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June 2019


 Saiyuki Gaiden AU

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PostSubject: Saiyuki Gaiden AU   Saiyuki Gaiden AU EmptyFri Jan 01, 2016 5:21 pm

"This is the second demon, monster-spawn we've encountered but I still can't get used to how ugly they are," a man with short black hair and periwinkle blue-purple eyes grimaced at the creature below them as they stood on a cliff-face observing their new target. He glanced up at the sky and admired the reds and golds of the sunset, then took in how it made the mountains surrounding them a hazey purple with the shadow. The trees even looked like they were on fire.

"Thinking how pretty the sky is again, Souko?" a brunette man smiled fondly, his hair covering one eye.

"As a matter of fact I am, Yuuan," Souko nodded.

"It's certainly prettier than that thing, whatever it is," another member of their sixteen-man squad wrinkled his nose.

Eizen watched the creature for a moment and frowned, "I wonder if this is the beast that was polluting the water sources."

"Whatever it is, no match for us!" Rikuou proclaimed. "We're on your ready, Field Marshal and General!"

"Eager, aren't they, Kenren?" Tenpou chuckled pushing his glasses back up his nose, his hand partially covering his smirk, "Shouldn't we make this last a little so we don't have to go back so soon?"

"What you think that thing's weak?" Kenren asked, curiously gesturing at the slow moving...dear lord what was /even/ that thing? He couldn't see a head, and it was slimey like a slug.

"Maybe it would take down a few of us by itself, but our entire unit attacking it? It doesn't stand a chance...and besides..." He glanced over, "Rihaku has been eyeballing something in the distance with those binoculars."

"What?" Kenren spun around and looked over at Rihaku to get an idea of where he was looking at, and turned his eyes over to see if he could see what was out there on the horizon, but he didn't have the good eye sight and growled to himself before turning to Rihaku. "Oi! What does your pretty eyes see Rihaku?"

"Company's coming this direction." Rihaku replied as he put his binoculars down. "We may want to move fast if we're going to defeat that thing."

Souko took the binoculars from Rihaku and motioned to the others, "You all go on ahead, I'll stay here and watch your back like before."

"Good man," Tenpou flicked his wrists, "Units 1 and 4, get in position," he ordered first and gave out the rest of of the information as they went, jumping down the cliff.

Souko would never not be amazed at how well organized they all were, and watched closely, finding the company that was mentioned before. It was a...unique looking woman with tanned skin and a voluptuous figure. Her hair he was unable to figure out what the true color was, as it shined and reflected the burning lighting of the sunset. She looked like a demon spawn as well, but of a more terrifying variety than the slug...thing.

Tenpou was glad that his Army Unit was able to swarm the enemy so quickly and efficiently. The one set up the barriers and the other prepared what they needed to subdue it, Kenren's group flanking it and weakening it while his group attacked from the front. What he wasn't expecting was to be thrown back against the tree the second after he raised his pistol to shoot, and his chest was covered in black goo. Dazed and shocked, he glance around to notice a few of the other soldiers were shaking and holding their heads as they sat up near him, covered in the same slime. Kenren was able to dodge but his squad got knocked away with the slug's tail. What just happened?

The slug had decided that it /did/ have a mouth and it was quicker than it looked., It also wasn't exactly...well pleased with the idea that there were people trying to hold it down and get shot at. Kenren had a few moments of notice to even /dodge/, but the rest of the team didn't have that luxury. The slime was smelly and the clothes were starting to steam on the fabric. Before anyone could recover from their shock, blood suddenly splattered across the sunset-lit sky. The slug let out a shriek that sounded unholy and inhuman, but not demonic in the slightest which was weird on it's own.

A woman? Eizen watched as the person who had done the damage spun on the balls of her feet like a graceful dancer and sped at the slug again, giving the units no time to react or to move. Kenren was smirking, highly impressed with the girl's athletic ability, but the rest of the units, especially unit 4 were starting to look horrified. He could tell the men were getting worried. Was this person going to kill? If so...then...certainly she was a demon too, right? The woman was too fast for Eizen to see, but he only knew of few warrior women who were on par with the soldiers of the heavenly army. He wondered which one made their appearance.

"And that's for ruining a perfectly good lake Rie liked in this area you piece of swampy ass!" the woman shouted in the middle of one swing, "You had to go and make it personal, didn't ya?!"

Tenpou perked up at the name, something telling him he should know what that name meant, but in the current moment could not think of it. He would probably feel like a jerk later, but ah well. He raised his arm to shoot, but paused and tilted the gun up, deciding...perhaps he should let this one go.

Rie? Everyone was now exchanging looks. "Is she talking about Lady Rie?" Yuutetsu asked curiously, unsure of what to do with his sword. What he did know was that when the Slug decided to take aim at the woman, the tail was about to hit again and they needed to dodge. Tenpou and Kenren were going to owe the units /food/ after this.

"Lady Rie, of course! How could I forget?" Tenpou smacked himself on the head with the butt of his pistol. "Then...who is this? I don't recognize her..." he mumbled mostly to himself but his group had rallied closer to Kenren's by now.

"Marshal, General, shouldn't we...stop her? She's going to kill that monster! We're supposed to subdue it!" Yuuan shouted.

"She looks like a fire demon or something," Rihaku grimaced, his eyes wide, "That's more terrifying than what she's doing."

"Nah, leave her alone." Kenren didn't think she looked like a demon at all. "She's fighting for her lady's honor, lucky chick.  Not that, I think Lady Rie is the one that would even suggest a thing like that, but..." He shrugged. "If you want to get in a middle of a tiger and her prey, go for it. You'll catch holy hell for it though."

The woman kept spinning and swinging blood splattering on her clothes. Not to mention it splattered on her face, chest, and arms. Tenpou wondered if she was just a messy fighter or if the slug was just too big of a monster for minimal damage. It did not take very long before it fell to the ground dead and she shook her sword off before sheathing it where it was attatched to her hip on the hakama. Turning to the squad, everyone backed up besides Tenpou and Kenren.

"You saved us a lot of trouble," Kenren spoke up first. "You could have saved your clothes and let us deal with the damage." His voice was light and teasing at the last part.

"A change of bandages and a cloth and I'll be fine," she shrugged. As the sunlight died and it got darker, it was easier to tell her short hair was a very pale blond. Her eyes were bright pale blue and she walked even closer, "Gomen'nesai for stealing your kill."

"Well, we weren't going to kill it so there was nothing for you to steal." Kenren explained. "Our rules differ from yours, we're against killing. I'm presuming that you're from another district. We heard you cry out for Lady Rie, Goddess of Waters and Luck."

The blond looked him over from bottom to top and took note of the forehead mark, to which she bowed politely to him, "Rie is my friend. She actually might be quite worried about me, knowing I came down here to destroy the thing that was making her sick."

"What's your name?" Tenpou asked.

"To the people whom I rule over I am Pele, Goddess of Dance and Fire. My actual name is Kalea," she explained to them.

Tenpou blinked at her, "Oh? Hawaii? How intriguing."

"You're way out in the boondocks then." Kenren whistled. Now everyone was starting to get a little less tense, but a little more worried. A fire goddess, it explained why everyone had associated her with fire when she fought. "That's a crying shame. I was hoping you'd be a bit closer. Anyway, I bet your friend's probably worried sick about /you/ now." It was a bit disappointing. He would've loved to talk to her more. Unless Lady Rie was in the Heavens, but was fate really that kind?

"Kenren, we should clean up this mess before we leave," Tenpou sighed, taking a puff from a new cigarette, "Then we should go to the Grill. That fight turned sour pretty quickly for our men."

"ALRIGHT!" Yuutetsu shouted, causing some of the men to laugh, sigh, and groan depending on who it was and how well they knew Yuu.

"You're welcome to join us, if you want." Kenren smiled at Kalea. "After we're done."
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PostSubject: Re: Saiyuki Gaiden AU   Saiyuki Gaiden AU EmptyFri Jan 01, 2016 11:34 pm

"I would love to go! I did work up an appetite fighting that thing," Kalea smirked at him, slinking closer and enjoyed how he didn't move besides to stand at his full height, "In fact, there's a Grill in this local area where Rie likes to go. I'm sure you don't want to go all the way to the other one you have in mind, right? Besides, it's getting much darker as time goes on."

"What do you think Tenpou?" Kenren called over to the field marshal. "Kalea here says that there's a place nearby we can all chow down at!"

"Sounds like a plan to me. I'm sure while we're out she'll contact Lady Rie," Tenpou nodded with a grin.

Souko finally ran up and panted for breath as he reached them, "We're going out to eat? What's this about Lady Rie? Who is this?"

"Wow, you really are not that known, Kalea," Yuuan arched a brow.

"Kalea Goddess of Fire and Dance from the Volananic islands." Kenren gestured to his men. "And sixteen of us nameless servants of hell." Some of the men gave him a look and he barked out a laugh. "That one is Souko," he pointed him out. "That's Yuuan. The person over there whose looking like the cat got the cream is Yuutetsu." He rolled his eyes. "There's a bunch of us so you might have to evesdrop on conversations to catch the rest."

"That's totally fine," Kalea grinned and waved at them, "I'll talk to you in a little bit and take you to the village." Her fingertips brushed Kenren's chest as she dropped his hand.

"Nice to meet you," Tenpou waved and as soon as she disappeared and he looked at his General, "Seems you found another tail to chase."

