good idea to ask about the past, unless you're ready for whatever she tells you. My memories don't go as far back as hers does. I have only come back around...half a dozen times? Less? I do know one life was Greek. My favorite life, I guess, because I remember the most from it. I was a painter then, too." Andrea shrugged, "Yes, though, Sano gets so much shit thrown at him all the time, the poor guy." She took another sip of her tea, watching him a moment, "Do you want to learn inking? I did offer way back when."

"May or may not be a good idea to ask about the past, unless you're ready for whatever she tells you. My memories don't go as far back as hers does. I have only come back around...half a dozen times? Less? I do know one life was Greek. My favorite life, I guess, because I remember the most from it. I was a painter then, too." Andrea shrugged, "Yes, though, Sano gets so much shit thrown at him all the time, the poor guy." She took another sip of her tea, watching him a moment, "Do you want to learn inking? I did offer way back when."

Andrea beamed at him, "I'm glad you think so. Here, go ahead and try the apple while I go set up inking supplies!" She clapped excitedly and practically bounced out of the kitchen, her cup abandoned on the counter while she busied herself.

It didn't take too long and she eventually grabbed her tea again, but she had set up the coffee table with a black cloth, just in case anything spilled, and there were three brushes of different sizes and two different brands, along with Canson watercolor paper, "It's great because watercolor brushes and paper are best to use for inking, too, so it's pretty versatile." She hummed and bobbed her head from side to side as she set down two cups of water in already paint-stained glasses, and then a roll of paper towels. "I worked at Michaels for a time as an instructor, but that was before I got my studio. I taught Cassie watercolor, but she only plays around with it when she's here. She has her own little stash of her favorite supplies in my room she breaks out when she pops by. I like making Maddie pictures of her plants or gouache and watercolor pictures of witchy stuff. They're hung mostly in her bedroom."

It was still surprising at how the girls were different and how well matched they were to their lovers. Cassidy and Mikey might as well be the same person after hearing what Andrea said about the water color. He wouldn't doubt it that she practiced for real when she was alone and doing her own thing. "You girls are so close to each other, I'm sometimes shocked you're not related in any way, shape or form." He admitted to her. "What made you drop art and do dancing instead?"

"I was on the school dance team, not cheer mind you," Andrea stressed, "It was my Junior year when I was allowed to help teach the routines, and I felt the same passion as I do for art. I knew I could make something out of it if I worked for it, so for my Senior project, since you're supposed to do something challenging, I created a music video and choreographed the whole thing. I used the money from my paintings and saved up and then when I could I got a loan and walla. My first students were people from my school in the younger grades who heard about it."

"Makes sense." Leo said a little sheepish. "But I could see where that becomes useful. Though tiring. I'm impressed that you still decided to switch your sleep schedule around to help us at patrol, especially after what went down. I know that has to be difficult and frustrating since you work two jobs rather than the normal one. Casey would say raising Abby is a full time job in of itself and no matter how hard we tried to convince him, he still went on patrols with us. Unless he was half-dead from her crying in the night."

"I'm lucky that Killian is understanding and isn't going to fire me if I can't come in because I'm dead on my feet." Andrea chuckled and she patted the floor beside her, urging him to join her now she was finished, "The Foot is more like the big picture. I'm not about to sit back and ignore it. Also, Maddie and Cassie are involved due to being guilty by association. I'm associated with them. It really does come full circle, never mind Maddie's throw-down."

"I never expected a name to make such an impact." Leo said as he sat on the floor next to her, ready to see what she was going to offer. "I know that Killian is against them for one reason or another and I know that Maddie has her issues with them as well. It's surprising to see that it's not just us that they're affecting. But it also makes me wonder who else is in this war we don't know about."

"I only know about the Metal Spiders, Lightning Force, and Informers. Haven't met, but they're all gangs that are like Maddie who keep the peace when other gangs like the Purple Dragons go to fuck things up. The Informers are a neutral group, or they try to be. Well, wait, I lied. I know all that because my hair stylist is an Informer." Andrea amended.

