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May 2019


 Darkness of Sin

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PostSubject: Darkness of Sin   Darkness of Sin EmptyTue Nov 18, 2014 5:25 pm

"I want what you want. I want to be free from a life full of suffering and sacrifice. To no longer be told that your every desire is a sin. I mean, after all, if you're not committing sin, you're not having fun."


"What are they?" He asked before he could stop himself. The band of five had traveled to this town to bless the villagers as well as follow the rumors of a Vampire Hive being rebuilt. They had been met with the sight before them. Two women, one on the steps of their wooden caravan, selling trinkets and exotics, appealing more to the children and women in her bright clothing. The other appealed to the men with her mint green revealing clothes, grabbing the attention of all as she danced, the tambourine in her hand her music and tempo. Her skirt swished around and his breath caught as she looked directly at him, her green hair net keeping the lovely black-brown locks from her face.

"Gypsies, heathens. They live in a world of sin, living off of others misfortune," Ivan responded behind him. He clasped a hand on his brethren's shoulder, "Let it alone, Matthew. Do not indulge them. They are meant to tempt and trick you. Their souls are too far gone to be blessed and saved."

"Who are we to judge who is too far in sin to be saved?" Matthew retorted, his mouth once again moving before his mind. That woman slowed his thought process. "Are we not here to give blessings as well? They deserve a chance."

"That is enough, Matthew. Remember your Vows." Ivan silenced the fellow Priest, his face stern, "You are to say away from them. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes," the dark haired Priest reluctantly agreed, casting a final glance towards the woman as Ivan continued on ahead. She was truly beautiful in the ways she moved, her body rolling in trained, precise jerks or shimmers. He...felt a dark emotion towards the men around her. They were allowed to be around her, to speak to her even. Watch as she danced so...differently than he had seen before around these parts.

A softer hand on his shoulder made him turn his head. "Yes, Elizabeth?" he acknowledged her. She was always a friend in uncertain times.

"Come, the people are in need of blessings," the braided woman coaxing the male away, "We have other business to attend to as well."

"Of course..." Matthew sighed, turning with the others to walk another way. Remember your vows....
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Darkness of Sin
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