"Dunno yet." Kenren smiled as he turned to Tenpou. "So let's finish up the work so we can see her again."


The grill that Kalea had lead them too, was similiar to the one that was up in heaven. There were long tables that had a large grill in the middle in order for those to cook their food as they pleased. While that it wasn't at all different looks wise, the personality was different. The people in the grill seemed to be pleased and welcomed them inside. They poured generous amounts of sake, and the people were personable and private. The men were able to be seated all at the same table, which was a blessing, and Kenren managed to snatch a chair next to Kalea, who looked a lot different now that she wasn't covered in blood. "Your friend knows the right place."

"Raja and Rie don't like coming here that often. Raja is a vegetarian and Rie just...doesn't like meat that much unless it's poultry," Kalea shrugged while she sorted a few good chunks of red meat for herself and grinned at him, "I'm a huge meat eater. What about you?"

"All of us enjoy it." Kenren admitted as he gestured towards his men and friends. "Otherwise we wouldn't come here. I wouldn't say "huge" as it's hard to get any good meat up in the Heavens...but..." He smiled. "Right now I'm sure we could rival."

"The meat here on Earth is savory, sometimes sweeter...and here at the Grill it's your own fault if you over or under-cook it," Kalea grinned, "I don't like Heaven for a reason...everything's fake, a lie..."

"Sounds harsh." Kenren grabbed one of the sake bottles from the middle of the table and poured Kalea a good amount in the sake dish before pouring his own. "Is your district like that too?"

"Not as strict with things. Obviously, if I was able to kill that slug and you weren't," Kalea waved to their waiter and since she was known, a much different bottle of sake was brought over. Politely, she held her cup up to him with a nod, drained it in one gulp, and then took the sake bottle from the waiter and took a swig, "The sake here on earth is much better, too."

"Is that a stronger version you got or flavor?" Kenren asked curiously as he took a sip of the sake that he had already poured. She was right about it being different from the higher world. The sake had a bit more of a taste, than up in the heavens. "It appears you're not condemned for drinking."

"She drinks like a sailor," said a voice right behind him. He jumped and turned around. A lovely woman was standing right behind him, with black hair that was tied up in a bun. On the bun was a flowery comb that was set top of it. Her kimono was a gorgeous pattern of blues and greens and had plenty of layers to indicate that she was of noble status. "We'd be in trouble if liquor was suddenly a problem."

"Both, to your question, Kenren," Kalea giggled and poured some into his cup, "Try it. Hello to you, too, Rie-chan!"

Tenpou as well as the other men all froze in their seats, but stayed mindful of their meat on the cooker, "Well..." he spoke up, standing as well, and bowed to her, "Welcome, Lady of Luck." He recognized her...and it was going to bother him.

"You don't have to be so formal!" Rie quickly told the Field Marshal. "Besides, I told you this before, I'm only a mere Lady-in-Waiting. Not only that, I'm practically a nuisance at your table. I understand you have to set an example for your men, but..." She shook her head. "Not in the Lower World. We're equals here at the very least."

"Who would have thought that Lady Rie is shy around formalities." Kenren teased. "When you're the most formal one of all. I know you're the one that's always going around doing those diplomatic speeches here and there."

"That's because if I didn't do it, then someone else with a loud mouth and spontaneous attitude would." Rie sighed. "Though, if it's no problem...may I be welcomed to your table?"

"Go ahead, grab a chair." Kenren gestured. "Tenpou could use the company." Some of the men chuckled amongest themselves at that.

"It seems to me while you're both Goddesses that only Rie acts like it," Rishou hummed.

"Oh, be nice, Rishou," Goyou chided, "That's mean. Kalea deserves just as much respect!"

"Look at you," Rie pretended to look shocked. "Already you have men lining up to defend your honor, Kalea." She smiled politely as the waitress came by and gave her a plate as well as a sake dish. "Maybe you should ask Princess Raja if this can be your new district." She teased lightly. "I don't think they'd let you go home so easily."

Rikuou laughed lightly, "I don't know how Heaven would take it, considering we already have a War Prince up there. Having two might just bring the world to an end."

"Maybe that's what Heaven needs. A bit of a shake up from the false facades." Kenren hummed. "What do you think about that, Kalea?"
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PostSubject: Re: Saiyuki Gaiden AU   Saiyuki Gaiden AU EmptySat Jan 02, 2016 1:00 am

"I've heard about Nataku. What is he like? I want to know if I might like him," Kalea grinned.

"Nataku is really locked by duties so he does not interact much with others," Tenpou explained, "I get a good feeling from him, however."

"That is a good thing," Kalea took her first piece of meat now that it was cooled down from cooking, moaning a bit at how savory and juicy it was, "Kami I love this place."

Conversation flowed easily for a while there, the men chatted easily with Kalea and Kenren enjoyed the stories that she would talk about. After a while, a memory came up and Kenren turned to Rie. "You know, that reminds me. How's the book you're reading that you borrowed from the Library?"

"I'm really excited about the writing." Rie beamed. "It's a lovely story and it's gorgeous writing. I'm sincerely surprised that someone has done so much work in order to make that story have life." She gave Kenren a bit of a look. "I'm surprised you know about that. Were you there at the library?"

"Nah." Kenren laughed. "Just a certain Field Marshal wouldn't shut up about the person who ran into him."

She blushed a bright red.

"Wait...Didn't I suggest that book to you in the first place?" Tenpou blinked at her and he gasped, "Oh! I feel so silly now! How could I forget you?!" he placed his hand on his cheek, "Oh my, forgive me!"

Souko laughed, "Don't feel bad, Lady Rie, it took a while for him to remember my name, too!"

"Wooow." Kenren drawled as the men burst out laughing. "You actually forgot about the girl you went on about for /days/."

"Her hair was down and she was wearing a much more simple kimono!" Tenpou defended, his face red.

"I'm also severely out of place." Rie was trying very hard not to start smiling. "I'm not near any water sources. I'm sure would've remembered me sooner if I had fallen into a river or something more clever than turning around and screaming in surprise when I realized that someone was right behind me."

"Tenpou's scary face." Kenren grinned wickedly. "You would've been marked in my book."

"To be honest, Kenren, I don't want to be anywhere near your book. I know your reputation." Rie smirked.

"Ouch." Rikuou laughed. "You don't hear that everyday, do you Kenren?"

"I won't take it personally." Kenren took a drink of his sake.

"I'm interested in that book, though," Kalea smirked at Kenren.

"Something tells me I shouldn't be surprised to hear that," Tenpou hummed in amusement, "Though I'm more surprised it's not a skanky villager you found to bang this time, but someone respectable."

"Oh, General, is that not what Humans call a burn?" Yuuan asked.

"Need ice for that?" Rihaku asked with a snicker.

Rie covered her mouth with laughter while Kenren stuck his tongue out at Tenpou. "Laugh it up, laugh it up." He said. "At least I have a record with women, like a certain Field Marshal."

"I am much more picky about my bedmates," Tenpou popped another piece of meat into his mouth.

"Oi!" Kenren looked over at Goyou. "What the hell?!"

"Just toss you underneath a horse." Rie was highly amused. "Did you get corrupted, Kenren, or was it Tenpou who was corrupted by you? I wouldn't put it pass you really."

"That's for us to know and you to find out," Tenpou smirked slyly.

"A challenge or a promise." Rie beamed. "I like the odds that are in my favor."

"Damn it Tenpou don't encourage the Luck Goddess. She'll start placing bets." Kenren groaned.

"Aw, but Rie would be cheating when she placing bets," Kalea giggled.

"I could ask Princess Raja to do it in my name, would that still be cheating?" Rie questioned.

"Because whoever Raja is, is going to care about our love lives." Kenren was skeptic.

"She might be," Kalea nodded.

"Don't either of you know," Goyou batted his lashes at them playfully, "She /is/ the Goddess of Relationships."

Kenren raised an eyebrow and looked over at Goyou. "A Goddess of Relationships." He repeated. "I thought she was a Princess?"

"Only when she wants to be." Rie sighed rubbing her temples. "She has a thing about meddling in with affairs, so...she acts more like a whimsical goddess than a princess. However, one of her aspects does indeed cover relationships."

"Aren't you of Dance and Fire as well as Sex?" Yuuan drawled, "Doesn't surprise me as well that you and Kenren are fawning over each other since that's his favorite thing to do."

"Don't be so mean!" Souko smacked his friend's chest.

"Really?" Kenren turned to Kalea. "I knew dance and fire. But sex? That's a thing too?"

Kalea blushed but nodded, finishing her bite, "Yes it is. I try not to announce it because not everyone is very open about it." She took her sake bottle and chugged a few gulps.

"If anything, it explains a bit on how you know Princess Raja." Eizen offered an out. "Truly, it shouldn't be something to be ashamed about. If anything, now we know who to blame for Kenren's massive book." Kenren glared and he gave a kind smile. "Not that we ever would assume it's your fault. Kenren gets himself into trouble on his own."

"Geez. Just keep butchering me." Kenren groaned.

"Don't worry Kenren!" Yuutetsu beamed around a mouthful of food. "You're still our General!"

The rest of his men boomed a 'yeah'! and the eating continued, leaving just Rie, Kenren, Tenpou and Kalea to themselves. Tenpou smiled gently at Rie, "You look so lovely in that outfit, if I may admit. What is with the change? Should it not have been different before when I first met you because we have to hide in the human world?"
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PostSubject: Re: Saiyuki Gaiden AU   Saiyuki Gaiden AU EmptySat Jan 02, 2016 1:45 am

Rie shook her head. "I felt as if I was going to meet you again. Therefore I needed a better first impression than the one that I gave. As for up above, it was my idea to dress simply. I didn't want people to assume that Princess Raja had competition in her district."