Leo raised an eyebrow at Andrea's attempt to lie and shook his head in amusement. "You're as awful as Mikey when he gets caught trying to wiggle out of something. So there are more people around. I know the Metal Spiders. Casey works for Kyle because of Maddie, Raph told me the story and Casey's not really apart of the gang. The Informers though...I never heard of them or the Lightening Force. How on /earth/ did you get someone to /admit/ they're apart of a gang? I don't think the Informers have a sign do they?"

"Mattie knew the name Magic Mads and when I was just casually talking about Maddie she got excited. Matt's friends with Kyle, too. Now if you want two peas in a pod if they ever met, Matt and Mikey would be it." Andrea whistled a bit, "Talk about a /buzzing/ musical number."

"Considering you told me they were neutral not neutral, I wouldn't doubt it." Leo said slowly, thinking about it. "What is she like? Matt's a strange name for a girl, isn't it?"

"Well, that's a complicated one. She's transgender, even takes pills for it, but you look at her you wouldn't even have a clue. She's married, too, so good for her." Andrea smiled, "Hyper, and a bit of a matchmaker. She was who I went to to get Cassie's and my hair done for the wedding. Maddie is too cautious and did hers herself."

He remembered something about how a witch's hair was super precious to the witch and that was one of the first things to go if they were caught. He had a feeling it was Mikey's trivia, and bad horror movies that fueled that idea however and didn't want to say anything. "Ah so she just likes the name Matt, there's nothing wrong with it." He nodded. "Are you mixed up with any of them? The Informers or what not, or do you just know because of the one person?"

"I just know. I didn't get involved until you." Andrea nodded, "Mattie and I talk about anything and everything, really. Anyway, we got /way/ off topic." She laughed softly and flipped the first page of the watercolor pad, going to a clean blank page. "This first page is just going to be you getting used to the brushes and what they do and how they handle. I figured you'd prefer going traditional with brushes rather than getting a cramp in your hand using ink pens and the like. There's a lot more brushes, too, but these are good starting ones. Zero for detail, six round for basic larger strokes, and a size ten round for big areas. This is reliable but fairly cheep ink so I don't care how much you use. Messy mark making. The point of this is to warm you up and have fun. When you dip your brush, you only want to go about half-way so it doesn't ruin the glue holding the bristles together."
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Leo took the brush that she offered and he thought about it. Deciding to just see how the brush would flow on the paper, he carefully dipped the brush into the ink, careful to just do the tip rather than half way, and just started to see what he could do. The size ten made his lines broad and thick, which was interesting to see. He played around with dyamanics, and different sizes to see how well he could control it before going down a size and doing the same thing. He liked the round six, considering that it would be used to fill in medium type of details. He had a lot more control over the brush and he liked how the lines came out. The detail one was a little harder. This one had less control over thickness and the line variation wasn't too smooth.

For fun, he decided to see what he could create out of these three brushes and what he came up with was a just a little piece of a wave. Nothing too overly detailed, nothing that indicated that he understood how to do the ink, but it definitely gave him an idea of what the brushes were capable of besides lines. "This will be interesting to learn." He mused as he looked at his handiwork. It was like a child's but he didn't mind. No one would get it first try. "I think you did a good job picking out the three brushes. They are good starters."
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"For a playful doodle, that wave's really good. You guys, whatever made you what you are, it also boosts your intelligence doesn't it? Your ability to comprehend. I mean, it's extremely hard to become a master of anything, but from what I heard from Cassidy, you guys have been fighting since you were fifteen and you were amazing at ninjutsu and your weapons even then. You also never went to school, so anything and everything you know is self-taught or taught by Splinter. That's real damn amazing to me." Andrea smiled at him, "I'm glad you like those brushes, and that this is something you'd like to improve on. Do you want to try other techniques? I can do it along with you so you can learn by seeing."

