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April 2019


 SAINW Human AU - Parallel Points

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PostSubject: SAINW Human AU - Parallel Points   SAINW Human AU - Parallel Points EmptyWed Jul 19, 2017 11:28 am

Everyone was going to kill her.

At least, they were if this stupid Karai Legion Bot didn't get her first.

Caught off guard while scrounging around in the rubble of the abandoned buildings, Andrea didn't have a lot of time to really attack. Also, these Bots were difficult to take down on her own with just her fire as her weapon. She was damn lucky to only cross one, but she was sure it had sensors that alerted Shredder's authorities there was someone out when they shouldn't be.

Weaving and winding, she had to lose this damn Bot. Through the buildings, through the alleyways, under and over things, avoiding attacks by it's katana by mere inches. She threw fireballs at it's face when she rounded corners, hoping to distort the damn thing's vision and sensors to get away, but it didn't seem to want to work. She was better against humans, not machinery!

"I can't dance with a robot, damn it!" She screamed into the dusty air, rolling over a pile of rubble and slipped out through a hole in the wall of the building she was in, right into another alley and she yelped, having to jump against the wall of the adjacent building as the katana cut through the crossbeam and she scrabbled.

A cross alley, just what she needed. She looked back and forth. Both seemed to be clear.

She felt a pull. This was a spiritual waypoint. Gritting her teeth, hearing the Bot finally crash through the rest of the hole in the building she escaped from, she turned on her heel and bolted down to her left.

Then landed promptly on her ass as she ran head-first into a very solid chest, but she also heard a grunt as she winded the one who stopped her path. Shaking her head she looked up and saw a tall Japanese looking man in his mid-twenties wearing a black trench coat, a blue shirt and black pants tucked into black boots, and black round sunglasses.


At his back was strapped one katana, but that was just the sheath. He had the blade by his side already. He 'looked' at her and then at where she had been, stepping over her and raising his sword as the Bot came rounding the corner.

He was silent like a cat. He also gracefully clashed swords with the Legion, making such a fierce face with gritted teeth that /really/ shouldn't do terrible things to her body. Something was also off about his dance. His one arm kept moving like he wanted to reach to his back. Did he used to have two swords? His balance was off. It wasn't that he was recently blind, he was fluid in his actions, but something happened to make him only use one. It /bothered/ her that such a beautiful dance was thrown off by such a travesty.

He also moved like Ian did. Flank exposed, reliant on another to watch his six. A leader. With no followers. He didn' /awful/. This wasn't right. Getting to her feet, she was able to take the time to summon up her fire whips. Snapping her wrist she got it around the Bot's arm and /yanked/, getting it off-balance and he took the opening, cutting it down with ease now he had a clean shot. At least his katana was well taken care of and sharp to cut clean through it.

Now it was just them she saw Maddie running down the other alleyway, her truck at the mouth on of the alley ahead, "Are you mute, too, Japanese Neo?" she asked him as he sheathed his sword.

(yes I'm basically saying he stepped out of the Matrix XD)
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SAINW Human AU - Parallel Points
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