"Why would Princess Raja have competition?" Tenpou chuckled, "You did not have to make any sort of impression on me, Lady Rie," he promised, "I prefer the true face of beauty as well the true face of those around me."

"So next time /don't/ dress up for you," Rie teased. "Understood. It's not Princess Raja herself, but the people. My district used to be Japan, understand." She explained. "Princess Raja came to my district and asked me to be her Lady-in-Waiting, which caused a bunch of controversy since I left my district to hers. Therefore, those who don't agree with Princess Raja and my decisions, will see it as that Princess Raja has a spy in her midst. Or perhaps I'm challenging her indirectly by trying to outshine her. People are very strange about others, especially about garbs. In reality, Princess Raja and I do not have a competition going. I'm merely her servant and I'm happy to be."

"No," Kalea said firmly, "You aren't a /slave/ you know how much we hate that, Rie-chan! We're all friends!"

"Hai, hai." Rie laughed. "I didn't mean to make it sound like that."

"Kalea sounds most protective of you," Tenpou observed.

"She is the Goddess of Protection. At least, I call her that." Rie smiled brightly. "She met me when I got myself into trouble, so she had to step in and fight them for me since it was around the time I didn't know how to defend myself."

"People called me a demon, and often do. It was an evening similar to when I met you," Kalea explained, "I just love to fight at that time I guess. Scaring people"

Tenpou sensed a lie in that, but perhaps that was a conversation for another time? "What sort of trouble did you get yourself into in order to need her help? That's what I want to know."

"Got surrounded by unsavory men who wanted a bit more than a chat." Rie decided to answer truthfully. "They didn't know what the word "no" meant, and I wasn't exactly the best aim when it came to trying to hit them, was a bit of a struggle. Kalea must have heard me scream or something, because next minute I knew, everyone was on the ground and I was okay."

"Needless to say she hasn't been messed with again," Kalea beamed.

If Kenren hadn't seen Kalea beat up a big huge demon by herself without little to no help, he would've been a little more shocked. But still, how far did her powers go? Fire, dance, and sex? For some reason, he didn't think that matched her at all. Fire sure, dance maybe, sex was uncertain. But if there was one thing, it was that Rie had it on the mark. Kalea was probably a Goddess of Protection, and just didn't know it yet. "Damn."

"It was my fault mostly, I get myself into situations blindly." Rie shook her head fondly. "But I always manage to get out, especially if Kalea's around. So you could say we're a two for one package sometimes."
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PostSubject: Re: Saiyuki Gaiden AU   Saiyuki Gaiden AU EmptyMon Jan 04, 2016 12:21 am

"Sounds like Kenren and me," Tenpou beamed, "We haven't really been apart since we met. I have a lot of fun with him, though I wonder sometimes how he can put up with me. He's always cleaning my office."

"Speaking of that..." Kenren raised his voice, "Hey men! Field Marshal Tenpou is going to be footing our bill, so eat to your hearts content! Be merry!"

"Ch-chottomatte!" Hey wait! Tenpou whined, "I didn't even see if this place would accept my payment method!"

"Don't worry about it!" Kalea grinned, raising her sake bottle, "I got this. Do you want to help me pay for them, though, Rie-chan?"

"You're so nice, Kalea!" Souko grinned.

"Un!" Yeah! chorused the rest

"I'll go ahead and pay since they had to watch your back /and/ watch you take their prey." Rie replied simply. "Don't worry, I'll make you re-pay me." She grinned brightly and turned to Tenpou. "So you're okay."

"You two...maybe there is something to that Goddess of Luck thing," Tenpou winked at Rie.

Rie's cheeks flushed a bright pink color. "Maybe there is." She couldn't play coy and she knew she failed on trying. Ugh, Kalea was better at this and she was kind of surprised that she wasn't laughing at her yet.


Kalea watched as the men separated into their own groups, waiting for their Field Marshal to give the signal that they would be going home, but Tenpou was still talking with Rie. She looked up at Kenren and arched a brow, "So I heard there's supposed to be a festival in a few weeks in your district. That should be fun, right?"

"Eh, we have to listen to the Jade Emperor give a speech." Kenren rolled his eyes. "It's bound to be dull. Ah, unless the little chibi-monkey shows up, then maybe it wouldn't be so bad." He noticed Kalea's look. "We got a trouble maker up in heaven." He explained. "A cute kid."

"Raja has one, too," Kalea laughed, "Alozza. She's really fun to play with. I like to help her get into mischief," she grinned impishly, "We should be coming into your area soon. Raja has business to attend to before the festival and then we're gunna stay a few days after. I'll come hunt you down," she winked, "Maybe we can have a drinking contest?!"

"Your on!" Kenren beamed. "Then I'll see you at the festivel. Will Rie be there too do you know? Maybe I can cut Tenpou out from being mopey if he knows she'll be there too."

"We all will be," Kalea assured, giddy with excitement, "I can't wait! I look forward to it, Kenren," she smacked her hand on his back and her grin split her face as she ran over to Rie.

Tenpou laughed as he watched the blond tackle the Water Goddess, "Rie just finished telling me you will all come to our district within a few days to a week. I look forward to it! I'll be sure to tell Kenren to stop by so he can help me clean again so a pile of books doesn't fall on you."

Rie smiled brightly, "Find me a book too." She told him. "And I'll bring you one from my collection." She bowed formally. "Thank you for your hospitality and your generosity. May your gods, our gods, and the gods be with you as you return home." She smiled again and turned to Kalea. "Let's go before Lady Raja figures out how to burn something down."

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PostSubject: Re: Saiyuki Gaiden AU   Saiyuki Gaiden AU EmptyWed Jan 06, 2016 12:06 am

"Raja! You'll never guess what happened while we were out at Rie-chan's area!" Kalea boomed as she burst into the living room of Raja's home where she felt her energy coming from.

Raja was currently lying on the couch with plenty of pillows propped up against her head and upper part of her back. Her long pink hair was tumbled down her shoulders and she wasn't wearing her usual circlet crown that had blue silk cloth hanging from the back. Her feet and hands were also devoid of her normal jewlery. The only thing that was in place was her dress, blues and purples and a long skirt that covered her ankles and sometimes if standing still her feet. Lying on top of her was a girl who was probably around sixteen or so with just as long of green hair. She too wore an outfit that was very similar to Raja's dress, only...she went against the skirt and wore puffy pants instead, easier to play in and less to get caught on. It was a running joke that she dressed very much like a pirate since her shirt was puffy and the long sleeves were cut down the middle.

"Who did you see?" Raja asked as Alozza bounced off her body crying out for Rie and running off to her.

"The Western Heavenly Army and their fellow leaders." Rie replied as she hugged Alozza tightly. "They were fighting the slug demon that was poisoning the lakes."

"What?!" Raja quickly sat up. "You're kidding!"

"Not at all!" Kalea's smile still remained and she sat down beside the pink haired woman, "I fought the slug once it spewed it's tar at them and killed it. Tenpou and Kenren's men were still rather leary of me even after we ate, but Kenren and I probably gave each other blue balls from how much we flirted."

Alozza wrinkled her nose. "That's too much information you pervert!" She told Kalea. "Keep it in your head!"

"Nooo, don't start." Rie groaned. "Not now."

Kalea wrinked her nose at Alozza playfully, "Just you wait until you're older, you'll be chasing tail, too!"

"Who knows? You might meet someone at the festival." Rie laughed as Alozza stuck her tongue out. "Speaking of, Lady Raja, why are we going to the festival? It's the Jade Emperor's birthday. You normally don't go to it."

"I was invited." Raja shrugged. "And considering that he is the Emperor, it's not like I can decline his invitation. Also, I bet I can sneak out and see if Konzen is /really/ bored and try to annoy him."

"That poor man." Rie shook her head.

"We're going to be there a few weeks before the actual festival, though, aren't we? That's what I told Kenren. Since you have other business to attend to?" Kalea tilted her head.

Raja nodded, "Just a simple visit. Make myself known, that kind of thing." She gestured for Alozza to come back to her and the young girl quickly left the girls' side to go back to her mum. "We'll be there two weeks before. I know it's a bit of a stretch..." She looked at Rie and Kalea sheepishly. "But I think it'll do us good. Whatever that good might be."

"Kenren and I have plans to have a drinking contest so it should definitely be good!" Kalea nodded and jumped to her feet, "Rie-chan! We just ate but we should make Alozza and Raja some dinner!"

"You're right." Rie nodded with a smile.

"I'll help!" Alozza called out immediately leaving Raja's arms again. "What are we going to make?"

"A yummy salad with some carrots, maybe some broccoli and a few other things for Raja, and we'll see what we have in the pantry for you," Kalea ruffled Alozza's hair playfully and headed for the kitchen.
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"KONZEN, KONZEN!" A screeching voice made the blond God wince and he slammed his paper down on his desk.

"YOU DON'T NEED TO YELL AT ME!" he screeched back at the teenage boy staring up at him from where he crouched on the other side of his desk. There was a pause, a tick of his vein, but damn those golden eyes. Sighing he rubbed his forehead, "What do you /want/, Goku?"

"I made another picture!" Goku exclaimed proudly but it was softer. Bounding up he held out the paper across the desk with a proud grin.