"Sounds like fun," Leo said, handing her back the brushes and leaning over her side so that he could see what she was going to do and how to do what she was about to explain to him.

They did that, back and forth for a while, Leo copying the strokes or marks she'd make and by the time her phone went off alerting her about her TV show, Leo had made some basic flowers and bamboo with leaves, a rough mountain pass and another, better wave. Beaming at him as she reached for the remote she'd put on the couch, she turned the TV, "Would you like to take those supplies home with you? I can give you a bag to carry them in. I have plenty more where all of that came from, not to mention I know how to hit stores with coupons. Or are you going to be like Cassidy and just doodle when you're here?"

"Probably while I'm here." Leo said pushed the papers carefully together in a pile, those that were still wet he left out to dry. "It'll be easier and I won't have to deal with the inability to concentrate because of Mikey and Cassidy when they' know..." His cheeks turned a little red. "They try to be quiet, but uh...Cassidy's not very good at it."

"I getcha. Not a problem. You can just leave it all there then." Andrea giggled a bit and she hopped herself onto the couch, stretching out after sitting for so long, and she shifted her focus to the TV. She moved her body with the music and along with the actors as they did their dances. After a while when it went to commercial, she realized Leo was leaning against the couch next to her, and she shifted to crawl over behind him, her legs on either side of his shell. Reaching down over him, she placed her hands slow and gentle on his shoulders so not to startle him, then began to do a massage.

He knew that she was going to do something, but the massage still came to him as a surprise. It wasn't ticklish, she certainly had the idea that his skin was thicker and therefore would need more pressure. However, it felt...strange to have her hands against his skin. Her hands were soft, with some callouses from the whips she used. Her hands weren't cold, but warm. He wouldn't be surprised if she was using heat to help soothe his muscles he didn't even realize where so tense despite him liking the show and feeling safe in her apartment. He didn't say anything, not wanting to ruin her work, but he did lean a little so that she didn't have to stretch so far to get his shoulders and so that she had the ability to get more of it if she so wanted to.

"I'm kinda surprised you're liking the is kind of a chick flick type of program." Andrea murmured, taking this chance to really take note of his skin texture and color, and she was interested as she felt closer towards his shell on this inside, and then she moved the tails of his bandanna over his shoulder, blinking as he tensed when her fingers brushed the back of his neck, "Oops, sorry."

"It's alright, I'm a bit ticklish there is all." Leo assured, his voice laced with amusement. "I like the dancing. Though some of them aren't all that good, I do like how they're able to be with their partners. It's nice. You don't have to worry about plot or trying to keep up with things." He liked the thinking, but sometimes it was just nice not to.

"That's a good point." Andrea smiled, and she was sure to avoid tickling him by accident as she went back to massaging him, her feet brushing against his arms as she moved them back and forth, feeling content and happy to just be. "You don't mind that I'm...getting to know you this way,, do you? Your skin and how you feel. It's weird, but in a fun, cool way."

"Raph seems the best for those deep, tough muscles that just don't want to loosen up. Mikey I feel would be good for fine points, kinda like what I'm doing. Am I wrong?" she asked with a giggle, "Maddie likes my massages. I do her thighs, legs, and feet more than anything, since she crouches all the time working her mechanic job. Cassidy I do her shoulders a bunch since she hunches over beading."

"I'm quite surprised that Raph hasn't given her one. But you're not wrong no." Leo nodded his head. "Cassidy's always hunched over /something/ I learned. Mikey's forever rubbing her shoulders."

"Haha, I bet. I'll let Raph know what Maddie likes and that'll change in a heartbeat. Ah, the show's back." Andrea only stopped massaging him, but she didn't move away, scooting closer and hooking her feet in his elbows playfully while she folded her arms over and leaned on his shell. When he looked at her with a raised brow, she giggled at him with a grin.

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