Konzen took it and violet eyes looked it over carefully. "You used watercolor. Experimenting I see..." he hummed. It was a simpler piece. He must've been sitting on the porch for hours drawing this, because it was of a cherry blossom tree in the gardens outside with the bridge and pond. "A little less water next time, but it is good."

"Yay!" Goku cheered and reached to take it back but Konzen held it out of his reach and then slid back to place it against the window, propped carefully so it would stay.

"It needs to dry still," he explained gently.

"Okay!" Goku nodded in understanding.

"Whoa, this is a change I never saw coming." A voice said, causing them to look over. Raja smiled brightly, her long pink hair tied up in a braid. Adorned on her head was a gold circlet with purple silk attached that went down her back and covering her shoulders and waist. She wore an exotic pink and purple dress, the skirt was long and wrinkled and the bodice only went up to her breasts.The long cut sleeves started at the end of her shoulders. Her feet were bare and had gold intricate jewelry on the tops of them. "Hello." She waved grinning brightly.

"Whoa, who are you? Konzen, do you know her?" Goku asked while pointing at her.

"That is Princess Raja, Goddess of the Sahara Desert. She controls the Wind," Konzen explained and stood but didn't bow. He knew her too well already anyway, "Raja-san, this is adopted brat."

"Hey!" Goku whined.

"Jeez. The -san again." Raja's eyes were lit up with amusement anyway. "I have a daughter myself, about your age." She told Goku. "She's just as active as you are. She likes to climb trees and jump off of them like a slingshot. Well, I guess to her they are." She walked in further into the room and hummed when she got close to Goku. "My gosh. You're handsome. A bit on the thin side though," and those chains annoyed her. If Alozza came to her in chains, well...this was not her district. "Doesn't Konzen know you eat?" She teased.

"He's banned from half the restaurants in the city already. Tenpou and Kenren have tried," Konzen rubbed his face, "He's only supposed to eat from the Palace Kitchen now, but he still eats like the end is nigh."

"I love food! I love meat, especially," Goku grinned brightly, "It's nice to meet you, Raja-chan!" he held his hand out, "What's your daughter's name?! She sounds fun!"

"Her name's Alozza." Raja took his hand, but instead of letting him shake her hand, she spun him around instead, grinning widely. "And she's a lot of fun. In fact," she spun him the other way and let go of his hand. "She's somewhere around the Palace, probably getting herself into trouble. If you think you can find her, she'll probably love to have fun with you."

"Oh wow! A game of hide and seek, is it?!" he bounced on the balls of his feet, "Challenge accepted!" He laughed and ran for the door, pausing and waving at Konzen, "I'll see you later!" he said and the last that was seen was his long hair.

"Maybe if he has a friend besides Nataku I won't have to worry about him as much," Konzen muttered.

"The War Prince?" Raja turned back to face Konzen, her arms folded, but her smile still lingered. "Looks like you're finally having fun, all these interesting characters and such." She teased, but then she dropped her smile. "Heaven knows the Prince could use a friend. Though Li whatever his face is, will probably not agree with that."

"No, which is why I worry," Konzen agreed and eyed her carefully, "So, Tenpou and Kenren mentioned that your entire posse would be here. I know now Alozza is hiding somewhere, but what about Rie-chan and Kalea? I have yet to meet the Goddess from Hawaii."

"Kalea is more than likely taking up Kenren on his offer to drink the day and night away," Raja placed a finger on her chin as she thought about it. "Rie is probably in the library or is hunting around. As for me, well. I came to make my presence known." She grinned at him. "This is the second longest conversation we've ever had with each other."

"I foresee us having many more, now that your women are interacting with my men," Konzen rolled his eyes, "Especially if our children get into trouble together as well." He glanced around and came closer to her, "You know, one day I want to see what you're like without all that glitter and gold." He was pretty sure she understood that reference.

Raja smiled as he got close to her. She enjoyed that he was getting out of his closed shell. "And I wonder when you'll see that you're the light in the shadows that others fear to look." She gently shifted her weight. "If you had your way, how would I dress? A kimono like your people? White?"

"Elegant, but not overtly so," Konzen shrugged, "I'll get back to you on that one," he assured and headed out the door as well, "Let's go to the library and see what Tenpou and Rie-san are up to."

Raja grinned brightly, "Oooh going to walk in on the lovers? Shame on you!" She laughed. "Come on." She grabbed his hand. "It's about time you got out of your office. Damn you're tall by the way, I never seen you not sitting down."

"I have been running around a lot more, chasing after Goku these days," Konzen admitted, staring at their hands but he re-positioned them so he could hold her hand instead, "Tenpou's office is this way."

"Lead the way." Raja beamed. The way he held her hand, it was a gentle yet firm grip. She smiled pleasantly as she followed him down the hallway. It was about time.
Tenpou was standing by the window with a fresh cigarette when he heard the door open. He'd managed to only partially clutter the floors this time, however. "Hello, come in," he called with a smile and it only grew when he saw who it was, "Rie-san! I was wondering when you would come by!"

Rie's breath hitched as she looked at him. The library was a mess, but it was probably cleaner than it had been before. The way that he turned around and looked at her with a bright smile on his face, made her heart stutter. "Hello." She smiled warmly. "I was worried that I was going to disturb you."

"No! Not at all, I was expecting you," Tenpou assured her, his expression soft, "Um...does smoking bother you? I can put it out or stay by the window if it does." He took note of her garb. It was not nearly as simple as it was before the first time he met her, but certainly not as extravagant as the last time, but somewhere in between. Her hair was half-way up, just her bangs pulled back and pinned with the other part down over her shoulders, and her kimono had a simple pattern of flowers, "You're gorgeous. That look suits you."

"Thank you." Rie's cheeks turned a lovely shade of pink as she stepped further into the library. "Smoking doesn't bother me, so you can keep on." She grinned at him. "How have you been?"

Tenpou walked closer to her, "I've been doing alright," he assured and he reached for a particular book he had been hard on himself to keep at the top of his pile, and he handed it to her, "We shared a little information of what we liked in books, but even so, I took a lot of time to find something you might like. Did you finish that other one I gave you?"

"I did! It was wonderful." Rie handed him the book and they traded. "Oh, this one looks interesting." She hummed as she read the title. "It's about the Lower World, isn't it?"

"It's based there, yes," Tenpou agreed, "It's more of a tragic love story...not everything down on Earth is beautiful. There's pain and suffering there that many here could not imagine. These two make the most out of what they have, however, and I find that moving."

"I noticed that the other book was based in the Lower World too," Rie's eyes wandered up to Tenpou. "Forgive me if I'm crossing a line, but you seen fascinated with the Lower World."

"I'm not the only one," Tenpou shrugged, "So is Kenren, but he likes the manga I give him more than anything. He doesn't much care for books, but wanted to know what I was talking about half the time. He mostly likes sneaking down there and telling me what's better than what's up here. He always gets excited when we get to go on a mission and as infatuated as he's become with Kalea, he was a bit sad it didn't last longer."

"I suppose if one was to live in Heaven for as long as you and Kenren have, your eyes would start to wander to the darker parts, while those who live in the Lower World, wish for this one." Rie shifted, holding onto the book. "I worry about Kalea and Kenren."

"Oh? Why is that?" Tenpou blinked at her curiously.

"Kenren is a noble right? The mark on his forehead," she gestured to her own. "That's a sign of a noble. Kalea is a low-ranked goddess. It's heresy for Lady Raja to have her as a body guard, so I'm almost certain that it's trouble for Kenren too."

Tenpou nodded, "That is a society problem. Kalea actively seeks to drive people away as much as it hurts her that she ends up alone, but I think even she knows that those who don't run away and cower in fear are those she can truly believe in. Kenren is sort of the same way. He sleazes around and drinks booze so much he even has his own gourd, and sneers at those who give him flack, and yet he is my General. Not just from being a noble, but he does this of purpose like she does. The less people think of them, the more they can blow them away when they show their true power. So, while their rank is miles apart, they're a perfect match in ever other way. I don't have a mark, and I am his Field Marshal, higher than him. I can assure you, as long as it's just societies words, if Kenren promises it doesn't bother him, it probably won't bother her, either."

"You're not worried about the backlash?" Rie questioned, "or the problems that it may cause? Society may have words, but you remember that people are apart of society. The things that they can do..."

Ultimately it's up to them and whether or not they'll let their love story be a tragic one, other people's opinions or not. Kenren is not above eloping, and I am sure I could find him if he did. Konzen and I would protect them. Konzen's Aunt is Kanzeon Bosatsu, after all," Tenpou grinned, "Konzen has told me she secretly enjoys it when there's disruption in the otherwise perfect Heaven."

"I wonder how she'd feel if Lady Raja marries Konzen then." Rie mused as she pretended to think about it. "If anyone can put heaven into total chaos, it's her and Lady Alozza."
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"Kanzeon might be all for it," Tenpou agreed, rubbing his chin, "I have heard Konzen complain about Raja bothering him doing paperwork, but now Raja and Konzen both have adopted children, who might in the end get together themselves which would be even more of a push."

Rie nodded her head and hummed, "That just leaves you then. Do you have anyone? Anyone, say, you'd break rules for or care about?"

"If I did, I would be the only one not breaking any rules. It may be a simple, classic love story...Ah, but who's to say that it won't have it's own tragic parts?" Tenpou hummed and reached up, fingering her hair comb.

"Who knows," Rie closed her eyes and leaned towards his touch, a small invite that he was allowed. "It may be something more, considering that you're an unusual person."

He took the invite, stroking his thumb across her cheekbone, "Nah, I'm not that unusual. Like you said before, anyone who's been up here long enough finds enjoyment in the lower world. I just have unusual friends."

Rie laughed as she gently reached up and gently touched the back of his hand, "There's nothing wrong with being unusual." She gripped his hand, but gently in case he didn't want her touch. "It makes you interesting and fun. Besides," she smiled, "I'm used to unusual. I must attract them somehow."

Her touch was warm, and he smiled at her tenderly, "You must. Don't you think we're the normal ones though that keep the unusual ones from getting out of line?" he asked with a soft laughed and stepped back but still let her hold his hand, "How about another topic? Why don't you tell me about Raja-san's daughter, Alozza?"

Rie's expression was complicated, but she nodded her head anyway. "What I'm about to tell you is a lot more controversial than Kalea." She told Tenpou seriously, "This one almost got Raja thrown from her reign." She took a breath and sighed, "Alozza is a heretic."

Tenpou wasn't phased, "So is Goku. It still is quite frowned upon that Konzen took him in. tell me your own story."

"Raja had decided that she wanted to take a "vacation"." Rie used air-quotes to explain her Lady's desire. "So she brought me along with Kalea and dragged us into the forests. I admit, I was shocked...I missed my district something awful, so I had no doubt she knew and wanted to ease my homesickness. Of course, I'm welcomed to visit or to leave her service if I wish!" She hastily explained to Tenpou, fearing that he'd think badly of her. " was a hard year that year, so she took us into the mountains. We went through the jungles, I thought for sure she'd complain, but she never once. She was having the time of her life, and Kalea hadn't been in the mountain ranges for so long, that the jungles underneath them became so foreign to her. Then....someone jumped on Lady Raja."

"A jungle child," Tenpou's expression was amused, "Goku was born from a boulder. I wonder if Alozza was born from a flower or tree? That would be lovely..." he hummed mostly to himself.

"I think Alozza was born from a tree," Rie looked thoughtful, "I'm unsure. Anyway, Lady Raja was jumped on, and Kalea and I both drew our weapons. This was around the time where I was just learning how to use my bo-staff, and all I could think of was "shit, what if I hit Lady Raja?" It was awful. But Lady Raja just...laughed. She laughed and the kid was taken aback. Clearly she thought that if she jumped on us, we'd get scared and run away. She was worried about people hurting the forest, as people tend to do." She adjusted her grip on Tenpou's hand, running her thumb against the back of his hand carelessly. "Lady Raja just told her we were going to camp out, and she was welcomed to stay in our party. And she did...we spent a week up there. Then when it was time for us to go, Alozza begged us not to go, and Lady Raja asked her if she had a name. She said no, and Lady Raja said "Come with me and I'll give you one." Rie sighed, "So we brought her home with us and Lady Raja spent hours looking for a good name."

"Alozza is a pretty sounding name," Tenpou admitted, "What does it mean? I like that story of how you met her. Goku basically just ripped out some hair and said he looked like the sun, but I think what really hooked Konzen was his gold eyes and how innocent he is. He doesn't deserve the chains he's in."

"Alozza means the powerful." Rie laughed. "Oh, ouch. Poor Konzen." Her laughter died a little. "In chains?"

Tenpou's eyes turned sad, "Yes. He was captured and put in chains that weigh quite a lot. He breaks tree-branches if they're not strong enough. No one's been able to remove them."

Rie stared at Tenpou and shook her head. Her heart went out to the kid she had yet to meet. "Damn..." She whispered softly. "That poor child. I wonder if I'll run into him sometime," she spoke up. "If he's with Lady Alozza, I'm sure I will."

No, she's not with either of us and neither is Goku," Konzen said as he and Raja came in, still holding her hand. "Raja-sama sent him off to seek her out in a game." He said -sama instead of -san in a very pointed manner, looking down at her with an nonbemused expression.

Rie snickered as Raja gave him a look. "Well, it'll keep him occupied...hopefully they don't do too much damage." She agreed. "I hear from Tenpou that Kanzeon will enjoy the chaos, so I doubt there's much worry."

"Yes, because my Aunt will help us much when it all goes south," Konzen rolled his eyes, "She'll let us sort it out ourselves more likely."

"Aw, have faith. Things might happen and she won't have much control over it," Tenpou reasoned.

"Serious." Raja rolled her eyes, "Nothing's happened yet." She admonished, "So don't get gloomy, not until something happens. We still have time. Whatever happens, we have time."

"Yes! I agree with you, Raja-san," Tenpou grinned and then bowed to her, "I've heard a lot about you, by the way. It's a pleasure. Sorry my office isn't more tidy...I have a knack for that."

"It's fine, and you can skip the the -san." Raja grinned. "I've been trying to break this one," she lightly smacked Konzen's chest, "out of the habit for a good while now. Since I keep bothering him to actually get out of his office. It's good that he has a trouble maker to look after."

"It doesn't hurt to show respect," Rie quipped.

"Well no, but they're friends." Raja blinked at Rie. "You had dinner with them."

"It's hard to break the stubborn ones," Tenpou said, his smile turning more mischievous, "Maybe he's doing it to annoy you back. I'm just doing it to be polite."

"Well if you're doing it to be polite," Raja curtsied. "Field Marshal Tenpou-san, it's nice to make your acquaintance."

"Oh, that was just mean," Tenpou pouted at her, "What about Raja-chan? I heard Kalea call Rie-san that so is it the same for you?"

Raja beamed, "I can deal with that."

"He's compromising," Konzen scoffed.

"It's a good compromise. It means we're familiar in your terms right? Good." Raja clapped. "Now we're no longer strangers and we don't have to deal with too much formality. I have to save that for the higher ups after all," her nose wrinkled.

"Please don't get yourself into trouble before the Jade Emperor's birthday," Rie groaned. "You were invited remember."

"I know, I know." Raja sighed.

"Let's keep the fun in our own group then. We have areas where our antics aren't very shocking anymore," Tenpou smirked, "Kenren's bar he likes going to is one of them. Though if you two ladies would like a more peaceful spot to chit-chat with us, then there are gardens? Or would you like to try and find your children?"

"I'll let Alozza and Goku find us." Raja grinned, "But what you offer is good." She turned to Konzen, "It's up to you. Somewhere quiet? Somewhere rowdy?"

Rie raised an eyebrow, "You're going to give that poor man a heart attack if you try to throw him into Kalea's territory."

"Quiet for now," Konzen agreed, "It'll get noisy sooner or later anyway so let's enjoy the peace while we can."

"Then, the gardens." Raja turned to Tenpou. "I think we're unanimous."
Alozza pressed her back up against the trunk of the tree. Her sight was limited by the branches of the tree, but she could tell from the plantlife that there was someone that was coming underneath it. She giggled to herself, placing a hand over her mouth in order to keep quiet. She waited until they were right underneath and she jumped, "YIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!"

Coming out to the cherry blossom clearing was, as Tenpou would call it, an educated guess. Raja had said she liked climbing when he heard the screech he whipped around and managed to catch the falling green haired girl, but her momentum still caused them to fall down onto the grass. He laughed heartily and rolled them so he pinned her to the grass, "You got me but now I got you!" he shouted in triumph, only to stop dead in his tracks when gold eyes met gold. His stomach flip-flipped and his breath hitched.

"You have gold eyes like me!" Alozza gasped, "I'm sorry by the way! I thought you were going to be kaasan or even Rie-chan," She winced. "Did I hurt you from my jump?"

" you didn't." Goku pulled back off of her and helped her sit up, but they were still crouched on the ground, "You're a heretic, too? You feel like...a plant user. Am I right?" he reached out and touched her hair, but he was very careful not to rip out any like he had Konzen. "'s so soft! Like the petals of a flower!"

Alozza's cheeks flamed up and she frowned, "I don't know what a heretic is...some of the people in the castle sometimes call me that, but kaasan tells me to ignore them." She smiled brightly, "But yes I am a plant user! I'm going to guess you' You look like an earth." She reached out and touched the chains around his wrist, "Why are you chained?"

"People think I'm dangerous. They're heavy and even make me fall from the trees I climb," Goku pouted, "I have powers that I have to keep contained, too," he tapped his diadem, "What about you? Do you have a limiter? You're definitely not as powerful right now as you should be."

"I do," Alozza lifted up one of her pant legs and showed him the anklet bracelet that adorned it. "Kaasan gave it to me after she named me. She told me that people wouldn't understand if I have too much power." She let it down. "Kaasan might be able to do something about those chains, if you ask her." She looked at the chains with a critical eye. "They're made of metal, they repel you when you try to break them?"

"Yeah, and Konzen has tried," Goku looked at her curiously with a tilted head, "You keep saying Kaasan and she named you. Konzen named me, too! Calling him Otou-san sounds wrong, though. It's just Konzen, and he's like the sun!"

"Really?" Alozza stared at him with wide eyes. "Konzen...I think Kalea mentioned him once, or Rie-chan. One of them said that he's really hard to get out of his office, but Kaasan keeps trying anyway. I think they're getting worried that she might get kicked out of this district if she keeps it up."

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"Konzen leaves his office a lot to chase after me," Goku told her with a snicker, "Everyone keeps saying I've changed him. I dunno if that's true, but I like him a lot!" he beamed.

"I want to meet him," Alozza smiled brightly, "If he makes you happy and he's okay with it. I want to know him. I'll take you to meet my Kaasan." She grinned. "What kind of games do you like to play? Is there anything to do that's fun here?"

"Konzen will like you! Your sweet! I hope you Kaasan likes me, too!" he chirped. "I like to draw on the statues I find!" Goku said excitedly, "It's hard to find markers lately, though. Konzen keeps taking them from me," he giggled while rubbing his nose, "I make my own games. My friend Nataku and I hang out sometimes when he's not busy fighting and climb trees or play chase."

"Nataku? What kind of person is he?" Alozza asked, her eyes wide with interest. "You like to draw? I'm not very good at it, but I liked to play music sometimes, and dance. Kalea tries to teach me, but sometimes her temper gets the best of her. She takes dance very passionately. She's beautiful at it!"

"Nataku's really lonely," Goku explained, "I met him while I was hiding and we've been together ever since. I really like him. He's the War Prince so his responsibilities are very big and he's really important. A lot of people get upset when they see us together so we gotta hide a lot when we play. Yes, though, I like to draw! I dunno how to play music or dance," he admitted, "Kalea? I heard Kenren talk about her a few days ago!"

"Ken-nii?" Alozza questioned. "Kalea mentioned a Kenren...I wonder if they're out and about together! Or Rie-chan with Tenpou! Do you know a Tenpou too?"

"Ten-chan is a great friend and has been teaching me things!" Goku bounced up to his feet and held his hand out to her, "We should try and find somebody! Who do you want to go look for?"

"Hmm..." Alozza placed a finger on her chin. "Let's find Kalea and Ken-nii!" She beamed. "They're harder to find."

"Oh Ken-nii's going to be so mad!" Goku grinned wide and once he helped her to her feet, he held tight to her hand and led her through the thicket of cherry blossoms, "I know where they should be!"
It was fun sneaking up on Kenren. He was thoroughly involved in a game of cards and she slinked through the bar over to his table, her hands touching his shoulders and then slowly moving down so her arms enveloped his shoulders. Oooh, he had a good hand! "Hello again, Kenren," she cooed in his ear, drawing out his name.

"Oi! General, who's this blonde bimbo, eh? Another one of your skanky 'welcome distractions'?" another man smirked slyly at him, the words he used more in a friendly tone than to insult but he arched a brow at how Kenren gripped his cards a little tighter.

"Oh please. She can slay all of them." Kenren pulled Kalea closer. "Good question though. Mistress? I can't say wife, I ain't that committed to the idea." He looked at Kalea with a smile. "But she's sticking around, at least I plan to."

"No way! Kenren's actually going to stick it to a girl and keep it?" Another man howled with laughter.
"Blonde, just for that, a drink for you on me."

"Oh you're too kind!" Kalea was dramatic and batted her lashes at the man before she slipped around Kenren's body and draped herself across his lap sideways, "You lads seem to be playing a fun game. Mind if I stick around and watch?"

"Hell, if you drew the General's eyes I say you're welcome to do whatever you damn well please," said the first man, "You're a foreigner, aren't you? What district?"

"The America's, but in the Hawaii section. I'm their Goddess Pele," Kalea smirked.

"Oooh, well then, that would explain," the first man nodded, "The General likes them feisty!"

Kenren pulled Kalea close to him. "So gentlemen, are you going to place your bets or are you going to fold because you're suddenly scared that I have my lucky charm in place?"

"Lucky charm," one of the men scoffed, though his eyes twinkled. "It's your goddamn tongue that's lucky. I'll bet." He tossed down a few coins.

"My tongue is full of wit and promises." Kenren grinned mischeviously.

"Things we didn't need to know." Another sighed. "Keep it in your fucking pants."

The game proceeded and Kalea watched as a few left when they lost, heading to the bar and chatting up some women of their own. Several of them looked scorned and she just smirked and waved. She was respectful of Kenren's focus on his game, though, and didn't talk as he and two others were on their last round. Kenren had won enough to buy a round of drinks for everyone...twice, but she just hoped while she was no Luck Goddess like Rie, she was lucky enough for him to finish this.

Kenren smirked as they went down to two. He had a good hand, but he knew that the man across him had something better. The other one was going to fold soon, if not bet higher to see if he could bluff. "Ante up." Kenren grinned, tossing in a good amount.
"We'll see about that," The man retorted, tossing in his own. The other one, who looked like he was going to fold, also tossed his money.

Damn. "Whenever you're ready." Kenren shrugged. If he lost this round, was good enough. "Reveal?"

"Fold." The man quickly said. "I know too well that it's between you and Kai here." He smiled as he folded. "I still owe the lady a drink though, regardless."

"You ain't stealing her." Kenren teased.

"Please. If I steal her, I have to deal with your whining." The man rolled his eyes.

"Wehave to deal with his whining." Kai replied, as he looked at his cards. "Which isn't whining as it is him trying to pick up another chick and getting scorned five times."

"Oh, ye have little faith in me," Kalea placed her hand on her chest, playfully agast before she shifted her position on Kenren and snuggled down, "I won't give up on the good General here so easily."

"You sure you're not gonna marry her?" Kai teased.

"I'm waiting." Kenren replied simply, "and we just barely met. I'm ready when you are to show off."

"Fine." Kai and Kenren both revealed and Kai cursed and Kenren was a little surprised. His hand was just a smidgen better than Kai's. Enough to make a world a difference in the game.

"Well shit." Kenren blinked. "I thought for sure it was you that'd win."

Kalea clapped, "Well done, Kai! That was actually an awesome hand." She grinned at Kenren, "I guess I might be a little lucky after all."

"You playing again?" Kenren asked curiously at Kai and his friend as he placed a gentle kiss on Kalea's cheek.

"No. You two have fun." Kai waved. "Come on, we can send them drinks before they start making out."

"Oy that was ONE TIME!" Kenren shouted after them as they laughed their way towards the bar.

"You're more than just a little lucky though, to me at least."

Kalea was still a little stunned and blushing at the kiss, "I was hoping I would. But come, let me get off your lap. Your legs must be numb and stiff from sitting so long, and it's time to drink and be merry! I'm going to be here a while, so we can do that contest another day, hmm?"

"Alright then," Kenren laughed. "Do you want me to grab a bottle and we and walk around? Show you a bit of Heaven?"

"Sure!" Kalea hopped off and stretched as well, hands above her head and bowing backwards, hr back popping in a few places and she gasped, feeling better before straightening out. She waved to Kai at the bar, "I'll take that free drink later, Kai, when you get your money back," she gave him a thumbs up and a wink, "Kenren and I are going out."

"Have fun you two rascals." Kai called back as a few of the other men wolf-whistled. Kenren rolled his eyes as he approached the bar and grabbed a bottle of sake from the bar keep before taking Kalea's hand and leaving.

"I hope I wasn't being too forward, by the way," Kalea told Kenren as they walked, popping the cork with her teeth and after tucking it in her palm that had the bottle, unwilling to let go of his hand. She took a swig. "We did only just meet, like you said."

"If you were making me uncomfortable, I'd tell you. I like my girls forward. It makes things easier for the both of us." Kenren told her honestly as he took a drink from his. "Do you gamble?"

"No, I don't like throwing my money around in games of chance," Kalea shrugged, "I don't mind playing some card games for fun, though. Please don't say strip poker. Raja-chan won that one, owning Rie-chan and I."

"Wait what?" Kenren stared at Kalea like she grew another head. "Wow. That's...I'm tempted to see if she'd play against me."

"Raja's poker face is terrifying. She just keeps smiling at you like you made a big mistake," Kalea shuddered, "She's so cheerful though the whole game, too, carrying conversation and commenting so non-nonchalantly about your choice of undergarments."

"You're not helping me." Kenren laughed. "I'm always looking for a challenge. Tenpou doesn't play much with cards and things. He never had much of a taste for playing cards and gambling, that sort of thing. So...she sounds like a blast."

"I think she is. She looks all regal and has the title but she can get down and dirty with the rest of us," Kalea laughed, taking another drink and leaning closer to him, "So, Ren, where are we going?" she enjoyed how the sound of that abbreviation of his name had the 'r' rolling off her tongue, "Is it alright if I call you that?"

"Ren huh? Well, it's better than "Ken"." Kenren hummed. "That's a good question, I could take out for a stroll around the gardens, if you want."

"If I think of something better I'll let you know," Kalea promised but for now she would stick with it,
"I heard the cherry blossoms around here are gorgeous. I want to see if that's true."

"They're gorgeous, but they're not as good as the ones down in the Lower World. They're much more beautiful there." Kenren explained. "Much more vibrant so you may be disappointed."

Before Kalea even had an answer to that, he heard a girl yell behind him. "I FOUND YOU LEA-CHAN!" He spun around just as Goku ran smack into him, making him stumble backwards. He held on to his drink tightly. "Hey kiddo." He looked over to see Kalea also stumbling back as a young girl crash into her. Green, pants, and a puffy shirt that looked like it belong on a dress. Who?

"Alo-chan! I see you found a friend! Good for you!" Kalea laughed and since her hand was dislodged from Kenren's she put the cork back on her sake and slipped it into her hakama tie. Hands free she picked up the green haired girl and spun her around before assisting her in climbing onto her shoulders, "There you go. Look you're so tall!" She cooed before looking at the boy, "Who's he, Ren?" she asked.

"Ken-nii! That's Alozza! Her Kaasan is Raja!" Goku announced.

"This is Goku." Kenren ruffled Goku's hair and eyed Alozza who was happily riding on Kalea's shoulders. Her eyes were gold, just like Goku's. She didn't wear chains, that was good. Disheartening, but good. "You're Raja's kid?" He asked curiously to the green-haired girl. "Man, I /really/ need to start paying attention to the noble families. The more I listen, the more I'm intrigued."

"Kaasan doesn't care about nobility." Alozza responded simply. "You just have to be on her radar."

"Should I be insulted that I'm not?" Kenren teased lightly.

"I dunno." Alozza frowned. "Goku should he be insulted?" She asked the monkey.

"Nah! If you're not now then you will be 'cause you're with Lea-chan!" Goku pointed out. Then he held his hand out to her, "It's nice to meet you!" he added.

Snickering Kalea took his hand and gave it a good shake, "Nice to meet you, too!" She was sad about his chains, but they had plenty of scuff marks. Probably from all the times they were attempted to be removed.

"Lea-nee, we were going find you, and then we were going to go find Kaasan." Alozza told her softly in her ear. "Cuz Kaasan can do something about those chains, right?"

"She might," Kalea nodded, and then reached for Kenren's hand, "Shall we be off? You mentioned Gardens before...I've heard about Konzen so Raja might be there with him."

"I wonder if Konzen will be there." Kenren hummed as he ruffled Goku's hair again.. "Tenpou told me through learning it from Konzen that Raja has this thing about teasing him about his paperwork, just to see if she can annoy him enough to get him out of the chair." He turned to Goku. "Let's head to the gardens and then you, me, and Alozza-chan over there have a tree climbing race to get to."

"A race?!" Alozza grinned. "You're on! I'll beat you! Goku let's work together!"

"Hey! Count me in! That sounds like fun!" Kalea bounced, causing Alozza to laugh. Kenren's hand in hers she looked at Goku, "How about you lead the way, little buddy?"

"Yeah! Sure thing! I'm /definitely/ up for that race, too, Ken-nii!" Goku added, hyper and excited now. He bolted forward and only paused here and there to make sure they were following.
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The gardens were just...there were no words to describe it. Even with all the hard work Rie had put into her own garden back when before she traveled along with Raja, it couldn't compare to the glamor of this one. The flowers were all in bloom and the petals of the flowers were viberant and heavenly. The cherry-trees looked light pink in the pale blue sky, catching the sunlight in a way that was breath taking. She was certain that someone was trying to talk to her, but she was completely zoned out until "-Sometimes you just gotta toss her in a fountain or something when she gets this starry-eyed. Otherwise she ignores you completely."

Rie turned towards Raja who was grinning mischievously behind her hand. "Don't tell him such mean things!" She looked at Tenpou apologetically. "Gomen! I didn't know that I was ignoring you. You can tap me if you want...the fountain method only works on talkative princesses."


Tenpou chuckled softly and placed his hand on her arm to pull her closer, "I understand. You were actually rather lovely, staring at the garden so intently. I suppose Konzen and I see it so often it lost it's appeal, but you seem to bring a new light to it."

"Aren't you the romantic," Konzen hummed.

"You don't like romance?" Rie asked curiously at Konzen. "I used to have my own garden. Well, I still do." She laughed lightly, "But it's not as big as this and it certainly isn't as colorful. Which is unfortunate."

"I'm sure desert Oasis's have their own beauty," Konzen amended, "Isn't that where you live? A desert?"

"Konzen hasn't had an interest in any women before, so forgive him for being brash," Tenpou waved his hand dismissively.

"You shut up," Konzen growled.

"Oh?" Raja grinned widely. "You have an interest in me? I thought I was annoying. It is true, we do live in a desert. In fact, her garden is considered an Oasis. She's been trying to keep water there, which is harder than it looks. Especially for a goddess."

"Lady Raja hasn't had an interest in men either," Rie staged whispered to Tenpou. "So when it comes to "brash" I think they're good." She sighed. "But it is true, the desert soaks up the water like no tomorrow. So it's hard for me to keep my garden going. Other than that, I enjoy a challenge."

"Well as long as you enjoy that challenge then keep up the good work," Tenpou rubbed her am and motioned to the garden, "Let us walk further into the greenery. I rather enjoy the bridge overlooking the pond, and watching the koi."

Konzen watched Tenpou lead Rie off and shook his head, "Why haven't you taken a man? I would imagine suitors would be lining up at your door. You already know why I haven't. Doing paperwork all day every day."

"Hai, hai." Raja looked at him with a glint in her eyes. "Nothing is more exciting than to do that all day. I still don't know what I'm missing out. I keep meaning to do it...but Rie-chan's better at it than I am, so I let her do it. She says I make a mess of things." She let her playful manner turn a little serious. "I wonder. You'd be right, if you were talking about before I had Alozza." Raja hummed. "But a Princess whose willing to give the throne up to a heretic is an insane one, so my suitors went down to zero. Besides, it's not like I can offer them much. I'm a full-time mom. I got my hands full and no one likes that. They'd much rather that I was a mom by natural means." Raja paused. "Not saying I don't want that, I do. But...Alozza is my daughter through and through. Hell, she acts like me."

"I will have to wait that for myself," Konzen shrugged. "You know, honestly, the temple's been too quiet. I feel like our adopted children are up to something, or bothering somebody they shouldn't be and I'll hear about it later." So she wanted children of her own...with the way she treated Goku...he could see it.

"Goku has a tendency to attract trouble." Raja laughed, "Good. It means he knows how to get your attention." He could grab it better than Raja could, that's for certain. "You only react to trouble it seems."

"I've been reacting to more," Konzen eyed her, "We are talking and you aren't causing trouble. We talked before and you weren't causing trouble. Doesn't that count for something?"

"Are you sure I'm not causing any trouble?" Raja's smile was sincere, rather than mischievous and the gaze in her eyes was soft. "You know, I should be fairer to you. You are trying, and you are reacting to more. I'm glad. I was getting worried, a lukewarm life doesn't suit you."

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"What kind of life does suit me, then?" Konzen arched a blond brow at her, "The one I'm living now, compared to before? Or are you thinking something even more exciting?"

"Hm." Raja tapped a finger to her chin as she thought about it. "I think..." She debated about it. Konzen wasn't suited for a dangerous, kind of exciting life. But he was taking care of a heretric. At the same time, the boring life he /had/ been living wasn't a life at all. "That the kind of life you should live, is one that should make you feel like you shouldn't be left behind."

Tenpou smiled as he watched Konzen and Raja talk and looked down at Rie, "I've heard about how she bugs him, but there they are chattering away," he hummed happily, "Is Raja any different to you when Konzen is around?"

Rie looked over towards the princess and the blonde and paused as she watched him. "Raja.....I'd say she's calmer." She said after a moment. "She holds herself back, for his sake, so she doesn't' scare him off. I think this might interest you, but Raja used to be scared of Konzen. From what I know, it took a lot of courage for her to start "bothering" him. Raja's well known for her spontaneous nature, but....Konzen...Konzen made her made her whirlwind into a breeze. I admire him for that."

"I don't think he knows any of that," Tenpou laughed softly and took out a cigarette, lighting it before leaning over the railing of the bridge, puffing it, "Hey! Rie-chan, I'd like to see some of your water abilities!" he suddenly said, looking at her like an excited puppy.

"Eh?!" Rie looked surprised at the sudden request. "Ummm...." She looked around. There was a fountain nearby, and then there was this water that held the koi, they were on the bridge. "Does it matter where?" She asked, looking worried for a slight moment.

"Gomen, that was a bit sudden," Tenpou chuckled and motioned to the pond below them, "Here works just fine since it's closer."

"Hmm." Rie rolled up her sleeves as she thought about what she could do. She climbed on top of the railing, keeping her balance and she held her hand out, thinking for a moment of what she wanted it to do. Then she moved her wrist so her palm was upwards and she gestured the water to come up with a beckon. It raised up in a fountain like manner, but a platform was pouring off of the end. She jumped onto the water's platform and held her hand out to Tenpou. "Ever tried to hop across rocks in a river? This is a little harder." She told him. "You have to keep your balance because the water's circulating up and down, like a fountain."

"I see that," Tenpou chuckled and he hopped off the railing with ease, taking her hand and finding his footing. "'s rushing under my feet. Would this be what you would feel if you were standing over a frozen river, but underneath it was still active?"

"Not quite. It's stronger without the ice." Rie explained. "The ice kind of acts like a cushion, so you can't really feel it rushing underneath you very well. Here, well...this is what standing on a waterfall will feel like."

"Ooooh, I see," Tenpou nodded his understanding, "This is amazing. What else can you do?" he took a drag on his cigarette and let it go before placing it back in his mouth.

She lowered the platform closer to the water rather than at bridge height and she paused, thinking of what else she could show off. "If there weren't koi in here, I'd change the direction of the flow, but that's dangerous for fish life." She explained. "With Raja's help I could create a typhoon, but that's way to destructive for a small pond like this. Hmm..." She paused as she looked up at the sky, down at the river and then up at the sky again, thinking. After a moment she swirled her hand up, letting some of the water go up towards the sky and then brought her hand down swiftly, making it begin a small sunshower.

Tenpou shielded his face and chuckled deeply, "Oh wow, that's really pretty!" he gasped softly as the sunlight glittered off the makeshift rain droplets. Glancing at her, he smirked, "Nowhere near as pretty as you, though."

Rie's cheeks flushed a bright pink. "I...thank you." She smiled at him brightly. "Hey you know what else I can do?" Tenpou's curious expression got her giddy and she /knew/ that what she was about to do was on par with Raja's mischievousness, but she couldn't help herself. She summoned herself a water ball. "My aim is pretty good." She told him. "I can probably get Raja from here, since she's coming closer with Konzen."

"Oh, no, no, you know what you should do?" Tenpou's shit-eating grin was on par with hers, "You should hit Konzen instead, I bet he would look like a drowned rat and it would make Raja laugh."

"Really?" Rie pretended to contemplate that before shrugging. "Okay." She took careful aim and when she judged that she could hit him, she threw as hard as she could and then jumped off of the platform to incriminate Tenpou if Konzen looked over fast enough.

Konzen gasped in shock as he was covered in cold water, his hair suddenly sticking to his face and his top soaked, "Nani?!" he wiped his face and saw Tenpou still balancing on a water platform, looking like he had just won the jackpot while at the same time was looking as if he regretted everything in life up until that point, "TENPOU!"

"What have I done?" Tenpou muttered before he spun on his heel and jumped for the bridge, getting a handhold on it and scrambling up and over.

Rie cracked up from underneath the bridge while Raja was holding onto her stoamch and bending over. Her laughter ringing freely. "You're /really/ going to blame the one person who/can't do what just happened?" Raja's eyes were lit up. "My god. I thought that thing was aimed at me!"

"It probably was but he told Rie to hit me instead. I'm sure of it! I would think I know them by now," Konzen wiped at his face some more.

Raja tried to keep her laughter down, but she couldn't help but to giggle here and there, trying to calm down. "He's just trying to impress Rie. Give in a little? Take a bow?" She snickered. "I still can't believe that Rie let him take the fall for that. What the hell?"

Raja snickered as she gently patted his arm in a sympathetic gesture before leaving his side to help Rie out of the river. She was soaked, but her smile was bright and happy. "You got Tenpou in trouble, Rie." Raja tried to pretend to look disappointed, but she knew she felt short when Rie snorted. "Oh come on!"

"Lady Raja, the day you're serious, is the day when you draw your fans." Rie snickered. "I should apologize though." She hurried towards Tenpou's side so he didn't have to deal with Konzen's wrath by himself.

Raja grinned as she watched them when she felt someone shove her backwards, knocking her unbalanced. Before she knew it, she saw Kalea holding onto her ankles and she knew Kenren was holding on to her arms. "DON'T YOU FUCKING DA-" She was swung straight into the river with a loud scream and a loud splash.

"Alozza, us too!" Goku shouted immediately and grabbed Alozza's hand, dragging her up to the bridge so they could jump off.

"THE POND ISN'T FOR SWIMMING!" Konzen shouted but it was too late.

The two rascals already jumped off of the bridge, screaming as they did so and splashed Raja who had came up and spluttering. She laughed as she saw Goku and Alozza and quickly made sure to stay near, just in case Goku couldn't swim with the chains on his wrists. "I don't have words."

"We'll call it even on Konzen-dono's behalf." Kenren grinned sarcastically as he went close to the water's edge. "We avenged you Konzen!" He yelled over at the blonde who had face palmed himself.

"Oh dear." Rie scratched her cheek. "This is an interesting turn of events."

"Aren't you all so loyal," Konzen drawled, and watched as Tenpou peeked from the bridge railing, his cigarette still smoking. An idea popped in his head and since everyone was distracted watching Raja try and get her footing, he easily managed to move to the pond and grabbed some mud.

Before Tenpou knew it he was falling backwards, his face caked with mud and his cigarette extinguished.

"WHY ME?! RIE DID IT!" Tenpou whined.

"GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION!" Konzen retorted.

"JUDGEMENT!" Alozza and Raja shouted together.

"You know if we just put the three of them in the Royal Courts and have them shout legal terms, the process might go faster." Kenren was highly amused at this.

"Haha, there might be some truth to that," Kalea agreed with a giggle. She finally was able to pull her sake from her belt again and she took a swig, "Oh, feel that warmth blossom..." she murmured to herself, "Feels so good."

"What are you even saying?" Kenren asked curiously, looking at her. "Drunk already and I didn't notice or is that something common?"

"Think of me like a cold-blooded reptile. I need the sun and fire to stay warm most of the time. I drink to also warm my core temperature. I exercise or dance to warm my muscles. I tend to stay strictly in Hawaii or up in Heaven when it's winter down below, because the snow and cold temperatures could kill me," Kalea explained, "I felt the warmth of the alcohol spreading from my throat to my stomach."

"Wouldn't the desert be good for you then?" Kenren asked as he took another sip of his. Alozza, Goku, and Raja finally got out of the pond, all three of them soaked and squeezing excess water from their clothes. "Or do you have to leave during the night since I know it gets super freezing during that time."

"If I'm inside Raja's home come nightfall I'm okay, but generally yes. The desert is great during the day. Raja's people enjoy watching me dance and I feel as though I might've gotten them to believe in me, too. Both of our following is actually rather small compared to, say, Rie-chan's."
day," Kalea blushed just a tiny bit out of embarrassment.

"I'm surprised." Kenren frowned, his eyebrow's furrowed. "Hawaii is pagan isn't it? And Raja's a Princess right? So, why would Rie have a bigger number than you two?"

"Location," Kala answered simply, "She encompasses all of Asia. China, Japan, and Korea...maybe a few other places I'm forgetting but yeah, she's got a huge following. You're a noble...don't you hear about her moving between districts all the time? At least, before Raja?"

"I heard of her moving about, but it never was on my radar since she never came up here." Kenren frowned, "and I didn't hear too much about it since it was natural. When she moved to the desert...that's when people starting talking more."

"I see," Kalea nodded, and went to reply when she got hit in the shoulder with mud. Corking her sake she sliiped it back in her pants, "Now you did it! Who hit me?!" she demanded with a laugh, jumping forward and grabbing a handful of mud to pack into a ball.

"Rie did!" Goku pointed at the woman they had just been talking about, "She said you two were off in your own little world and needed to come play!"

"Rie-chan is ornery today!" Tenpou laughed.

"It's about time someone changed her personality." Raja grinned as Rie flung another mud ball and had to quickly run to make sure she dodged Kalea's. Only Kalea had the better aim out of the two of them. Kenren got smacked by Rie's mudball.

"You look funny, Ken-nii!" Goku pointed and laughed, but he scooped up some mud and threw it at Alozza, "You're it now!"

"Oh for the love of..." Konzen groaned.
The fun had lasted a while, but they finally had wound themselves down and all of them went their separate ways to take baths and to get cleaner clothes. The met back at a large room that was commonly used for meetings. A long table was in the middle of the room, along with rows of cushions for people to sit. Raja whistled at the sight. The wood was polished and it was set up beautifully. She had abadoned her crown and her jewelry and was wearing a simple skirt and a vest rather than what she normally would wear. Alozza stuck with another pair of pants that were light brown and a dark green bodice. Both them had their hair down and still wet from the bath they took.

"Today was so much fun," Alozza beamed. "I wonder what tomorrow will bring."

"Happiness, peace, and prosperity." Raja answered automatically.

"Oh! I forgot!" Alozza turned to Raja with a serious expression on her face. "Kaasan...can't you do anything about Goku's chains?"

Raja shook her head from side to side. "No, darling. Those chains require something more specific. Also, even if I could do something about the chains, I can cause a huge uproar just for taking them off of someone who isn't apart of my district. I wish I could do something though, I will admit that."

"Also Lady Raja is well known for her rule-breaking." Rie explained as she entered the room. Her kimono was a lot simpler than the one she had wore previously. It was a gorgeous deep blue with golden patterning on the fabric. She sat down and ruffled Alozza's hair. "They'd see it as an excuse to not let your kaasan come to this district anymore, and ruin her reputation."

"They can do that?!" Alozza stared horrified.

"People with power can do a lot of things. Especially to people in power of another district." Raja rolled her eyes. "That's why relationships are so vital. Friendships even more so."
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"I'm sure there will be more of an uproar now there are two Heretics, though," Kalea frowned, "Be careful or they might demand you keep Alozza in check. This is Konzen's area so Goku has a little more free rein."
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"Goku mentioned that word too." Alozza's eyebrows furrowed in concern and turned towards Raja. "What does it mean? Is it something bad?"

"A heretic is typically someone who believes in a religion that's vastly different from their own, or has opinions about religion that doesn't match up to what society thinks." Rie answered before Raja could. "In your case, you're a heretic because you were born from a plant and it's unnatural. Goku was born from a mountain. I suppose you can say that Heaven is afraid of you and Goku because you're children of unknown origins and your powers are stronger than theirs."

Alozza's felt her heart sink down into her stomach. "Because I was born from something they don't understand, I'm hated? Because I'm stronger than them?"

Raja brought Alozza into a firm and tight hug. "Understand, sweetheart, that people are scared. When something happens that they cannot explain, they find ways to make it go away. They turn religion into something that is poison. They turn gods and goddesses into warlords, necromancers, ghouls. They remind people that anything powerful than the god or way they believe in is a danger to us all. But because they're scared, they attack blindly. They attack...and will kill."

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"Not everyone is as open minded as we are, or the people you met today," Kalea also came over and ruffled Alozza's hair, "Don't you worry, though, we'll protect you, and Goku, if anything were to happen. I promise."

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